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A Response from a Connecticut Resident to the jhaines6 Blog Article: Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents refuse to register guns under new law A Reader Comment Posted on February 17, 2014 @ jhaines6.word ress.!om. A reader, ", who #i$es in Conne!ti!ut, res onds to the %o##owin& arti!#e and &i$es us a %resh $iew oint, whi!h the ress has %ai#ed to re$ea# !on!ernin& &un !ontro# and 'andy (oo), as we##* +ens o% thousands o% Conne!ti!ut residents re%use to re&ister &uns under new #aw ,y than)s to her~J == == == == As a Connecticut resident in one of the neighboring towns living less than 5 miles from the scene, I can assure you no one has believed the story from day one. nly those fol!s who moved into the area from elsewhere are easily fooled. "veryone !nows a school teacher or #st res$onder, all of whom find themselves under heavy constant monitoring and intimidation to this day. nly a few months ago, %ewtown $olice were forbidden from attending a national law enforcement conference because of the ris! they might tal! to $iers from elsewhere. &his scandal made all our local $ress, but was absent from the mainstream. If you go bac! and loo! at the tweet stream, ' local re$orters were on the scene ( one from &he )artford Courant and one from the %ewtown *ee. &heir accounts of the situation are much different than what was re$orted once the media circus arrived to +$oison the well,. Additionally ' re$orters were arrested in the woods while trying to access the scene ( they both had to $ost -'.,... bail because they weren,t content remaining in the official $ress corral a mile away and out of line of site. In the days following, as +shrin!s, from all over the country floc!ed to %ewtown to +lend su$$ort/ to the masses of +tourists, who showed u$ to share their collective grief ( you couldn,t get near gun sho$s. 0any real Connecticut residents were s$ending their time waiting on 1 hour long lines 2ust to get to the em$ty shelves in the states largest retailers. C& has never been the liberal state the establishment would want you to believe. 0ost residents are Inde$endent thin!ers who don,t feel comfortable acce$ting the ready3made $latforms offered by ma2or $olitical $arties ( instead choosing to $ic! their own issues 4i.e. many 5e$ublicans o$$ose 60 s, frac!ing and the 7atriot Act8. At the time, a )artford Courant $oll revealed that over 9.: of state residents 77 ;"< any new gun control legislation in the state ( they did it anyway. A%< the $ublic was barred from attending the *iden=0ur$hy conference > circus held on ta?3$ayer funded $ro$erty for the world to watch to add further insult to the issue. C& was targeted for a reason. It has one of the highest $er ca$ita ran!s for $rivate automatic wea$ons ownershi$ in the country ( I believe higher than even &e?as. &he liberal facists don,t li!e that statistic very much. Challenges to the state legislature this year find 5e$ublicans and <emocrats running against their own $arty members strictly on the gun control issue and they,re $olling well@ *ut you won,t find any of that on the 0;0. f course it is also widely !nown that our voting machines are rigged, so let,s ho$e ground3swell for the return to $a$er ballots will $ic! u$ in the ne?t few months./ == == == ==

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