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permalink [ ]murkloar 4 points 3 hours ago My punk rock girl drives a bitchin' Camaro permalink parent [ ]rts1971 1 point 1 hour ago It's a trip to 7th grade every time it gets posted. It's always a blast. permalink parent [ ]MikeOcherts 16 points 5 hours ago Stewart... permalink [ ]calicokidd 6 points 4 hours ago Stewart or Stuart? Either way, I like him, he's not like the other people here i n the trailor park! permalink parent [ ]burrowowl 3 points 3 hours ago You know that Johny Wernzer kid? permalink parent [ ]calicokidd 3 points 3 hours ago The kid that delivers papers? permalink parent [ ]PlayMp1 3 points 2 hours ago He's a fine kid! permalink parent [ ]calicokidd 3 points 2 hours ago Some people say he smokes crack, but I don't believe them. permalink parent

[ ]PlayMp1 4 points 2 hours ago Anyway, for his tenth birthday, all he wanted was a burrow owl! permalink parent [ ]breakneckridge 1 point 2 hours ago When I heard this song as a kid this whole section of the song made no sense to me because the way he said "burrow owl" sounded to me like he was saying somethi ng like "berrol", and I was like wtf is a burrol? permalink parent [ ]myboxissharp2 1 point 1 hour ago i always thought it was barrel roll... permalink parent [ ]PlayMp1 1 point 1 hour ago I dunno, I figured out from the context later ("the burrow owl lives in a hole i n the ground! WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT A BURROW OWL ANYWAY?"), so it usually made sense to me. Two songs later on that album (Sri Lanka Sex Hotel) has lyrics that are actually incomprehensible. Surprisingly, though, most of their vocals are fairly easy to understand, especially for punk. The more aggressive-sounding vocalist (i.e., t he one not on Punk Rock Girl) is more difficult to understand, of course. permalink parent [ ]Tsfrog 1 point 20 minutes ago It's Jon Wurster. And he's a real guy: permalink parent [ ]sgrag 9 points 4 hours ago I dont know. Play some video games. Buy some Def Leppard tee shirts. permalink [ ]jaredcollins 7 points 4 hours ago Don't forget your Motley Crue tee-shirt. permalink parent

[ ]MrKrinkle151 6 points 4 hours ago All the proceeds go to get their lead singer out of jail! permalink parent [ ]tommypickels 8 points 5 hours ago Just found out that my band rehearses in the same studio as them. We've met them before and never even realized. Super cool guys. permalink [ ]youre_a_dump 4 points 4 hours ago Effin love this song. Have for like 12 years. Thanks for the reminder. permalink [ ]waxoff 3 points 4 hours ago When I was younger, I used to think the song title was "Bitch in a Camaro." permalink [ ]accelaraptor 3 points 3 hours ago Born to love volcanoes gets me fully torqued, combines my love of pbs, geology, and punk music exquisitely permalink [ ]maTTyFL 3 points 3 hours ago I'll always remember this & "taking retards to the zoo". permalink [ ]Accordion-Thief 3 points 3 hours ago If it wasn't for these guys, I wouldn't have my Bitchin' Meat Car. permalink [ ]endre420Pandora 3 points 6 hours ago that was...interesting. idk why but i think i like it permalink [ ]johnnyparkkohlmeier 2 points 4 hours ago My folks bought me a bitchin camaro with no insurance to match, so if I happen t o run you down please don't leave a scratch. permalink [ ]jesslepard 1 point 3 hours ago

I was just talking about this at work the other day! This totally made my night! permalink [ ]wut_u_did_thar 1 point 2 hours ago* t permalink [ ]fetusbutt 1 point 2 hours ago I love this song and the conversation cracks me up. I wish I could upvote this t wice. permalink [ ]ZombSmash 1 point 2 hours ago growing up I always said I would buy a camaro and get a bumper sticker that said Bitchin' because of this song. Hasn't happened yet :/ permalink [ ]CountDrewcula 1 point 2 minutes ago Oh, wow, man. How'd you get a car? permalink [+]amnesiac2323 comment score below threshold (4 children) [ ]I_DO_C-C-COCAINE -3 points 1 hour ago That was so goddamn stupid... permalink about blog about team source code advertise jobs help wiki FAQ reddiquette rules contact us tools mobile firefox extension chrome extension buttons widget

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