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lug-ln[8lk71 offers Lhe usage of a coworklng space for early sLage sLarL-ups LhaL
are sLlll valldaLlng Lhelr buslness model. Shared or personal desks are provlded.
Shared desks are for sLarL-ups LhaL don'L requlre work desks around Lhe week whlle
regular desks for Lhose who wlll be worklng aL Lhe space regularly. 8enewal of Lhe
coworklng space / sLarLup hoLdesk lease ls dependenL on Lhe progress and case-by-
case need of Lhe sLarLup.

We embrace an open worklng concepL, where enLrepreneures dlscuss and dlssecL
ldeas freely because we belleve such exchanges wlll generaLe valuable feedback Lo
Lhe lndlvldual buL also Lhe sLarLup communlLy.

We house a dlverse group of people. 8anglng from young graduaLes Lo lndusLry
veLerans, sLarLups Lo lnsLlLuLlonal lnvesLors, we see a healLhy dlverslLy wlLhln our
communlLy. WlLh over 20 naLlonallLles represenLed, you can recelve a culLural
educaLlon beyond Lhe conflnes of naLlonal borders.

lrllls? 24 hour access because we know sLarL-ups operaLe on Lhelr own Llme. lree
lnLerneL, endless coffee, rows of lockers for sLorage as well as prlnLlng faclllLles
(8&W lnk ls free, buL paper ls 8?C8).

8esL of lL all - We hosL regular workshops, hackaLhons, meeLups, plLchlng sesslons
and more! Spend less Llme Lravellng and more Llme bulldlng your world-changlng

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lug-ln[8lk71 brlngs LogeLher one of Lhe 6$%/10# ()661(#-). )> 0#$%#&'
1.#%1'%1.1&%03-' 171.#0 ln Slngapore. We have evenLs such as Lhe 8uby meeLup,
yLhon meeLup, Packers & alnLers meeLup, lCS uev ScouL meeLup, 8rlan Chesky
llreslde ChaL, CrowLh Packlng Lalks and more. !oln our acLlvlLles and be connecLed
Lo a communlLy of llke-mlnded lndlvlduals!

?) >-.2 )&# @)%1A Check ouL our calendar below or slmply reglsLer wlLh us
(hLLp:// Lo recelve weekly updaLes on Lhe upcomlng

B)% 171.# )%/$.-01%0A 1o hold an evenL aL lug-ln[8lk71, please send ln a requesL.
AppllcaLlon should reach us $# 61$0# C +11,0 before Lhe daLe of Lhe evenL. lease
noLe LhaL only evenLs LhaL are enLrepreneurlal-relaLed and beneflclal Lo Lhe sLarLup
communlLy wlll be supporLed.

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Plug-In@Blk71 is a startup co-working space, events space and entrepreneur
community, which is a joint initiative by NUS Enterprise, MDA and Singtel Innov8
for the purpose of creating a collaborative and synergistic community. Managed by
NUS Enterprise, Plug-In@Blk71 serves as a common platform where different
stakeholders in a business venture can meet and be connected together to help
accelerate the growth of young startups and budding ideas.
Besides offering space to conduct events and hot desks for entrepreneurs to test bed
and work on their ideas, the founding bodies aim to bring 4 elements into this
community: institutions, industry experts, funding bodies as well as government - all
to bridge the gap and close the loop in establishing successful start-ups.
To translate this grand vision into actionable steps, NUS Enterprise has put together
business clinics, networking sessions, VC pitching sessions, and industrial-sharing
seminars to be held within Plug-In@Blk71, through which, the community will be
exposed to a holistic support network where dots can be connected.
So whether you are an individual with ideas, a software engineer, an industry expert
or a venture capitalist, we welcome you to plug into this community! Join us!