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Human Sexuality
How Cultivating Love Inward Manifests Loving Outward

Wigmore Memorial, Will Tuttle, John Robbins, Steven Halpern, Yoga Undressed, Obesity & Cancer, POP Campaign Update, AND MORE!


Hippocrates Health Institute West Introduces the California Program

Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clements Hippocrates Life Transformation Program
also featuring Janet Hranicky, PhD (The Younger You Program in Anti-Aging & Integrative Regeneration Medicine), Robert J. Rowen, MD (The Father of Medical Freedom) and Terry Sue Rowen, MD, Viktoras Kulvinskas (Hippocrates Co-Founder) and Daniela Prauss (Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Doctor)


announcing the 2012 program in Regeneration Medicine for Optimal Longevity

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Kitchen techniques and instruction on preparing delicious living food Massage and healing arts therapies Far infrared sauna

Blood work and live blood cell analysis

Educational classes detailing the life-restoring aspects of a vibrant lifestyle Exercise classes, yoga and meditation

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At a Glance [contents]
Love is like the tree of life, with its trunk, roots, branches, leaves and fruit. Sexual energy is like the sap moving within this tree. It is the current that transports nourishment and vitality to every cell of the whole.
John Robbins, page 26

Human Sexuality
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The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality

This issue
Non sexual Gratification Sex, Music and Healing

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Letter from the Directors Letter from the Publisher Contributors Whats the News?

Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement share tips for an enhanced and prolonged sex life.
Sexy Seniors

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John Kohler suggests alternative methods of gratication. Popular recording artist Steven Halpern discusses the link between sexuality and music.
Can Raw & Living Food Put You In the Mood?


Ann Wigmore Historic Memorial Commemoration 2012

Diane Lahoski discusses sex in ones golden years.

Good Sex Makes the World Go Round

16 18

Hippocrates founder Ann Wigmore is being commemorated this fall in her home country of Lithuania. Hippocrates cofounder Viktoras Kulvinskas shares her story.
POP CAMPAIG N UPDATE: If It Is So Great, Label It!

Dr. Edwin Riley explains how to improve sexual communication.

Abs For Great Sex

Katharine Clark, RN, explains how raw living foods can boost libido.
The Scent of a Woman

Mikale Holzer and Rudi Leonardi offer updates on the battle to protect organic standards and properly label GE foods.
Doctors and Pharmaceuticals: Money Making Opportunities?

Dr. Wayne The Mango Man Pickering expounds how greater core strength can improve sexual function.
Sexual Healing

LK Walker questions the awed logic that urges women to disguise or modify their natural beauty.
Sexuality is Spirituality, Spirituality is Sexuality,

Eating Raw Fruits And Vegetables May Alter Heart Disease Gene Obesity During pregnancy Increases Autism Risk Brain Tumors linked to Dental X-rays Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Boosted by Cruciferous Veggies

Safara Fisher shares her personal story of the role sexuality plays in healing.
Sex & Love

21 27 30

Dallas Lasalle reports on the shady relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.
What is Plant-Based Nutrition?


Yoga Undressed: The Goddess DVD review

Rita Robinson shares a personal tale of sexual discovery.

Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll & Therapy

The Winter 2012 Hippocrates Health Educator class explains the ins and outs of adopting a plant-based diet.
Is Obesity the New Smoking?

Sheila Skrobeck reviews a sexy but informative new DVD.

John Robbins eloquently explains the relationship between sexual energy and love.
Fertility and the Plant-Based Diet

Hippocrates psychotherapist Andy Bernay-Roman looks at the psychology of sexuality.


Saul Goodman discusses the link between obesity and cancer.

Fundamentals of Cell Health Redox Signaling


Recovery Stories
Secret Place of the Soul: Laura Grammatico Recovery Story

Steven Lemberg, MD, outlines the role plant-based nutrition can play in improving fertility.
Rain: Heaven & Earth Making Love

Hippocrates Acupuncture Physician Keith Cini discusses herbs and practices to cultivate sexual energy.
Sex: Something to Chew On

45 46

Rachel Doran offers the story of David and Gissela Torrellas mission to spread love energy, one T-shirt at a time.
Sexuality is a Divine Gift

Hippocrates psychotherapist and theology expert Antony Chatham examines the spiritual side of sexuality.
The Sexuality of Dancing

32 39

Dr. Gary L. Samuelson describes a new technology and productthat holds great promise for improving health at the cellular level.
The Natural Healing Power of the Sun Building a Healthy Conscious and Confident Self


Hippocrates Health Educator Laura Grammatico shares her story of overcoming childhood trauma at HHI.
Cindy Nevills: Killing Stage IV Cancer

Cindy Nevills went from a death sentence to running half marathons.

Dr. David John Carmos examines the nurturing nature of sexuality.

Suppressing Sophia

Robby Besner outlines the health benets of far infrared.

Pam Blue discusses the history of dancing and sexuality.

Dr. Will Tuttle sheds light on the injustices of our food system, particularly the factory farming of animals.
Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Katherine C. Powell, EdD, offers the third installment in her three-part series on self-realization.
Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity

From the Directors

The latest book from Hippocrates directors Drs. Brian & Anna Maria Clement

Available June 2012

in the Hippocrates Store
Call Toll-free (877) 582-5850

Over time, we have counseled tens of thousands in Europe and North America, and one common theme has presented itself as a major culprit in creating physical and emotional disorder. Sex is the culprits name and it is usually wrapped in a veil of deception and marketing.
Most often sex is presented in one of two extremes. It is either suppressed by nger-pointing factions (who ironically make headlines every few years for not practicing what they preach) or, at the other end of the spectrum, it is overhyped in a cheap frenzy by tawdry zealots who parade themselves around as sex objects. Like it or not, we have been inuenced by these fabricated perceptions and notions. This can lead to a lack of fulllment in our central biological need. Our common education generally comes from our parents and their way of dealing with their own sexuality. If they are cold and estranged from one another and do not show tenderness freely, we most likely will morph into a similar pattern. On the other hand, if our parents aunted their sexuality and distributed it like water, we may harbor the idea that we can gain attention and love through perpetual promiscuity. If we, as children, see our parents using sexuality to manipulate or gain an advantage this can cause serious problems as well. Girls in particular may get trapped in this mindset and never discover the fulllment and true power of their own maternal strength. Layered on top of these personal experiences comes the often rigid doctrine of quasi-spirituality. These typically puritanical views warp our understanding of sexuality, telling us it is a bad thing. Although we are living in the twenty-rst century, we seem to be lost and confused about sex and its vital importance in the human experience. Our foremost purpose is to illuminate and perpetuate humanity. An unwavering biological drive is the guiding force for practically every thought, action and experience in our lives. It is often said that if our sex hormones were missing, life would be mundane and dull. Right up the hundred-year-old men and women who still dress up to go out on dates, our innate, powerful internal force still drives us to grow and interact. Several years ago, we recognized that people were greatly confused about the act of unity and thought it best that we write our newest book, The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality. Our knowledge on this subject comes not only from the endless learning we acquire during health consultations, but from our own experience as parents, grandparents and fellow humans. As important as it is to have a positive mindset, exercise and eat well, it is even more important to recognize your sexuality. Become comfortable with it; utilize its every nuance in a proper, positive way so that you can gain the spectacular advantages that it affords you. This issue of Healing Our World is rich with ideas and perceptions from a wide variety of contributors. Our ultimate desire is that these words will impel you enough to liberate that beautiful, giving person deep in your soul. Once you energize the force of nature, you will almost instantly become conscious of your ultimate lifes purpose. We once asked our married friends who were in their nineties about their sex life. They smiled and said, We are doing well; that is why we decided to remain alive. Although their story may be rare, your aspiration should be the same: aspire to lifelong intimacy, tenderness, companionship, love, sharing, exploration and joy. Become yourself in the way that nature has intended from the time you were conceived. Blessings,

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity

From the Publisher

In the words of Maude Lebowski (of The Big Lebowski fame), Its a male myth about feminists that we hate sex. It can be a natural, zesty enterprise. But unfortunately there are some peopleit is called satyriasis in men, nymphomania in womenwho engage in it compulsively and without joy.
Sex is, indeed, one of the most joyous Open dialogue about sexuality acts humans can engage in. Without removes the stigma that so a doubt, it is every bit as natural as many human institutions have breathing or eating, as none of us would shackled it with. This doesnt be here to eat and breath without it. just mean saying what you Maude is also dead-on about her last think about sex, but accepting pointunhealthy sexual compulsion the views and practices of can be very problematic. others, so long as they dont Sex is an essential part of lifeand harm anyone else. not just for procreation. To achieve optimum health, sexuality must be treated with the same respect as other human necessities, such as proper nourishment, exercise and sunshine. Too little or too much, as well as the wrong types, of any of these human essentials can diminish our health, but judicious amounts can increase our life-force. A healthy sex life can benet people in every regard, including: stress reduction, heightened immunity, improved heart health, boosted self-esteem, improved intimacy, reduction of pain, lowered risk of prostate cancer and improved sleep, not to mention the fact that many view sex as the best form of exercise. The dangerous side of sexuality has some similarities to the dangerous side of food. People can certainly become addicted to unhealthy sexual practices, just as they can to junk food. Similarly, there is no shortage of misguidance that can alter peoples perception of sex. Especially evident in many children today, unhealthy sexual attitudes are imprinted just as early in life as unhealthy eating habits. The key to healthy sexual balance is the same as in any pursuit. Loving yourself and making your own well-being your number one priority will guide you to wise decisions in all arenas. We all have our own natural sexual preferences, including those of us in same-sex relationships. Gay people and heterosexuals alike can nd our paths to healthy sexuality by quieting the external pressures and distortions of society and following the voice within. In this regard, we can all take a cue from another great The Big Lebowski quote: The Dude abides. Yours in health,


Anna Maria Clement, PhD, LN, NMD Brian Clement, PhD, LN, NMD
PUBLisHer / Editor-iN-cHieF / Art Director

Will Burson (561)471-0136, ext. 167


LifeGive AdrenaSupport is a traditional, herbal formula that helps to support and balance natural, healthy adrenal function and offers a nutritional healing approach for longterm adrenal strengthening.
Proper care of adrenal function is important for good health. The adrenals respond well to proper rest and sleep routines. One should avoid toxic stimulants, acidic foods, and excessive sugars and focus on proper nutritional support such as raw foods and herbal supplements. Certain items such as tobacco, coffee, chocolate, sodas and similar toxins should be avoided to improve adrenal function.


Rick Warner (561)471-0136, ext. 104

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Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) values the views expressed by its contributors in Healing Our World magazine. While HHI appreciates the work of each contributor, some of the food items discussed in Healing Our World magazine are not included in the Hippocrates Life Transformation Programs dietary protocol. The materials, information and opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of Hippocrates Health Institutes directors, employees, agents, distributors and / or its affiliated or related entities, content providers or publisher. This magazine and any information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Hippocrates Health Institute is not a health care provider. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose purpose is providing guests and students with progressive information. Hippocrates Health Institute and Hippocrates Health Institute of Florida, Inc., do not provide medicine or medical diagnosis, care or treatment. Any and all information contained in this magazine is to be construed as opinions. The information herein is not meant to supplant or take the place of your medical treatment, diagnosis or care. No part of this publication can be reprinted in any form without written permission from the publisher. Unauthorized reproduction in any manner is prohibited. For reprint inquiries, contact Will Burson at (561)471-0136, ext. 167 or

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Will Burson
Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity

priNted oN RecYcLed Paper UsiNG soY-Based iNKs.

Andy Bernay-Roman is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Registered who has practiced his unique form of Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist, body-oriented psychotherapy at HHI since work through his book, Deep Feeling, Deep Well, available through the HHI store. Dr. David John Carmos began studying yoga in 1952 and became vegetarian in 1955. He writes, researches and spends his time studying ancient healing concepts, nutri-

Would you like to be a contributor to Healing Our World? Tell us your story. Email Will Burson with the subject line HOW Contribution at

Rachel Doran is a social worker in beautiful Lake Worth, Florida. Her clients are adults with developmental disabilities and she

John Kohler hosts a popular internet show, Growing Your Greens, about his bountiful front-yard garden in the suburbs of Northern California. When hes not busy harvesting greens, beans, marigolds and peppers, John offers lectures on raw foods. Learn more at Viktoras Kulvinskas is the international best-selling author of Survival in the 21st Century. He had a career in mathematics and was a successful computer consultant prior to cofounding Hippocrates Health Institute

December 1990. Find out more about Andys Healing: The Heart, Mind, and Soul of Getting

tion, mythology, weights, cycling, yoga and the healing secrets of the ancient Essenes. Youre Never Too Old To Become Young. Antony Chatham, a Florida licensed psychotherapist, has worked with Hippocrates guests since 1994. He draws He is an Essene Bishop. David co-authored

assists them in maintaining independent

lives. Rachel enjoys cycling and being with family and friends. Due to illness, she was recently introduced to the benets of raw daily health regimen.

food juicing and it has become a part of her

Robby Besner is the CEO of Therasage, LLC, a Florida-based company dedicated to providing natural, safe, affordable, therapeutic home and ofce healthcare products. The Companys mission is to elevate consciousness to a cleaner environment and raise

Safara Fisher, MA, received her masters degree in Education from Columbia University. Her own health challenges and journey to Hippocrates led her to new ground, pursuing a MS in Nutrition. She

his inspiration from Eastern and Western

traditions of holistic healing and integrates

knowledge and experience from psychology, philosophy and theology, in which he holds Masters degrees and doctoral course work.

with Ann Wigmore in Boston. Learn more at

shares on approaching health through mind, body and nutrition at

awareness of the positive natural health and wellness effects of Far Infrared heat and wellbeing. Negative Ion Therapy, restoring personal

Diane Lahoski has been with Hippocrates many different positions. She is currently the librarian for the institute. Diane is an accomplished musician and as such has United States and in the Caribbean. played in many venues in the southeast

Katharine Clark, RN, founded her company, HealthWorks, Inc., in 1987. Her specialties include organic and wild-crafted super foods, raw and living foods, qigong and as well as in the corporate world.

Laura Grammatico is a Hippocrates Health raw food chef. She facilitates cleansing

Health Institute for the last twelve years in

Educator, international speaker and certied retreats, raw food workshops and guided

Pam Blue works as a therapist at the

HHI Oasis Therapy Center and also speaks regularly at Hippocrates on the issues of organics and water. Pam is fully committed to the Hippocrates program and all things which honor and respect the intelligence and benevolence of life.

natural healing. Katharine consults privately

meditations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Her presentation titled Love Your Body Love Your Life is an all-encompassing within the body, mind and spirit. package creating harmony and vitality

Dr. Steve Lemberg received his M.D. from

Dr. Anna Maria Clement kicked off her career in natural health advocacy by founding the rst living food organization in Scandinavia and was a member of the Natural Health Care Coalition, a

the Columbia University College of Physi-

cians and Surgeons in 1978, with honors in

Steven Halpern is the # 1 best-selling

neurology and pediatrics.He is a raw, living foods vegan and expert in meditation who directs the Oxygen Therapy Center at HHI, and his goal is to bridge the gap between has lived a wellness lifestyle for decades. He

Will Burson is Art Director of Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI). While hes not magazine or attending to his other busy putting together Healing Our World duties at HHI, Will enjoys cycling and plant-based diets are his passion.

recording artist of music for health and well-being. A visionary composer and pioneering sound healer, he introduced the concept of sound health to mainstream health and healing centers worldwide. audiences. His music is played at leading His debut release, Chakra Suite, was named the most inuential New Age/healing album of all time. His latest releases include Deep Theta and Paradigm Shift. Mikale Holzer, a Hippocrates Health

government supported effort in unifying

the eld of complementary health care in

her native Sweden.Anna Maria is a leading Chief Health Administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute.

conventional medicine and natural healing. Cindy Nevills is a Stage IV melanoma survivor. Two years ago, doctors had nothing to offer except experimental

reading. Bicycle advocacy and promoting

expert diagnostician and is Co-Director and

Dr. Keith Cini is a licensed Acupuncture Oriental Healing Arts with over 25 years Asian Bodywork and Chi Nei Tsang, a therapeutic Internal Organ Massage.

Physician, a practitioner and teacher of the experience. Keith utilizes Medical Qigong,

Dr. Brian Clement is Director of the

treatments with no success records and to put her healing in her own hands by

renowned Hippocrates Health Institute

very aggressive side effects. Cindy decided attending Hippocrates Health Institutes and learned how to heal the mind, body

(HHI), the worlds foremost complementary residential health center. He and his team at HHI have developed a state-of-the-art program for health maintenance and

Educator, facilitates detox cleanses and is is a business consultant, mediator and advocate. He works to create a lasting

a life transformation coach. Rudi Leonardi

three-week Life Transformation Program and spirit by adopting a raw vegan lifestyle. She has been able to continue her new diet and has amazed the medical eld by stopping and reversing her cancer.

He also teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong is available in the Hippocrates store and webstore.

and Meditation. His Qigong Basics DVD

recovery. His Florida institute has pioneered a life-changing program and established training in active aging and disease prevention that has proven to raise health and happiness levels.

impact on businesses, communities and

society through collaborative approaches and healthy sustainable values. The POP Campaign invites you to participate and

engage your power. Read the full article on page 16 or visit
Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity

Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g


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Whats the News?

Dr. Wayne Pickering faced the prognosis

of death at age 30. Now, at 63 years young, he is an award-winning triathlete, double Leader Award, nutritional performance nominee for the Healthy American Fitness coach and disease prevention specialist.

Rita Robinson fell in love with raw foods

eight years ago and its still lovin her back. In natural health for 25 years, she founded some, Vibrant and Vital, the Real Sexy to the Sexy Boomers ClubHealthy, Wholeshow baby-boomers how to keep their mojo owin by lightening up in body, mind and spirit. Healthy revelry is the best pro-test. Contact Rita at Gary L. Samuelson, PhD in Atomic/

Eating Raw Fruits And Vegetables May Alter Heart Disease Gene
Reprinted courtesy of The Hufngton Post

Hes authored 21 books; 22 audio learning

programs; two DVD series; 10 health systems and over 400 articles on tness, stress and nutrition. Learn more at Katherine C. Powell, EdD, has written many articles and books investigating how people develop condence, a strong sense of self, or potential. Since 2004, Dr. Powell has and openness to discovering their true self taught graduate and undergraduate courses at FAU as a fulltime instructor. Her classes prepare teachers in the psychology of management and self-assessment. teaching, learning theories, classroom

Medical Physics, devotes his career to the advancement of promising technologies addressing major health issues. Some of his successes include the production of safe, stable nanoparticle structures capable of disabling viruses and attacking bacteria. Lately, his focus has been on applications for the emerging science of Redox Signaling. Sheila Skrobeck is a Yoga Alliance 200hr certied yoga teacher with 15 years experience. She is a full time

Just when the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away seems to lose any real meaning behind that condescending rhyme, science steps in to revive the proverb with relevance. While you cant change your genes, new research suggests that you can turn them off by spending more time in the produce aisle with Granny Smith.

Dr. Edwin Riley is author of Stress Rx, and sonal Psychology and Integrative Health

a doctor of Mind/Body Medicine, TransperCare. In addition to his private practice in

Program Consultant and vinyasa ow yoga teacher at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Palm Beach County, Florida, he periodically tropical mountains outside Cuernavaca,

conducts Stress Reduction Vacations in the Mexico. Learn more at John Robbins is the author of nine bestsellers that have collectively sold more than 2 million copies and been translated into

Dr. Will Tuttle, a former Zen monk and author of the #1 Amazon best-seller The World Peace Diet, is a recipient of the Peace Abbeys Courage of Conscience Award, the co-founder of Circle of

30 languages. These include Diet for a New book, No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution. To learn more, or to join Johns email list, visit

Compassion ministry, and an acclaimed pianist and composer. Read more at

America, The Food Revolution, and his latest

Lauren Walker is a writer and musician Medicine Yoga program at Norwich

from central Vermont. She runs the Energy University for military cadets, civilians and veterans. She publishes widely, including features in The New York Times, The

Jerusalem Post and Her original musical SLaM: the Hockey Rock Opera, will be in the inaugural Pitch festival in Auburn NY this summer. You can read her work at

ccording to a new study out of McMaster and McGill Universities led by an international team of scientists, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help turn off one of the most potent genetic associations with heart disease, a gene more affectionately known in the medical world as Chromosome 9p21. Through one of the largest gene-diet interaction studies ever conducted on cardiovascular disease, the researchers analyzed more than 27,000 people from various ethnicities around the world and the effects their diet had on the 9p21 gene. We often think of genetic factors as being unmodiable factors, Dr. Sonia Anand, a joint principal investigator of the study and professor of medicine and epidemiology, told ABC News. But lifestyle factors can actually change the genes. The results of the global retrospective supported the ve a day recommendation, nding that diets high in fresh fruits and vegetables actually

mitigated the effect of 9p21, regardless of the individuals genetic disposition. Individuals with the high risk genotype could reduce their risk factor to the same level as those with the low risk genotype when following a prudent diet, one composed of mainly raw fruits, berries, and vegetables. What this study seems to imply is that you shouldnt throw in the towel if you have a family history or are at risk for heart disease because healthy living with a healthy diet, in addition to other lifestyle changes such as exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight, can take away from the risk that genes give you, Beth Abramson, a cardiologist at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto who was not involved in the research, told The Canadian Press. This is all welcomed news as in the U.S. alone, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death, with stroke,

another cardiovascular disease, ranking third on the list of killers. Regardless if you have the high risk gene or not, previous research shows that every additional serving of fruits or vegetables can bring about a four percent decrease in the rate of heart disease related deaths. Future research is necessary to understand the mechanism of this interaction, which will shed light on the underlying metabolic processes that the 9p21 gene is involved in, the studys lead author, Dr. Ron Do, notes in the joint university press release. Meanwhile, the report advises consumption of more than ve fruits or vegetables daily to promote good health. So in the interim, consider making that apple a day an additional serving, rather than your one and only.


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Dr. Brian Clements Speaking Schedule*

1112 Montreal 1316 Toronto 11 12 1517 18 1920 2223



Portugal Sweden London, England Jersey Islands Ireland Israel

23  Tree of Life Elders Conference Patagonia, AZ 13 New Jersey 1415 New York 2529 Southern California


8 Maine 9 Vermont 1012 Massachusetts 13 Connecticut 14 New Jersey 15 Towson, MD 16 Washington, DC 2023 Ann Wigmore Historic Memorial Commemoration Lithuania 25 Germany 2830 Denmark 1214 Florida (East Coast) Oct 21Nov 3 Mayacamas, CA, HHI Retreat


Obesity During pregnancy Increases Autism Risk

A new study suggests obesity during pregnancy may increase chances for having a child with autism. Parents today face an average 1 in 88 chance of having a child with autism. The studys results suggest that obesity during pregnancy would increase the average rate to a 1 in 53 chance. More than one-third of U.S. women of child-bearing age are obese. The studys results add yet another incentive for maintaining a normal weight, said researcher Paula Krakowiak, a study co-author and scientist at UC Davis.

Whats the News?

Viktoras Kulvinskas photograph courtesy of Jennifer Girard Ann Wigmore photograph courtesy of Holly Longuski


Brain Tumors linked to Dental X-rays

You are all invited to join myself, Dr. Brian Clement and other outstanding speakers in Lithuania for the Ann Wigmore Historic Memorial Commemoration and Festival of Life September 2023, 2012. Let us celebrate together for this great humanitarian and manifest a major media event. There will be dance, yoga, music, wheatgrass, raw food, lectures and much more! Viktoras Kulvinskas


45 Florida (West Coast) 1012 Georgia

1617 Chicago

Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from X-rays, is the greatest known environmental risk factor for largely non-malignant meningioma brain tumors. Routine dental X-rays are one of the most common sources of radiation for most healthy people in the U.S. A new study suggests that performing frequent X-rays could expose dental patients to unnecessary risk. These ndings should not prevent anyone from going to the dentist, says lead researcher and neurosurgeon Elizabeth B. Claus, MD, PhD, of Yale University School of Medicine and Bostons Brigham and Womens Hospital. But it appears that a large percentage of patients receive annual X-rays instead of every two to three years, which is the recommendation for healthy adults.

Ann Wigmore Historic Memorial Commemoration 2012

September 2023 Kruopiai Village, Lithuania

*Subjec t to change . P l ease check w w w.HippocratesInstitute .org for current schedule .

by Viktoras Kulvinskas

Your Career in Complementary Health Begins at Hippocrates

Nine week program includes three week HHI Life Transformation Program* and six weeks of curriculum and lectures Classes are Monday Friday Hippocrates Health Educator Program includes: Meals, wheatgrass and juices each day on HHI campus Health consultation with staff nurse Use of HHI pools, sauna and gym 10% discount on treatments and campus bookstore Off campus lodging is available for an additional fee Health Educator Program Schedule In honor of the Hippocrates 9-week 6-week Health Educator Programs start dates start dates 30th Anniversary, Health July 8, 2012 Educator graduates are eligible June 17, 2012 Sept. 16, 2012 Oct. 7, 2012 for a 30% discount on our expanded nine-week program. Feb. 17, 2013 March 10, 2013

Health Educator Certification Program

Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Boosted by Cruciferous Veggies

According to a new study, consuming cruciferous vegetables may have a positive impact on survival in breast cancer patients. A large population-based prospective cohort study of Chinese breast cancer survivors, called the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study, showed that eating cruciferous vegetables after a diagnosis of breast cancer was associated with improved survival. The study results were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 103rd Annual Meeting. Sarah J. Nechuta, MPH, PhD, a postdoctoral research fellow at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, led the researchers, who found that, even after adjusting for demographics and lifestyle factors, cruciferous vegetable intake during the rst 36 months after diagnosis was associated with a reduced risk for total mortality, breast-cancer-specic mortality and recurrence of breast cancer in the Chinese women. The team observed that across increasing quartiles of cruciferous vegetable consumption, the risk for total mortality decreased by 27% (to 62%), the risk for breast-cancer-specic mortality decreased by 22% (to 62%), and the risk for recurrence decreased by 21% (to 35%).

Call today to register or learn more.

(800) 842.2125

Health Educator students do not receive every treatment offered in the full price version of the Life Transformation Program. Additional treatments may be purchased individually at a discounted price. Discount valid for 2012 calendar year.

ere is a little introduction to a beautiful soul. Our Beloved Pioneer, Ann Wigmore, incarnated on planet earth in the Pleikiu Village of Lithuania on March 3, 1909. At the age of 13, she sailed to the United States, reuniting with her parents who had already been living in the state of Massachusetts. She later married and gave birth to a daughter, Wilma, and lived a simple, humble family life. Years later, in poor health and suffering from colon cancer, Ann started incorporating the wisdom learned from her brilliant Lithuanian surrogate grandmother and began using weeds and wheatgrass to heal herself. It wasnt until her divorce that her vision really began to mold and form. And so for the next 35 years she studied and spread the natural healing and optimal nutrition message. From 1956 until 1964, Ann took her studies to the next level, achieving numerous degrees and awards. In 1956 she started her healing mission with the founding of the Red Schoolhouse which evolved into the Unity Church Trainings. This was later transformed into Rising Sun Christianity. It was

here that I joined forces with Ann. After a few years, we felt we needed a more mainstream name that better reected our intentions, so we changed the name of our organization, and together co-founded Hippocrates Health Institute, laying the solid foundation for a re-emergence into the Live Food Diet and lifestyle. Ann really had a way of putting it all together in a loving manner. She was a visionary who called us forth into the manifestation of our own greatness. She is an inspiration to all of those that know her story and contribution to humanity. Ann did not buy into her supposed limitations. She showed that a single individual, with no formal education, having endured tremendous emotional turmoil, with no nancial backing and no exceptional talents can literally change the world. It was her strong intentions and the belief in self that fueled Anns re. By immersing herself into the guidance of the Divine and focusing on the truth of service, the acts and deeds of her higher calling were revealed. She knew We Are One. Regardless of race, gender, condition or status in

life she treated all as Divine, whether she met a street person of poverty or wealthy royalty, she catered to and served all equally. This dedication of love eventually blossomed into the woman called Dr. Ann being presented the 19701980 Woman of the Decade Award by The Humanitarian International Association. Anns achievements are far too numerous to mention in one article, but it should be said that because of Dr. Anns humble nature she never bragged about her recognition letter from the presenters of the Nobel Peace Prize. No, it was buried in a drawer of her ofce desk and was seemingly unimportant. Dr. Ann, throughout the years, continued to research, innovate and simplify the living food experience. It is certainly Anns legacy that we now have bountiful indoor gardens in our own kitchens, be it in the country or a city apartment. Ann was legendary for creating a jungle of greens. She also revolutionized indoor compost production complete with worms! contd on p. 50


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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality

by Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement
We were inspired to write this book in the hope of guiding the masses away from their current beliefs and thoughts on sexuality. All too often, we see peoples health and happiness squelched from the systemic misunderstanding that prevails today.

and Sweden. This does not mean that Swedes and Danes are promiscuous; it just means that we typically have a healthier view of this sacred gift. I, Brian, grew up in the New York area and experienced the universal stigma surrounding age and sexuality. Somehow we, as parents, think our children are not going to develop sex hormones. Thus we do not help guide them as their sexual desires blossom. On the other end of the spectrum, we think after a person matures, they no longer have any desire for romance. Both of these examples, along with many other myths and fabrications, contribute to the mass confusion that creates cultural awkwardness about intimacy. KEY TWO: Desire starts in your mind. Sex is rst and foremost a psychological issue, afrms Dr. Barratt, President of the American Association of Sex Educators. When developing a sane and sound vision of sexuality, your inhibitions and restrictions will morph into acceptance and sharing. It is so important to redene your view on intimacy that your life can literally depend upon it. As a young child, you were not sexual, but certainly inquisitive until your hormones rallied and sexuality rose. If at this time you were discouraged from expressing yourself, it created the beginnings of an unhappy and unfullled life. You need to open your mind to guided imagery, which will inevitably dispel your current misunderstandings and open a world of possibilities. KEY THREE: Express your sexuality. Most of us nd it difcult to fantasize and share our fantasies with our partner, yet study after study reveals that this is healthy and helpful in keeping sexual intimacy fresh and alive. There is nothing wrong with being honest, and just the vision that turns you on may fulll your deepest desires without actually experimenting. Research

shows that many men and women who cheat are not doing so for the sex alone. 92% of husbands who have affairs state they had an emotional disconnect with their wife. Similar ndings surface when wives who cheat are asked why they have left the security of marriage and taken a leap into the unknown. KEY FOUR: Protect your sexuality. Making sure you live a biologically clean life is a critical step in achieving sexual health as well as overall health. This includes limiting your use of synthetic chemicals, junk foods, municipal water, medicines, cosmetics, personal care products and other consumer items. Each of these cause a body burden that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, after thousands of tests, say unanimously alter the health of the general population. The core reason that these burdens affect your sexuality is that they are hormone disruptive. This manifests low sperm counts in males and low egg counts in females. There has been a plethora of research that established this concrete conclusion. Even ones desire for intimacy and libido response are disturbed by everything from perfumes to sunscreens to lipsticks. Beyond these man-made factors, another contributor to loss of sexual interest is lack of participation. This comes from disorders of desire, disorders of arousal and disorders of orgasm. As far back as the mid-twentieth century, anatomical biologists exposed the disheartening fact that the less sexual activity you have, the less ability you have to have sex. It is almost like the body shuts itself off waiting for you to turn it on again. Exercise is also extremely important in keeping the engine tuned and running. A study recently published in LiveScience shows that women who conduct certain abdominal exercises quite often can bring themselves to orgasm. This may be a healthy and

viable way to fulll your desire without resorting to less desirable means. KEY FIVE: Nourish your sexuality. Even infertility can be conquered, as we see time and time again here at Hippocrates Health Institute. Most couples who are infertile resort to fertility medicine, which has a long list of side effects. Simple natural suggestions to increase sperm and egg counts and healthy conception range from ginseng for men to cauliower consumption for women. Researchers at Texas A&M University recently showed that watermelon was as effective as Viagra in assisting libido. Only in the case of this superior food, it worked for both genders. We conducted a survey of guests and employees (four couples and four singles) to gauge how the Hippocrates diet affects sexual vitality. There was total agreement that it enhances libido, sensitivity, intimacy and, ultimately, fertility. There are also several foods and nutrients we have discovered which will help you regain physical and emotional strength in sexuality. KEY SIX: Channel sexual energy in your mind. This is not a new concept. Its roots began thousands of years ago in the east. Tantra grew out of this and became the rst map to conscious intimacy. This is meant not only to control sexuality, but to heighten its pleasure, stimulation and joy. One of the foremost problems with the average ve minutes of intercourse that couples share is premature ejaculation. Of equal concern is the fact that the majority of women are not completely aroused resulting in climax. Without fail, practicing Tantric techniques will not only strengthen your resolve, but biologically improve your bodys abilities. In all of this, there are, for lack of a better term, rituals involved. contd on p. 49

exuality has become an icon for marketers and a menace for believers. There seem to be endless manifestations of perverted thinking that distort this enriching biological gift. When we perceive the act of intimacy and love in a contorted way, we suppress our own desires and needs, which commonly erupts in psychological and physical ways. There is such a stigma that surrounds this subject that most of us had to learn about the beauty of sexuality on our own. This is because even our parents found it difcult to educate us about intimacy in an honest and unprejudiced fashion. We have also observed hundreds of individuals who found authentic love and shared themselves in a healthy way via intimacy. This loving act often manifests into healing and heightened wellness. We have approached sexual vitality with a comprehensive view. We simply looked at the seven keys that biologically and psychologically contribute to the sex, health and happiness that this force of nature provides.

As our colleague Dr. George Yu writes in his forward for the book, The chi of sexual energy that binds us together is what perpetuates future humanity. This reality is, in and of itself, the most important reason to re-think sex and the effect it has on your life. KEY ONE: Healthy sex is a potent medicine. Through our work, we have seen rst-hand that people in committed relationships who maintain sexual intimacy have a three times greater chance of achieving their health recovery goals. This is how powerful a driving force sex can be in perpetuating life. Unfortunately, infertility is a huge (and growing) problem for young couples. Anywhere from 1233% of them, depending upon which experts estimate you accept, cannot conceive. Much of this infertility comes from our poor lifestyle, which sadly springs and spreads estrogen-like chemicals that throw our hormones out of balance, preventing normal fertility.

Humanity is becoming more insular, in great part due to technology. As we become more estranged from personal communication, instead relying on text messages, email, Facebook and Twitter, our skills for courting are rapidly evaporating. Soon there will be humans looking for robotic mates. This is certainly not a healthy trend, but we must remember that only a hundred years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in most of the United States and other countries around the world. Our research also revealed that todays rate of premarital sex is no greater than it was over 50 years ago. Our warped view of gender roles is another repressive arena of deception. Since nobody seems to possess the ability to think clearly and speak directly about sexuality, there are many persistent myths surrounding the subject. As I, Anna Maria, a Swede, have traveled throughout Europe, it has become evident to me that many other nations are not as expressive and open about intimacy as Denmark


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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Pop Campaign Update: If It Is So Great, Label It!

by Mikale Holzer and Rudi Leonardi
The POP Campaign (Preserve Organic Power) is a national non-prot organization focused on keeping organic standards pure (nationally and internationally); keeping clear voices and choices in the marketplace; and educating the public and policy makers. The Campaign and its thousands of members desire to see mandatory GE food labeling and to see more aggressive action to protect organic farms, foods, supplements and standards.

 This fanaticism of genetically altering food away from the way nature intended it to be and being dishonest about its effects is an acute genocide of our fundamental birthright to choose healthy, alive and safe food. Rudi Leonardi, POP Campaign
Why Stand Up Now? In his book, Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith (a leading spokesman on the health dangers of GE foods) speaks of a tipping point to make a difference. Surveys by MSNBC, Reuters, The Washington Post, ABC and others indicate an average of 90% of the American people support GE labeling. This tipping point has arrived. GE labeling is a wild card for every race from the Presidency to Congress to local seats. Food is a bipartisan issue. If clear boundaries and empowerment are not set in 2012, the potential for derogation is huge. The best chance for proper GE labeling is now. Tracking The Major Moves Nearly 50 countries throughout the world require labeling. These are the efforts that need to be tracked in the United States: H.R. 3553: Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Actintroduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich requiring labels on all GE foods and seeds. Senate Version: Genetically Engineered Food LabelingStay Tuned A Citizens Petition before the FDA to mandate GE Labeling The March 2012 Bi-Cameral Letter sent to the FDA supporting the Citizens Petition Californias 2012 Label GMO Ballot Initiative CORRECT ACTION: Honest Labeling Keep the Pressure On Most shopping decisions these days are made in non-shopping environments rather than at the shelves, and few people look at scorecards before they shop. Therefore, for most consumers to be informed is to have obvious GE labels for on-the-spot shopping decisions. Being aware, speaking up and taking action over the next six months is required for success. Stay informed with the POP Campaign Please contribute and visit the POP Campaign website at Important Steps To Take: Call Your Two Senators and Your Representative. Tell them you want mandatory labeling on all genetically engineered foods. Remind them that: This is a non-partisan issue and is important to you and your family. This is simply truth and honesty in labeling. They need to co-sponsor HR 3553 and the Senate Version Fifty-ve signatures were on the bicameral letter A Citizens Petition was sent to the FDA Support California Label GE Initiative/ Passage of the California Ballot measure Speak with candidates at all levels during this 2012 election cycle and let them know that protecting organic foods and farming is important to you and that you want mandatory labeling of all GE foods. Speak up with friends, especially at the grocery stores and markets.

We discovered a dirty little food secret. Conceal and Do Not Disclose has been the practice and retail strategy of the food industry regarding genetically engineered (GE) products for years. The food industry has used its muscle through the legislative process to get permission to deceive us as consumers. Over 80% of the time we buy any processed or packaged foods, even those labeled organic, we unknowingly are forced to eat GE ingredients and chemicals that are unsafe for human consumption. To add insult to injury, companies that seek to offer healthy alternatives are prohibited from giving consumers a solid, honest choice. To label all of our food GE if it contains any GE material makes sense. As stated in the recent bicameral letter to the FDA, at issue is the fundamental right consumers have to make informed choices about the food they eat. The FDA already requires the labeling of over 3,000 ingredients, additives and processes as it empowers us to make choices. Does it not make sense to include GE foods? Consumers seek the truth and expect the truth from those who grow, distribute and market our food.

 If we do not stand up today and demand 100% labeling of GE food to know honestly and clearly what products we are buying, we are complicit criminals in creating a slippery slope that will reduce Homo Erectus to Homo Extinctus. Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute
From The Sky Is Falling to Frankensh Overnight Over twenty years ago, Genetically Engineered food had been signicantly introduced into our food chain. Concerns were raised then regarding the science, health effects and safety of GE food and organisms. These concerns were dismissed as the sky is falling paranoia with no satisfactory answers. Whether you think genetic engineering is good or bad, the fact is the jury is still out on the subject. The purported benets of GE foods, like so much of the information that comes out of the biotech industry, will take years of observation to conrm, and that is assuming there is no manipulation of GE research. In the meantime, it is crucial to move forward cautiously with judicious GE labeling. Today, we know the horrible stories are no longer myths. It is a fact that if you eat anything containing soy or corn, 80% of the time you are eating GE materials. By the way, when reading ingredients, you will nd virtually all processed food contains soy and/or corn, which essentially guarantees your exposure to genetic engineering. GE Frankensh is allowed to be used in food without labeling; agro bacterium is used in creating GE crops and is linked to Morgellons disease (Vitaly Citovsky, Stony Brook University, New York); gut permeability and disruption in kids is becoming common and thought to be connected with consumption of GE foods; pink slime beef containing ammonia is inltrating school lunches; a GE corn chip will actually produce a toxin in the body; more olive oil in the world is being sold than is grown and harvested (meaning other types of oil are used as ller; as animals are taken off GMO food or growth hormones, their health improves; China may be growing GE tomatoes and many other products; and the list goes on and on.

 There is a new activism that is taking holda grassroots trickle effect is thriving and building from a position of genuine caring to make a difference and to take correct action. Its out of love rather than out of fear.  Rachel Pachivas, East Bay Area Coordinator for Californias Label GMOs Campaign

 GE labeling is essential and would make it easy for busy momsand busy people for that matterto make informed, healthy choices on the run.  Mikale Holzer, POP Campaign

 In this 2012 election year, with two decades of evidence showing that Americans want mandatory GE labeling and many members of Congress up for re-election, the time is ripe this spring/ summer to move legislation (HR 3553) forward in order to avoid this as a possible wild card issue on election day. You the voter are the wild card, you have the power to make labeling happen by making it an election issue and by engaging now and staying engaged throughout the year! Beth Clay, Capital Consultants working with the POP Campaign

 Genetic engineering denes any process that alters an organism at the molecular or cellular level by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Such means include, but are not limited to, recombinant DNA and RNA techniques, cell fusion, microencapsulation, macroencapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. Genetic engineering does not include modication that consists exclusively of breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in vitro fertilization or tissue culture. Citizens Petition to the FDA, 2012
Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


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Doctors and Pharmaceuticals: Money Making Opportunities?

by Dallas Lasalle
auto accidents). Melody Petersen, former New York Times reporter and author of Our Daily Meds adds, The study estimating that 100,000 Americans die each year from their prescriptions looked only at deaths from known side effects. That is, those deaths didnt happen because the doctor made a mistake and prescribed the wrong drug, or the pharmacist made a mistake in lling the prescription, or the patient accidentally took too much. Unfortunately, thousands of patients die from such mistakes too, but this study looked only at deaths where our present medical system wouldnt fault anyone. Tens of thousands of people are dying every year from drugs they took just as the doctor directed. This shows you how dangerous medications are. Doctors need to question the verbiage and veracity of the pharmaceuticals because the primary motivation of the pharmaceutical companies is selling a product. AstraZenica, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Vovartis, Pzer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Shire and others are all in the business to make money for their investors. The responsibility of these rms is to market drugs, not to dispense information about the drugs and their potential side effects to the general public. This environment doesnt encourage doctors or patients to make informed decisions. In the eyes of the pharmaceuticals, this is a business. They conduct it like any businessnot for the good of the people, but for the good of the company, and business is booming. Americans spent $307.4 billion on pharmaceutical drugs in 2010, according to a recent report from the consulting rm IMS Health. Pharmaceuticals need more regulation, but a federal appeals court turned away the Food and Drug Administrations bid for oversight of the industry on the grounds of freedom of speech. This ruling keeps the claims of pharmaceutical companies above scrutiny, with no guarantee their products can do what they claim to. The use of hyperbole in the publicity for a new product is not subject to an informational check and the advertising is free to mention only the positive effects of the product and then in tiny print or indiscernible voice-over list the side effects, which often include death. We, the patients, must research the drugs anyone proposes we use. Its our responsibility to nd out if they are truly benecial and specic to our problem. We cannot let ourselves be persuaded by advertisements or publicity to take a product we might not even benet from. Following a healthful diet and exercise program is the best basis for a life free of disease and drugs. But, if we do have a disease and a doctor prescribes a drug, there is information available to us regarding benets and detriments of the product. We must take it upon ourselves to nd out if the product would truly help in our search for good health and a great life.
References: Is Your Doctors Continuing Ed Funded by Pharma? by Martha Rosenberg, Epoch Times Whos teaching the doctors? Drug rms sponsor required coursesand see their sales rise by Dan Vergano, USA Today

 Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?

William Shakespeare

ts common knowledge that pharmaceutical companies frequently send drugs to doctors for them to distribute to their patients free of charge. Fewer people realize these same pharmaceutical companies also hold seminars and courses that are not monitored for objectivity and may not be relevant to the doctors specialties. There is a required disclosure of who nances a course and any ties to corporate sponsors, but classes are not monitored for bias. The classes are taught by pharmafunded specialists, often MDs-for-hire. Whats worse is doctors are required to sit through these seminars (which sound more like time-share presentations) and answer a quiz just to keep their state licenses and sometimes their malpractice insurance policies. Advertising of pharmaceuticals on television and radio is another growing problem. The TV and radio spots (paid for by the same corporations who taught the doctors at their unmonitored courses and seminars) encourage listeners to ask your doctor if drugs X, Y and Z are right for you. When one considers where the doctors get their information regarding the drugs their patients are asking them to prescribe, a serious conict of interest emerges. Long ago, pharmaceutical companies were not allowed to advertise. Their sole outlet for promoting new products was the doctors. The pharmaceutical companies had to give specic information to the doctors in order for them to prescribe a new drug. Now, in a market saturated with new drugs, it is much more difcult for doctors to keep up with the products and nd out which are best to help their patients. Prescription drugs, used as directed, kill 100,000 Americans per year (more than twice as many deaths as from

Sexy Seniors
by Diane Lahoski
When researching this article, I found it amazing that some in the media consider over 40 to be older! Au contraire! I am talking about women in their 60s, 70s and 80s. The normal, healthy woman wants not just a cuddle but full out sex with her partner. Researchers have found that contrary to popular belief, a very large percentage of people aged from 60 to 85 and in good health have a satisfying sex life.

here is a difference in the genders in senior sexuality. Part of the difference is there are many more single women in this category due to women living longer than men. In adult living communities there will be many more women living alone than men, and most of these women desire a satisfying relationship. Some of the disparity of men being more satised with their sexuality than women has to do with the amount of help available to enable them to maintain an erection. Unfortunately, until recently, there was nothing available to help women attain orgasm. As recently as the late 1900s, it was thought by some people that sex was harmful and inappropriate for women over fty, as erotic thoughts could cause disease and even borderline insanity. No one wanted to believe that their parents, much less their grandparents, were

doing it. According to statistics, they sure are! The biggest issue for both men and women is their health. As long as they keep a proper diet, exercise regularly, live in an environmentally safe place and, in general, live healthfully, sex can be an integral and fun part of life. Unfortunately, with age some people do have health issues that must be considered. Also, too many older people are prescribed medication that kills their libido and energy and therefore they spend too much time sitting in front of the TV. The sad part of life today is the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Believe it or not, STDs are increasing exponentially in the elderly population. Studies have shown that syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea have increased in adults over 55. HIV rates in seniors have also risen. Information about these problems needs to be distributed to

stop the escalation of these dangerous diseases. Many of the baby boomer generation still think the rules of sexual practices they learned as teens are still in effect today. Times have changed and people need to learn the new facts of life. One reason for the low use of condoms among seniors is the fact that they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. The fact is they do need to worry about STDs! One study showed that men who took Cialis, Levitra or Viagra had almost twice the risk of being diagnosed with an STD as men who did not. Most seniors do not talk with their doctors about their sexual activity. They nd it too embarrassing and feel its nobodys business but their own. The truth of the matter is they need to know the risks and they need to protect themselves from STDs in order to enjoy a long and healthy life. Sex is exciting and wonderful and it is a pleasure at any age. Enjoy!


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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Good Sex Makes the World Go Round

by Dr. Edwin Riley
Air, food and sex are three of our most basic human needs, but sex is by far the most complicated. In fact, most statistics blame sexual problems as the primary cause for relationship failure. Because of enormous stress created among couples who fail to communicate their sexual needs and accept their differences with understanding, I devoted an entire chapter to this topic in my book Stress Rx: 103 Prescriptions for Overcoming Stress and Achieving Lifelong Happiness. (available in the Hippocrates store). ex, like food, also has an emotional component. As such, the act of sex can take us to extreme joy and great heights and also plunge us into deep despair. To build intimacy, start by opening lines of communication. Share a desire and encourage your partner to do the same. Studies have shown that simply telling your partner what you want in bed leads to deeper emotional intimacy. Enjoy time together without interruption, both in and out of the bedroom, to promote a connection. So why is sex such a big problem with so much misunderstanding and emotional charge surrounding the topic? Lets rst look at the conundrum of What Men Need to Know About Women and then look at the ip side of What Women Need to Know About Men. What Men Need to Know About Women Women need kissing and cuddling. You cannot always pop a Viagra and get right to it. Think of foreplay as the appetizer before the main course. Its important to remember that womens needs are different from mens. Women need to feel sexy and aroused, which usually happens during foreplay. Although there are plenty of lubricants on the market, only the natural secretion from the womans body will sustain the sex act over a period of time (see my article Like Water For Sex in Healing Our World Volume 31, Issue 2.) Women (and often older men) have a greater need for emotional stroking in addition to physical stroking. Sexual self-esteem becomes more of an issue when a woman or man reaches their fties and beyond and can often escalate as one ages. A man can make a woman feel sexy by telling her how much she turns him on and holding steady eye contact. He can also make her feel loved by appreciating her (not just as a sexual partner). Women need more emotional intimacy than men. There is a spiritual exchange that needs to take place before a meaningful sexual connection can occur. For some men, but for most women, they need to feel theyre reaching a higher plane than a quickie roll in the sack provides. They connect with the heart and head before sex even factors into the equation. What Women Need to Know About Men While women need physical stroking to get warmed up, men often require verbal stroking before, during and even after sex. As a man gets older he may require more physical stimulation due to physical changes. Sexual health and mental well-being are also dependent on physical factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and may play a role in what is required to stimulate the man. Young men (womanizers in particular) often dont care how they perform as long as they add a notch to their belts. But as men mature, fullling a womans sexual needs becomes more important, and being a considerate lover adds to their sense of pride. Since most sex requires two people, it stands to reason that the more positive reinforcement a man receives from his partner, the more loving he will become. Positive (and passionate) reinforcement sends the message to a man that he is fullling her needs and thats a good thing for the man. If your partner is not touching you the right way, tell him what you need, not what turns you off. Some men like hearing a woman moan, sigh and groan. It tells him hes on the right track. If a woman is not making sounds, the man might think his partner is not enjoying herself. But some women are just quiet during the sexual act, and it does not mean that they are unhappy with their partners performance. Discussing this often helps to ease concerns a partner may have. Now that weve looked at both the mens and womens need to know lists, let me add that, as a therapist, I work with individuals and couples on divisive sexual issues. I have learned there is more to sex than sex itself. Sex for the sake of sex usually wont sustain over time. Intimacy and communication, however, will last indenitely when properly nurtured.The willingness to work, love, invent, create and enjoy sex as a couple is truly fullling, both physically and spiritually. Fix your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self and appropriate sexuality will usually follow. Hallelujah!

Health Educators in the News

 The Hippocrates Health Educator program continues to make progress in its design of educational standards. Setting a new mark this season are several students from the Winter 2012 cohort. Students elected to take on a project whereby they researched the term plant-based nutrition so that they might present some factual information regarding this topic. Pictured below are the individuals who were included in this task followed with a summation of their ndings. Alea M. Deeter, Eds, MA, BS

What is Plant-Based Nutrition?

lant-based nutrition is a philosophy that regards the body as a whole and promotes the growth and consumption of natural foods, urging maximum intake of fresh, raw, living produce with minimal use of cooking and other forms of processing. The diet incorporates a healthy balance of preferably organic fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, algae, grasses, owers, sea vegetables, grains and legumes. This dietary lifestyle is optimal in providing the necessary elements for humans to thrive, including vitamins, minerals, bers, enzymes, oils, proteins and carbohydrates in bio-available form. Perhaps the single most essential nutritional substance in a plant-based diet is chlorophyll, which transforms sunlight into proteins, starches and sugars. Its molecules are almost identical to human hemoglobin; therefore it is immediately assimilated upon consumption. The History of Plant-Based Nutrition Eating a plant-based diet has a rich and diverse history. Many cultures and civilizations around the world have been eating plant-based and raw diets for years. Their diets are largely regarded as a key contributor to their longevity and health. Some of our great thinkers, peacemakers and teachers in the past 2500 years have eaten predominantly plantbased diets. Among them are Buddha, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi and Einstein. 2400 years ago Hippocrates stated, Let thy food be your medicine, Fall 2012 Health Educator Study Group (full class not pictured) and medicine Back Row (from left): Kent Lawrence, Diane Stackhouse, be thy food. Alethia Barrett, Linda Cartwright, Lena Forr Mahatma Gandhi Front Row (from left): Jennifer Woodruff, Emily Pearson, was called to Barbara Barcelo, Gemma Bartlett, Geni Fife, Judy Lindley, Aylin Filiba, become vegetarAlia Baith, Alea M. Deeter (Hippocrates Health Educator Program Director) ian in 1931 and his Not Pictured: Kate Roberti focus was a precursor to the ideas of the Vegan Society our dental structure has changed very in 1944. The term vegan was coined little over millions of years and indicates in England in 1944 by Donald Watson, that our dental structure was designed co-founder of the British Vegan Society, to eat fruit, nuts, seeds and greens. to mean non-dairy vegetarian. The Known Effects/Benets of society also opposed the use of eggs Adopting a Plant-Based Diet as food. In 1951, the society claried the denition of veganism to mean the Research supports the idea that plantdoctrine that man should live without based foods protect us against disease, exploiting animals. while animal-based foods, which are During the vast majority of our high in fat, cholesterol and protein, existence on this planet, the original promote disease. Some of the many diet for humans consisted primarily health benets of a plant-based diet ofvegetables, fruits and nuts. Many culinclude reduction of cardiovascular tures today and throughout time have disease, lowered risk of prostate and sustained themselves with plants, seeds, other cancers, and prevention of grains, roots and fruits. The diet of early diabetes, obesity and diseases related humans provided little starch and no to the bone, kidney, eye and brain. rened sugar or salt. Plant-based foods A plant-based diet can afford us longer such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, vegetable lives. Quality of life is also sure to oils and whole grains are important improve as we look and feel younger, components of traditional diets in Medi- have more energy and maintain terranean and Asian regions. Skeletal re- a healthy weight with ease. mains of ancient humans show us that contd on p. 58


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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Wayne Pickering at 63 years young

Abs For Great Sex

Sexy Abs Arent Just Window Dressing
by Dr. Wayne The Mango Man Pickering
Ever noticed those who have big muscles and poor abdominal muscles (abs) dont look nearly as good as those who have less muscularity but great abs? And the ones with the best abs seem to be more sexually appealing. Since sex is an integral part of life, lets address this area. What are the major benets of good abs relating to our sex life?
Abs Will Improve Your Sex Life Its a pretty common fact of human nature that men are physical and women are emotional. Women claim the greatest sex organ is the brain; men say its about three feet due south. What say we split the geographic difference and focus on whats really important to a great sex lifecore strength. You know the old phrase, Its not the size of the ship; its the motion of the ocean? Well lets take that to heart. We cant improve upon what God gave us but we can rebuild our body to maximize the rocking and rolling that goes on below deck. Here are three benets that can help you pull that ship into port: 1. Better Stamina: The thrusting power you generate during sex doesnt come from your legs or arms, rather from your core strength. Strong abdominal and lower back muscles are not only attractive to help stimulate an emotional response from your partner. Most importantly, strong core muscles give you the stamina and strength to try new positions. They also give you the consistency to support your endurance and your partners pleasure. 2. Healthier Erections: Its known that over 30 million American men have some kind of erectile dysfunction. Though its caused by many things, one of the major causes is simply poor blood ow. These components are some of the biggest contributors to poor blood ow: inconsistent tness, poor quality drinking water, negative emotions, inferior air, lack of sound sleep patterns andvery obviouslymiserable nutrition! Greasy foods, white foods and zzy drinks should never be consumed if you are to have a great, t, healthy body with good-looking abs (this is the ideal kind of body to have for the best sex). When you are unhealthy, and especially if you are overweight, the crud in the blood that gums up the blood vessels leading to your heart and brain also gums up the vessels that lead to your genitals. Plaque forms on the inside of your arteries, narrowing the passageways through which blood must ow. Think of several lanes of trafc narrowing into one. Your blood vessels can become so clogged in your pelvic area that a sufcient supply of blood cant get through to form an erection. You dont need to be a college graduate to understand this equation. Increased fat equals decreased blood ow. Decreased blood ow equals softer (or no) erections. Softer (or no) erections equals a lousy sex life, and thats just the way it is. Clogged blood vessels have the same effect on women, leading to decreased lubrication, sensitivity and sexual pleasure. 3. Greater Than Before Length: If a man has poor abs and has an excess of fat, it will make his privates appear smaller than actual size. The length of the average mans penis is about three inches while limp, but the fatter he is, the smaller hell look. Thats because the fat at the base of a mans abdomen covers up the base of his penis. Losing just 15 pounds of fat and developing better abs will add up to as much as half an inch to the length of his penis. Although its not technically growing, the decreased fat that surrounds it will allow all a guys got to actually show. Commit to be t as stronger, leaner, well-sculpted abs are one sure way to a healthier, more enjoyable sex life. In our next article on tness, I will be sharing with you Why We Need To Change Our Fitness Routines Per Season. Dont miss it!

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Yoga Undressed: The Goddess

DVD review by Sheila Skrobeck
Hmmnakedyoga. Admittedly, when I was asked to review this DVD I chuckled. Yoga Undressed?Must be a new gimmick to sellan old practice. The trailer featured two yoginis with unrealistically perfect bodies,so I was further convincedI would be watching a sexy DVD with little substance.

Sexual Healing
by Safara Fisher
I recently read a wonderful description of sex in a book on Taoism. The writer described sex as the most honest portrayal of our personalities that we share with another person, one that reveals our truth and the core of who we are. Perhaps this is why the topic of sex is so difcult to approach, particularly in times of declining health.

y rst thoughts about the merits of nude yoga were skeptical. Freedom of movement came to mind, but meant little to me. After all, yoga clothes are typically comfortable, lightweight and stretchy; Ive never felt like they constricted my movement. And what about the belief that yogais intended to drawus within our bodies, to feel and connect to what is happeninginside instead of outside? Upon review, the Yoga Undressed: Beginner DVD wasquite thepleasant surprise. It was beautiful to watch and the narrative was superb, offering excellent instruction on breathing and pose sequencing. The DVD introducedthe kundaliniyoga philosophy and maintained a soft spiritual dialogue throughout the practice. The production was both tasteful and sensual. Moving through a ow of naked poseswith a heightened sense of awareness, completely free to feel and explore new feelings. Sounds like the perfect way to practice partner yoga, which comes later in the Yoga Undressed The Goddess series.

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hen we are unwell our entire biological and emotional grid has been disturbed. We walk around unbalanced, disconnected from ourselves and others. Most immediately this resonates as physical pain in our bodies. However, when we look closer at the source of our discomfort we often see that underneath this pain are layers of emotions such as anger, regret, fear, jealousy and sadness that have laid dormant in our bodies. What we then seek, when we begin a path toward healing, is to take steps that will realign us with who we really are and uncover these pains. We recognize the strong disconnect we have within ourselves and learn to practice self-realization, moving us closer to self-healing. This process requires us to consider who we are in all aspects of our life: how we live our life, who we have invited to share our life and what we have chosen to make a priority in our goal of self-fulllment. With this in mind, I believe anyone who has set out on the path toward healing will, at some point in their journey, sit down and reect on their sex life. Examining sex as it ebbs and ows in my life has been a priority in my healing. My sex life has undergone radical changes since I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis ten years ago, in my late twenties. At times I felt

completely sexless, wrapped up in my inadequacy and disapproving and unforgiving of my bodys slow healing process. This sexlessness was due to the loss and gain of my femininity through the transformation of my biological health. My body shriveled to resemble the gure of a young girl, then I regained weight and health, and my menstrual cycle and womanhood returned. This cycle has repeated itself each time my health has been in decline, and at these times I have misplaced my sexual identity. This has been particularly relevant to my intimate relationships. When we are unwell, our focus is so primal, sometimes our prayer for the day is as simple as, Please let my body be well enough that I may eat a full meal comfortably. Taking care of our basic needs becomes our daily life and the life of those who care for us. In doing so, the intimacy of a romantic relationship can dissolve as the partners take on the roles of patient and caretaker. This change has direct, but often imperceptible, consequences regarding the couples sex life. Abandoning ourselves to an illness and taking on different routines can diminish opportunities to be close, to touch and feel one another with passion and, ultimately, to enjoy sexual encounters. In my own effort to address this dynamic, I have had to confront my

addiction to the ill state of being. It has taken ten years, but I have been successful. Today I look forward to sex as a part of being well. Maintaining and nurturing my libido means I am well and strong. It means that my body is healing and that I am turning towards wholeness. I talk about sex with my partner; I cry about it and I laugh about it. I have treated sex as I do all other aspects of how my body looks and feels during each stage of my healing because I recognize that sexuality is central to being intimate. If sex hasnt been a priority in your healing, make it one. If you havent had a conversation about it with your partner, start one. It is essential that we, as leaders of our own health quests, acknowledge sex as a vital part of our well-being. By opening the door to our sexuality, we can fully continue the journey of health. If this seems a bit too much to take on all at once, consider saying a little mantra to yourself to get things owing. I leave you with my own: I am a young 30-something-year-old in the prime of my life, where sex and sexual fulllment is something I will pursue with rigorous vigor! I have a blog about health and managing ulcerative colitis: I welcome your posts. I am also writing a book on being a woman with ulcerative colitis.


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Sex & Love

By John Robbins
There is a dynamic relationship between sexual energy and love. They inter-relate deeply; they work together to bind creation into a cohesive whole.

Is Obesity the New Smoking?

by Saul Goodman

Cancer is generally thought of as something that is beyond the realm of human understanding and control. Because there is no cure, people often feel helpless when it comes to reversing such a serious disorder. Throw in the odd story about someone who never smoked contracting lung cancer, and this only adds to the confusion.
ortunately, the cancer mystery is starting to come a bit more into focus. More and more people are learning that certain foods, such as broccoli and other vegetables, can aid in cancer prevention. It is starting to become accepted by the general public that lifestyle and cancer have a strong connection. Ironically, at the same time this acceptance of cancers lifestyle correlation is growing, so is the prevalence of the lifestyle habits that can encourage cancer. One of the greatest factors that can lead to cancer is obesity. In Canada, statistics from 2007 to 2009 showed that approximately 24% of adults and 9% of children were obese. In addition, the obesity rate in Mexico runs a close second to the United States. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the obesity rate in Mexico was 30% as of 2006, running closely behind the United States at 33.8%. It is commonly known that obese people are at a high risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, but it may be news to some that obesity also increases the risk for uterine, cervical, breast, ovarian, colon, rectal and prostate cancers (source: While obesity is now largely considered to have more deleterious effects on health than cigarette smoking (source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine), an interesting fact is that obesity is about to outpace cigarettes in causing cancer. Thats rightbeing obese is just about as likely to cause cancer as smoking cigarettes. According to Professor Jeffrey M. P. Holly, PhD, obesity will replace smoking as the number one preventable cause of many common cancers in just a few years. Professor Holly, a Clinical Sciences Professor at the University of Bristol, U.K., is examining how fatty acids affect the actions of insulin-like growth factors, which may promote cancer. There is also a growing body of evidence that diabetes is linked with cancer. The correlation between obesity and diabetes has long been established, and its becoming common knowledge that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and can always be reversed through adopting a healthier lifestyle. Vuk Stambolic, a cancer researcher at the University of Toronto in Canada, has been studying the effect of insulin on breast cancer tumors. Add a large dose of glucose, a growth factor called EGF and insulin to a tissue culture, and tumor cells will be fruitful and multiply. When you try to wean the tumor cells off the insulin, they drop off and they die, says Stambolic. When one considers todays public rejection of smoking, there are some interesting implications. Over the past few decades, smokers have been conned to smaller and smaller designated areas and it is now illegal to smoke in virtually all restaurants and bars, not to mention many outdoor public areas. These smoking bans are largely due to the link between secondhand smoke and cancer. For the rst time since the mid1960s, the number of adult smokers in the United States has recently fallen below 20% (source: CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). Considering there are now more that 50% more obese adult Americans than there are adult Americans who smoke cigarettes, it will be interesting to see

ove is like the tree of life, with its trunk, roots, branches, leaves and fruit. Sexual energy is like the sap moving within this tree. It is the current that transports nourishment and vitality to every cell of the whole. Sexual energy is not merely the urge toward reproduction. This is but one small expression of its purpose. For just as love is an expression of the ultimate oneness of all life, the sexual force is the living, breathing energy of polarity within that oneness. It is the energy of attraction and repulsion. It is what draws together and propels apart, what unites and separates. It is a wave that ebbs and ows, that waxes and wanes, that builds and declines, creates and destroys. The urge toward consummation is where sexual energy is most obviously identied, but it is this same energy that builds temples, plants gardens, writes books and adventures into the unknown. It is this same energy that invents, aspires, inquires and evokes. And it is this same energy, when blocked, that leads to war and destruction, and then once more strives to rebuild. Sexual energy is the call of the future and the drive toward expansion. It is the ever-present insistence of life that everything continually evolve. All this action and movement, this pulsating life force, this ongoing transformation, is the ow of sap moving within the eternal tree of life, which is love.
New from the bestselling author of The Food Revolution

As of November 2011, Statistics Canada reported cancer was the leading cause of death in every province and territory for the rst time. In the United States, cancer deaths are outnumbered only by those from heart disease.
how government oversight plays into the growing obesity epidemic. Everyone remembers what happened with cigarette advertising. When Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man were no longer allowed on billboards, the news made headlines. How long will cookie-baking elves and cola-swigging polar bears be allowed to peddle their wares to our citizenry, tempting our children with their sugary products? Then theres the product packaging to consider. The warning labels citing smokings link to cancer and other diseases keeps getting larger, taking up nearly the whole package in many European countries. Other countries have proposed putting pictures of diseased lungs on cigarette packs. Imagine a box of cookies with large cancer warnings on the wrapperor graphic depictions of obese, cancer-ridden bodies. Just over 20 years ago, people smoked in their ofces, on airplanes and even while they got haircuts. In the 1980s, if someone heard about public smoking bans, especially ones in outdoor areas, theyd think the idea was ludicrous. The idea of a fat tax on sugary foods and drinks may sound just as ludicrous to some in todays society, but action against those who neglect to adopt healthier habits may be imminent as healthy citizens refuse to foot higher health care and insurance bills for the sake of their less responsible neighbors. contd on p. 63

Excerpted from The Awakened Heart by John Robbins and Ann Mortifee.

Conari Press 800.423.7087

978-1-57324-575-3, $16.95

Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Kathy Freston, author of the New York Times bestselling Veganist and Quantum Wellness


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Fertility and the Plant-Based Diet

Are Vegetarians and Vegans More Fertile Than Others?
by Steven Lemberg, MD
Current research has found that eating more foods from the vegetable kingdom while reducing consumption of foods of animal originmay improve fertility. There are those who question whether a vegan diet, one that eschews all meat, poultry, sh, dairy products and eggs actually works against ones ability to conceive, or is, in some way, too extreme. The answer to this question is a resounding NO. In fact, more and more evidence suggests the opposite is true: plant-based foods enhance fertility. Therefore,vegans andvegetariansare actually at an advantage when it comes to fertility.

Four important types of plant foods to maximize fertility:

2.  Healthy fats reduce inammation and increase insulin sensitivity. These include avocados, nuts and sesame and pumpkin seeds. 3.  Folate is an important nutrient to load up on before pregnancy to prevent birth defects. Folate-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, strawberries and citrus fruits such as oranges.

1.  Whole sprouted grains are good for insulin function. These include millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth.

4.  Protein from plant sources such as beans, peas, nuts, sprouts and algae (both sea and fresh water varieties).





n my 34 years of medical practice, I have never seen a healthier diet than the raw, living foodsvegan diet outlined by Hippocrates Health Institute. I have happily embraced this fare in my own life. Every one of these plant foods is powerful, nourishing and loaded with oxygen,enzymes, alkalinity,antioxidants,phytochemicals and healthy hormones. It makes sense that the human body, and all of our organs, thrive on this type of nourishment, made up of the best foods from the land, the oceans and fresh water. This food invigorates our bodies, which are often depleted from toxic exposure to the environment, improper nutrition, chronic stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep and inadequate relaxation.

These nutrients provide energy and myriad healing factors to organs that have been operating under stress and poor nutrition for a long time. All the tissues and organs of the body respond to better nutrition; these are, in fact, the building blocks of the organs themselves. If you provide the best construction materials, you build the strongest, best-functioning organs. This applies to our reproductive systems, as well. Men who are vegan have lost the excess fat that impedes athletic performance. Sexual vigor increases as the man has more energy, better circulation and a better self-image. All these factors improve libido. The same is true for both sexes; thehealthier functioning ovaries in

women should produce healthier eggs and the male should make healthier sperm. Ultimately, even the egg and sperm are made up of the nutrients we consume. A well-planned vegan diet includes all the special nutrients needed for conceiving a child and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. In fact, this is the healthiest diet for humans in all stages of life. The important thing is to be nutritionally balanced andespecially for womento maintain a healthy weight while trying to conceive.By incorporating great variety in ones plant-based diet and exercising effective supplementation, all vital specic nutrients can be obtained, curbing infertility. These nutrients include

iodine, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids (ax seeds, chia seeds, green and blue-green algae, walnuts) and calcium. These nutrients are already present in abundance in the Hippocrates diet. It has long been suspected that a plant-based diet leads to enhanced fertility. The Nurses Health Study supports this premise. This study found that women who consumed protein from vegetarian sources rather than from meat had a lower incidence of infertility related to problems with ovulation than a cohort group who consumed more meat. In fact, a high percentage of infertility is accounted for by problems with ovulation.

There may be several reasons why plant-based diets inherently have some advantage to those wanting to conceive. People eating a plant-based diet generally maintain a healthier weight than those consuming foods of animal origin. Maintaining a healthy weight confers some advantage when it comes to fertility. Conversely, the evidence shows that beingoverweight or obese decreases fertility in men and women. Animal protein, which is high in saturated fats, can increase insulin resistance, a known culprit in infertility. When theres more insulin circulating in your body, it can affect the hormones that regulate ovulation. Insulin resistance is one component

of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), another leading cause of infertility in women. Seafood, meat, and poultry also contain chemicals such as dioxin, which can adversely affect hormones. Vegetables, on the other hand, contain more protective antioxidants, alkalinity and phytochemicals. The key with any health-enhancing program is balance. If your nutritional program is well-balanced, including adequate supplementation, exercise, stress reduction through yoga and meditation, adequate sleep, rest and recreation, you can improve your health so much that everything functions better, including your reproductive health. Enjoy the process!


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Fundamentals of Cell HealthRedox Signaling

by Dr. Gary L. Samuelson
It has been a lifetime pursuit of mine to nd promising technologies that have the potential to make a real, positive impact on humanity and to help get them to the people who need them. As an atomic physicist and medical researcher, I typically study the processes of life on the fundamental molecular level. I have found that it is extremely rare to nd something that is safe, non-toxic, and yet has clear benets toward advancing health. Historically, when found, such discoveries have fueled some of the greatest advances in health science.
ecently, I have been studying a technology that holds such promise. About four years ago, I was introduced to a method of producing a certain balanced set of reactive molecules (over 15 different kinds) from salt and water. Though I was very skeptical, I was convinced to read over 17 years of comprehensive studies that established that this particular set of reactive molecules is completely safe, non-toxic, soothing and supports the immune system and the normal healing process. My curiosity was piqued. As I put the puzzle together, I discovered that this specic set of molecules was identical to the redox signaling complexes that are native to our body and are naturally produced by the mitochondria in the saltwater uids inside all the cells in our body. Typically, some of the individual components are short-lived and difcult to produce outside of living cells. However, the proprietary production method solved this problem and, in effect, was able to produce highly stable redox signaling complexes outside of the body; the same molecular complexes that are the fundamental components of cellular communication networks, as well as being the primary weapon of choice for the immune system. Redox signaling molecules are the most fundamental messengers inside all types of cells in all forms of life on earth. In fact, redox signaling is an entire subeld of science in redox biochemistry, studied worldwide with hundreds of scientic articles published per month. These tiny redox signaling molecules surround and mediate all inner cell communication, damage control, defense, repair, and replacement on the cellular level throughout the whole organism. The wonderful thing about this is that our cells are naturally programmed with the ability to x themselves, to ght off the threats, and to repair damage. Proper redox signaling makes all this possible. But as we age or are stressed, our cells produce less of these redox signaling molecules and the whole process slows down. To better see how important cell communication is to our health, we can think of the communities of cells in our tissues as microscopic communities of houses along streets. The blood vessels, just like streets, connect all of the living cells in our tissues in order to bring them the supplies they need to live and carry away the waste that they generate. Communication lines are built into our cells and along our nerves and blood vessels, similar to the phone lines, mail systems and electronic communication systems that connect the houses in our communities. When any individual cell becomes stressed, damaged or threatened it sends messages to surrounding cells and the immune system about its state of affairs. If these messages are clear, appropriate responses are facilitated. Imagine how important effective communication is to these cell communities, especially in the case of emergency response. Billions of these cells are damaged every day by infections, for example, or DNA damage, environmental toxins, injuries, malfunctioning cells, or lack of nutrients. The damage must be detected and repaired or the cells must be replaced. The role of these tiny redox signaling molecules is to make the communication system (I like to think of them as cell phone systems) work efciently, allowing the cells to efciently do what they are designed to do: get rid of bad tissue and rebuild healthy tissue. It is not hard to see that a technology that creates these redox signaling molecules outside the body and delivers them in supplement form has incredible potential. This potential is just starting to be realized. Four years ago, I was fortunate to be part of a team that, after additional years of development, and much effort, further stabilized that redox signaling compound and created an oral redox signaling supplement: ASEA. ASEA, simply put, is a redox signaling supplement that replenishes the redox signaling molecules lost by natural aging and stress. ASEA has the potential of helping billions of people worldwide. It is my hope that ASEA will be able to nd its way to all those who need it.


Dr. Bella Lauren, Midwife, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist

When Heaven and Earth Make Love, it Rains.

Heaven & Earth Making Love

by Keith Cini, Acupuncture Physician
Take note next time it rains as you become the witness of Heaven and Earth in Holy Union. Heaven rains down upon the earth and the earth brings forth life. A sprouting sunower seed emerges from the fertile soil after the rain pours down upon it, nourishing and continuing the sustenance of life. There is a natural ebb and ow or rise and fall of these creative life force energies. Birth, death and regeneration.

Now Available in the Hippocrates Store To order call (561) 471-8876, ext. 171

here are many ancient philosophical writings in the Taoist, Hindu and Western Alchemical mystical traditions on the subject of sexual energy. These teachings promote the union of polar energies to cultivate our own vital life force energy. Harnessing these energies and stimulate the union of Heaven and Earth through the meeting and merging of masculine and feminine polarities. Its as combustible as rubbing two sticks together to start a re, generating the spark of life. The union of sperm and ovum into a cingular embryo. A new life created. Taoist sages created the Microcosmic Orbit of energy circulation also called Small Earth Heavenly Cycle Meditation. This practice promotes the circulation of Qi from the Du (Governing Vessel) to the Ren (Conceptions Vessel). Originating from our Dantien (or Tan-tien), located three nger breadths below our navel, half way between our front body and back body, also referred to as the Hara in Japan. The energy descends from our

Navel Psychic Center to the perineum, at the base of our pelvic oor, rising to pierce the coccyx where it is able to enter our spine, continuing to pass through the sacrum, lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae to the top of the head, at the fontanel. This point is called Du Mai 20, translated as Onethousand Petaled Blossoming Lotus. The energy travels from our fontanel, eventually descending down our anterior body through what is referred to in CranioSacral therapy as the falx cerebelli, passing through the third eye (between our eyebrows) to the soft upper palate, where you engage the tip of the tongue allowing the energy to continue descending. Note: Engaging the tip of the tongue to the soft upper palate is critical, otherwise energy may stagnate in our heads leading to headaches, hot ashes or even mania. As the energy continues to descend through our throat chakra (thyroid), heart chakra (thymus), solar plexus (pancreas) and eventually returning to Dantien to continue the cycle once again.

Hindu adepts work with the philosophy of Tantra, or the yoga of sex, utilizing Kundalini energy. Shiva and Shakti in ecstatic union spiral along the sushumna (spine), connecting to God through the chakras or energetic wheels of light. This image is depicted in the symbol for the American Medical Association as Asclepius, the two winged snakes wrapped around a staff. The coiled serpent resides within the sacrum sacred bone rising up our spine, projecting out of our fontanel to connect to Atman (God). Alchemists believe in the transformation of all attachments and desires leading to enlightenment and illumination. Tantric practices are often misconstrued as sex or sexual positions, such as those depicted in the famous explorer Sir Richard Francis Burtons translation of The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana. Some of the practices described include Vajroli mudra (seminal retention) and Mula Bandha (root lock) in the Hindu Tantric tradition, as well as, and most importantly, breath work or pranayama. contd on p. 56


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Far Infrared Heat Technology: The Key to Heat Therapy

by Robby Besner, CEO, Therasage, LLC

The Natural Healing Power of the Sun

Far infrared is touted as the safest and most benecial spectrum of natural sunlight. This wavelength can improve circulation, enhance natural detoxication and reinforce our bodys natural immune response. It can deliver healing relief for joint and muscle pain and inammation, enhance cardiovascular function, lower cholesterol, revitalize skin cells, emulsify fat, increase metabolic rate and curtail the spread of infection. Imagine, far infrared can help us derive many of the benets of sunshine, even when we dont have regular access to it, and without any of the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Something to Chew On
by Dr. David John Carmos
Sex is an aspect of all creatures from insect to humankind. It is interwoven throughout our philosophies, our theologies, our religious belief systems and our cultures. It is a dening aspect of our human nature, and it can also be the way we as humans express our love, our anger, our desires and our human needs. Sex may also be a manifestation of our frustration, our need to communicate, our need for fulllment, our need to share and our desire to propagate.
realization came to me as I meditated several years ago. It dened one difference between love and lust; the realization was speed. Another thought to consider is that love gives, while lust takes. For many people what they think of as making love involves nothing more than using someone elses body to help themselves masturbate. When that goal is achieved, they are nished. There is no wish or even attempt to satisfy the others desires or needs. This is sex, but it is denitely not love. We all need to be nurtured. It is among the most essential of our needs. If we do not receive this nurturing from our surroundings, we tend to nurture ourselves on a more personal level. Depending on our individual tendencies, our programming and our availability and access to things we are attracted to, we will begin nurturing ourselves often without any control. The most common way to fulll our need for nurturing in our society is through eating. We tend to be oral creatures from the time we rst nurse on our mothers

What is Far Infrared Heat? Far infrared heat is a natural form of deep, penetrating, long-lasting heat. It is easily absorbed directly into our muscles and lasts over one and a half times longer than the actual applied treatment. In contrast to other forms of tactile heat, far infrared does not generate any harmful EMF and is seamlessly absorbed by our bodies. When far infrared heat penetrates through the skin, it miraculously transforms from the spectrum of light energy into heat energy. The far infrared frequency resonates at the same level as the water molecules in our bodies. Our bodies are more than 70% water so the infrared wave energizes the H2O molecules releasing heat and stimulating our body (on a cellular level) to purge all of its stored toxins (including heavy metals). This form of natural sun energy is so safe it is effectively used in neonatal care in hospitals. Whatever excessive amount of far infrared energy our body absorbs, it simply emits to maintain a constant core temperature. History of Far Infrared Research Over mankinds history, heat therapy has taken different forms. The rst documented use dates back to Hippocrates in the fth century. Greek physicians believed that if one could create a fever, one could cure all illness. The early Romans built on this discipline, using elaborate hot baths and bathhouses. Even Native Americans have used sweat lodges for both physical and spiritual cleansing practices.

ou can bring a positive change to your life with daily, 30 minute far infrared therapy sessions.

At the start of the 19th century, the English astronomer Sir William Herschel rst understood the infrared light spectrum. His experiments with this radiant heat began wide scientic interest, which continues today. Utilizing the early exploratory work of some of the greatest minds of our time, such as Albert Einstein, scientists have researched the positive effects of the suns thermals on our own atmosphere and human life. NASAs own scientists studying the positive attributes of far infrared heat determined it is so important to maintaining health that they incorporated part of the technology into their space shuttle systems. Two of the most prestigious medical publications, The Journal of American Medical Association and The New England Journal of Medicine, have both published volumes on the positive effects of far infrared heat therapy. On Detox If you can incorporate some method of detoxication in your daily routine along with your live food nutrition you can improve health exponentially. Our environment is becoming increasingly more toxic despite all humanitarian efforts. Our bodies have become bio-lters that absorb and retain many of these poisons via air, water and food product consumption. When toxins are present, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. Most of our toxic load is stored in fat, muscle, soft tissues and the organs of our bodies. With the increased advancement of modern diseases, science is suggesting that cleansing our bodies on a regular basis will improve overall health and might be a key element for longevity.

As far infrared heat jostles loose deep hidden toxins into our bloodstream and interstitial uids, we then have to shuttle these poisons out of our bodies. Dr. Oz has been quoted as saying that far infrared sauna is the best natural detox device that money can buy because it is the most efcient way to dislodge and evacuate toxins from the body. Sweating is the best way to get the toxins out of your body. Daily sweating, along with blood circulation and lymphatic ow, releases built-up toxins and waste. The ushing of these toxins from the lymph areas and from our largest organ of elimination, the skin, is the source of many health improvements. Medical studies have targeted toxemia as the number one reason so many of us become ill. With the elimination of these poisons from deep within the body, the organs become less encumbered and stressed. Measuring a drop of sweat from far infrared sauna indicates 85% more toxins than steam room or hot rock sauna. On Circulation If you can improve your circulation, you can improve your long-term health and wellness Our blood carries all the properties for sustainable health. Nutrition, oxygen, healing properties and genetic information are all communicated in our blood. The thermal effect of far infrared is absorbed within the deep tissue layers causing the blood vessels to expand or dilate, improving local blood circulation and increasing our metabolic rate, without increasing blood pressure. contd on p. 52

breast, to our rst exciting kiss, to munching on a piece of tropical fruit while inhaling its aroma. For many, fulllment might involve acquiring things ranging from clothing to more expensive creature comforts. Yet, all of these acquisitions serve to be only temporary forms of nurturing since they are manifestationsthat is, things outside of ourselves. Those things which truly nurture us are those which tend to fulll us from withinnot things which we acquire, but things which we become. All the great philosophies throughout time have taught us the development of virtues is the path to spirituality. Many of the great souls who have inhabited our planet became so adept at the development of love, patience, compassion, tolerance, understanding and the more spiritual aspects of our being, that their need for sex was reduced to the point where some actually become celibate. We dont necessarily have to go that far, but it certainly seems a better alternative to its opposite, where many in our society have become sex

addicts who live in a totally uncontrolled existence, destroying their personal relationships and even their friendships in their attempt to fulll the need to be nurtured. One way of dealing with food addiction is eating things that require chewing. The more we tend to chew on something, the less we tend to eat of it. This is because chewing satises the nurturing gene. Note the foods that tend to put on weight easily, such as ice cream and mashed potatoes. These are things we tend not to chew. Many people can easily polish off a pint of ice cream, yet the equivalent amount of raw carrots (16 oz.) would be virtually impossible for the average person to get through in the same amount of time. So when dealing with an aspect of our nature such as physical contact with another creature, instead of the motivation being frustration, anger, rage or desire, it tends to be more in the vein of fulllment and the nurturing of another. Why? Because in fullling the needs of another, that, in itself, nurtures us. contd on p. 56


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Suppressing Sophia
Our Misguided Domination of the Feminine
by Dr. Will Tuttle
Its spring, and the glorious time for planting is here! From one seed spring hundreds, thousands, and millions of seeds, each of which has the same potential. How do we respond to this existential exuberance of life bursting with more life? Strange as it may seem, I believe our response depends on our food.
rom the early days, there have been two types of agriculture: plant and animal. Plant agriculture is essentially more feminine work. It involves cooperating with the cycles of nature, nurturing the spontaneous growth of herb-, fruit-, nut-, and seed-bearing plants and saving the precious seeds so they can be planted again the following season. For thousands of years, sacred rituals celebrated the miraculous abundance of the Earth: the powers of rain, sun and green growth, the fecundity of Natures ever-giving and replenishing womb, and the joy of receiving a bounty of fragrant, delicious, and lifegiving vegetables, fruits, and seeds. From the beginning, roughly eight to ten thousand years ago, animal agriculture was essentially mens work, and it required violence and the cruel domination of animals who always resisted as best they could the mutilations, thefts, connements and killings that were forced on them for their esh, fur and secretions. It began with wild sheep and goats and spread to cows, pigs, chickens and other animals, and it unfortunately brought out the worst in the people who practiced it. Additionally, it has been the female animals who have been most cruelly treated from the beginning. Their reproductive organs are invaded and manipulated, their milk, eggs and babies are stolen and their sexuality and maternity are exploited. Universally, we feel a sense of wonder and joy upon entering a lovingly tended organic garden. It exudes beauty and abundance, and we instinctively feel grateful, humble (from humus, earth), and blessed in the presence of the gifts we receive so freely from forces that accomplish what we can never do: bring forth new life from seeds, roots and stems. And universally, we are repulsed by the violence that is inevitably required to kill animals for food, and at a deep cultural level, we feel ashamed of our relentless cruelty against animals for our meals. We cannot create life, but we can most certainly cause death, and we do so on an industrial scale. Over the millennia, this mentality of domination has spread to our plant agriculture as well. Today, though we could humbly cooperate with life by creating widespread networks of small-scale organic gardens and orchards, we tend instead to dominate nature violentlythe way we dominate animals for foodand create the kind of pesticide-ridden, mono-cropped industrialized agriculture that is actually a manifestation of the same mentality required for our thousands of years of animal agriculture. As children, we are all taught to disconnect from our natural sense of compassion and mercy, and to participate in eating foods of blood and terror soon after we lose our mothers breast. We are injected with all the stories that rationalize our violence: animals dont have souls; if not for animals where would we get our protein; animal esh, eggs and milk taste good; humans are a superior species who can do with animals as they please. We cling to these baseless stories to armor our true feelings. contd on p. 60


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Nonsexual Gratication
by John Kohler
We are all familiar with the term sexual gratication. To dene the term, lets look at its individual words. Sexual means of, relating to or involving sex. Gratication means to be pleased and satised. So sexual gratication means to be pleased and satised by means of sex.


ex is one of the most enjoyable feelings we can experience. Why is this? Simply put, sexual pleasure is hardwired into us as an incentive to procreate. This procreation ensures the survival of our species. In other words, if sex was no more pleasurable than, say, a visit to the dentist, the human race just might become extinct. In todays society, we like things fast and easy. Examples of this preference include fast food, fast cars and even fast women. But fastest is not always best. Eating fast food can put you in the hospital. Fast cars can get you plenty of speeding tickets (I know this from rst-hand experience). As for fast women, well, Ill let you know when I gure that one out. Sex is a very fast and easy way to feel pleased and satised, but there are many other ways to achieve similar results. In this article, I will share my thoughts on how we can be gratied without relying solely on sex. Dont get me wrong; I enjoy sexual gratication as much as the next guy. The problem is that society seems to focus on sex as the only form of gratication. Everyone has heard the phrase Sex Sells. We, and perhaps more importantly the children in our society, see this every day in advertisements on TV, billboards, buses and magazines. When an ad features a scantily clad girl or well-built guy, people tend to tune in. The Sex Sells paradigm is especially apparent on the internet. The popular website, YouTube, that I use to share my wealth of knowledge about

growing food, health and appliances is a great example. The majority of YouTube visitors are guys, and videos with half-naked girls have exponentially more views than a video by the same title featuring a maleeven if the picture preview does not represent the actual content of the video! Lets look at some other areas to focus our energies in todays fast-paced lifestyle. Probably the next biggest category of human gratication is food. After all, its food that sustains us until our next episode of sexual gratication. I constantly indulge in foods that satisfy me. No, I dont mean candy bars, fast foods and other junk foods. I have learned that the foods that gratify me the most are fresh grown, fresh picked, high quality, good tasting foods. They really light me up if you know what I mean. I strive to grow all my own food when at home in Northern California. While Im away, I make it a priority to seek out the freshest and highest quality foods. On a recent trip to South Florida, I gratied myself by enjoying tropical fruits such as sapodilla, a delicious fruit that has the consistency of a pear, but the taste of mildly-sweet brown sugar. Another gratifying morsel was canistel, or egg fruit, which has the texture of a hard-boiled egg, and is about the same color. While in the tropics, I also get to enjoy one of my favorite perennial edible greens. Katuk (or sauroupus) is a shrubby-type plant that grows year-round in tropical climates. It is a leafy green vegetable that tastes somewhere between a snow pea and peanut butter!

Fruits and vegetables like these may be hard to nd, but that only adds to their alluring gratication factor. Eating locally and seasonally will introduce all kinds of unique avors to your life and give you even more to look forward to when you travel. The easiest way to enjoy these exotic food gratications in your home is to start your own garden. When you grow your own food, you can experience thousands of crops that each have unique tastes and, more importantly, different nutrients that can help you obtain excellent health, including sexual health. Another way I gratify myself is by sleeping. Along with proper nutrition, sleep is very important for good health. Upon waking up in the morning, dont you often feel great? I dont know about you, but I love the feeling of waking up in the morning with a full day ahead of me to make the world a better place. I encourage you to get your sleep gratication every night by sleeping the appropriate number of hours for you. How many is that? I use a simple rule. When I start to feel tired, its my body signaling me that its time to go to bed for the evening. I then wake up naturally, without the use of an alarm clock. If you have to go to work in the morning, you can continue to use your alarm and make your goal to wake up just before the alarm goes offor to at least feel rested when it sounds. If you constantly feel like you did not get enough sleep when the alarm goes off, the best thing would be to go to sleep a bit earlier at night. contd on p. 59

Sex, Music and Healing

Steven Halpern 2012.

by Steven Halpern
If you ask most people what rst comes to mind in setting the mood for love, youll get responses like Lets Get It On, Sexual Healing and Love to Love you, Baby. Youll want to explore the many benets that adding relaxing and healing music to your romantic playlist after reading this article.

n this article, Id like to show you why youll want toinclude music without pulsing rhythms or suggestive lyrics. What Im suggesting isa complementary approach tocreating a soundtrack for romance, sexuality and well-being that pays immediate dividends for you and your partner. As youll discover, theres more to enjoying music than meets the ear. When we respond to the rhythm of a song, our bodies entrain (synchronize) to the beat ofthat external stimulus. Your body has no choice but to breathe in sync with the beat. If it feels good, cool. If not, it will

work against you, both emotionally and physically. Words also affect our emotional response. In both cases, youre paying attention to a third party,which makes it difcult to focus onyour partner. On the other hand, when you learn to tune in to your partner, rapport increases, your sensitivity to each other increases, and the nature of your connection rises to new heights. Orchestrating A Loving Connection When I released my rst album for relaxation and meditation back in 1975, I was surprised and delightedhow manylisteners wrote tome about

their non-advertised discovery. A typical letter: My wife and I want to thank you for helping us bring back romance into our bedroom. Did you know your relaxing music could be used for this purpose? Well, yes I did! I always eld test my recordings, and was likely the rst to discover several benets of setting the mood for love with beautiful, atmospheric music, without words and without pulsing rhythms. The key, I believe, taps into the larger context of the many positive healthful benets of evoking your innate relaxation response. contd on p. 47

Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Part three in a three-part series:

Building a Healthy Conscious and Confident Self

by Katherine C. Powell, EdD

Can Raw & Living Food Put You In the Mood?

by Katharine Clark, RN, Hippocrates Health Educator
Sexuality is one of the great mysteries of life, synonymous with life itself. More than simply creating new life in the form of babies, sexual energy can also be skillfully channeled into creativity, industry and a passion for almost anything. Taoists, Buddhist and Hindu traditions teach how to harness this powerful energyfor the purpose of activating spiritual awakening, vitality and longevity. The level of sexual energy is undeniably related to the vitality and health of the organism, no matter what kind of food is eaten.

A condent person has an integrated, strong sense of self. Self-condence implies a deep belief in self (internal awareness of capability) and is derived from Latin which means trust within self. Dictionaries have dened condence as a consciousness of ones power and self-reliance in various situations. Self-esteem (how you feel about yourself) and self-concept (what you think about yourself) are interdependent within the realm of self-condence.
on personal experience, strengths and weaknesses. Self-concept affects your view of self in the world and self-esteem affects your feelings and emotions. If you are too sad or depressed, you can become inactive by waiting for something to happen, which leads to no action. Thinking can only be clear when you are not overwhelmed. You need to be conscious and present to judge realistically what you can do each moment. You also must be brave enough to try new things. For example, if you beat yourself with thoughts such as, I am not good enough or I cant do this, it would be hard to see an accurate picture of yourself. Your new condence builds upon your previous condence. For example, I love to dance and I have been a dancer since age two. I do not have to think about how to move or how to express myself since I just do it. Once done, I feel great and my condence is high, ready to tackle something else that might be feared. Condence is maintained through a personal formula of knowledge that builds upon a balanced sense of self. When emotions are out of balance, it is difcult to express yourself. Emotional stability and balance in your life aid in building self-worth. Old messages of self-doubt can hinder your expression of self. Feeling condent through practice can overcome fear and negative messages and aid in self-expression. Integrating the self involves accepting all parts of self (physical, emotional and mental) and feeling centered or unied. Belief in self is dependent upon a strong foundation and a sense of self balance. For example, my weakness is my emotional self so I have to calm myself through deep breathing, special exercises and meditation to get into a balanced state and attain a realistic picture of the situation. Balancing yourself involves knowing what you can do to build your condence by compensating for the weaker parts of self. Once weaker parts of self are managed, you can then be open to gain integration, fulllment and condence. We build a strong sense of self with balanced emotions. The emotional self is the most powerful part of the integrated self since it is the most hidden and vulnerable. The emotional self has no verbal language; however, artistic expression such as poetry can reveal feelings in a musical or rhythmic manner. The condent self is a function of your personality, emotions, knowledge, and personal sense of accomplishment or talents. Internal awareness and consciousness help build condence when you do things you know how to do very well. You can then accept more challenging endeavors. Maintain your condence and keep your sense of self strong by surrounding yourself with people who support you. Who you are is a summation of all that you do. Keep adding to your talents since each layer builds an arch that supports the foundation of self. Happiness is being in control, feeling competent and knowing that you are condent! Do not wait to feel good. Find and trust yourself; cherish it; and keep moving to your own beat!

ve been asked many times if I think eating raw and living foods increaseslibido or if I think raw foodists are hornier. My conclusion is, yes, eating raw is likely not only to support more sexual arousal, but also to enhance sexual satisfaction and the ability to enjoy sex longer. I conducted an online survey and more than half the respondents noted an increase in sexual energy after starting to eat 80% or more raw vegetarian foods. A few of the respondents over 50 years old stated that their increased interest in sex and sexual activity were the opposite of what their age might have led them to expect. Feel free to take my survey at When one starts eating a primarily raw and living foods diet, they usually experience remarkableenergy levels and an increase in all sensory awareness, such as improved visual acuity and a stronger sense of smell, hearing, and touch. The overall increase in sensitivity is often accompanied by an increase in sensuality and a sexual

awakening. This is because people can be sexually aroused by different things, in a variety of situations. An arousal may be physical or mental in nature. A person may be sexually aroused by particular aspects of a person (cleavage, thighs, muscles, build, smell, smile, hair color, familiarity, etc.), or through the persons touch. Consider the suggestive nature of food itself and the ritual surrounding the presentation of food.Take into account the shape of an avocado or a papayaor the beautiful color and fragrance of a strawberry or mango. Certainly many smells, sights, sounds and scenes from nature can arouse your passions. Since research already suggests that eating a plant based diet is helpful for normalizing all body processes, including digestion, elimination and immune functionnot to mention plant foods ability to normalize high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugarit stands to reason that with higher levels of vitality, some of the newfound energy would go toward

your sexual life. No more headaches for you! How do raw foods accomplish their job? It is their adaptogens that resiststress, increase blood ow and positively affect neurotransmitters. Circulation is very important for sexuality in men and women alike. A diet high in cooked fats, rened carbs and animal proteins can lead to blood thickening, so the blood has difculty circulating through the smaller vessels of the brain and genitals. The raw and living food diet provides the nutritional power pack that a long and healthy sex life requires. Abstaining from animal foods and eating primarily raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will help alkalize and detoxify the body, improving appearance and normalizing weight. Any or all of these effects can improve libido. Obviously these foods are so health-promoting that they not only enhance sexual energy, but could even enhance fertility. (See Dr. Steven Lembergs article in this issue for more on fertility.) contd on p. 64


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

wareness of your strengths and weaknesses can help you reach goals with selfcompetency. Trusting your instincts when making choices and decisions builds high self-esteem. Through self-evaluation you can maintain an integrated, balanced, and controlled sense of self with valid perceptions. For example, when you believe you can win a game after you have won before, your condence is reinforced. Condence increases upon each successful endeavor. Your belief in self implies being aware of your integrated self (physical, emotional, and mental) and your capabilities. For example, when playing golf, the integrated self remembers that you have done this before and you know you can reach the hole. Thus condence builds from previous practice and awareness. When playing tennis you are in a psychological battle of wills, as each person tries to be on top by getting the other person off balance. A strong sense of self maintains condence when external events change. When accepting new challenges you can then build upon condent feelings derived from previous experience. Being conscious and aware means knowing where you are, what you are thinking and if you feel competent to participate. Do things that shed light on the skills you can build upon to gain self-respect and high self-regard. Once you have succeeded with maintaining self-condence, you can then apply this new strength and feeling to doing unknown or difcult tasks. The formula for integration and selfbalance is different for everyone based

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


The Scent of a Woman

by LK Walker
There is much grooming advice given to women that undermines our personal power. The rst, and most insidious, grooming rule is the required removal of nearly all body hair except on the top of the head.


omen are enjoined to shave, wax, laser, tweeze and bleach every hair under their arms and on their faces. Theres the thinning of eyebrows and the removal of all hair from the upper lip and in front of the ears. Not to mention the entire leg and, to varying degrees, the entire pubic area.Some women have even been known to wax their entire arms down to their wrists. What is this obsession with hairlessness? In the rst place, removing all the underarm, leg and pubic hair creates the look on a grown woman of being a child. Is the abuse of child pornography really surprising in a world that forces all of its women to look as infantile as possibleand then to be sexual beings? We have been led to view the body as unclean in its natural state. The truth could not be further from that. Each part of the body that is thickly covered with hair is an erogenous zone. The purpose of this hair is to hold and disseminate the scent of a woman, or a man, helping to attract the opposite sex. Obsession. Banish. Contradiction. Decadence. Desire. Unzipped. These are the names given by the Madison avenue mavens for perfume scents. It is a multi-billion dollar industry which, like the cosmetic and fashion industries, is designed to play

on the fears of inadequacy and the deep seated longings of women and, increasingly, of men. The primary ingredient for all perfumes is musk, which was originally collected from the sweat glands around the anus of a musk deer, an endangered deer native to Tibet, India, Pakistan and Mongolia. The animal needs to be killed to extract the musk. Now musk is made with chemicals. The word musk comes from the sanskrit word for testicle. Basically, women are putting synthetic testicle juice on their bodies to attract a man. Parfumeries want you to be so insecure about your own natural body, that you put testicle juice behind your ears. They want you to fear you are not enough. They want your senses to be unclear and your condence low. They want to tell you what to wear, where to live, how to shop, what to look like and how to smell. And then, they tell you, youll be happy. But our bodies are innitely more intelligent than Madison Avenue marketing ploys. Each person has a signature scent, the same way we have unique ngerprints. There is a natural scent, or perfume, that we put out that is smellable to our conscious minds. But there is also a secret scent called pheromones. These are small scent molecules undetectable to our noses, but detectable to the brain stem where the nose brings them upon inhalation.

The right scent for a woman is none at all Cicero

These pheromones have been called the sex scent. It is part of that invisible je ne sais quois that attracts or repels us from a person. Some of the research done on pheromones has gone so far as to say that people with DNA unmatchable to our own will be found repulsive to us through these secret scents. So many people mask their own natural odors with copious amounts of perfumes that our built in fail-safe discernment process is undermined. We can no longer tell, with our most primal instinct, if a person would be a good mate for us. So we fall for all the usual tricks. And here we are then, walking down the aisle with Mr. or Ms. Right. Fast forward to the weeks after the wedding. Now we are living together. And sleeping together. And showering together. And you dont always put your perfume or cologne on right away. Sometimes you just climb into bed clean, but smelling like your true natural self. And then, look out. All of a sudden you nd out, wow, this guy or this girl really stinks. I dont mean hes got BO, but there is something about him that I just dont like. And there it is. You cant get away from it. Youre married to the wrong man. All because of Calvin Klein. contd on p. 54

lity pi S is Sex y t i l u a ality u x e S

by Rita Robinson


ty i l a ritu

I was standing at the back of a crowd of younger people, mostly much younger, loosely clad in gauzy garb and happily gyrating to the love-is-all-there-is tunes of J Brave and the Luminaries at the Raw Spirit Fest. I was dancing, sort of, with small movements, remaining relatively inconspicuous, watching more than joyfully moshing.

looked up at the June full moon illuminating our chirpy enclave of merry pranksters tucked in the recesses of the Santa Barbara Mountains. It was so bright that I could see the prickly tips of the pine needles silhouetted against a beaming moon-face that seemed to take up the night sky. Suddenly, in a blink of my eyes, I was that pine needle, that tree, that leaf, that mountain, that rockthat little, that much. Everywhere I looked, I was there. I Am That, I Am I turned back to the bouncing heads on bee-bopping bodies stacked one on top of the other in front of the stage, and I began to dance. I didnt have much space but I began to unfurl, big time. Something had gotten into me and was pouring out through every pore in my body, like it was washing down on me, through me and out of me. All I could do was be there and let it. Arms and heart open wide, my movements began to turn expansive, my arms owing in waves over the ground, my legs beating with the drums, my body lifting and turning, my smile now as big and bright as the

sky. I looked at the young man standing next to me, who was trying not to notice; we smiled heart-to-heart and he gave me room. Soon there was a circle of space around me and the kids were joining in with their own version of letting go. It was all right. That night, I sat outside my tent at the edge of the campground where the sage and prickly pear took on silvery hues, eye-locked with the moon. All night. There was no turning back or turning in. It didnt help that the generator for the entire campground was parked in the middle of the family camping area I was in, and complaints from parents with sleepless children could be heard loud and clear the next day. I couldnt wait to leave, honestly. My body was overwhelmed, my spirit wrung out. The mood in the camp was still lit up, sparkling, aglitter. It wasnt that. It was me. I dont drink, smoke or imbibe in anything toxic. And I hadnt that night. I had simply had an all-nighter with the man in the moon. My philosophy is if I have to induce the state of nirvana, I aint there yet. Just because Im vegan doesnt mean

all plants are carte blanche. Most plants, in reality, are toxic and a little dose of poison is as potent over the long run as a deadly one, as is evident with fast-food and pharmaceuticals. For me, its about getting as clean as possible so all circuits are open to receive as much high, live, wholesome, pure energy as I can contain. I didnt even partake of the raw cacao chocolates tripping the night fantastic. Maybe thats what made me ripe for the clear-voyant, celestial experience. Anyway, by morning, I think my container had overowethed. I later learned I had become, as Happy Oasis, organizer of the Raw Spirit Fests, happily coined, a Celestial Terrestrial. At this moment, however, I felt like I had gotten my mortal butt kicked and was in desperate need of deep hibernation. Since I had driven up with a friend who had slept and was ready to roll the entire weekend, I grabbed the arm of a day-tripping couple I knew and hitched a ride down the concrete car conveyor to South Orange County later that day. I went home, and returned to my routine, not really knowing the depth of what was germinating inside of me. contd on p. 54


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll & Therapy

by Andy Bernay-Roman

 A sea was stormin inside of me Baby, I think Im capsizin The waves are risin and risin And when I get that feeling I want Sexual Healing Sexual Healing is good for me Makes me feel so ne, its such a rush Helps to relieve the mind...

Secret Place of the Soul

Laura Grammatico Recovery Story

Marvin Gaye

I miss the warmth and closeness of erotic touching and orgasm, and I want it back! complained my 93-year-old client. Our daughter who is ve, spends time every evening masturbating herself to sleep. Should we be worried about her?
ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1995), two thirds of all high school seniors in the USA have had sex. According to a survey taken by Modern Maturity magazine, 26% of men and 24% of women over the age of 75 have sex one time a week or more. Sexual Identity Sex spans the life span. If the subject did not come up in therapy, Id be concerned. It is a topic that spills over into therapy in both positive and negative ways. Freud attributed all human motivation from infancy on (referring to the eroticism of babies as, get this, polymorphous perverse!), to the libidinal impulse, and many theorists today basically still agree with him. Sex Rules Sex is introduced socially at an early age as we begin to base our sense of self in the world through gender identity. Boys and girls are treated differently, and from an early age are conditioned to perform in the way society perceives them. Our sexual identity eventually extends beyond gender roles into the realm of personal relationships. Orgasm feels good, so good in fact that it is easy to convince ourselves that it is enough of a bond

Jim Britt

How do I nd words powerful enough to thank an entire team of loving professionals for giving me my life back?

Laura Grammatico (center) with Hippocrates directors Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement

with another. Heart also experiences the urge to unite by knowing and being known, by loving and being loved. Herein lies a problem: sexual urges and heart urges become misaligned, and imbalance and suffering occur. What we wont do for sex! What we wont do for love! But what do we do to bond the two? Excitement and Libido Lets back up a bit and look at sexual energy from the bodys point of view. Just what is it? The nervous system runs on bio-electrochemical energy (a fancy euphemism for libido?), which contains all the dynamic energy properties of electrolytes in a uid system, such as buildup, polarization and depolarization wave (these describe how nerve impulses are generated at a cellular level, and how they move through the body) all of which gets sexualized at puberty. The prepubescent version of this energy experienceexcitementis a measure of aliveness. We can respond to excitement either by embracing it, and riding the wave of creativity and intimacy that comes with it, or we can stie it. As kids we quickly learn what level of excitement is acceptable, both at home and at school, and generally we are taught to keep excitement lev-

els down. As teens we are collectively compelled by dramatic changes in our own physiology to cut loose and reject the inhibitions imposed on us. Every generation has its rock n roll to help the process along. Sex Mask Besides all the wonderfulness about sex, people also commonly use it as a major tool to mask pain. To undo the negative charge of certain feelings, people use sex to discharge the discomfort. Sexual stimulation, which provides touch, excitement and a sense of safety and pleasure, is often purposefully introduced into painful feeling situations for the sake of making the pain go away, somehow overriding it. It isnt too farfetched, either, to think it possible to balance or neutralize pain by adding pleasure. People who use this strategy in the face of emotional pain are too often disappointed, because in fact one does not cancel out the other. With the endorphin rush that comes with orgasm, sex is like a drug that can be abused. (Remember, endorphins are primarily painkillers). In addition, orgasm triggers hormone responses that induce sleep, reinforcing sexual release as a form of selfmedication. contd on p. 62

everal events in my early years left me a very frightened and shattered little girl. I often questioned why I was brought into this world. I wondered if I could ever overcome the hurt and if I would ever lead the life I knew I deserved. I did my best, with the tools I had available, to forge ahead. Yet, I always felt that painful divide between my inner and outer world. I could see her, that fearful little girl, peering out of lifes window. She stared at me, lifeless and brokenhearted, from inside a solid glass box. I would go in on occasion to sit by her side, but I had no idea how to rescue her from that secret hiding place. Over many years I sought help through religion, mentors, doctors, therapists and books, all of which did help tremendously in my learning to mature and let go. However, the scars went deep and anxiety still had its violent grip on me. As I grew older, my system grew weaker. I was no longer able to handle stress or to properly digest food, and my adrenals had nothing left to give. I rarely slept and was losing faith and hope. After 20 years of disillusionment with doctors and well-meaning naturopaths, I considered Hippocrates Health Institute. Could I muster enough trust for one more person to take me down this road again, or would another disappointment break my heart for good? I explored the website, where I read every word, listened to every audio recording and watched every YouTube video I could nd. Then, I got into my car and drove to a Save Your Life meeting December 28, 2011. My intent was to arrive early, sit quietly on the grounds and see how

the energy resonated with my own. I walked into Wigmore Hall at three oclock in the afternoon. Not a soul was around. I saw ofces to the left. I gently knocked on a door and walked in. An assistant was on the phone, so I waited patiently and gazed about the room. A door opened directly in front of me and there stood Dr. Brian Clement, the very man I had been listening to through my computer screen for weeks, and the rst friendly face to greet me at Hippocrates that day. He smiled and gently said (as he often does to his guests), Hello Love, how are you? I smiled back, I am well, thank you. At least that was my outside response. On the inside, however, something very unusual happened. I saw another part of myself collapse to the oor right before me as if to say, Finally I am in the hands of someone that can help. I knew then that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I started the Life Transformation Program four days later. The food and juice cleansed my body, the lectures educated my mind, the therapies relaxed my soul and the emotional regression healed the hole in my heart. I sat in psychotherapist Antony Chathams chair as he led me on a mental journey down the corridor of my life. Choose a door for me, he said, one that you believe is tied to your issues now and look inside. What do you see? I saw a beautiful little girl, vibrant and hopeful, singing a Whitney Houston song into her hairbrush in one moment and then emotionally shattered by life in the next. Through his guidance I communicated with her. I wept. I apologized for not comforting her that day or any of the

other days that followed. I asked her forgiveness for not knowing how to parent her and abandoning her in that pain. I told Laura, who was then age 10, I wanted to remove her from that scene and take her back with me to Laura age 41; that I needed her as much as she needed me. I whispered that neither of us could heal without the other. She did not trust me. She did not trust anyone. I slowly convinced her I was not the same person I was thirty years ago, that I knew much more now and together we would be whole. I left Antonys ofce that day knowing I had nally integrated my inner and outer world. I had closed the gap between past and present and reunited with my best friend. She is with me now, that playful young girl excited to experience life. She trusts and loves me and I love her. All of this took place because a system exists to help each of us heal from the inside out. A team of people show up every day in a spirit of service and compassion to help restore humanity one heart at a time. They have created an environment of peace with a message of health and surrounded it with love. It is a safe haven for any weary soul to nd rest and hope. I am grateful beyond measure to my Hippocrates family for the gift I now have. I am grateful for the time spent with all my brothers and sisters. Ive been humbled by their beauty, transparency and unassuming grace. I am grateful for my loving, kind and ever patient Aunt Kathryn Lippman who never ceased in making me feel special. No question went unanswered, no concern ignored. contd on p. 54


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Luv I am by Rachel Doran

On a beautiful morning, David Torrella was enjoying his breakfast and the sunrise while his wife of seventeen years, Gissela, was on a four day jaunt as a ight attendant. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until David lifted the spoon to his mouth and felt a twinge of emotion.
Over time, things fell perfectly into place and David and Gissela started their own company. Love Resonance became the name, Love I am, the message. It had become clear to them that the feeling David had experienced was not a feeling, per se, but energy. An energy of love, to be exact. We, as humans, tend to think of love solely as an emotion felt for people close to us in life. While this is true, it is a limited view. Love is energy. Energy never begins and never ends. David and Gissela believe that if we can begin to see love as energy, we will also begin to see that it exists at a vibrational level that ows through each of us. Love ows through us and connects to the energy of those around us. After his experience of pure and unadulterated love and joy, everything else became relative. Noticing T-shirts with funny, attention grabbing and generally negative messages, David came to the realization that clothing was the most effective way to spread his message. With great enthusiasm, David and Gissela had T-shirts made with the words LuvIam printed on them. I was one of the rst people lucky enough to own one of these shirts. I paid close attention while wearing it and immediately saw peoples eyes drift to the words and back to my face. I have yet to be asked about the meaning of the shirt, but at least 70% of the people I encounter noticeably read the shirt; therefore seven out of ten people I meet are being impacted in a positive way. For me, that is worth a few bucks. The shirts have since evolved into messages of Living

Below: Detail from Khajuraho Group of Monuments Background: Kandariya Mahadeva Temple China Crisis

Gissela and David Torrella


his twinge quickly overwhelmed David as the emotion manifested as a physical reaction. He suddenly found himself with tears owing down his cheeks. The tight sensation in his chest was reminiscent of the immense love and adoration one feels during the early stages of relationships. Just as quickly as it started, the feeling dissipated. Rather than react, David was compelled to fully experience it. He felt no fear, only love and joy. After a few moments, these sensations passed and David was left spellbound. Realizing that he had four days alone, David decided to set out on a personal journey of meditation and introspection in order to discover the source of his experience. After several days David gained a better understanding of his experience but, other than describing the experience, he was left unable to put into words the spiritual nature of it. He looked forward to Gissela returning home and sharing his story. That day came and, as he always did, David met her at the door. Their usual greeting consisted of David asking how her trip was, but this day was different. Upon seeing Gissela with her rolling bag, David suddenly said, Love I am. This, of course, confused Gissela, but David was elated. The words he divined seemed to perfectly express the spirituality of his experience. Davids experience was so organic and innate that he knew it had happened to him for a reason. The couple spent a great deal of time discussing the experience and they decided to follow the path that had been laid in front of them.

One Vibrational Energy (L.O.V.E), Love Resonance, and the ever popular Love: The Number One Silent Healer. Gissela, a student of holistic healing, expresses the importance of love and healing. Love, says Gissela, heals all, cures all and repairs all. There is not a problem in life that cannot be solved by love. If love is an energy that ows from us, through us and to others, there must be a way to access it, right? Simple. Remember the beautiful morning? Without even intending it to happen, David was in a self-imposed state of euphoria. Imagine that his wife of seventeen years was with him at that moment. Davids sense of euphoria was the channel opening and allowing his love energy to vibrate freely. Now, imagine if Gissela also allowed her channel to open. Love would have resonated. When one is having an intimate encounter, there are generally fears, self-consciousness and expectations. These human characteristics limit us by blocking our channels. What if we all let go of our fears, accepted ourselves for who we are and dropped all expectations? What if you could feel that pure and raw love energy, the way that David did at the breakfast table, while with your partner? What if you and your partner made the conscious choice to unblock your channels, allowing your love energy to vibrate freely, openly and together? What if you connected your minds, spirits and bodies? How do you think this would impact your sexual experiences? As David says, Try it; youll get a bang out of it!

Sexuality is a Divine Gift

by Antony Chatham, MPhil, MTh, MSW
We hardly have a sex life any more. It is not uncommon to hearthis in therapy sessions from women who are around the age of menopause, or from men who are ghting prostate cancer, or from people who are taking medication for heart-related illnesses.

here is truly a sense of loss in the tone of the statement; very few, however, seem to do anything about it even though they know that their partners also suffer from the loss. Sometimes I wonder if some such couple who ignores their sex life are justifying their lack of sex life by (incorrectly) assuming that giving up sex is natural because the act has become routine and is, therefore, unimportant. Such people are not only forgetting to enjoy their own divine gifts; they are denying their partners of such privileges. Being able to be intimate with another human being in body, mind and spirit is just as much sacred and divine as it is earthly and biological. Gone are the days when sex was associated with the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; however, it is not easy for the Western mind to accept sexuality as divine and as an intrinsically good and natural way to enhance

love and intimacy between two individuals. It is encouraging to note that more and more people are accepting sexual desire and pleasure as normal and positive. The biological and spiritual benets of sex warrant special attention. A philosophical foundation for the connection between sexuality and spirituality can be seen more clearly in the Eastern religious traditions such as Tantrism (a Hindu tradition) and Taoism than in Western traditions. An Erotic Ascetic? Can you imagine an ascetic who is at the same time erotic? It sounds like a contradiction, especially from a Christian perspective. An ascetic, from our Western perspective, should be one who completely rejects his or her sexuality. However, from a Hindu perspective, an erotic ascetic, as Lord Shiva symbolizes, is not a contradiction. Of course, the concept of an ascetic is typically that of restraint and denial

of comfort; however, in Hinduism in general, and in Tantra, which is one of its traditions in particular, sex is a cure for desire, and is deeply spiritual. In this view it is possible to attain spirituality through sexualitynot by avoiding it but by quelling it in a controlled form. The Lord Shiva is often depicted along with his consort, Shakti (the iconic representation of lingam (phallus) and yoni (vagina)). These gures are a representation of the source of life, and they are displayed in the holy place in Hindu temples, thus spirituality through sexuality is not a contradiction. From a Western point of view, which is inuenced by Gnostic philosophy of the dichotomy of the body and spirit, the presence of such an icon would make the sacred place unholy. The underlying philosophy of such a perspective is that these worldly pleasures are bad and that spiritual fulllment presumes denial of the body and all its pleasures. contd on p. 58

Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Dance brings us face to face with an art form. While dance is the medium, our body is the vehicle that takes us deep into a place where our sensuality, sexuality and gender identity resides. It is there in the body that this identity is intimately explored and presented via the art of dance.

The Sexuality of Dancing

by Pam Blue
Egypt, which reveal dancing gures as a part of life. Dance evolved into rituals and entertainment for celebrations. Like other art forms from primitive times, dance revolved around daily activities such as hunting, war, worship and mating. Each involved communication in one way or another. This deeply rooted nonverbal state of connection to our feelings through dance naturally aligns us with expression of our own sexuality. Dance is not only an avenue of exploration into expression and communication, but also into movement. Since the body is built to move and is nourished by movement, dance is a way of honoring the body. As we honor our bodies, we honor ourselves, raising our self-esteem. This feeling we have for ourselves cannot just be given to us. It is something that is generated for us and by us. Our brain is said to be the most powerful sexual organ for both men and women, so the better we think of ourselves, the more we can effectively express our sexuality. Dawn Rhys, owner of Imperial Bellydance Studio in West Palm Beach, Florida, has been raising self esteem in women of all ages for years. She helps them express their sexuality through dance and movement on a daily basis. In her words, Dance has been used for thousands of years to express sexuality through the movements of the body: lifting the legs, swinging the arms, head and hair, and, of course, rolling the hips. Whether alone or with a partner, George Bernard Shaw said it best when he said, Dance is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire. Specic types of movements initiated through dance tend to free the physical and emotional body, creating a deeply open state within. This total release of inhibitions is the perfect state for desire to awaken and union to occur. Dance enables us to express, honor and open ourselves to our sexuality. It integrates a certain level of acceptance of our bodies. This acceptance and celebration stimulates and fosters an inner condence in our physicality. In fact, Aimee Mullins, an American athlete and model who had both of her legs amputated believes that condence is one of the sexiest things a woman can have, much sexier than any body part. contd on p. 52

ur body, containing all that has been with us since birth, is imbued with a power or force capable of creation and a sacred intelligence. It is activated and inuenced by what we feel. So what gives us feeling? What turns us on? The answers to these questions are inevitably leading us into our bodies and, ultimately, into our sexuality. For many people, music makes us feel. It turns us on with its depth, rhythm and emotion; it give us the impulse to move in union with it, which becomes something intensely expressive. Anais Nin, a French author of erotic literature, describes it beautifully when she says, Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together. From this deep place of union initiated by music, the body becomes an instrument to express ourselves nonverbally. Taking into consideration that 80% of communication is nonverbal, its only natural that dance is a potent form of communication. Those engaged in dance, as well as those observing it, are conversing. This type of conversation dates back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by 9,000 year old Bhimbetka rock shelters and ancient paintings in India and

Sex, Music and Healing, contd from p. 37 When youre stressed, it makes it hard to open up and warm up to your partner. Thus, reducing stress isnow recognized as a vital foundation of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle program. Listening to relaxing music is one of the easiestand most enjoyable ways to help you shift gears from the stresses of the day into a more romantically receptive mood. With regards to our general health and well-being, relaxation supports our bodys innate ability to heal itself, and nurtures body, mind and spirit. When you shift into the state of relaxation, a whole cascade of healthful neuropeptides and endorphins are released by your brain and ood your body with these feel good hormones. Organs work together in greater harmony. With less interference, less energy is wasted, thus freeing up more energy for loving. When you relax, you breathe slowly and deeply. Its easier to tune in to your partners breathing rhythm, and, literally, as you breathe as one, rapport naturally increases. Blood circulation is also enhanced when you relax. Without taking a pharmaceutical supplement, men will typically notice increased blood ow to the genitals. This has the obvious benet of allowing men to be more comfortable and condentin their state ofarousal. Another benet of relaxation is that the nerve endings on the surface of the skin become highly sensitized. Stroking and caressing each other feels better than when the nerve endings shut down, which they tend to do when assaulted by loud music, especially if the tone quality of the musicis strident and piercing. The combination of these factors makes it easier and more natural for partners to stay present with each other. The rush to orgasm is replaced with the pleasures of the journey. And when youre ready for orgasm, youll nd that theres a bigger energetic releasethan from a rushed quickie. You both bask in the afterglow of a truly harmonious blending of energies. Choosing the right music creates sacred space automatically. Thats why many Tantra and conscious lovinginstructors include music in their teachings. Youll want to assemble your own soundtracks. Back in the day, making a mix tape for you and your lover to enjoy was a big deal. Now its easier than ever. As a music producer who began my career when vinyl LP albums were the state of the art, I chose to maintain the mood throughout an entire album. Although some record reviewers might have preferred more variety, my target audience wanted to stay in the groove. Thats why my albums,like Chakra Suite, Relaxation Suite, Music for Loversand Deja-Blues continue to be timeless soundtracks that always create the right mood for love. Visit to hear samples and read other articles on sound healing.

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Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Cindy Nevills
Cancer is such a scary word. Its sickening! Its ugly to the core! It weakens you! It challenges your mortality! And thats just the word itself.
That was two years ago. I decided not to take the standard treatment approach  The Hippocrates lifestyle isnt just for and instead do what those who are ghting diseaseits God wanted me to do. I spent three weeks also for those health-seeking individuals at Hippocrates learnwho understand the importance of ing how to ght this protecting their bodies from disease disease with what in the rst place. I ate, drank and thought. I learned incredible amounts of life saving know the conversation very well. information every minute of every Im very sorry. The scans show that day for my entire visit. there is now metastatic disease in My healing involved me building my the liver and lung. We now have to hit immune system to levels that are off this head on. I have a systemic treatthe charts rather than depleting it with ment that might slow this down. Surintensive chemotherapy. I was told by gery is no longer an option. Those are Dr. Brian Clement, the director of HHI, the words I heard on January 29, 2010. I was already diagnosed as a Stage IV that it could take up to two years to see results from this healing lifestyle. Mine, cancer patient at the time and knew however, started showing immediately. so well what those words meant. My medical doctors were very conI would be blasted with a chemo fused and surprised when they saw my treatment that most melanoma rst CT scan only two weeks after my patients dont survive. stay at Hippocrates. The results of that I took a deep breath and knew this appointment, conveyed by my docwas the time to ask the Lord what I tor, were, I dont feel like treatment is should do. I knew God was my only necessary at this time; keep doing what hope. I prayed some very intense youre doing. prayers. I had already lost hope in my I continued the Hippocrates lifestyle bodys ability to heal since I had been and saw each scan result over the past battling this disease for over ve years. two years getting better and better. Im My prayers were answered. I was led sitting here reecting on my latest scan to Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI). on January 31, 2012, showing almost no That is when I found out there was detectable disease. I am on the verge of more to healing than I ever imagined. being cancer free. My doctor now says keep doing what your doing and keep eating what youre eating. Some people call it a miracle. I dont. Its really quite simple. Fill your body with highly nutritional, cancer-ghting foods and juices, and your body knows what to do. God gave us our bodies; he did not give us cancer. So its time to ght this disease the way God intended. Im feeling better than I have ever felt. I even have proof; I just nished my seventh half marathon in the last few years with my personal best time of 2:04. Ive already signed up for my next half marathon, number eight. Two years ago I weighed 35 pounds more than I weigh now. I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure; I was always tired and depressed; I had no hope. I kept searching for any twinkle of hope, and I found it. I now have a positive outlook on everything I do in this life. My weight, cholesterol and blood pressure are all in check. My new lifes mission is to reach out to those who are battling health challenges, both serious and minor, as well as those who have had a health challenge in the past. I want them to know there are options. I know that God is in charge of our destiny. I guess he just wasnt nished with me here on earth yet.

Killing Stage IV Cancer

The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality, contd from p. 15 This may sound mystical, but it is more practical than one may think. Picture arriving home after a hard day at work to a candlelit abode with rose petals leading you to your room and your sensual mate. As you can see, rituals can create psychological and physical heightening of desire. It actually seems to transcend the physical, raising intercourse to a sacred place. This is not by chance, since the ultimate purpose of partnering is to connect with the totality of the universe. Orgasms can actually be separate from ejaculations. Ejaculation is a glandular reex where orgasms, on the other hand, is emotional, energetic reexes. With focus and control, you can prolong and expand the pleasure and purity of intercourse.

KEY SEVEN: Prolong your sexuality. One of our happiest ndings were couples married for 60 years and more who are still making love. When speaking to them, a certain theme always seems to present itself. Ones state of mind and continual sexual indulgence will forge a long sex life. There are many common myths about aging and sexuality. One of the most absurd is that women do not share the same sexual desire as men. By knowing that womens bodies do not sexually peak until their 30s and 40s, it is clear that they would be likely to have sexual desire into their 70s, 80s and 90s. A man sexually peaks before he is 20. One of the other enduring myths is that you cannot be sexy when you get older. How many actors and actresses do you still have an attraction to who are well beyond 60? How one carries themselves and perceives their own sexual vitality is more important than the number of wrinkles they have.

Another perk to maintaining your sex drive is that sexual expression lengthens life span. We hope that we have stimulated thought and circulated new ideas in your imagination. The Seven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality, the Hippocrates Health Institutes guide to Sex, Health and Happiness is our contribution to peoples health, joy, and liberation. It is time that we grow beyond the stigmatized connes of the last generation. We are not discussing sexual liberation, but sexual normalization. Nature and God, if you will, partnered in the process of perpetuation by giving us an instinctual drive, free will and a body that has the ability to reproduce. We should gain a new respect for these gifts and begin to utilize them in a fruitful, sane and conscious way. Until each of us addresses and resolves our personal issues surrounding intimacy, we will never gain the level of health that we deserve.


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Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Ann Wigmore, contd from p. 13 She was adamant that there is no excuse for a person to be unhealthy or need a doctor, that everyone should be their own doctor. I always thought that it was revealing how simple and easy she made it all seem. Many wonderful souls were guided into her lifestyle. However, she only attracted those whose lives were ethically congruent with her own goals of service and comfort. Everyone was deeply touched by her wisdom, energy and love for all life. Indeed, all the great teachers that have followed her and have continued to share her message have had a dramatic, worldwide healing effect in the detoxication, health and optimum nutrient realm. I remember seeing an article in The Boston Globe Parade Section about the world famous model Twiggy and the cleansing detox program she was experiencing with Dr. Ann. Soon after that, I went and stayed with Ann for three weeks and basically experienced a revelation of my own. I could see the amazing work she was already doing alone and knew she could use some help. At that time, I had an extremely successful computer consultant and system development career and was now being called to service, nature and a deeper understanding of the inner self. So, goodbye Harvard, Smithsonian, MIT, The Apollo Project and other high prole jobs. I just left it all behind. When Dr. Ann offered me a place to stay at her farm, it was an offer I could not refuse. It was then that I took a vow of Service, Charity and Chastity and to make myself available to her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was no Master Plan, no specic guidebook for healing, cleansing and detoxing; it just slowly evolved. Initially, the diet at Rising Sun Christianity in Boston was vegetarian, which transitioned into vegan. Then, as a result of many inuences

and positive, successful experiences, we noticed ourselves and our clients eating only living foods. Then the permanent diet of raw, life-giving foods was incorporated. My research expanded tremendously as I spent a great deal of academic time at Harvard Medical Library. I yearned to create a bridge between what we had been experiencing in regards to health and healing and what was known in the medical and nutritional research community. The many years and thousands of hours of research are what gave birth to my book, Survival in the 21st Century ( It was the template for the holistic model we had created. In the early years I discovered many new and delicious living foods. Blessings such as buckwheat lettuce, sunower and pea greens, as well as ferments like raw kraut and seed cheeses. All creatednew avors, textures and nutrients in the sprout and live food oriented diet. Ann always experienced great joy in tasting and creating the new living food recipes we discovered. She loved the passion of our new era of growing interest in the raw lifestyle, with fantastic new recipes coming out every day! Ann was a prophet and knew her mission would manifest. Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement are the brilliant minds that formalized Anns live food system and took Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) and the entire global living foods community to the next level. Under their leadership, dedicated hard work and organizational focus, Hippocrates has been rated the Worlds #1 Health and Healing Spa. HHI continues to grow and expand constantly. Their passionate drive to carry out Anns message is unparalleled. With their global networking and breakthrough technologies, they have created what could be considered the rejuvenation center of the future. I am always amazed at what Brian and Anna Maria have accom-

plished and hold eternal gratitude for them, as would Ann. No one has created more raw food chefs in the world than Cherie Soria. By 1992 she had already been teaching vegetarian culinary arts for 20 years. She became very intriguedwhen she discovered Dr. Anns books. Cherie Soria: The amazing results she achieved using wheat grass and raw food to help reverse cancer and other terminal illnesses guided me to study with Dr. Ann Wigmore. I had no intention of trading my cooked vegan diet for a raw food diet, but after witnessing the amazing healings that transpired, I came home a true believer in the power of the live food lifestyle and immediately began creating all the gourmet, raw vegan recipes I could. Dr. Ann loved the dishes I was inspired to create. She told me that I would be a beacon of light for her teachings. She suggested that I go out and share my delicious meals with the world. Later, it was my friendship with Viktoras Kulvinskas that truly motivated me to start Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Viktoras was adamant that this style of cuisine I had created should be taught to the top chefs in the world. One of Anns close students, Dr. Flora Van Orden met her in the early 1970s. In her view, she saw Dr. Ann as a female Einstein and fondly remembers how Ann was a perfectionist and a hard task driver. Dr. Flora Van Orden: Ann never wanted any details left out so there would be no reason for anyone to blame the program for not working, simply because the proper advice, directions or guidance was not given. She always wanted people to really understand. She always strived to have peoples lives change permanently, so that one would eternally appreciate all the benets her simple yet disciplined program offered.

Join us in Lithuania September 23, 2012 for The Ann Wigmore Memorial Commemoration
Event highlights:  Unveiling of the Ann Wigmore monument/sculpture at Kruopiu Village Park in Akmene Region  Living food, family fun and health-oriented vendors
Another of Anns dearly loved students is Karyn Calabrese (, whom she affectionately called one of her human angels. At age 65, living on a plant-based diet for 43 years, Karyns beauty and vitality shines forth and people think she is in her 40s. A radiant testament to the spiritual seeds Ann provided and dispensed. At present Karyn is an entrepreneur and the owner of the longest standing raw food restaurant in the country (Karyns Fresh Corner). She also runs a thriving, vegan health and wellness company in the city of Chicago. Karyn has done so well, that aside from appearing on the Oprah Show twice with Dr. Anns Living Food message, she continues to spread the message to this day, appearing on various TV spots. One of her best memories is when Dr. Ann came to her home and made energy soup in her kitchen with weeds that she brought with her! Karyn Calabrese: Everything I do today: my restaurant, my classes, my book, the thousands of people I am able to help year in and year out is because of Dr. Anns teachings. She has given us a formula to maintain life and vitality! Ann left an inuence that presently, a generation later, is becoming an undeniable trend. There is a tidal wave of desire for true health, a desire to be the manifestation of the whole.

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Sustainability Tantric Chakra Harp, Cosmic Enlightenment and Healing Touch, Hugassage and Quantum Genetics, Essene tradition and The Vedas in the New Millennium Yoga Techniques The Human Energy Matrix We will cover the Science Enzymology, Re-Alkalizing, of Physical Immortality, as well as how the body Re-Oxygenating and adapts to stress by way Re-Mineralizing of degenerative diseases Soul Travel, Eternal Now and how to overcome it and Blissology Surng

Learn about: The Treasures of Fasting, Detoxing and Rebuilding your Astral Body Wheatgrass gardening, Sprouting, Fermentation and Dehydration Workshops Divine Nutrition simplied for: Energy, Libido, Beauty and Intelligence And much, much more

The Natural Healing Power of the Sun, contd from p. 32 This enhances blood ow to peripheral vessels, enriching vital oxygen delivery to organs, joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from an injury and heal from wounds. Our bodys absorption increases as we receive the most benet from nutrition, nutraceuticals, other supplements and in many cases, medications. All of which may be essential for good health. On Immune System Far Infrared heat creates an Articial Fever. A fever is one of the bodys most powerful frontline

defenses against viruses, infection and disease. Raising your core temperature, also known as hyperthermia, diminishes the advancement of infection, virus and bacteria growth because most viruses and bacteria cannot thrive above 102 F. As effective as a fever is in curtailing growth, it also super-energizes our bodys natural killer cells or lymphocytes, the active aggressive immune response team within our bodies. Most of this activity occurs when your core temperature is at 102 F or higher. A fever can also be articially induced in patients who are unable to mount a natural fever response by incorporating the deep penetrating heat generated from far infrared rays (FIR) or frequency therapy. Many advancements in cancer treatments also

incorporate hyperthermia because we are nding out that many cancers act like viruses in our bodies and cannot thrive in high temperature environments. Summary In sum, far infrared heat is safe and can benet all of us in one way or another. It raises our bodys core temperature, inducing an articial fever that helps us naturally detoxify. It supports our immune system and improves our bodys ability to absorb essential nutrition, ease pain and relieve inammation. Most of all, far infrared heat is all natural, we cannot get too much of it and it sets the stage for our body to heal naturally on its own.

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The Sexuality of Dancing, contd from p. 46 This inner condence and enjoyment translates into sensuality, that ability to gain pleasure through the senses. When your mind is receptive to this physical pleasure, it can translate it into sensual movements, which can be expressed and evidenced through dance. Eroticism, or sexual excitement, is an internal experience that is cultivated from within to become as expressive, easy-to-understand language of dance movement that has been part of mating rituals throughout time. Dancing is truly a magnicent celebration of eroticism. It is a veiled technique of sexual expression, eliciting excitement and attraction from the opposite sex. The dance historian Curt Sachs said, Every dance is and gives ecstasy. Dancing and sexuality become metaphors for eventual climax and ecstasy. Journalist Saneesh Michael says that Sexuality can never really be extricated from dance, since the sex act itself may be considered as the ultimate form of dance. Dancing and sexuality bring awareness of the innate pleasure of being alive and provide us with an avenue through which to express this pleasure. The dance of sexuality is truly an outward expression of an inward experience that, once embarked on, leaves us engaged, empowered and so sexy.

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The Scent of a Woman, contd from p. 40 There is no money to be made if a woman feels good about herself, condent in her looks and bearing and sure in her spirit and soul. It is important to remember that Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein do not have your best interests at heart. They are here to make money, nothing more. The advent of consumerism began with the creation of false needs, and then the design of products to ll them. Humans have always adorned and transformed their bodies. From the lip plates worn by African tribeswomen to the poisonous make-up made with various colors of lead from the time of Cleopatra. But underneath it all, there is no way to not be who you are. And eventually, possibly to your chagrin, your signicant other will nd out. My advice: go unscented before the wedding, and save yourself some time and heartache. Sexuality Is Spirituality, contd from p. 41 Not the First Time Without a doubt the most remarkable to date, it wasnt the rst time I had experienced this blinders-busting sensation and exposure to a much bigger, undened but highly rened vantage point. A few months earlier, in the spring, I was hiking up my neighborhood trail to Aliso Peak, a pretty regular occurrence. Its a break that brings out a spiritual appreciation, reminding me that my church is communion with nature. At about that time, I was enjoying the idea that God is within me, i.e., that paradise is within, which I now realize was a pleasing but fairly egocentric concept. I looked up from the rocky trail and noticed the scrub oak, the sticky berries of the wild lemon bush, the coastal black sage, the dots of butterscotch-colored monkey owers and then the big Pacic blue all around me, and realized I was within God, part of a bigger fabric that held a level of integrity I was yet to fathom. And Not the Last Up to now, right or wrong, I had accepted the idea that life was going to be just the way it wasme, myself and I. I was 57, a single mom, far from

Secret Place of the Soul, contd from p. 43 I am grateful for my incredibly wise and gentle Uncle Antony Chatham for bringing ashes to elegance and aligning the very essence of who I am. He held my hand in that secret place and helped me give ight to my soul. And I am especially grateful for the Mama and Papa of the Hippocrates family, Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement. They did exactly what they said they would at that Save Your Life Meeting. They were loving parents who gave a child roots and wings for her journey. My legs have found solid ground. My voice has found its chord. My wings have unfolded and I clearly see my path. This happened because they cared. I feel connected, important, liberated and loved. Not just because they said so, but because they said so until I believed them. Now this child is ready to soar! I wanted to go. So I let my frumpy writing-mom clothes fall to the oor and jumped into the shower, hoping the cleansing effect of warm water cascading like quicksilver over my skin might revive me. I dried off, slipped on my red satin pants and black, form-tting tunic, messed up my short, dark hair and put on some big hoop earrings. Now it was gettin funky, the way I like it, a little bling-bling glam meets Betty Boop ready to rock-n-roll. I walked up the wooden stairs to the main stage where the Missiles were ring full-bore; the crowd knew each song by heart. I started moving to the rolling rhythms. This is what I needed. The people in front of me were passing a joint, right out in public, blatantly. And laughing like it was suddenly legal. One of them dropped the doobie and they all started scrambling for it on hands and knees as it rolled over the rough wood beams. A woman grabbed it just before it slipped down a crack and into oblivion, and the people watching started to cheer. The Laguna Beach surreality show was all pretty entertaining. Even though I didnt imbibe, I danced a little groovier. I felt a tap on my

nancially set but making it work somehow as a freelance journalist, determined to stay healthy and t (still looked pretty good in a tankini). I felt almost invisible from doing so many things by myself over the years; I gured thats just how it was going to be, so I might as well relax and accept it. My mantra had become Everything is perfect, perfect, perfect. Everything is perfect just the way it is. And it helped, a little (until Id get a picture in my head of the South Park tweeners laughing their boo-tays off at me and then scrambling in all directions). I was alone again tonight. A summer art festival was opening in the canyon. It was a big night for locals only, who would be milling about in the midst of warm ocean breezes and the connubial scents of fresh cedar chips and spilled red wine. Lucky for locals, the Missiles of October, a stellar rock band of slowly aged and experienced musicians, got stuck in a smaller pond and were once again sending their funkied beat into the starry sky. My senses were yearning for the delights of a fantasyland I had fallen in love with 30 years ago in a canyon once affectionately christened Woodstock West.

shoulder and looked over. We could be doing this together, you know, he said. Head of straight white hair sprayed into place; rectangular glasses, a crisp summer suit and striped tie that stood out in a crowd of Rainbow-footed sand dabs; a friendly enough face and smile but denitely not my type. I said, Okay. And we started the dance. His name was Kyle, he was an attorney and had just moved from the suburbs of northern California. We became friends and he became a full-edged vegan instead of the shy one he had professed that night. He started making green smoothies for breakfast packed with veggies he grew in pots on his patio. Not bad for a newbie. I was meeting Kyle after a raw food potluck in Dana Point, bringing containers of left-over goodies and chocolate-hemp mylk. He was recuperating from a delicate medical procedure. When he walked up to greet me on this sun-drenched Sunday afternoon, he looked different, condent, more relaxed, his hair untethered, the sleeves of his baggy T-shirt pushed up, his feet free in ip-ops. And really attractive. After he ate the live-food offering with gastronomic appreciation, he wanted to drive down to the harbor for a sunset walk. So we did. On two occasions, completely unexpectedly, he took my face in his hands and planted a big smooch on my mouth. Okay, I thought, part of the anesthesia wearing off. And it was pleasant enough, but not earth-shaking. Whatever had ignited in me that night in the Santa Barbara Mountains would no longer be denied. My eyes rolled back with my head, my knees buckled, one after the other, and I nearly lost my balance and my consciousness right there on the asphalt, a dithering puddle of love. I dont think he noticed. Looking out at the bobbing boat lights and trying to get my land legs back under me, I turned to look at him directly and asked a little too formally, What is your intention for this relationship? He stretched his arms behind his head, took a deep breath and leaned toward me. Ive had a huge crush on you. My thought? Oh, dear. He told me that in the hospital, he was scared and started praying. The message he got came loud and clear: Move in Ritas direction. He kissed me again and this time I felt parts of my body I never knew existed, at least not like that. Juicy, soft, full and open, softly glowing like a Himalayan salt lamp. The lotus of love unfolding in all its glory. How corny was that? Satire aside, now I was experiencing all that delightful headedness for real. contd on p. 61

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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Rain: Heaven & Earth Making Love, contd from p. 31 The importance of kegel exercises for men and women are essential, in moderation. Kegel exercises should be performed in sets of three, up to thirty repetitions, no more than ninety. You can draw up your perineum towards the Dantien, upon exhalation and after the last contraction hold for 30 seconds, just on the last repetition. Please work your way up slowly. Wheatgrass juice implants are also healthy for maintaining the health of the prostate. These practices will lead to increased energy and vitality using sexual energy to improve our health and overall well being. It is important to cultivate your sexual energy and keep your organs healthy and happy by learning how to circulate the energy from your Dantien to the ve major organs. These organs include the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys as well as our brain. It is also important to exercise your prostate gland (for men) or strengthen your vaginal walls and pelvic oor (for women), to experience multiple orgasms and become a better lover. Henry Havelock Ellis wrote that when marriage partners best approach the conjugal mystery as a sacrament, they are subtly weaving the invisible cords that bind husband and wife together, more truly and more rmly than the priest of any church. Sexual union with the right partner, with love, respect and tenderness, can open the way to a new dimension in your life. After all, the Universe and everything in it, including human beings, was created through the union of these same Cosmic forces. A few potent herbs which strengthen our reproductive organs are ginseng, maca, horny goat weed (Yin Yang Huo), Angelica root (Dang Gui) and foods such as asparagus and avocados. Suggested Resources:
The Tao of Sexology, Dr. Stephen T. Chang The Alchemy of Sexual Energy, Mantak Chia The Enlightened Sex Manual, David Dieda

Sex: Something to Chew On, contd from p. 33 There is a little joke I have been sharing at presentations over the last forty-ve years. It refers to the importance of chewing. Most people dont chew thoroughly. They chew each mouthful only three or four times and then they swallow. It is important to chew, especially in the consumption of carbohydrate foods, because there is an enzyme in the saliva called ptyalin (tie-a-lin). It is a form of amylase, the digestive element for starches. If we do not chew well enough, the ptyalin is not released and mixed into the food, and the digestion of carbohydrates cannot continue further in the intestinal tract or among the visceral organs. I tell the audience I have a theory on why people dont chew their food. I think its because they remember hearing as children, that too much mastication can cause blindness. Of course, some people tend to chew less than others and they end up wearing glasses. I nalize this story by sharing that statistically, the more you masticate, the greater the tension release. Everyone over twenty-ve gets the joke; most under twenty-ve dont. Yet, even this may be used as a guide, that chewing not only helps our digestion, it also helps to nurture us, and that is what the game is all about.

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Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving, Charles and Caroline Muir Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, Osho


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

What is Plant-Based Nutrition?, contd from p. 21 Tips for Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet Go slowly enough to make your new diet a norm in your life. Establish connections with outside support. A friend or acquaintance who is already committed to this lifestyle can certainly make the transition easier. There are probably fun, monthly potlucks in your area. You can meet new friends, try a variety of raw, vegan foods and share recipes. is a great resource for nding likeminded acquaintances. Community resources may also be of help. Be sure to get adequate nutrition so that your body does not crave the foods you are leaving behind. Important Foods and Their Benets Green juices made from cucumber, celery, and sprouts such as sunower (complete proteincontains all of the essential amino acids) and sweet clover. To mix things up, try spinach, oregano Sexuality is a Divine Gift, contd from p. 45 Matter and spirit: are they dichotomous? There is no dichotomy between matter and spirit in the Hindu view. Spiritual fulllment of union with the innite can be achieved by pursuing four goals: kama (sexual love), artha (power and material gain), dharma (spiritual duty) and moksha (total liberation). This view seems holistic and balanced because the rst two deal with desire and the last two deal with detachment. This view also indicates that pansexualism is an exaggeration and that total abstinence is unrealistic. As humans we are sexual beings, but we are also spiritual beings. Sex and power (wealth) can enhance us, but we must be free from the attachment

or parsley. Experiment to your liking. All greens are a very important part of any plant-based diet, so enjoy a wide variety of green leafy salads, leafy sprouts or other forms of greens, such as spinach pt. Sea vegetables are an important source of minerals, especially iodine. Try kelp in salad dressings or sprinkled on your food as a seasoning. Dulse, when dried to a crisp texture, makes a great crunchy snack. Blue-green/Green Algae can be taken as a drink or supplement. It has a balanced prole of vitamins and minerals and provides protection against free radicals. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi can be made from cabbage with other vegetables added. Fermented foods contain important digestive enzymes and probiotics which contribute to a healthy intestinal tract. These friendly bacteria keep the body operating at an optimal level. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, except at mealtimes. Allow 30 minutes before and 90 minutes after meals when drinking. Your digestive juices work better undiluted, and your to them to enjoy true and ultimate liberation. Jing enhances Chi Chi, in Chinese tradition, is the lifeforce of the universe and of each individual. Jing, a type of sexual energy, is a powerful force that can help spiritual growth and healing by enhancing the Chi. Union of man and woman, according to The Joining of Essences, an ancient Chinese text, would result in the creation of Jing. A Positive Interpretation If we look at the Christian tradition, we may see an evolution in the understanding of sex from the sexafrming Hebraic culture to Christianitys persistent discomfort with sex and pleasure. We read in the book of Genesis that God asked the humans

body will receive the desired nourishment you require. Focus on getting your diet up to about 80% of live plant food on your plate. When shopping, the cart must also be mostly plant foods. Buy leafy greens, a variety of sprouts, cucumber, celery and red or yellow pepper. Some additional helpful hints: Make a smoothie using a blender or juice using a juicer. There are many interesting un-cook books about raw foods on the market. There are support groups, such as meetup groups, all over the world that can be located on the internet and via notices at local health food stores. While the focus of this article is on the consumption of plant-based foods, it must be noted that human health is not dependent on diet alone. One should additionally focus on mental, physical and spiritual well being. Therefore, important health considerations, beyond diet, include: daily exercise, adequate rest and sleep, attention to positive thoughts and a practice of meditation, prayer or contemplation. The process can and should be fun. Start your journey today; your body will thank you throughout your life! to be fruitful and multiply (1:28) and, God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good (1:31). Both texts indicate that they are sex-afrming. Historically, Christianitys discomfort with sex is attributed to the writings of the third, fourth, and fth century leaders of the Church like St. Gregory of Nyssa, Tertullian, Origen, St. Jerome and St. Augustine. Their personal preferences and philosophical inuences like those of Gnosticism, and monastic asceticism led them to restrict sexual expressions and tolerate sexuality almost as a necessary evil for the obligation of procreation. To cultivate a respectful understanding of our sexuality and a healthy spiritual awareness of it, we must free ourselves from such philosophies and accept our sexuality as a divine giftone that is inherently good and life-enhancing.

Nonsexual Gratification, contd from p. 36 Another perk of sleep? If you have a partner, sleep often means sexual gratication just occurredor is about to upon waking. Another form of gratication I enjoy is exercise. I exercise every single day. Ever hear the term runners high? It has been shown that running, or other intense or sustained exercise, release a ood of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are associated with euphoria and elevated mood, hence the high runners feel. Endorphins aside, I just feel satised after getting a good physical workout. My workouts dont take place in an air-conditioned gym; I am out in nature, doing my everyday work, such as when Im gardening. When I am working up a sweat moving wheelbarrows of compost, I can also feel satised knowing that I just planted some food crops, and in about 45 days I will be partaking in food gratication. One more way I gratify myself is by teaching and sharing what I have learned. One of my mottos in life is to Live in Service. I feel both pleased and satised when I am able to have a positive impact in helping people and making the planet a better place. Its really nice to get feedback from some of the 20,000+ people who subscribe to my videos on YouTube. Its very rewarding to know that I am making a difference in their lives, usually by encouraging them to change their diets and grow their own food. Hopefully you are now aware of some productive methods of NonSexual GREAT Gratication. SELECTION By gratifying yourself in some Juicers of the ways Ive Dehydrators mentioned, you Blenders may nd a sense of well-being and Spiral slicers better health. You, too, can nd joy Reviews Articles Videos in sharing what you have learned (707)581-1701 to make the world

a better place for everyone. If everyone engaged in this self-fullling act, just image what kind of world we would live in today.


Hi ppoc rates He a lt h I n st i t u t e w w w. H i p p o c r at e s I n st i t u t e . o r g

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity



Suppressing Sophia, contd from p. 34 As we get older, we are forced by our cultures institutions to participate in preparing the foods, cutting esh from bone, hooking unsuspecting sh, stabbing meat and learning to harden our hearts to the cries of terried calves and of the starving children, whose grain we use to fatten our livestock. All of us, both male and female, have inherent within us what I refer to in The World Peace Diet as Sophia, the sacred feminine. Sophia, the Greek goddess of wisdom, is the dimension of our awareness that yearns to love, protect, and nurture the life we see around us. If there is one thing in nature that we all know in our bones we should respect and not interfere with, its mothers giving birth, and nursing and protecting their offspring. And yet, with animal agriculture, men have had to repress this natural Sophia wisdom, and abusively violate female cows, sheep, turkeys, and other livestock animals in brutal ways that cause suffering not just to these mothers and their babies, but ironically to the perpetrators as well. Today, as a culture, we routinely repress the sacred feminine dimension of our consciousness as we unnecessarily conne and kill animals for food and steal milk, eggs, and babies from many millions of animal mothers. Our culture indoctrinates us to consume these foods from infancy, and this systemic repression of our innate Sophia wisdom is perhaps the most grievous wound we suffer. It causes untold disharmony in our relationships, especially between the sexes, and also spurs our violence toward the Earth. We have cast our culture out of the garden and into the rat race of competition and consumerism. As we repress the shame of our routine violence toward nature and animals, our resulting hidden low self-esteem drives the prots of corporations that enrich themselves through our craving for gadgets, drugs and entertain-

ment to help distract us from what we know in our hearts, and to gloss over the violence of our meals. But as we question this mentality of domination and choose compassion, healing and peace by eating plant-based meals, we nd our joy rising, our spirit deepening, our mind quickening, our feelings softening, our energy increasing and our creativity ourishing. We are all connected. At the core of virtually all spiritual teachings are two interdependent directives: to love God (i.e., to connect authentically with the transpersonal dimension) and to love our neighbor (i.e., to treat other expressions of life with kindness and respect). In the Buddhist tradition, as but one example, these are considered to be mutually supporting, so the more authentic our meditation experience, the more we become spontaneously compassionate; and the more we practice compassion, the deeper our meditation practice will be able to bring us. At the core of the Buddhist teaching of ethical living is the Five Precepts, which are simply the ve universal taboos that virtually every culture on this planet has honored and required of its members: 1. Do not kill; 2. Do not steal; 3. Do not commit sexual violence or misconduct; 4. Do not deceive; 5. Do not force alcohol or drugs on others. When we act in these violent ways, we not only harm others, we harm ourselves. As we sow, we inevitably reap. In animal agriculture, we routinely break all ve of these precepts against animals used for food. Animals are: 1. mutilated and killed by the billions every year; 2. have their babies stolen from them, as well as their milk, their eggs and their freedom; 3. are sexually abused and forcibly inseminated by the billions every year; 4. are deceived by barbed hooks and dark tunnels ending with electroshocks, stun guns and stabbing blades; 5. are forced to take antibiotics, drugs, hormones and psychotropic pharmaceuticals against their will. This violence lurks in all the animal-derived foods we eat, includ-

ing the humanely-produced meat, dairy, and eggs that are growing in popularity. Sophia, the sacred feminine within us all, is resurrecting everywhere today it seems, and as she does, we are witnessing a rising consciousness of wellness, kindness, interconnectedness and peace. We can each be part of this awakening and experience healing on the deeper levels of our being by questioning our cultures obsolete food dogmas, and partaking of foods given to us from the lovingly tended gardens and orchards of our Earth. Each of us is a seed who can bless ten thousand, and this is not just our potential but our joy. Mindfulness of our food choices is the key to creating not just outer gardens of beauty, sustainability and nourishment, but to nurturing and healing the inner garden of our hearts. It is time for us to discover that choosing plant-based meals is the foundation of spiritual awakening, cultural harmony, radiant health and protecting the future of life on Earththe ten thousands depending on us today. We are all connected.

Sexuality Is Spirituality, contd from p. 55 And it didnt stop. Nor did it always involve physical passion. We even experienced what my daughter later told me was the third-eye kiss while standing on the landing of a beach stairway above the surf. Kyle was leaning back on the railing. I wrapped my arms through his and leaned into his body, resting my forehead on his. With a jolt, my consciousness darted like a UFO out into the Milky Way, hovering amongst the stars in timeless space for who knows how long. When I came back to earth and opened my eyes, he was opening his eyes, too. Nose to nose, he said, What was that? I had no clue. That was many in a long string of what I call sacred sexual experiences that opened my body to heights never anticipated. I had always thought the gushings about the sensations of falling in love were just that, sentimental exaggerations meant to sell songs and mementos. It took me 57 years, and, more directly, eight years on nutrient-rich raw fruits and veggies, to be open enough, vulnerable enough, clean enough to be able to experience this depth of sensual spirituality. Keepin On The relationship ended as strongly as it began. The sh, as well as fear of the worlds nancial future, got the better of him and a shared pesca parasite he was housing put the kabobs on the whole affair. But what Kyle had so generously opened up in me would never leave me. I knew I wanted that and more. On March 27, I celebrated eight years as a raw vegan, ever ne-tuning the quality of what goes in my body and constantly practicing to improve what comes out in thoughts, emotions and words. When I went raw, theres no denying it, cheesy or not, my heart, body and soul opened wide up and the ood gates released. My body became a tuning fork for highly sexual spiritual reception, which is available to us all whether were in an intimate relationship or not. It is, after all, how we were born. Full of hormones and light playful energy, which, to me, is our original sexual natures, our life force. As Blends grains, nuts, avocado pits, ice cubes children, and before we became inclined to give up on spon Make hot soups, sauces, nut butter s, ice cream taneous joy, everything we did lit us up like little light bulbs. Breaks cell walls more phyto-nutrition Fantastically fine smoothies It was sexually (as in life-giving) titillating to our beings. It only made sense to me, then, that when all our internal Blends even better than its tubes are cleared, when the gunk is gone, everything more expensive competitor! gets more connected, more alive, more responsive and we become one body, one mind and one spirit. And, in reality, more selective about with whom we choose to innocently cavort. I have learned to only share intimate sexuality with someone I know well and with whom I am deeply in love and committed to grow and explore ourselves and our lives. Because, in reality, I want to exchange bodily juices and DNA info only with someone I consider remarkable; we all deserve to do that for ourselves, especially if Best bang for your buck! we believe our body is our temple. What I want, ultimately, Order or Questions: is to stay active and attractive for as long as I live, and becoming a high-energy, clear, clean, nontoxic, life-loving vessel is my best guarantee. May the life force be with you.

" One of the most important books of the 21st century." Dr. James Macy  vailable at bookstores or online at A


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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity


Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll & Therapy, contd from p. 42 Because the nervous system is like a battery that discharges with nerve conduction and then needs to recharge at regular intervals, the body cycles between contact and retreat modes to keep proper balance. The mind, active and engaged for hours at a time, also seeks stillness. We depend on sleep to help us to gather strength and reorganize. Babies, whose systems lack sophisticated ltering mechanisms for the raw voltage of experience, must sleep a large portion of the time in order not to become overtaxed. Sleep is vital to the bodys well-being and survival. Why is orgasm so closely linked to sleep and endorphin release? Sexual release and the ensuing sleep it induces serve to help keep high voltage levels of pain buried, so the body can continue functioning without having to deal with awareness of pain. After eons of evolution sex has been wired into usreinforced with blissnot only to reproduce offspring, but as a protection against overload, against pain and, unfortunately, against consciousness. Unconsciousness has great survival value, and thus whatever reinforces it also makes it through the selectivity gates of evolution. The compelling and abiding force of sex rests not just in its ability to carry on our genetic material or in providing a built-in source of pleasure, but because of its painkilling, sleep-inducing properties. This is where sex gets abused. Sex Addiction The endorphin high from orgasm is sought out again and again by the sex addict to keep from feeling pain. Compulsive sexuality means being motivated to engage in sexual activity time and time again in hopes of nding some sort of fulllment, explains Al Cooper, PhD, clinical director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre in San Jose, California.

People treated for compulsive sexual behavior often have difculties with genuine intimacy and use sex as a means of dealing with other problems: loneliness, depression, anxiety or daily stresses. They compulsively use sex as a form of physical and psychological release, Dr. Cooper says. Pornography also serves as a quick x to soothe unexpressed disappointments in real relationships, and is used to self-medicate against feelings of anger, disappointment, boredom or sadness. Such mood altering strategies keep individuals from developing healthier ways of managing emotions, and keep them emotionally immature. I personally and professionally have come to believe that beyond just the category of compulsive sex, what our culture considers a normal sex drive, is more addictive and paindriven than wed like to admit. Childhood Sexual Abuse More than any other sexual experience, childhood sexual abuse sets in dysfunctional patterns which hugely inuence ones sexuality for life, often freezing into space and time the childs confusion about pleasure (feeling good is bad), embodiment (to survive I must leave my body), gender (bad things happen because I have breasts). Where the body played such a central role in the early trauma, a focus on bodily-reality in the healing emerges as paramount. To think intellectual insight or understanding alone can heal sexual trauma, without accessing the bodys response, is delusional. Sexualizing Non-Sexual Experiences Sexual feelings often get linked to other feelings and issues. What are often perceived as sexual issues are not sexual at all, but simply represent the sexualization of deeper pain or unmet needs that are emerging. A woman, for whom sexual intercourse with her husband was painful, nally

opened up a Pandoras Box of feeling when she admitted to feeling used, unloved and unappreciated in her marriage. Her honesty initially led to massive discomfort, but eventually opened a deepening of communication with her husband and a reconnection at a feeling level. Enjoyable sex followed naturally. Sex as Microcosm Sexuality has been referred to as a microcosm of our relationship life and cannot be treated as separate. Although sex therapy can correct mechanical sexual dysfunction, it does not necessarily address, or even claim to address, the bigger picture of feeling. Conversely, addressing the big picture of feeling, and integrating repressed pain, often translates directly into sexual healing. Arthur Janov (the creator of primal therapy, a treatment for mental illness that involves repeatedly descending into, feeling, and expressing long-repressed childhood pain) reported that many of his patients had greatly reduced sex drives after primal therapy, along with a deeper experience and appreciation of sexual enjoyment. A signicant number of his patients reported the erasure of premature ejaculation, frigidity, sexual anhedonia (lack of sexual pleasure, even during orgasm) and some even reported a reversal of homosexuality. Thats how intimately deep feelings and sexuality get interwoven. My commitment as a therapist is to help unravel the threads that strangle the free-ow of natural health, and help reweave them into a reality that is livable, workable and in alignment with the true destiny of the client. Lust is a many-splendored thing. When it twists into inner and outer misuse and abuse, it cries out to be healed. Our yearnings for closeness and true intimacy beg us to do the inner work to have the happy life and balanced sex life we deserve.

Is Obesity the New Smoking?, contd from p. 27 We dont have to wait for more evidence to pile up linking obesity to cancer. By being more active and eating a healthy diet containing as much raw vegetables as possible, along with a modest amount of fresh, ripe fruit, North Americansand people everywherecan reverse the obesity trend and lower their risk of contracting many types of cancer. For more information about the research ndings of Professor Holly and Vuk Stambolic, simply conduct an internet search for their names. References:, Obesity in North America SCIENCE Volume 335, Unraveling the Obesity-Cancer Connection AICR ScienceNow Volume 16, The Obesity-Cancer Link

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Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Human Sexual ity



Can Raw & Living Food Put You In the Mood?, contd from p. 38 Some particular foods have a heightened effect on your libido. There iscenturies of literature about the aphrodisiac properties of certain foods. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire. There are certainly foods for which the argument of their aphrodisiac power can be made soundly. As one example, takefenugreek. This sprouted seed is one of the staples of the Hippocrates buffet. Many lovers enjoy the sweet, spicy aroma of sprouted fenugreek that sweetens the breath and exudes from the pores of fenugreek eaters. Fenugreek is one of the oldest recorded medicinal and aphrodisiac herbs and is regarded as a treatment for just about every ailment known to man. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used the aromatic seeds extensively. It was a staple in the diet of concubines, who used the herb to increase the size and roundness of their breasts. Fenugreek is also said to have benecial effect on the kidneys. It helps to detoxify the body of impurities and strengthen the kidneys, and anything that nourishes the kidneys contributes to an active sex life. Steroidal saponin diosgenin, choline and trimethylamine (a sex hormone in frogs) are found in fenugreek. Diosgenin is an important precursor for the synthesis of a number of sex hormones and also exhibits estrogenic effects. Fenugreek is packed with nutrition. Fenugreek is 3036% protein and loaded with all the essential amino acids. It offers more than 25 different vitamins, essential oils and over 10 essential micro-minerals including zinc. Zinc is lost in ejaculate, so foods rich in zinc are helpful for the sexually active male. At Hippocrates we eat our fenugreek sprouted. Sprouting means bringing the seed to life by germinating it. Germinated seeds supply predigested nutrients. Predigestion means there is a profound increase in the nutritional and energetic potential of the seed, nut, grain or grass. Foods that are living when you eat them supply an essential energy that contributes to vitality. So, by eating raw living (germinated) seeds, nuts and grains, the life-force nutrient load of the food is maximized. It may sound like fenugreek is the strongest aphrodisiac of the living raw food diet, but it is not; it was only cited here as an example. Asparagus, bananas, avocados, horny goat weed, saffron, garlic and many more foods have centuries of aphrodisiac fame. Certainly the sprouts, ferments, seaweeds and chlorophyll-rich foods in the raw and living foods diet are supportive to your whole body, which includes your sex system. Your sexuality is connected to your nutrition and a healthy sexual attitude is an important part of a long life. Whatever your goals may be for increasing sexual energy, enjoying a healthy sex life or increased sensuality, or maximizing blood ow or spiritual awareness, evidence shows that some raw and living foods can certainly put you in the mood.

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