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To install the save files; 1. Open My Documents, 2. Create a file called 'The Witcher' !

ithout "uotes, of course# and create a su$%folder inside it called 'saves' &. 'lace The Witcher 1 save file inside the 'saves' folder (. )aunch The Witcher 2 and create a ne! *ame +. ,elect '-mportan ,ave .ile .rom The Witcher 1' /. -f you follo!ed these steps the *ame should find the file automatically, all you need to do is clic0 it and then select a difficulty level 1. 2n3oy4

Massive Spoilers Below
The Witcher I List of Decisions Made NOTE 5eralt is currently !earin* the 6eutral version of 7aven8s 9rmor and has the Maha0aman 7une ,ihill as !ell as the Moon$lade e"uipped; ho!ever, he does not have 9rd89enye as the 5rand Master8s :lade is no lon*er availa$le !ithout cheatin*, and as my *oal !as to complete the entire *ame le*itimately - did not !ish to do so. 9lthou*h, to $e honest, 9rd89enye isn8t all that much $etter than the Maha0aman 7une ,ihill !hen imported into The Witcher 2 as it lac0s the ;2< Chance of -nstant =ill as !ell as lac0in* soc0ets Maha0aman 7une ,ihill has three#. !ROLOG"E > Chose to ,ave the )a$oratory !ith Triss #$A!TER I > ,afely 2scorted ?esna > @elped Aoltan a*ainst the 7acists > 7efused to hand over @aren :ro**'s *oods to the ,coia'tael > ,aved =al0stein from the ,alamandra :andits on the $rid*e to ?iBima > Chose the )esser 2vil and saved 9$i*ail from the 7everend's Mo$

#$A!TER II > .ou*ht a*ainst the coc0atrice !ith ,ei*fried > Did not sell out Coleman to the -nn0eeper > =illed the Canni$al in the ,!amps > ,uccessfully deduced that 7aymond had $een 0illed and 9Bar Caved had ta0en his place. 9s such, the autopsy !as conveniently $otched and thus after!ards pretended to 0ill 7amsmeat > 7efused to lead $oth the 2lves and the Order into $attle in the ,!amps

#$A!TER III > ,ent 9lvin to Triss and *ave her a 5olden 7u$y 7in* > ,aved Thaler from Count de Wett and the Order of the .lamin* 7ose > ,pared ?incent the Were!olf and cured his lycanthropy disease > ,ided !ith the ,coia'tael durin* the 7o$$ery at ?ivaldi8s :an0 #$A!TER I% > 7eached a compromise $et!een the ?illa*ers and the ?odyanoi > ,uccesfully set 9lina to rest via Dandelion's 'oem > ,uccesfully set Celina to rest via the Wreath of -mmortelles > ,pared :eren*ar's life > 7emained 6eutral and fled !ith Dandelion durin* the Order's attac0 on the elves in Mur0ey Waters #$A!TER % > ,aved 'rincess 9dda and once a*ain $ro0e the ,tri*a's curse > =illed 9Bar Caved !ith the help of :eren*ar E!ILOG"E > ,pared Daevinn $ut 0illed ,ei*fried > ,pared the tal0in* *houl, ?etala > 7efused to let the =in* of the Wild @unt claim the soul of Cac"ues de 9lders$e*


> Completed 2ntire 5ame $y level &E > Mastered the Witcher's ,teel F ,ilver ,!ord%,tyles $ut never pro*ressed the Witcher's ,i*n past the second copper sta*e GMaH )evel 2 Copper ,ta*e on all ,i*nsI > 7omanced Triss G5ave her a 5olden 7u$y 7in* and $oned her t!iceI > .or*ed 7aven's 6eutral 9rmor G-mports into The Witcher --I > Completed every Witcher's Contract from the 6otice :oards > Completed every "uest pertainin* to .ist .i*hts > Completed every "uest pertainin* to 'o0er Dice > Completed every side%"uest > Collected every ,eH Card G2Hcludin* Torouviel and White 7ayla due to 6eutral 'ath, $ut *ot the T!o 6urses into $edI > Collected every Trophy and received the ,ilver ,!ord 'Moon$lade' G-mports into The Witcher --I > Collected every set of teeth for the dentist and received the ,teel ,!ord 'Maha0aman 7une ,ihill' G-mports into The Witcher --I