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ESSAY By: Jos Ordoez


The manager in the XXI century must develop certain knowledge and skills within the company, enabling it to achieve extraordinary results that satisfy society and its organization, which must have managerial skills, develop strategic thinking allowing you to set clear goals short and long term enough to fulfill its objectives. According to Ramirez, Carlos (2009). He states that, "Management is the set of actions played a manager to lead and represent a company's business" is of great importance on the role of senior management, given that the manager is responsible for making things happen and all make the business profitable and competitive. In other words, the manager has the mission to carry out satisfactorily the objectives set by the board of directors or owners of a company. According to Koontz, H & Weihrich, H. (1999). Manifest: "The management function is, control, measurement and correction of performance in order to ensure that business objectives and plans to achieve set are met." This involves applying the basic principles of management as they are planning, directing, organizing and controlling all activities, functions and tasks well addressed. The primary role of managers is to make decisions; it must be thoroughly familiar with the environment in which it operates. According Chiavenato, Idalberto. (2001). Holds, "the basic task of the manager is doing things through people effectively and efficiently". The challenges of globalization make the manager has more competitive to anticipate future events considering data of this vision. Business Administration aims to seek and to achieve business success depends heavily on communication and commitment that may exist between management and employees, the manager has this great responsibility of this role is fulfilled. According to Reyes P, Austin (2004). It can be stated that, "The modern management is the technique that seeks to achieve a high efficiency results in the coordination of the things that are part of a business". From the above I can conclude that it is of vital importance not only a modern manager sits behind his desk, but have a global view of the environment to develop and empower your team. Every organization should feel protected with a fully identified with their management functions. Similarly, commitment, self-esteem, dissemination and application of high standards of values and principles will be critical to the performance of their duties.

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