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Model Test Paper B.Sc.

Biotechnology (Part-I) Immunology

Time: 3 Hrs. MM:50 Note: Q.1 is compulsory. Answer five questions in all. Q1. Answer the following accordingly: (10*1=10) A) Infectious organisms that are, although still alive, incapable of causing disease are said to be______. B) The class of antibodies that is produced first in response to any antigen is_____________. C) ___________antibodies are antibodies with single specificity that are produced by hybridoma. D) ___________is present in colostrums. E) Hormones secreted by lymphocytes that are used as signals for various other cells of the immune system are called as_____________ F) The product of the fusion of a B lymphocyte with a myeloma is called a______________. G) Antigen binding site on antibody is___________ H) The technique used for identification of antigen by labeling it with enzyme is called as_________ I) The class of antibody responsible for allergic reactions___________ Q2. Explain (5*2=10) a) MHC Or What is hypersensitivity? Give its types and explain them in brief. Q3. Define cancer. Explain the cancer tumor immunology. Or What are antigen-antibody complex? Explain the various types. Q4. Q5. Explain the various cells and organs of the immune system. Write short notes on: (5*2=10) a) Brutons agammaglobulinemia b) Di Georges Syndrome (10) (10) (10) (10) b) Complement Pathway