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[ ]marx051 134 points 4 hours ago "I love this Jacket" "But Everyone Else Has The Same One" permalink [ ]StoredMars[S] 123 points 3 hours ago Here you go :D permalink parent [ ]fingyer 42 points 2 hours ago That is a damn good looking jacket. permalink parent [ ]Lidhuin 10 points 1 hour ago ...but everyone else has the same one. Fuck. permalink parent [ ]fun_boat 2 points 27 minutes ago That's how you know it's good Billy, quit complaining. You better wear it, we pa id good money for that jacket. permalink parent [ ]The_Doctor_00 0 points 15 minutes ago That's how you know it's good ??????... permalink parent [ ]Accordion-Thief 0 points 10 minutes ago I hate Cyrillic for a really dumb reason. I look at it and see latin letters, so I first want to read that as "That's how you know it's good Ynnbrm." permalink parent [ ]InfanticideAquifer 2 points 46 minutes ago I'd call it a coat I think... permalink parent

load more comments (7 replies) [ ]JokesRInappropriate 72 points 6 hours ago This is too-intellectual a joke. You can't just tell a second world joke to peop le who learned what the first and third worlds are from /r/adviceanimals. /u/JokesRSad permalink [ ]cabbagecab 5 points 1 hour ago U r sooo smrt!!! permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 31 points 5 hours ago That's sort of why I made this, to show people that there are second world count ries too. permalink parent [ ]kazneus 12 points 2 hours ago Question: how many 'worlds' are there? permalink parent [ ]a0t0f 22 points 2 hours ago it's based on the the cold war notion that there were 2 world's at odds with eac hother, that of american influence and that of soviet influence, and all other c ountries neither aligned with the US nor the USSR were the third world permalink parent [ ]kazneus 9 points 2 hours ago ahh.. the plot thickens. So the mentality was pretty much: 'You're either with us, or against us. Or c) n one of the above'? permalink parent [ ]jp20rb 2 points 20 minutes ago More like you're either with us or against us!!! But guys what about those count ries over there? Oh yea well they are too slow to keep up permalink parent

[ ]ImAzura 2 points 52 minutes ago So neutral countries are the 3rd world. Huh, I pictured Switzerland as more of a 1st world place myself. permalink parent load more comments (1 reply) [ ]randombrain 30 points 2 hours ago Used to be three: the US/Canada/Western Europe was the First World, the Soviet b loc was the Second, and all the developing countries were Third. Now that the US SR is gone, people mainly talk about the First and the Third. permalink parent [ ]PatHeist 50 points 1 hour ago It's not that 'developing countries' were the third world it was any country tha t wasn't aligned with the US/West or the Soviets. Sweden used to be a third worl d country until that usage stopped. permalink parent [ ]covertwalrus 10 points 1 hour ago Ireland, too. permalink parent [ ]PatHeist 7 points 1 hour ago Also Finland, Switzerland and Austria among others. permalink parent load more comments (1 reply) load more comments (1 reply) [+]raptor-newton comment score below threshold (6 children) [ ]colandercalendar 7 points 1 hour ago Technically, the third world was any unaligned nation. So, Switzerland, Costa Ri ca, and others were third world. Originally these designations had nothing to do with the level of development. permalink parent [ ]raptor-newton 2 points 12 minutes ago

No, that's the point. The third world were not any unaligned nation. I don't kno w where this misunderstanding actually comes from, but it wasn't. As per sources I've pasted here already, but will repost: uid=4&sid=21103470703547 permalink parent load more comments (5 replies) [ ]RadWalk 3 points 1 hour ago That term is not really politically correct anymore. A lot of "3rd world nations " would take serious offense to this tag so now they are differed by "Developed" (US, Europe, Canada, Australia, ect.) and "Developing" (India, Indonesia, China , Nigeria, ect.) permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 2 points 1 hour ago Wouldn't China be 2nd world? permalink parent [ ]LupivTheGreat 2 points 1 hour ago They're 2.5. Keep up, dude permalink parent [ ]langleyi 1 point 32 minutes ago They're usually classed as an NIC permalink parent load more comments (7 replies) [ ]OftenDontReadReplies 2 points 1 hour ago As far as I know, Russia and China are still considered "Second World", among ot her names that leave them in the middle. I'm sure there are others too, the point is that 1st and 3rd leaves a huge gap. Bill Gates emphasized that in his AMA, or maybe the letter he told people to rea d on his website. permalink parent

[ ]Neolife 1 point 1 hour ago Nowadays, it seems even "First" and "Third" have fallen out of much use for offi cial purposes. Developed, Developing, and Underdeveloped are much more prevalent and descriptive of a country's socioeconomic status. We don't REALLY have count ries that are drastically opposed to each other any more, at least in the same s ense as the Cold War. permalink parent [ ]behamut 1 point 1 hour ago Third world was not really developing countries. It were countries not allied wi th NATO or with the Comunist bloc. The neutral states in this conflict so to spe ak. Sweden and Finland, which really can not be classified as developing countries, were third world countries. However since a lot of these neutral countries were poor it became the norm to c all poor countries third world. Example people would call Cuba third world but i t was actually second world. Words do change over time so now it might mean poor country or developing countr y, but it is not defined as that. permalink parent [ ]kazneus 1 point 2 hours ago An actual answer! From.. /u/randombrain. Huh. permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 10 points 2 hours ago The only ones I know of are the 1st: Capitalist 2nd: Communist 3rd: Dirt poor permalink parent [ ]PatHeist 7 points 1 hour ago Again, this perception is a mix of the old usage and new usage, and never true. The original usage was by political alignment with either the US/West or the Sov iets, the third world being countries aligned to neither. Like, you know, Irelan d, Sweden and Switzerland. Those dirt poor countries. The modern usage is by how economically developed a country is perceived to be. permalink parent

[ ]StoredMars[S] 0 points 1 hour ago Why or how did the terms change to mean what they don't mean? permalink parent [ ]PatHeist 5 points 1 hour ago The Cold War ended, and defining countries by their alignment with one side or t he other of the Cold War stopped being relevant. But the use of the terms had be come deeply embedded in they layman's vocabulary in terms of describing countrie s due to the centrality of a countries political alignments during the Cold War. Hence the usage shifted to something that incidentally aligned well with the si tuation the majority of the countries the words had been used to describe were i n. permalink parent [ ]raptor-newton 1 point 8 seconds ago No, PatHeist is wrong. I grokked where the misunderstanding is. The original usage was economic alignment. Ie, who you traded with (somewhat sim plified): 1st World: You trade with USA. 2nd World: You trade with USSR. 3rd World: You trade with no-one. Loads of people (not just PatHeist) has then misunderstood this as if it is a qu estion of political alignment, ie if you were a part of NATO, the Warsaw-pact or non-aligned. But it wasn't, that's a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding quite absurdly places rich, developed countries like Sweden , Finland and Switzerland in the "third world" together with most countries in A frica. So your definition of Capitalist/Communist/Dirt poor is much more accurate than PatHeist's. permalink parent load more comments (3 replies) [ ]Lakey91 10 points 1 hour ago I think it's technically 1st: NATO 2nd: Warsaw Pact 3rd: Everywhere else permalink parent

[ ]raptor-newton 1 point 1 hour ago Nope. Stored Mars are more correct. permalink parent [ ]Lakey91 2 points 51 minutes ago It seems wikipedia backs him up as well permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 1 point 43 minutes ago I'm surprised there aren't more "red" countries in central and South America. permalink parent [ ]Solomaxwell6 2 points 15 minutes ago It's a snapshot of 1975. Latin American involvement hadn't quite heated up yet. The Sandinistas in Nicaragua, for example, didn't take over until 1979. permalink parent [ ]mr_dude_guy 4 points 2 hours ago 4th: Step Horde. permalink parent [ ]behamut 2 points 1 hour ago 1st: NATO and allies 2nd: Communist bloc 3rd: Not allied to any of the above. permalink parent [ ]plooped 1 point 1 hour ago Switzerland is a 3rd world country. So is Austria. Neither is particularly poor. permalink parent [ ]lost953 4 points 2 hours ago at least seven /r/seventhworldproblems permalink

parent [ ]-Kaedo- 3 points 1 hour ago What on earth did I just click on??? permalink parent [ ]newspaper_nerd 2 points 1 hour ago* '2nd world' is an outdated term that nobody uses anymore except a few smart ass on Reddit. permalink parent [ ]Bodiwire 2 points 1 hour ago I'd like to seize her means of reproduction. .... permalink parent [ ]THE_BOOK_OF_DUMPSTER 1 point 41 minutes ago Maybe in America but here in the former 2nd world everyone knows of the associat ion of red and communism. Nothing too intellectual about it. permalink parent [ ]nevus_bock 1 point 10 minutes ago Really? Associating communism with red is too intellectual? permalink parent [ ]wolldrei 9 points 2 hours ago Up vote for correct use of term! permalink [ ]Winter_Soldat 27 points 5 hours ago I love red but I hate communism. permalink [ ]novac3 35 points 1 hour ago Welcome to the Republican Party. permalink parent [ ]mackinoncougars 10 points 1 hour ago

*but be prepared to be best friends with communist countries permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 4 points 1 hour ago Nixon joke, lol. permalink parent [ ]novac3 2 points 57 minutes ago "communist" permalink parent [ ]alreadytakenusername 3 points 1 hour ago Story of South Korea permalink parent [ ]garganchua 2 points 53 minutes ago is that a oppa gangnam style concert? permalink parent [ ]bigbossodin 3 points 35 minutes ago That or a Starcraft tournament. permalink parent [ ]Ima_Write_You_A_Book 7 points 4 hours ago What about communism do you hate? Just wondering. permalink parent [ ]furygoat 94 points 3 hours ago The notable lack of eagles permalink parent [ ]Trollatio_Caine 35 points 2 hours ago So you're Eaglitarian? permalink parent

[ ]blitzkriegpunk 4 points 1 hour ago Oh, you. permalink parent [ ]Brodken 2 points 2 hours ago Poor thing, you just asked a fair question and everyone downvotes you just for a sking. permalink parent [ ]TerrifiedSpoon 11 points 2 hours ago BETTER DEAD THAN RED permalink parent [ ]Rotundum9 0 points 42 minutes ago BETTER RED THAN DEAD! VIVA LA SOCIALISM! permalink parent [ ]jaja1948 10 points 4 hours ago What is there to like? /r/MURICA permalink parent [ ]yeribheri883 8 points 2 hours ago Doesn't have too good of a track record so far. permalink parent [ ]xxdangerbobxx 3 points 2 hours ago As opposed to the sterling reputation of capitalism? permalink parent [ ]Shenanigans22 4 points 2 hours ago He wrote on his laptop while burning an American flag. permalink parent [ ]bluthru 5 points 51 minutes ago

Because nothing can be created without The Free MarketTM, amirite? permalink parent [ ]IAmNotAPerson6 2 points 35 minutes ago Because nothing says "capitalism" like things created through massive government subsidies. permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx 2 points 2 hours ago I live in a three-bedroom house with a two-car garage. My rent is $600 a month. I also live in one of the most conservative, business friendly states in the U.S . I think capitalism is doing just fine. permalink parent [ ]OBrien 5 points 1 hour ago Stalin lived much better than that. permalink parent [ ]mackinoncougars 4 points 1 hour ago FOR YOU. permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx -1 points 55 minutes ago I was raised by a single mother who who dropped out of school in the 9th grade. If it worked for me, I'm sure it's worked for other people as well. permalink parent [ ]mackinoncougars 2 points 49 minutes ago Very self-centric. You're not you mother so that doesn't mean much. It's not a r ule. A lot of it is chance, location, and opportunity. There's millions of hard working people living in poverty because they didn't stumble across the opportun ity or "knew a person" who got them started out. permalink parent [ ]tigrn914 3 points 2 hours ago Texas?

permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx -1 points 2 hours ago No, Utah. permalink parent [ ]tigrn914 1 point 2 hours ago Sweet. So now Wyoming and Utah are a possibility. permalink parent [ ]OBrien 2 points 1 hour ago Utah's one of the most subtlely socialist states in the U.S. No other state just outright gives every homless person a free home. permalink parent [ ]Lebagel 5 points 1 hour ago The system works if it makes you (personally) successful? You should try being a dictator of an oil rich country or something. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 5 points 2 hours ago I live in an unheated room, am unemployed, am discriminated against based on gen der, sexuality, creed, and appearance, am judged on my ability to produce income , am harassed by police, and at risk of being sent to prison for being poor. I a lso live in one of the nicest cities in the United States. I think capitalism sucks. permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx -4 points 1 hour ago You being discriminated against has more to do with our culture than our economi c system. Russia is notoriously anti-capitalist and gender and sexuality based d iscrimination is just as prevalent there as it is in the U.S. Tell me this: How would your life be any better under a communist regime? permalink parent [ ]tbonecoco 5 points 1 hour ago Russia is anticapitalist? How so?

permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx 0 points 12 minutes ago Too much government involvement in the economy. Over-regulation in business. Too much government spending. permalink parent [ ]vivacitas 1 point 5 minutes ago* What's the personal income tax rate in Russia ? 013/02/23/entertainment-us-russia-depardieu-idUSBRE91M0A520130223 Russia, where the actor has appeared in advertising campaigns for ketchup an d a film about the monk Grigory Rasputin, has a flat tax of 13 percent on income . permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 1 hour ago Using the term 'communist regime' is pretty loaded, but I don't mind playing. Russia isn't anti-capitalist, I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. Our culture has its roots in our economic system. My life would be better in some very simple ways. I'd almost definitely be emplo yed, and even if I weren't I'd likely still have a place to sleep and food to ea t. I wouldn't be alienated from my work or my society as socialist modes of prod uction don't do that, and I would have an ideology more consistent with the stat es. I wouldn't be at risk of being incarcerated for not having money. Since inco me levels would be state adjusted and consumerism would not be a prevalent part of the culture, I wouldn't be treated like shit based on how much money I would be making. There are many ways that my life (and yours!) would be better under a communist regime, or rather, a workers state, whether that regime is based on the past, th e present, or the future we need to create. permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx -1 points 1 hour ago Russia isn't anti-capitalist They absolutely are. I have no idea how you convinced yourself that Russia pract ices free-market principles. I'd almost definitely be employed

There's ample evidence that free-market principles have a positive effect on the employment rate. I'd likely still have a place to sleep and food to eat The quality of your housing and food would be exceedingly low. I wouldn't be alienated from my work or my society as socialist modes of pro duction don't do that That's an unsubstantiated claim. I think your notion of how communism would work is very delusional. The preconceived illusion of communism is much different than how communism work s in the real world. Where's your evidence? Show me one example of communist pri nciples being successful on a large scale. Free-market principles have been prov en to lower the unemployment rate, improve quality of life, promote innovation, and increase a nation's wealth. "The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achi evements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn t co nstruct his theory under order from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn t revolutionize the automobile industry that way. In the only cases in which the masses have esc aped from the kind of grinding poverty you re talking about, the only cases in rec orded history, are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worse off, worst off, it s exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear, that there is no alternative way so far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activiti es that are unleashed by the free-enterprise system. - Milton Friedman permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 0 points 56 minutes ago They are capitalist, they can't be anti-capitalist. I don't care about your rand ian free market fantasies. Spain, Greece, the United States. No they wouldn't be. Unsubstantiated claim! I think your entire being is very delusional. Soviet Union is evidence that soci alist practices can have material benefits comparable or exceeding same-era capi talist benefits. Cuba. Communism has also been proven to inmprove quality of lif e, promote innovation, almost eliminate the unemployment rate, and increase a na tions wealth. Just look at the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba. Space travel, medical research, nuclear energy, roads, the internet. permalink parent continue this thread [ ]artvan 0 points 36 minutes ago* lol, as someone married to a former east german.

1) the poor living on the street in the DDR didn't exist, they were arrested. 2) the where two classes of people, workers and political elites. a) Workers who l ined up whenever there was a line, line up not even knowing what was at the end of the line. Burnt their own coal for heating and hot water, well into the 90's after the wall had fallen. b) Political elites, lived in the best apartments, drove bmws, had west german d ishwashers etc. Electric heating/hot water. bah, over it, if you are so poor, I'm not sure how you are reading reddit. Give me self determination any day. If you want communism you can have it, just fine a heap of like minded people, pool your money, pay some space and live ther e. There should be no room in this world for force, that is the only tool of the commie. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 15 minutes ago 1 and 2 still happen, pretty much everywhere. Force is the only tool of pretty much everyone. Being poor in the united states is a privilege, there are lots of public computers and internet. Myself, I have an old laptop, and live near an apartment bloc with some unsecured wi-fi. permalink parent [ ]vivacitas 0 points 23 minutes ago There should be no room in this world for force, that is the only tool of th e commie banker. FTFY b) Political elites, lived in the best apartments, drove bmws, had west germ an dishwashers etc. Electric heating/hot water. That's always amusing to me. There are myths of commie leaders driving nice cars . Which is a big deal for an economy, right? t-services/private-jets-in-numbers.html permalink parent [ ]Lebagel 1 point 1 hour ago A communist utopia? Or one of the failed communist countries from history? permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx 1 point 1 hour ago A communist utopia is a dream. permalink parent

[ ]Lebagel 2 points 1 hour ago Exactly, his question is basically a trap - would you like to live in a failing state or a theoretical state that has never existed? You say either and there are problems. One has so far been impossible to achieve , the others have failed. permalink parent continue this thread [ ]GatorWills 1 point 1 hour ago* He can vent all he wants about capitalism but these same issues he described are often worse in countries that never embraced capitalism. Russia and the former Soviet bloc has a notorious reputation for racial and disc rimination issues and most travel blogs will warn minorities about the dangers i f traveling to Russia. Reports say up to one fifth of Russian city apartments ha ve no modern electricity or heating. Russia also has one of the most corrupt pol ice departments in the world. America isn't perfect but it's incredibly naive to think that these issues are a Western-only phenomena. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 3 points 1 hour ago Are sometimes worse* The past is an issue we all face. Modern day Russia isn't communist, and is worse off because of the fall. I don't think those issues are a western-only phenomena and none of my post impl ies I do. Don't call me naive. permalink parent [ ]ano4114 1 point 43 minutes ago Really? There arent workcamps anymore and there is more food. Most people are be tter off now. permalink parent continue this thread [ ]stupernan1 4 points 1 hour ago that's not even close to the countries average. you sir, live in an exception. captialism is doing "ok"

permalink parent [+]xbiggiesmallsx comment score below threshold (13 children) [ ]waspbr 3 points 1 hour ago The near 1 billion people going hungry in the world and 40 million Americans liv ing in povery beg to differ. permalink parent [ ]xbiggiesmallsx -4 points 1 hour ago Forty million Americans wouldn't live in poverty if the U.S. practiced free-mark et capitalism. permalink parent [ ]tbonecoco 6 points 1 hour ago I would love some economic data to prove this. permalink parent [ ]waspbr 3 points 1 hour ago yep, they would probably be all dead... permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 2 points 53 minutes ago Yeah, but that's just nature! Preemptive line about this being sarcasm. permalink parent [ ]MightierThanThou 1 point 2 hours ago* Considering the fact that capitalism is the economic system that has been respon sible for the high living standards of nearly every developed nation... I'd say it has a much better track record than Communism. In fact, the great myth of Com munism is that it's supposed to get rid of inequality, yet it accomplishes the o pposite. Communism, abolishing private properly, doesn't make people equal, but instead concentrates wealth and property into an even smaller group of people, t he political elite. A monolithic entity, separate from the masses, has total con trol of the wealth instead of wealth in the hands of multiple, independent indiv iduals. The fact that anyone could possibly even allude to the idea that capitalism isn' t a demonstrably better system is hilarious. It shows you how powerful ideas (I call them delusions) can warp people's perceptions and cause them to be willfull

y ignorant of the obvious. permalink parent [ ]wioneo 1 point 1 hour ago Look up the countries trying to maintain socialist systems currently case by cas e. There are very few of them (for good reason) so it will not take you much time. Then compare the living situations of an average citizen of that nation to one o f the many nations championing capitalism. There are significantly more of those , so i would advise piking and sticking with one. I don't understand how this is even a debate. The only motivation for arguing th is point appears to be the boredom of people reaping the benefits of capitalist societies. permalink parent [ ]raptor-newton -2 points 2 hours ago You should not compare communism and capitalism, that's comparing apples and ora nges. Communism should be compared to capitalist democracy, which is it's opposite. An d compared to communism, capitalism democracy does indeed have a sterling track record. Capitalism by itself should be compared to socialism, and viewed only as an econ omic system, and judged solely on economic performance. Where the comparison equ ally comes out to capitalism's benefit. permalink parent [ ]RocketMan63 5 points 2 hours ago Wouldn't capitalism having a "sterling track record" be rather subjective and de pend on how you're judging its success? Also I think it's reasonable to judge an economic system on more than simply it' s economic performance. Since capitalism as a system has a large impact on the c ulture its apart of. permalink parent load more comments (5 replies) [ ]RhodiumHunter 1 point 1 hour ago Ah, but it will work this time! The right people just haven't been in charge yet ! Srsly, that's how people defend communism. "Nothing already in existence is real ly communism", but they never realize that that's the whole point.

permalink parent [ ]Anterai 3 points 1 hour ago Communism is an unreachable ideal, and utopia if i may say so. And claiming that communism existed is a way to show the mishaps of the US educational system. Next thing you'll be telling me that the USSR didn't bring any benefits to Russi a/other countries from the Soviet bloc permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 3 points 1 hour ago Communism isn't an unreachable ideal and utopia, and claiming so is exactly what the educational system of the US has been teaching to children for decades. Not only did the USSR bring benefits to the Soviets and other communist bloc cou ntries, but it brought benefits to the United States by forcing it to compete fo r the 'workers best friend' title. permalink parent [ ]utdude999 3 points 56 minutes ago Thank you. The USSR in the 30's was one of the only viable economies in the worl d considering communism doesn't have the booms/busts of capitalism and then went on to win the largest military campaign in human history. And all this in a cou ntry that just decades earlier was incredibly backwards. It's a good example of socialism that is given an unfair bias in America. permalink parent [ ]Anterai 0 points 55 minutes ago ? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ???? ????. ????? ????????. And yeah, so you're agreeing with me permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 3 points 1 hour ago Well, that isn't how all communists defend communism. I would defend communism i n a different way, even defending the Soviet Union in many regards. "Nothing alr eady in existence is really communism" is still partially true, because we live in a global society dominated by capitalism, which makes it difficult to live en tirely by your own rules. When you try you end up a mess, just look at North Kor ea. It has nothing to do with the right people being in charge, I will defend Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Castro, and plenty of other 'people that were in charge'. Hopefully it will work better this time, but you can always say you want things to work better. But we already have some successes that came about because of, a

t least in part, because of marxist/communist politics. Cuba, China, the Soviet Union when it was around, Venezuela, Libya all have points of success and these aren't the only countries. So don't say that's how people defend communism, it's not how I defend communism , I defend communism both in ideology and in practice of the past, present, and the future. permalink parent [ ]varjag 1 point 18 minutes ago You are correct. The initial Lenin's plan was bootstrapping revolution from Russ ia to the rest of Europe. Global world is not a problem when you massacre all op position and the only choice people left with is communism. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 10 minutes ago If only we could massacre all the opposition, if only. permalink parent [ ]mackinoncougars 1 point 1 hour ago Can't say any type of government has killed it. permalink parent [ ]Ixilary -3 points 1 hour ago Well of course, because capitalist America does a good job at destroying it. I h ave my bias to believe that communism would do extremely well if it weren't for other countries intending to fuck it all up for fun. permalink parent [ ]jedadkins 4 points 1 hour ago not op but here is my problem, there is no incentive to excel. take for example a hypothetical communist classroom, where all the grades are averaged together a nd that average is the grade everyone receives. the first test rolls around and the average turns out to be a B, the students who study hard to get A's were unh appy and the slackers who would have got F's were happy to bet a b. now it's tim e for the second test and the A student decided "fuck this, i am not working my ass off only for my A to become a B" so the average went down to a D. now no one is happy and the A students blame the F students for not pulling their weight a nd the F students blame the A students for not scoring as high as they can, and eventually the class average drops to an F and everyone fails. permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 1 point 1 hour ago

I like where your analogy is going, but it just doesn't seem realistic to me tha t an "A" student would intentionally give up. "A" students have something in the ir mind that makes them want to work harder, and do their best. It's just ingrai ned in them to not give up. permalink parent [ ]jedadkins 2 points 57 minutes ago that "thing" is a reward, the get satisfaction from that A all that hard work pa ying off with the appropriate recognition, getting a B when you deserve an A wou ld crush most A students permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 3 points 20 minutes ago If this is about recognition, communism has a pretty radical history of recogniz ing people for their contributions. The statutes, medals, and namesakes are proo f of that. permalink parent [ ]jedadkins 1 point 7 minutes ago right, but how many people are recognized? if i work hard i can get an A and so could you but only one person can have a statue permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 1 point 49 minutes ago You don't think they'd try to get the "F" students to work harder by tutoring th em or try and bring the "B" students up to their level? I mean, from the experie nce I've had with "A" students, they'd do anything to get the best grade possibl e. permalink parent [ ]jedadkins 1 point 25 minutes ago maybe, but they are still getting less than they earned. permalink parent [ ]Train_Wreck_272 1 point 1 minute ago True, but any group or organization is limited by the usefulness of its constitu ents. Some people will not be as useful as others, and productivity may be stifl ed. But, I feel your original classroom analogy is somewhat too over simplified. In a communist society, a true one that is, all means of production (including research and the arts) are collectively owned by everyone, but managed by the st ate. This of course can lead to corruption, but the more important thing is this

; a communist society places people where they are most fit to work. Take your c lassroom example. Let's say they were doing a project, a rocket maybe. Some peop le show to be brilliant, they'll get to be team leaders, delegating over groups of the majority of people who are of average usefulness. Those who don't make th e cut are told as such, and allowed the chance to increase their output, or are relocated to another job where they can be more effectively used. This may sound harsh, but this happens in a capitalistic society as well,they just don't provi de you with new employment. However, a successful communist society would place high investment in education, and would allow for people to better themselves if they desired better work. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 30 minutes ago Soviets beat the nazi's without the carrot and the stick. permalink parent [ ]Smoothtroopah 1 point 40 minutes ago What? No. Jedadkins is absolutely correct. People don't try to be the best for t he sake of it. They need recognition and reward. Why would you do jackshit if no thing you did ever mattered to you personally? permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 1 point 29 minutes ago Then what's the difference between "A" students and students who don't care if t hey're mediocre? permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 23 minutes ago No, people don't try to be the best for the sake of it, they do need an outcome. But they don't need a particular external reward. A student might study for the outcome of learning, and consequently get an A, not the other way around. permalink parent [ ]Ixilary 1 point 1 hour ago I think you're confusing communism with a very simplified definition of socialis m. With your "Classroom" scenario, you'd have all the students working cooperati vely without a teacher to understand the topic set out for them. If one is not c ooperating, you make him cooperate. The issue, much like in real society, is getting people to cooperate. That is pr etty much the purpose of communism. It's like getting a very strict teacher to s it with your class at all times and make sure you learn the absolute fuck out of the topics, until you realize the benefit and do it without force. The problem arises when the other teachers complain and get your teacher fired, leaving the class in failure and making the system appear flawed when it hasn't even had a c

hance to work. Edit: Also, in following your example, the incentive is to make the country bett er, not yourself. But of course capitalists don't understand the concept of doin g things selflessly, it's all about money and power. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 31 minutes ago It's not selflessly, nothing about communism is selfless. Marxism starts with pr etty typical economic assumptions of rational-self interest, which is expanded i nto class interest. permalink parent [ ]jedadkins 1 point 11 minutes ago the incentive is to make the country better, not yourself. "why should i work harder so john doe can work less?", lazy people will always b ring down a communist society. while i agree it sounds great on paper, people ma ke it unfeasible permalink parent [ ]Ixilary 1 point 31 seconds ago Well that's the point of communism, to get people to understand the concept of w orking cooperatively. But you are right, all it takes is someone like you to mes s it up. permalink parent [ ]Mainiuu 1 point 48 minutes ago You have no clue what communism is, the classroom analogy is terrible. Is it equ ating grades to wages? Who knows. People like work, that's a lot of the reason u nemployment sucks from a personal point of view. A lot of people want something to do, to participate. This also has little basis in what we see from the history of communist states. There are many reasons that cold era communism largely collapsed, but the A stud ents giving up wasn't one of them. permalink parent [ ]yeribheri883 2 points 1 hour ago If you are actually interested in this topic then I would suggest the book "Resu rrection" by David Remnick. Very interesting commentary on the fall of the USSR and post-communist Russia. permalink parent

[ ]b737lvr -1 points 2 hours ago Communism eliminates the middle class. You know how a majority of the wealth in the US is held by like 1 or 2 percent of the nation? Well the rest of the popula tion curves into it. So we have people of all wealth leading up to the most weal thy. Communism has shown to produce only 2 classes. The insanely rich and the dirt po or. Communism will make everyone equally poor while capitalism will just make yo u what you are capable of being. permalink parent [ ]newtype2099 6 points 2 hours ago Or as capable as your circumstances allow, anyhow. permalink parent [+]b737lvr comment score below threshold (11 children) [ ]randombrain 0 points 1 hour ago ...and we all know how swimmingly the middle class is doing right now. http://ww permalink parent [ ]wioneo 3 points 1 hour ago Relative to corporations? Not so well definitely. Compared to the middle class i n the few remaining socialist states? Fan-fucking-tastic. I don't understand how this is even a debate. The only motivation for arguing th is point appears to be the boredom of people reaping the benefits of capitalist societies. permalink parent [ ]Rotundum9 0 points 53 minutes ago The only people who reap the benefits of capitalism are the first world. Most of the goods that capitalism provides us come from the sweat, blood and tears of t he third world. Capitalism works great for those of us born into privilege, not so great for those born in Asia, Africa and India. permalink parent [ ]wioneo 2 points 33 minutes ago Asia and Africa are very large areas with varying qualities of life. I don't car e enough to get into the "first world" nonsense. Japan and Nigeria are two shini ng examples (other than the religious bickering keeping the Nigerians back a bit ) of capitalist success. India is another story.

Nations are not charities. The American system is organized to maximize benefit for Americans. The German system is organised to maximize benefit for Germans. T he get the point. This is all ignoring the ridiculous idea that a s uccessful socialist nation would survive without exploiting foreign trade. Do yo u not realize that the absolutely disgusting working conditions of some people i n nations such as India and China are not solely exploited by "evil" outsiders l ike the U.S? Do you believe if all foreign revenue streams suddenly dried up tha t these people would all be dancing and singing the joys of isolationist sociali sm? Take a few minutes to learn about trade relations among some of what you call "f irst world" countries. Take for example trade between the U.S. with China and U. S. with Britain, and see how on average British citizens contribute about 4 time s as much to those trade relations. permalink parent [ ]Rotundum9 1 point 13 minutes ago* other than the religious bickering keeping the Nigerians back a bit I'm sure its more then religious bickering that's keeping them impoverished. Nations are not charities Sounds like a great excuse to treat the people of your country (and others) like complete and worthless shit. The American system is organized to maximize benefit for Americans. Its meant to maximize benefit and profit for American capitalists. The German system is organised to maximize benefit for Germans. The British. .you get the point. Same thing I mentioned in the above point. This is all ignoring the ridiculous idea that a successful socialist nation would survive without exploiting foreign trade A lot of socialist nations (their success is relative) have had absolutely no ac cess to foreign trade. Current North Korea, the early Soviet Union being prime e xamples. Socialist Albania under Hoxha actually achieved national self sufficien cy in the 1980s and had no trade with any foreign powers, not even China or any of the eastern bloc countries. Do you not realize that the absolutely disgusting working conditions of some people in nations such as India and China are not solely exploited by "evil" ou tsiders like the U.S? Never said it was just the U.S that exploits the third world. Britain, Germany a nd a variety of capitalist nations all encage in the act of imperialism. Do you believe if all foreign revenue streams suddenly dried up that these p eople would all be dancing and singing the joys of isolationist socialism? I believe that if countries (especially third world ones) are actually allowed t o directly utilize what natural resources they have for the benefit of their peo

ple, then the abject poverty that they currently live in can be greatly reduced. This can be easily done in a socialist economic system, where industry is commo nly owned by and for the working class instead of for private and corporate prof it. permalink parent load more comments (6 replies) [ ]Piogre 2 points 23 minutes ago Let's start a political discussion in /r/funny. sounds like a great idea. permalink [ ]junkindafront 2 points 2 hours ago Become an anarcho-communist! black is slimming! permalink [ ]hardcorvd 6 points 5 hours ago The girls hot. I hate red too. permalink [ ]garganchua 1 point 53 minutes ago yea, i want the original pic permalink parent [ ]StoredMars[S] 1 point 33 minutes ago Here you go. permalink parent [ ]KilledTheKing 2 points 1 hour ago I particularly like how you know the original definition of second world. Nice o ne. permalink [ ]StoredMars[S] 3 points 1 hour ago Thanks. permalink parent [ ]I_Zeig_I 1 point 3 hours ago

Up voted for pretty girl permalink [ ]magical_pubes 1 point 58 minutes ago ITT: Shittest comments in Reddit history permalink [ ]shinjuki 1 point 45 minutes ago 4chan steeling sonavabitch permalink [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 1 point 29 minutes ago ITT armchair economists permalink [ ]davi00a1 1 point 21 minutes ago During the snowstorms this winter I thought: Third day without heat and power. Would stay at a hotel, but they're all booked. Would this be considered second world problems? permalink [ ]MuddyElephantNow 1 point 3 hours ago This meme can stay :) permalink [ ]thesorrow312 3 points 3 hours ago Then become an anarchist. Communism without a state. The color is black. permalink [ ]benzophenone 1 point 1 hour ago Sigh! I miss the Soviet Union. I used to listen to their propaganda on Radio Mos cow, such as how hot their women were. Little did I know, at the time, they were SO right! permalink [ ]bluemandan 0 points 1 hour ago Up-voted for proper use of second world. permalink [ ]Rotundum9 -2 points 57 minutes ago

I don't know about you guys, but communism does not seem that bad. Just look at Cuba, people have a right to a job, incredible healthcare (and doctors that put the 1st world to shame), pensions, public housing and state guaranteed food rati ons, all while having political representation at a local and communal level. Co uple that with expanding gay rights and it actually seems like a pretty viable a lternative to the current cluster fuck of capitalism. Its not perfect, sure, but as far as providing working class people with the material goods that they need to live and enjoy life, communism seems pretty great! permalink [ ]sanderudam 2 points 23 minutes ago Sure.... go live in Cuba then maybe? permalink parent [ ]pasabagi 1 point 9 minutes ago I had a friend who considered this - he was a physicist, and if you go to do pos t-doctoral work in Cuba, they basically give you a house, subsistence wage, then let you get on with it. He decided against it in the end because it would screw your career. permalink parent [ ]Rotundum9 1 point 7 minutes ago* I actually want to live their for a couple years or so, but its very hard to get into the country considering the fact that it is currently being embargoed by t he US in an attempt of economic sabotage. I had a friend that actually managed t o visit their for a month to reconnect with his grandparents (he is Afro-Cuban a nd had to go through Mexico just to get it) and he said that it was a very livel y country. He also made it very clear that the women there are very loose and fl irty, especially in Havana. permalink parent [ ]NoMoreFinalsPlease 2 points 30 minutes ago I actually have to agree. Communism has always been toted as the antithesis to d emocracy (at least in the US), but they hold elections too, and Cuba's elections have a far greater turnout than US elections. Actually, I'm suffering from severe sudden testicular pain right now (why I'm on at 2:12AM). (if there are any doctors here, I'm suffering from heavy aching and numbess) I think I need to see a doctor, but my insurance only covers visits be tween 9:00AM and 9:00PM. I had a friend who lived in Cuba, he caught a cold and a doctor came 3x a day to check up on him. I would love more than anything to go down the street and see a doctor right now. permalink parent [ ]Rotundum9 0 points 24 minutes ago I know, I'm not saying that Cuba is a socialist tropical utopia, but when you lo

ok at capitalist countries today like India, Bangladesh, Ghana and so on, a lot of what Cuba is doing is not only achievable, but admirable as well. Don't forge t that decades ago, a majority of Cubans were living in horrid third world condi tions under the US backed dictatorship of Batista. permalink parent [ ]NoMoreFinalsPlease 1 point 21 minutes ago Even more impressive is that they've managed to do it all 90 miles away from the belly of the beast (so to speak). The world's most powerful military empire eve r to exist in the history of humankind is their next-door neighbor, and they've managed to accomplish incredible feats despite it's attempts to tear down their democratic government. Cuba is the only country I know of to establish "Literacy Brigades" to go into t he mountains, at the threat of being murdered by counterrevolutionaries, just to teach peasants how to read. permalink parent [ ]MetricConversionBot 0 points 18 minutes ago 90 miles FAQ | WHY permalink parent [ ]Chickadoolie[??] 1 point 6 minutes ago I've been to cuba myself, it's not what it makes out to be. I think if I remembe r correctly everyone gets an income of 360 pesco's each month and they get given a flat but these homes are in a horrible condition and furniture (which is seco nd hand) is three times their monthly income. Food is rotting on the shelves in stores and pencils are a luxury for school children and roads are filled with po t holes and your the bee's knee's if you own a dvd player it's not this wonderfu l paradise that your making it out to be permalink parent [ ]TJzzz 0 points 5 hours ago we will bury you. permalink [ ]fistmebro 3 points 3 hours ago location confirmed permalink parent [ ]riffraff100214 1 point 2 hours ago 144.84 km

Allied vehicle reporting. permalink parent [ ]soadberry 0 points 16 minutes ago My Grandfather lived in Hungary most of his life.. he was very happy, when commu nism came in it wreaked the whole country, everything.. he and alot of people fl ed the country.. Look at all communist counties.. it just doesn't work.. permalink [ ]Intellectualificator 2 points 15 minutes ago alot permalink parent [ ]Wahlbergs3rdNipple -1 points 7 hours ago And I'm color blind permalink [ ]ImAFlyingWhale 0 points 54 minutes ago How does a motherfucker hate red? Go die. permalink load more comments (17 replies) about blog about team source code advertise jobs help wiki FAQ reddiquette rules contact us tools mobile firefox extension chrome extension buttons widget <3 reddit gold store redditgifts radio reddit Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy . 2014 reddit inc. All rights reserved. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. p