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Mashrur Alam, Co-President Patricia Chen, Co-President


Dear Members of the Board, Hello and welcome to UW Apprentice. Firstly, I would like to thank you personally for allowing us the opportunity to present you with our case study package. UW Apprentice aims to take the most innovative students in UW and unleash their entrepreneurial potential. We pride ourselves in both bringing value to the start-ups that support UW Apprentice and giving students a unique opportunity to solve real life problems. This package has been developed to show you how UW Apprentice can bring value to your business and how you can help the next generation of entrepreneurs. UW Apprentice is a student club at the University of Waterloo that believes in connecting start-ups and talented CEOs with aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals. The club is responsible for hosting the UW Apprentice Competition every semester. This one of a kind competition is a weekend long event focused on skill building, problem solving and networking. If you have any questions regarding this case study package please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at (226) 868-4466. Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for taking the time to read our case study proposal. We believe this package provides an exciting opportunity for your business and we would love to work in partnership with your business. UW Apprentice is looking forward to your support.

Sincerely, Mashrur Alam, Co-President UW Apprentice Patricia Chen, Co-President UW Apprentice

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Letter from the Chair ii Competition Description ... 1 Value Proposition ... 3 Why participate? .. 3 Requirements .. 3 Guidelines .. 4 No Case Study? No Problem 5 Past Cases: Kik .. 6 Past Cases: SparkGig ... 7 Event Schedule . 8 Executive Team 9 Past Affiliates ... 10

UW Apprentice is a university wide competition of the best students competing against one another for the title of The UW Apprentice. Selection of these student will be through two rounds a competitive application form and in-person interview. UW Apprentice strives to select only the best students. These students have a passion for business and entrepreneurship. They have a knack for solving problems and know how to bring value to companies.

The competition is a weekend long event taking place on March 28 30. It is open to all UW students regardless of faculty. Delegates will compete to solve four to five case studies. These cases are developed with local start-ups, based on real life problems that they or their industry face. We attempt to find a range companies from different industries so delegates get to see a wide variety of case problems. Past companies include: Kik and LibertyBit which are technology companies, SparkGig and NightClub Booth who are service and user based, Planboard and Fora who focus on education.

Delegates then are randomly assigned to groups and go into breakout session so find solutions for the case problem. These solutions are then presented to a panel of judges. This is the only competition where the CEO and officials from company supplying the case study are on the judging panel. This gives delegates the unique opportunity to pitch their solution to the actual company facing the problem.

UW Apprentice was an amazing experience. Both the executive team running the event, and the delegates competing in it were very impressive. As the CTO of start-up called Night Club Booth, I ran a case asking the delegates to create a concept video for our software. After being given a brief description of the software, they asked very poignant questions, gathered all the info they needed and eagerly began working. Although time was limited and the best camera equipment around was their cell phones, the results were fantastic. They had some great ideas like using the iPad image viewer to act like the mobile app that we hadn't made yet and actually acting out our product's use cases. In just two hours I saw not only ideas for the video, but also for the Night Club Booth mobile app. With all the great work done by the delegates, and the professional atmosphere maintained by the executive team, I strongly recommend being a part the next UW Apprentice, whether you're a student or a business. Brian Troy, CTO of Night Club Booth

Application Forms

Attract students with range of skills and experiences Generate buzz and brand exposure on campus

In Person Interviews

Select top students with passion for entrepreneurship

Networking session between companies and students Delegates solve cases and bring value to companies Competition Guest Speakers

University of Waterloo students are world renowned for their high calibre and broad co-op experiences. They are highly innovative and enthusiastic young professionals. In fact, Macleans has ranked UW as the most innovative university in Canada for 21 years in a row. It is because of this environment that UW students are so entrepreneurial and companies recognize these students abilities are unmatched b y other university students. All these facts make UW the perfect place for UW Apprentice.

By providing a case study for the competition you will be getting more exposure for your start-up and idea. You will also have five different groups competing to come up with the best solutions to address your case problem. The students selected to be delegates are highly motivated and know how to tackle tough problems and bring value to your company. Receive new business ideas to a tough problem you currently face Network with the brightest and the most ambitious business-minded students of UW Place your company in the spotlight for everyone in the competition New potential hires Excellent advertising and publicity Be remembered as the highlight of the competition!

Case study: Work with our team to develop a case that is relevant to both your company and the competition Competition weekend: Commit at least one company representative to present and judge the case, and attend one networking session or
social during the weekend Case Study Prize: Purchase a prize for the winning team of your case study (four members in each team). Or provide a financial contribution of $400 to UW Apprentice (this contribution will fund case study prizes).

We want to expose the delegates to a learning experience that will teach them an important lesson or skill in becoming a successful entrepreneur. For inspiration, ask yourself, What do I wish I knew when I was a new entrepreneur? Complex enough to challenge a 4 member team Challenges should test the range of skills necessary for a successful entrepreneur: o Drive to overcome setbacks and failure o Strong decision making, initiative and prioritization; ability to see the big picture o Well-spoken, professional and convincing in presentations o Ability to manage and motivate teammates We want to emphasize interactive challenges with tangible, real-world outcomes. Challenges should fit in at least one of the following categories: Innovation: E.g. Create a new invention or service that would maximally benefit university students; make a realistic pitch to the judges and other delegates Marketing: E.g. Create a video advertisement to sell a product or service, generate hype and sales via social media Sales: E.g. Run an already established store and try to increase sales by any means possible (for example, convenience store or lemonade stand) Negotiation: E.g. Delegates have 2 hours to trade in a pen for better items; whoever has the best item at the end wins. Strategy: E.g. Case studies used for management consulting interviews, e.g. Analyze the major factors surrounding the launch of a companys new product and its own internal capabilities to support the effort. [background information] The winning team will be selected based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative results. Qualitative results will be evaluated by the judging panel, with at least one judge being from the hosting company.


We understand that not all start-ups are facing pressing problems than can be turned into a case study. But thats not a problem! We know the driving force behind any start-up is passionate entrepreneur and every entrepreneur has a story. So come in and give a talk about your passions and your start-up story. We would love for you to be a guest speaker. Past guest speakers have talked about topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and success. As a guest speakers you can share what you learned and your insights on business and running a company. Based on guest speaker and topic we make the talk open to all of the University of Waterloo. In the past we have marketed certain talks to the general student population based on the guest speaker. This way your message can reach an even wider audience.

The following are summaries of two cases from past competitions.


Company: Kik was founded in 2009, when a small but incredibly passionate group of University of Waterloo students decided to build a company that would shift the center of computing from the PC to the phone. Fast forward to today, and Kik Messenger has become the simplest, fastest, most life-like chat experience you can get on a smartphone. And unlike other messengers, Kik usernames - not phone numbers - are the basis for Kik user accounts, so our users are in complete control of who they talk to on Kik. But Kik isnt just about instant messaging. Kik fans are already exchanging videos, sketches, stickers and more, with mobile web pages optimized for Kik using Kik's Developer Tools that help developers optimize, distribute and monetize their web content. And with our new built-in browser, users can search for and send any web site - all without leaving Kik, and all without downloading anything new. Case Study: You are challenged with creating an innovative and viable design for a Kik Card. This is a new feature that was just released to a 50 million+ user base, and a good Card has potential to spread like wildfire. This is an open-ended problem demanding innovation and a good understanding of your market. We want to see some creative ideas! Additionally, your Card should maximize user engagement (note that their target demographic is 1218 year old males), feature a monetization strategy, and should not already exist on the Cards store. If its a truly good idea, you could see your Card climb the most downloaded leaderboard in the real Cards store! Deliverables: Five minute pitch to the judges, with a PowerPoint presentation 1-2 page report detailing your solution


Company: Sparkgig creating an online marketplace to help performers to connect with performance gigs LinkedIn for performers. With Sparkgig, performers can set up their own profile page with pictures, videos, and demo audio to showcase their talent for event planners to search and book the right talent they want for their event. Not only helping performers to find gigs we want to be a place to share memories and celebrate the milestone for every performers. Bring performances into everyones life. Sparkgig provides a platform for everyone to search for affordable, flexible and unique performers, so the average person can have an awesome event. Performers example: Jazz, Classical, DJ, wedding band, etc. Event examples: Company dinner, birthday, wedding, school events, etc. Case Study: Create a Launch Campaign in New York (January 2014). These campaign events will be used as a marketing tool to generate event planner and performer users on the site. The campaign should illustrate the purpose of the business and show the positive benefits to get planners and performers attention. It should also convey our vision support, connect, and building a better community. Note: we will be attending the 2014 Kairos Society Global Summit ( Take advantage of this. Deliverables: Marketing campaign proposal (5 minute PowerPoint presentation) 1-2 page report summarizing your solution


Friday, March 28: Competition: 6:00 PM Networking Dinner and Social 7:00 PM Presentation on competition rules, prizes, teams, etc. 8:00 PM Keynote Speaker (to be announced) Saturday, March 29: Competition: 9:00 AM Major Case Study 1 12:00 PM Networking Lunch 1:00 PM Minor Case Study 3:00 PM Major Case Study 2 6:00 PM Networking Dinner 7:30 PM Delegate Social Saturday, March 1: Round 1 Ends, Applications Due Monday, March 3: Round 2 Begins, Interviews Begin Saturday, March 8: Round 2 Ends, Delegates Offers Announced Sunday, March 30: Competition: 9:00 AM Major Case Study 3 12:00 PM Networking Lunch 1:00 PM Major Case Study 4 4:00 PM Keynote Speakers (to be announced) 6:00 PM Networking Dinner 7:30 PM Delegate After Party


Mashrur Alam, Co-President Email: / Phone: (226) 868-4466 Patricia Chen, Co-President Email: / Phone: (226) 929-2899 Simal Yilmaz, Director of Competitions Email: / Phone: (519) 729-7519 Dan Steward, Director of Competitions Email: / Phone: (905) 977-8673 Ismail Mian, Director of Finance and Business Development Email: / Phone: (647) 878-1208 Andrew Parronchi, Director of Finance and Business Development Email: / Phone: (519) Bonnie Mai, Director of Marketing Email: Cohl Johnston, Director of Marketing Email: Kiran Chhina, Director of Marketing Email:

UW Apprentice Co-Presidents Mashrur Alam (left) and Patricia Chen (right).

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