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Model Test Paper 2013 BCA-II

Internet and Intranet

Objective Part I 1. What two things do you need to create web pages and view them? (a) A text editor and a web browser (b) A text editor and a compiler (c) A compiler and a web browser (d) None of the above ( ) 2. Which device act as a traffic cop? (a)Router (b) Hub (c) Switch (d) Modem ( ) 3. We-mail use communication protocol: (a) HTTP (b) ICMP (c) SMTP (d) TCP/IP ( ) 4. The internet was originally developed by whom: (a) Computer Hackers (b) The U.S. Department of Defense (c) The University of Michigan (d) Bill Gates ( ) 5. Which one of the following is a Search Engine? (a) Netscape (b) Yahoo (c) Google (d) Both (b) and (c) ( ) 6. What is a URL? (a) A computers software (b) The address of a document or page on the World Wide Web (c) Unlimited resources for learning (d) University Resources Locator ( ) 7. Which of these is not an Internet browser?

(a) Netscape Navigator (b) Drupal (c) Opera (d) Chrome ( ) 8. What does IRC stand for? (a) Internet Relay Chat (b) Internation Relay Chat (c) Internet Remote Conversation (d) None of the above ( ) 9. A firewall is a: (a) Wall built to prevent fires from damaging internet (b) Device to prevent all accesses from the Internet to the Corporate Internet (c) Security device deployed at the boundary of a corporate internet to protect it from unauthorized access (d) None of the above ( ) 10. XML uses: (a) User defined tags (b) Pre-defined tags (c) Both Predefined and user defined tags (d) HTML Extended Tags ( ) 11. By an Internet we mean: (a) A LAN of an Organization (b) A Corporate Computer Network (c) A Wide Area Network Connecting all branches of an organization (d) A network connecting all computers of an organization and using the internet protocol ( ) 12. What is ADSL? (a) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (b) Asynchronous Data Subscriber Line (c) Advance Digital Supply Line (d) Both (a) and (b) ( ) 13. What are to HTML Codes that control the appearance of the document contents? (a) Tags (b) Slashes (c) Properties (d) Code ( ) 14. When writing ASP code, what are the correct delimiters to use? (a) <!- -code>

(b) <code> (c) <%code> (d) <%code%> ( ) 15. ASP code is: (a) A client side executable code (b) A server side executable code (c) A World Wide Web executable code (d) All of the above ( ) 16. Which statement best describes Cookies? (a) Sent by the server to all clients (b) Sent by the server in response to a client request (c) Received by a client immediately after an e-commerce transaction is completed (d) All of the above ( ) 17. What view in MicrosoftFrontPage would you use if you wanted to view all the pages in your website in a tree structure? (a) Folders view (b) All files view (c) Task view (d) Navigation view ( ) 18. Using inline styles on a page with multiple overlapping styles is being referred to as: (a) DHTML (b) SGML (c) CSS (d) XHTML ( ) 19. Internet requires: (a) An international agreement to connect computers (b) A local area network (c) A commonly agree set of rules to communicate between computer (d) A World Wide Web ( ) 20. By an extranet we mean: (a) An extra fast computer network (b) The Intranets of two co-operating organization interconnected via a secure leased line (c) An extra network used by an organization for higher reliability (d) An extra connection to internet provided to cooperation organization ( ) 21. By encryption of a text we mean: (a) Compressing it (b) Expanding it (c) Scrambling it to preserve its security (d) Hashing it ( )

22. What are the two approaches to Web Service composition? (a) Static and Dynamic (b) Loosely and Tightly Coupled (c) Proprietary and Open Source (d) None of the above ( ) 23. By Electronic Commerce we mean: (a) Commerce of Electronic Goods (b) Commerce which depends on electronics (c) Commerce which is based on transactions using computers connected by the telecommunication network (d) Commerce which is based on the use of Internet ( ) 24. A search engine is a program to search: (a) For information (b) Web pages (c) Web pages for specified index terms (d) Web pages for information using specified search terms ( ) 25. FTP is used for: (a) Uploading files (b) Downloading files (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of the above ( ) 26. To create a link to an anchor, which property is used in <A> tag? (a) Name (b) Link (c) href (d) Taq ( ) 27. How many color names are recognized by all versions of HTML? 6 8 256 16 ( ) 28. Which is not an example of transmission media? (a) Wire (b) Coaxial Cable (c) Fiber Optic (d) None of the above ( ) 29. What does FTP stand for?

(a) File Transmission Protocol (b) File Transfer Protocol (c) File Typing Protocol (d) None of the above ( ) 30. What is a plus-in? (a) Short files that contain multimedia (b) A mini program installed by and for your browser to enhance its basic functionality (c) An image that moves with frames (d) Both b and c ( ) 31. A music player such as real one player on a website is an example of: (a) Java Script (b) Clip (c) Digitizing (d) Plug-in ( ) 32. In PERL, which of the following are file handler? (a) Stdquit (b) Stdend (c) Stdin (d) Both (a) and (b) ( ) 33. In PERL, scalar variables always begin with a sign: (a) # (b) @ (c) % (d) $ ( ) 34. Inside which HTML element do we put Javascript? (a) <scripting> (b) <javascript> (c) <script> (d) <js> ( ) 35. What are the default pages in HTML? (a) index.htm (b) index.asp (c) home.html (d) both (a) and (c) ( ) 36. Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles? (a) font (b) css (c) text (d) style ( ) 37. What is the tag for inline frame? (a) Iframe (b) Inframe (c) Frame (d) None of the above ( ) 38. What does DTD stand for? (a) Document Type Definition

(b) Dynamic Type Definition (c) Direct Type Definition (d) Both (a) and (b) ( ) 39. Which of the following are ASP Standard object? (a) Server (b) Response (c) Session (d) All of the above ( ) 40. An organization responsible for providing Internet Service to Customer is commonly known as: (a) Internet Organization (b) ISP (c) TCP/IP (d) MIME ( ) Descriptive Part II Q1:(a) What is meant by World Wide Web? Discuss the uses the web resources. (b) What is E-commerce? What are its advantages? Q2: Differentiate the following: (a) Programming language and scripting language; (b) Dynamic and static web site; (c) URL and IP address; (d) Internet and Internet Q3: (a) What is Search Engine? How is it useful for Internet/Internet? Give the names of any four Search Engines. (b) What is CSS? Name any four types of Selectors in CSS. Q4:(a) What do you mean by uploading a website? Discuss the procedure to upload a website. (b) Explain briefly about Hyperlinks Q5:(a) What is meant by ASP? Discuss the control structures in ASP. (b) How is ASP script debugged? Q.6Write short notes on: (a) XML (b) HTML tables (c) Firewalls (d) IRC