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Jennifer Deng

Date: 2/9/14

U.S. Government Honors Module 5, Lesson 2 Assignment Sheet

Complete this assignment sheet as you go through the lesson. Follow these simple steps: 1. Complete all lesson Qui Me !uestions and a"tivities. 2. Add all ans#ers on this assignment sheet as dire"ted in the lesson. $. Save this assignment sheet o%ten so as not to lose &our #or'. (. Cli"' on the Finish button at the end o% the lesson to re"ord &our s"ore in the grade )oo'. 5. Su)mit this "ompleted assignment sheet in the o!ule " #esson 2 $ubmission %ssignment Fol!er %or a grade.

&age ": '(press )oles &resentation *uestions

%s you wat+h the presentation on the '(press )oles, answer the -uestions below. sure to use +omplete senten+es an! answer the -uestions thoroughly. /00 points1 *uestion 1.1 2hat are the fi3e enumerate! roles of the presi!ent4 2.1 2ho !oes the presi!ent wor. with to !esignate fun!ing for the military4 0.1 2hat power !oes +ongress ha3e o3er the military4 4.1 2hat was the 2ar &owers )esolution4 2hy was it passe!4 ".1 2hat is the presi!ent5s role as +hief e(e+uti3e4 6.1 2hat !oes the presi!ent o3ersee as %!ministrator4 7.1 8ow !i! 8erbert 8oo3er fail in the role as +risis manager4 9.1 2hat is the presi!ent5s role as 8ea! of $tate4 9.1 2hat is an e(ample of an e(e+uti3e agreement4 1:.1 2hat !oes the state of the union a!!ress usually entail4 11.1 2hat is one solution to the many !uties the presi!ent has4 a.e

%nswer *he& in"lude Commander+in+Chie%, Chie% ,-e"utive, Head o% State, Chie% .iplomat, and Legislator. *he president #or's #ith the House and Senate "ommittees on armed servi"es and the appropriation "ommittees. Congress has the po#er o% appropriations and to de"lare #ar.

/t stipulated that a president must get Congressional approval i% he #anted to "ommit troops on an emergen"& )asis, even %or a limited time. /t #as passed due to the 0ietnam 1ar. *he president e-er"ises po#er over militar& leaders to ensure that national se"urit& goals are met. *he president is the head o% an immense 2ureau"ra"&, #hi"h in"ludes the Ca)inet, government agen"ies, "ommissions, and other entities. 3resident Her)ert Hoover had a la"' o% response to the Sto"' Mar'et plunge and .epression in 1424. *he 3resident attends state dinners, a"ts as a "eremonial leader o% the nation, and meets #ith %oreign leaders in 1ashington, .C. 5ne is re%erred to as the Lend+Lease 3oli"&, and it #as rea"hed in 14(6 )et#een the US and Great 2ritain. /t usuall& deals #ith the )udget he is preparing. 5ne solution is to use vi"e presidents more e%%e"tivel&, to lessen the )urden on the president.

&age ": ;rgani<ation of the Fe!eral =ureau+ra+y &resentation *uestions

%s you wat+h the presentation on ;rgani<ation of the Fe!eral =ureau+ra+y, ma.e sure to use +omplete senten+es an! answer the -uestions thoroughly. /2: points1 *uestion 1.1 2hat offi+es ma.e up the fe!eral bureau+ra+y4 2.1 2hat is an in!epen!ent regulatory agen+y an! what are two e(amples4 0.1 2here !oes an in!epen!ent regulatory agen+y get its power from4 4.1 2hat is an e(e+uti3e agen+y an! what are two e(amples4 ".1 2hat are two go3ernment +orporations4 %nswer /t is "omprised o% the president7s Ca)inet, %ederal agen"ies, and governmental "orporations. /t is a %ederal agen"& that #at"hes over a parti"ular se"tor o% the e"onom& or national interest. *#o e-amples are the 8.A and the ,3A. *he& are usuall& empo#ered )& Congress to ma'e rules, and thus get support %rom the Congress.

*he& are agen"ies that "arr& out vital national %un"tions and interests that are not part o% the "a)inet. *hese in"lude C/A and the 9ASA. *#o government "orporations in"lude the *0A and Amtra'.

&age ": >he

o!ern Cabinet &resentation *uestions


%s you wat+h the presentation on the o!ern Cabinet, answer the -uestions below. sure to use +omplete senten+es an! answer the -uestions thoroughly. /21 points1 *uestion 1.1 2hat is in+lu!e! in the Department of 8omelan! $e+urity4 2.1 2hat is in+lu!e! in the Department of the ?nterior4 0.1 2hat !oes the @$D% !o4 4.1 2hat !oes the #abor Department manage4 ".1 2hat !oes the Department of 8ousing an! @rban De3elopment a++omplish4 6.1 2hat agen+ies fall un!er the >ransportation %nswer /t represents the largest reorgani ation o% the %ederal government sin"e 11//. /t "om)ines intelligen"e anal&sis, in%rastru"ture prote"tion, )order se"urit&, and immigration. /t manages the nation7s natural resour"es in"luding its #ildli%e and pu)li" lands.

*he& aid %armers and manage %arming programs, the& also administer national %ood programs su"h as s"hool lun"h, s"hool )rea'%ast, and %ood stamp programs. /t manages la)or programs, assists "olle"tive )argaining e%%orts, and administers la)or la#s. /t dire"ts housing and ur)an programs. *he& "oordinate and administer programs that assist the development o% housing and "ommunities. Agen"ies su"h as the 8AA and the 9ational High#a& *ra%%i" Sa%et& Administration %all under the *ransportation

Department4 7.1 2ho is in+lu!e! in Cabinet meetings4

.epartment. *he 15 regular Ca)inet mem)ers, the president and other top o%%i"ials ma& )e involved in the Ca)inet meetings.

&age 6: Cabinet )esear+h

@sing the lin. pro3i!e! in the lesson to sele+t a '(e+uti3e %gen+y />reasury, $tate, et+.1 an! answer the -uestions below. %nswer the -uestions by 3isiting the !epartment website. /0" points1

1.) Cabinet Department 2.) Name of the Secretary of Department 3.) List 3 agencies that fall under this department. 4.) hat is the main purpose of the department! ".) hat duties does the department carry out for the go#ernment! $.) hat is one current pro%ect in this department! &.) hat is one thing that you learned about this department and go#ernment!

.epartment o% ,du"ation Arne .un"an ,du"ational :esour"es /n%ormation Center, /nstitute o% ,du"ation S"ien"es, 9ational Li)rar& o% ,du"ation Main purpose is to see that the edu"ation o% the US is up to %ar, there is %unding, and no "hild gets le%t )ehind. /t esta)lishes poli"ies on %ederal %inan"ial aid %or edu"ation, "olle"ting data on Ameri"a7s s"hools and disseminating resear"h, %o"using national attention on 'e& edu"ational issues and prohi)iting dis"rimination and ensuring e!ual a""ess to edu"ation. *he& are "urrentl& #or'ing on a pro;e"t to dramati"all& e-pand high+ speed internet "onne"tivit& %or Ameri"a7s s"hools and li)raries and deliver "utting+edge te"hnologies to more o% the nation7s "lassrooms. *he& are the ones #ho hand out and anal& e the 8A8SA that high s"hool seniors must %ill out.

&age 7: Current '3ents

For ea+h of the arti+les in the lesson fill out the liste! information in the appropriate +ell. /4: points1 List the title o% the arti"le /n $ to ( 1hat are &our 1hat !uestions do and the author. senten"es thoughts on the &ou have a)out the summari e the in%ormation provided su);e"t or in%ormation arti"le in the in the arti"le< provided in the spa"e )elo#. arti"le< 1.= >err& tells /srael that S&ria a""ord is no prelude to /ran deal )& ?im Hollander *he deal made #ith :ussia to se"ure S&ria7s "hemi"al #eapons does not diminish Ameri"an resolve / )elieve that an& de"ision the 3resident ma'es #ill )e under an o)servant e&e %rom the nation. / also )elieve that politi"s is / #onder e-a"tl& #hat is the true details o% the US+:ussia deal and i% it does a%%e"t an& other nation or a%%e"t an& other deal that the US isn7t

to prevent /ran %rom gaining nu"lear #eapons. Se"retar& o% state ?ohn 8. >err& %le# to ?erusalem to assure the /sraeli 3rime Minister that. *he 3resident is ma'ing man& statements to ma'e sure no "ountr& has the #rong idea. 2.= 8lo&d Ma&#eather ?r. )eats Canelo Alvare , )ut )o-ing gets @)la"' e&eA )& Cind& 2oren Although Ma&#eather dominated Alvare and remained unde%eated, there #as a dis"repan"&. 5% the three ;udges, t#o ;udges s"ored the )out %or Ma&#eather. 2ut the third ;udge s"ored them even, )ut eventuall& the s"ores #ere in %avor o% Ma&#eather. :and 3aul has )een ver& a"tive "apturing mu"h attention in the %irst nine months o% 261$. He is "urrentl& a high priorit& 261B presidential "ontender, as he is seemingl& a step or t#o in %ront o% the ongoing

a seesa#, never 'no#ing #hat "ould teeter one end do#n or up.

)eing open a)out.

*his )rings light that ever&thing "an )e s'e#ed. ,ven i% it is a "lear vi"tor&, perspe"tive and )ias "ould )e in the #a& o% %air ;udgment.

/ #ould li'e to 'no# the details o% ho# the& s"ore it, that even i% someone #ere to lose the %ight, "ould the& a""umulate points and #in the )o-ing mat"h in general<

$.= .on7t underestimate :and 3aul as a 261B presidential "ontender )& Chris Cilli a

*his sho#s that there is alread& tal'ing a)out the presidential de)ate, that people are a"tive in the sear"h and in the "ampaign to )e the ne-t president and that ever&one is loo'ing #ith their e&es #ide open.

/ #onder #hat 'ind o% ideas :and 3aul has or #hat 'ind o% plat%orm is he developing, i% he has a good support, and the li'elihood o% his ideas )e"ome prominent.

trans%ormation o% the :epu)li"an 3art&. :and 3aul is num)er one, Chris Christie is num)er three and Mar"o :u)io is num)er three in the :epu)li"an polls %or their representative. (.= Stando%% at 9airo)i mall a%ter gunmen 'ill at least BC )& Sudarsan :aghavan >en&an se"urit& %or"es #ere %or"ed to s#eep into an ups"ale 9airo)i mall. /t o""urred on a late Sunda& night in an e%%ort to end a t#o+da& stando%% #ith heavil& armed assailants. *he armed assailants le%t BC dead, )ut most o% the hostages ended up )eing res"ued. / thin' that there is honestl& so mu"h violen"e in the #orld, &et not mu"h "an )e done a)out it on a grand s"ale. 9o matter ho# mu"h #e tr& to prevent, %ighting has prevailed, and although there are ne# en%or"ements, it #ill ta'e mu"h more to trul& prevent su"h %ighting. Ho# did the )attle instigate e-a"tl&< 1h& #ere the assailants doing #hat the& #ere doing<

&age 9: &resi!ential &ower, &art 1

Choose three of the 3i!eos from the lin. pro3i!e! in the lesson to +omplete the +hart below. /0: points1 Name of &resi!ent #ie the &resi!ent tol! Di! the lie brea. ?n your opinion the law4 was lie a++eptable4 1.1 =ill Clinton 3resident lied a)out the 9o the lie did not /n m& opinion, the illi"it a%%air #ith a 21+&ear+ )rea' the la#. lie #as a""epta)le old #oman. onl& )e"ause a private li%e should sta& a private li%e, )ut at the same time he should

2.1 Jimmy Carter

He lied a)out never l&ing to the pu)li" as the other presidents had.

9o he did not a"tuall& )rea' the la# #ith his lie.

0.1 FD)

*hat the German su)marine %ired %irst upon Greer.

,ssentiall& he did, he lied to "ongress, and he lied to Ameri"a.

have 'no#n his duties as a 3resident. / )elieve the lie itsel% is a""epta)le, )ut at the same time, he used a ta"ti" o% manipulation "onsidering the "ir"umstan"es Ameri"a #as in. *he 3resident had good intention )ut the sta'es #ere e-tremel& high.

&age 9: &resi!ential &ower, &art 2

%nswer the short essay -uestion: DShould the 3resident )e allo#ed to issue signing statements a%ter Congress and the 3resident have )oth passed a )ill into la#<A ,-plain #h& &ou agree or disagree using the e-amples o% signing statements and e3i!en+e from o!ule " #esson 1 an! o!ule " #esson 2 to support &our reasoning. Eour response should )e at least %ive paragraphs. 3lease &our response in the area )elo#. F(6 points=

A signing statement is a written pronouncement issues by the President of the United States upon the signing of a bill into law. They are usually printed along with the bill in the USCCAN. During George . !ush"s presidency there was a contro#ersy of the signing statements. They stated that his statements were unusually e$tensi#e and modified the meaning of statutes. % belie#e that Presidents should not be able to issue a signing statement after Congress and the President ha#e both passed the bill into law. % belie#e that the power that comes with a signing statement is abused. The President is only one person& and although he is supposed to #oice the opinion of the mass& often times it gets misconstrued. 'or e$ample& since ta(ing office in )**+& President !ush has issues signing statements on more than ,-* new laws. .e declared that he had the power to set aside the laws when they conflict with his legal interpretation of the Constitution. /ssentially& he is a one0man team within the go#ernment& and that"s not what democracy is about. 1n one of his singing statements& the president can order 2ustice Department officials to withhold any information from the Congress. That is& if he decides it could impair national security or e$ecuti#e branch operations. A law that was passed about US interrogators cannot torture prisoners or otherwise sub3ect them to cruel inhuman& and degrading treatment. 4et& !ush signed it that he could wai#e the torture ban if he decides that harsh interrogation techni5ues will assist in pre#enting terrorist attac(s. %t is clear that !ush has changed the meaning of the bill by his own interpretation. Another e$ample is that on Dec. 6*th a bill was passed that when re5uested& scientific information 7prepared by go#ernment researches and scientists shall be transmitted 8to Congress9 uncensored and without delay.: !ush also put a singing statement on that bill. .e said that the President could tell researchers to withhold any information from Congress. That is& if he decides its disclosure could impair foreign relations. Again& one person"s interpretation should not be able to change the intended meaning of the bill. The president himself has many duties. .e holds duties of being commander in chief& attending important meetings& and ma(ing decisions to pass laws and foreign affairs. Amongst all that he has to do& it is no surprise that it is one of the most stressful positions. Stress often deludes

decisions. Thus& % don"t belie#e a single person should be able to interpret the meaning of a bill that is already passed.

&age 1:: $ubmission Che+.list

&ut an A in the >urne! in4 bo( for ea+h assignment you ha3e +omplete!. Bo ba+. an! +omplete any that you ha3e not. 3age Assignment 9ame *urned in< 5 3resentation QuestionsG ,-press :oles 5 5 B H C C 4 3resentation QuestionsG 5rgani ation o% the 8ederal 2ureau"ra"& 3resentation QuestionsG *he Modern Ca)inet Ca)inet :esear"h Current ,vents 3residential 3o#er, 3art 1 3residential 3o#er, 3art 2 Signing Statements -

$ubmit this %ssignment $heet in the

o!ule " #esson 2 $ubmission %ssignment Fol!er