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Mada mada dane. permalink [ ]FrozenBeast5 13 points 7 hours ago Prince of Tennis? permalink parent [ ]dmukya 9 points 3 hours ago WRYYYYYYYYYYY permalink parent [ ]jstarlee 5 points 1 hour ago muda muda muda muda muda muda permalink parent [ ]ukiyoe 3 points 1 hour ago Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!!! permalink parent [ ]thehungriestnunu 1 point 1 hour ago It's the real original Jamaican dun dunna...test me if ya can permalink parent [ ]thehungriestnunu 1 point 1 hour ago Motherfucking Tezuka zone permalink parent [ ]rolypolypanda -2 points 4 hours ago one of the best manga series about a tennis phenom ever created. permalink parent [ ]Shamwow22 1 point 10 minutes ago My Anime Japanese is still very patchy, but does that mean something along the l ines of "There's still more, isn't there"?, or "It's not over, is it"? permalink parent

[ ]QQninja 51 points 7 hours ago SF3:TS will always be the hypest fighting gamer ever. permalink [ ]pootytang324 28 points 7 hours ago Third Strike is the best fighting game ever made. permalink parent [ ]r360r 21 points 6 hours ago It just came out when we didn't have streams. If it came out today as a "new" (n ot hd remake) game it would over take umvc3s bullshit. permalink parent [ ]bulletbillx 0 points 10 minutes ago Best MAHVEL is MvC 2. UMvC3 just isn't as hype. permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 5 points 2 hours ago KoF XIII is my favorite. TS is fun but goddamn do I love me some KoF permalink parent [ ]randomgamerfreak 2 points 51 minutes ago Holy crap the rare sighting of someone else who thingks KoF is one of the better fighting games out there! permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 2 points 50 minutes ago PSYCHO BALL! permalink parent [ ]randomgamerfreak 1 point 39 minutes ago That evil, evil move lol. I play Iori or fatal fury team mostly. I just love how you can get the footsies is SF without the game being as slow paced. permalink parent

[ ]BenYoung 2 points 7 minutes ago I always loving watching KOF during EVO. My friend described KoF as he soccer/fu tbol of the FGC. Popular everywhere in the world but America. permalink parent [+]teracrapto comment score below threshold (6 children) [ ]grapplerXcross 1 point 1 hour ago SF3:3S* FTFY permalink parent [ ]bulletbillx 1 point 9 minutes ago MvC2 is up there in hype levels. But SF3 TS is more balanced. permalink parent load more comments (6 replies) [ ]ElTacoDog 59 points 7 hours ago #rekt permalink [ ]jahvoncreamcone 0 points 4 hours ago Wut m8? permalink parent [ ]dtrainescobar 9 points 4 hours ago He was wrecked. permalink parent load more comments (1 reply) [ ]tuckervb 200 points 9 hours ago Meh I've seen better permalink [ ]NoodleNonger 32 points 7 hours ago I swear, every time I see anything remotely impressive for fighting games, I thi

nk "It's great, but it's no Daigo". permalink parent [ ]xtyson 10 points 5 hours ago* Sako, infiltration, tokido, haitani, fuudo, xian, etc... Daigo is great but its not like hes run out of competition. Edit: SAKO the execution god. permalink parent [ ]poeticpoet 1 point 1 hour ago That other guy didn't show the correct link. Ladies and gentlemen: Hori Sako BTW The guy who got perfect on with fuerte can whip my ass so ummmmmmmmmmm permalink parent [ ]RobKhonsu 28 points 4 hours ago I disagree. While Evo Moment #37 is great, a parry like this really shows one be tter. Both instances require the opponent to actually start their parry before the sup er flash. Evo Moment #37 required Diago to step forward and back in time with th e opportunities Justin had to trigger super. Here the defending Akuma knew more offence was coming and had no choice but to parry to stay alive. Where this moment really excels is Diago knew the timing of every parry after he landed the first one. Here the defending Akuma had a few guesses after the supe r fireball. The first comes after the last parry of the fireball where the offen sive Akuma could either go Low Forward to Hurricane Kick (which he did), Fierce Punch to Hurricane Kick, or an overhead. All three options would have lead to vi ctory and each option requires either a slightly different input to parry, or a slightly different timing to parry. Finally the offensive Akuma could have easily finished the combo with a light, m edium, or heavy hurricane kick. Each of these options would open up the defense if they were anticipating the wrong version. 3s requires players to be more random and more creative. Super Fireball -> cLK x x qcbHK is a very typical combo for Akuma to do and the defensive player here wa s just playing his cards for the most likely option. If the offensive player wer e to mix up his game a bit he would have won. permalink parent [ ]AnAdventureCore 11 points 2 hours ago YOMI, BITCH. permalink parent

[ ]Kalulosu 1 point 42 minutes ago Actually not all options are different to parry. LF to HK requires to parry w/ d own then forward. The other two require forward. So the first gamble is either to parry with down or forward, and the timing for that. My 3rd Strike knowledge is kinda rusty but I'm pretty sure there's a timef rame where you'd be right for both the overhead and the fierce punch, it's just that you need to mind read your oponent to know what he's doing. Then, the timing on the HK, which is a bitch. So really, 2 gambles there (which is huge since one's a 50% and the other's a 33%, and of course that's not taking into account the execution that's required). The only thing that kinda saddens me every time for 3rd Strike is that you begin with a fucking intense game and all, and it all wraps up on some random factor. Which is why I love EVO Moment #37: it's not random. You can see Daigo mimickin g Jwong's movement like he's his fucking shadow. He's already entered his brain before the flash. And after that, it's just about execution (in both senses of t he word, mind you!). Also, what's fucking great about EVO Moment #37 is the match that follows, where you see Jwong just mentally melt down. This is were Daigo's at. permalink parent [ ]RobKhonsu 1 point 1 minute ago Yeah, I didn't want to sound too convoluted with my words on the two different p arries (low and high/overhead) and the two different timings (low/high and overh ead). Actually on second look he blocks the low forward and parries the hurricane kick so it's not quite as impressive as I originally put it. Crouch block covers him from cLK and stHP while giving him an opportunity to react to the overhead. That said if the offender would have just let a hurricane kick rip without the l ow forward he probably would have won from chip damage. The defender might have had a few frames to react but he predicted a normal coming after the super. permalink parent [ ]Kenya151 6 points 5 hours ago This is still the most impressive video game moment I've seen, nothing can beat this. permalink parent [ ]litomack -1 points 1 hour ago How about now? permalink parent

[ ]eZek0 2 points 44 minutes ago Doesn't the TAS mean it was tool assisted? As in, real people weren't doing that ? Pretty cool nonetheless. permalink parent [ ]Nerolly 1 point 2 minutes ago TAS versus actual humans doing things isn't impressive at all. And daigo is, believe it or not, human. permalink parent [ ]NostalgicX[S] 149 points 9 hours ago Because no one's seen EVO Moment #37 permalink parent [ ]Alphaetus_Prime 207 points 7 hours ago There's always someone who's never seen what's arguably the greatest single mome nt in gaming history, and that person deserves to see it. permalink parent [ ]Slurrpy 77 points 7 hours ago Never saw it before today. Who is this between to make it that amazing of an eve nt? permalink parent [ ]sydneycarton 84 points 7 hours ago Ken has virtually no health left. If you block an attack, you still take a minis cule amount called chip damage. The only way he wouldn't die is if he parried th e attacks, which is has extremely tight frames meaning the timing has to be impe ccable. Not only did he parry every single attack, he also punished his opponent with his own super at the end albeit not as impressive as the parries. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 35 points 5 hours ago* This isn't accurate. parries have a 10(?) frame parry window so the timing isnt impressive. The Hardest thing to parry would be the very first hit since chun-li 's super is 1 frame. He needed to have parried 10-1 frames before justin did the super, or after the super started but before chun li hit ken.

Edit: The super is 2 frames. permalink parent [ ]IICVX 26 points 4 hours ago I remember reading an article about the fact that doing a full parry of Chun-Li' s super wasn't the impressive part - since it's a fixed sequence of strikes, tha t's something a professional can grind out in a few days of training if he expec ts to fight Chun-Li - the impressive part was the mind games Daigo used to bait out the super in the first place. Seems like the article was on Penny Arcade Report, so it's disappeared now :( permalink parent [ ]auta 13 points 3 hours ago i remember hearing j.wong mention how he saw how low daigo's hp was and all he h ad to do was to do was land a single attack, even a block would do, so he threw the super as there was no way daigo could avoid it...........his heart sank permalink parent [ ]ocdscale 8 points 2 hours ago Your recollection is correct. You don't even need to be pro caliber to do it. Doing it in a high pressure situation is hard though. But the best part of the p lay was that Daigo intentionally fed Justin the super meter to bait Justin into trying it. Watch how Daigo zones with a few hados (which he knows that Justin is capable of parrying) but then stops once Justin has the meter for a super. permalink parent [ ]randomgamerfreak 4 points 48 minutes ago I even believe it's now included as a (quite doable) trial in the game. permalink parent [ ]bluntmasterflash 2 points 46 minutes ago Timing is everything. permalink parent [ ]call_of_the_while 1 point 17 minutes ago "It's all in the reflexes." permalink parent

[ ]Shiftyeyedog 1 point 2 hours ago Best I could find. It's just three paragraphs, but it makes its point well. t-evo-2004/ permalink parent [ ]Kalulosu 1 point 40 minutes ago The impressive thing is that you have to be a fucking mentalist because you have to input the parry before the super flash. permalink parent [+]xtyson comment score below threshold (2 children) [ ]sydneycarton 5 points 4 hours ago 10 frame window? I'm not sure if that's right or not, but I have no evidence reb utting it either. Wait, so if the timing isn't impressive, what is? permalink parent [ ]goodbye9hello10 11 points 4 hours ago Well considering Chun-Li's super has a 1 frame startup before it hits, you have to react HELLA fast, and then know the EXACT timing of every hit, and then parry every single one of them. I don't think the parry window is 10 frames. Here is the wiki page explaining it. It's a pretty god damn difficult thing to do. There's a reason you only see craz y videos like this from the best Street Fighter profession in the world(Daigo Um ehara). permalink parent [ ]grimmymac 4 points 3 hours ago Its not a reaction. I don't think there's anyone in the FCG that has a 1 frame r eaction rate consistently. What daigo was doing (and i think he confirmed this i n a interview later) was that he was moving back and forth at a certain distance , trying to predict a chunli super. Luckily, he was right. permalink parent [ ]jarkyttaa 4 points 4 hours ago It's not even reacting "HELLA fast." He had to input the motion for the parry be fore the super freeze. permalink

parent [ ]Kheten 3 points 50 minutes ago That's not even a reaction though. Watch the video again. You can see him shimmy ing up and down the stage, he was fishing for it the entire time. The pressure is what's so crazy about it. This is the biggest stage on the FGC, its one thing to grind out combos and parry timings in the lab but to perform it under all that pressure is just mind boggling. permalink parent [ ]Stwarlord 1 point 3 hours ago It says in the wiki, Red parry windows for all moves: 3 for normal moves, 2 for specials/supers. 2 frames for each parry is pretty damn impressive permalink parent [ ]Eihwaz 4 points 3 hours ago Thats for red parrys, not normal parrys. Those 2 things are completly different ;) permalink parent continue this thread [ ]xtyson 8 points 4 hours ago* It was an impressive read. since chun li's super is 1 frame, he needed to have k nown that justin was going to do the super. That's the impressive part. 99% of p eople wouldn't have the presence of mind to be able to do it in tournament. Edit: the super has a 2 frame start up. permalink parent [+]nitdkim comment score below threshold (2 children) [ ]Stickyresin 1 point 3 hours ago Startup on SA2 is actually 2 frames, but that's still extremely difficult to par ry on reaction for two reasons. First, unlike 1 frame combos, you don't have a p revious button press to time off of and don't develop muscle memory for it. Seco nd, the relatively long delay between the super flash and when it activates make s it harder to precisely time. For example, if I asked you to estimate 1 second in your head you would probably be off by only 0.1 seconds or so, but if I asked you to estimate 1 minute in your head you would probably be off by a few second s. Also, don't forget that SA2 hits either 7 or 8 times per flurry of kicks, depend

ing on the distance it was activated, so he had to keep that in mind too. But you can see that he did start the parry before the super flash. He was shuff ling back and forth for a few seconds before the super trying to preemptively pa rry it, and you see him take a step forward right as the super flash goes off. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 0 points 2 hours ago Yup this is all right except for "SA2 is actually 2 frames, but that's still ext remely difficult to parry on reaction" its impossible to react to something in o nly 2 frames. permalink parent [ ]Stickyresin 1 point 2 hours ago I didn't mean that you react to it in 2 frames. You react to the ~1 second (~60 frames) long super flash, and then have a 2 frame window in which you need to st art the parry. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 1 point 2 hours ago* That's not what happened, you can't parry during the super freeze. Daigo parried before the super happened. Edit: I'm pretty tired and didnt really understand this until I read it a few ti mes. are you saying to parry after the super starts but before it hits? well you could but that's not what happened. permalink parent continue this thread [ ]Blues39 1 point 1 hour ago You can see that Daigo is anticipating the super and taping forwards to set up t he parry. What I find impressive from that whole ordeal is not the parry the 2 s ets of kick, but the choice to jump, and air parry the last kick in order to lan d an extra air roundhouse to a low forward and the super and secure the win. I p robably would have just done a low forward into the super and perhaps only done enough damage to prolong the stalemate and create a sort of sudden death situati on. permalink parent [ ]mylolname -2 points 3 hours ago 10 frames on a standard 60 frame game means each parry has a time frame of 0.166 seconds.

Go on that and see if you can match those times, and yes it is completely the sa me thing. Both test visual reaction time and there is no input delay on either. And it is not about just getting the parry down, also knowing the follow up fram es between each of her kicks and being able to parry those, all at the same time playing on a competitive stage. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 5 points 2 hours ago doing something on reaction and timing something are two completely different th ings. permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 3 points 2 hours ago If you think a 10 frame link is hard you're new. The impressive part is the parr ying of the first hit not the 10 frame in betweens permalink parent [ ]mylolname 1 point 52 minutes ago I dont know if the link is also 10 frames. permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 1 point 50 minutes ago I meant linking the parries in this case. permalink parent continue this thread [ ]jarkyttaa 2 points 4 hours ago Seth Killian gave an interview where he had a pretty great analysis of Evo Momen t 37. Unfortunately, it looks like the link for the full interview doesn't work anymore. permalink parent [ ]Worlds_biggest_cunt 1 point 2 hours ago Only special moves do chip damage. Regular attacks don't. permalink parent [ ]Finnocci -3 points 2 hours ago

I know I'm going to sound cocky, I'm not saying I could have done better, but th e Chun Li player really fucked up. He gained a huge advantage in the beginning, but after he just decided to sit back and chill, why? And before he executed the super, he didn't ever bother with a hit confirm, considering its a pro match, t hat is just disaster waiting to happen. Still, very well played on Ken's part. permalink parent [ ]andrew_asdf 3 points 2 hours ago you dont sound cocky, you sound dumb permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 1 point 2 hours ago The guy had the magic pixel of HP left, he couldn't block it, so hit confirming would literally just be "Lol I killed you" the only thing he could've done was p arry every single hit, and that requires you to hit the first parry, which is re ally fucking hard for Super 2 on Chun Li in Third Strike. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 1 point 1 hour ago The idea behind it is that when you are ahead on life, your opponent has to come to you to be able to win the match, and the player giving up space feels that a pplying pressure would be too risky and that its safer to run away. You will see it happen a lot if you watch enough street fighter matches. permalink parent [ ]Alphaetus_Prime 7 points 6 hours ago Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (Ken) and Justin Wong (Chun Li). permalink parent [ ]Gnoll_Champion 9 points 5 hours ago Ken has virtually no health left. If you block an attack, you still take a m iniscule amount called chip damage. The only way he wouldn't die is if he parrie d the attacks, which is has extremely tight frames meaning the timing has to be impeccable. Not only did he parry every single attack, he also punished his oppo nent with his own super at the end albeit not as impressive as the parries. This, except the super at the end WAS impressive as a combo finish because of th e jump parry. permalink parent

[ ]Eihwaz 4 points 3 hours ago Uh ? The jump parry then the punish may be the easiest thing of it all. It's what we call a BnB (Bread and Butter) combo. Really easy to pull off. What was hard was parrying the first hit (thats pretty rare), and parrying the r est while everyone was freaking out, keeping it cool and carrying on with the pa rrys. Any pretty good player can parry chun's super (every hit but the first one) pret ty easily. But to do that in a tournament and with so my scream/hype, thats hard. :D permalink parent [ ]Secret_Wizard 22 points 7 hours ago This was the final match of a tournament, with real money on the line. The Ken p layer had almost no life left, so a single hit would take him out. Chun Li launc hed her ultimate attack, which is a flurry of rapid attacks. Normally, blocking does "chip damage" to your health, but Ken couldn't afford to block a single hit . There's a mechanic where if you are frame-perfect and block an attack at the pre cise moment it would hit you, you take no damage. The Ken player managed to perf ect-block each and every single hit of the foe's ultimate attack, and come back with his own ultimate move while Chun Li was recovering. permalink parent [ ]NostalgicX[S] 28 points 6 hours ago Actually, it was a semi-finals match of EVO 2004, not the finals and Daigo didn' t end up winning the tournament (he placed 2nd). permalink parent [ ]poeticpoet 2 points 6 hours ago kugoru won right? yun? permalink parent [ ]xtyson 3 points 5 hours ago its not frame perfect. parries have a 10 frame window. permalink parent [ ]omnilynx 7 points 6 hours ago It's not just that. That demonstrated good reflexes but any pro could pull it of f with enough practice and a bit of luck. It's also the psychology that's going

on behind the scenes. He baited Wong (notice the back and forth just before the move) into pulling off an ultimate when an ordinary attack would have done just as well. That gave him the time to counter with his own ultimate. permalink parent [ ]ArmorMog 14 points 6 hours ago It's been known among the fgc that Daigo had done that same parry countless time s and baited Justin into doing it. But pulling it off on a big stage like that i s still amazing. Other good parries: permalink parent [ ]LMN-er 3 points 4 hours ago Soo only Chun Li's super attacks are "parry-able"? permalink parent [ ]Sinicul 2 points 4 hours ago No, as you can see in OP's post you can also parry Akuma's super attack. I haven 't actually played this fighting game, but I think that you can parry every atta ck including normals, specials, and supers considering you know the timing. Some one can correct me if I'm wrong. permalink parent [ ]Eihwaz 1 point 3 hours ago You can parry anything but throws and special "grabs". But timing can be changed, and theres two type of parry (low and normal), so it' s not THAT hard to parry a known pattern, but its not that easy too. permalink parent [ ]Eihwaz 1 point 3 hours ago You can parry any attacks. Be it fireballs, normal attacks, supers, anything. low attacks have to be parried by tapping "down" and normal height attacks by ta pping "forward" permalink parent [ ]FullScrim 1 point 2 hours ago As the other answers said, most attacks short of grabs can be parried like this by guarding within ten frames of the attack landing.

What makes that move particularly impressive when parried is how fast it normall y comes out. Here it is regular speed for context. permalink parent [ ]poeticpoet 3 points 6 hours ago block - hold back parry - tap forward permalink parent [ ]needed_an_account 3 points 6 hours ago he had to parry. Parrying is pushing forward, the opposite of blocking, at just the right moment. Dude did it like 20 times permalink parent [ ]NostalgicX[S] 5 points 6 hours ago Justin Wong (Chun Li) vs Daigo Umehara (Ken) permalink parent [ ]scarface910 4 points 7 hours ago I've never seen it before. Thank you for sharing. permalink parent [ ]C3L3STIALB3ING 2 points 3 hours ago First time seeing this. Made me realize how bad I'm at street fighter games even more permalink parent [ ]spacemanoncrack 1 point 1 hour ago Thats a VERY big claim to make, ive heard fighting game fans saying that its not even the best fighting game moment. permalink parent [ ]Elquinis 1 point 1 hour ago What about the final level of tetris?

permalink parent [ ]breakfastfoods 1 point 52 minutes ago first i completely disagreed with you, but i can see why; there's very few momen ts that span all game genres and is recognized so widely, and this is one that p retty much every gamer knows. permalink parent [ ]dane83 1 point 50 minutes ago I'm one of today's lucky 10,000. permalink parent [ ]OperaSona 1 point 4 hours ago Relevant XKCD: permalink parent [ ]gilligan156 0 points 4 hours ago Clearly you've not seen Bomber vs. Scarlett permalink parent [ ]tuckervb 3 points 7 hours ago I actually just showed it to my co-worker for the first time a few weeks ago. Wa s this actually you playing? permalink parent [ ]hobdodgeries 29 points 7 hours ago dawg thats daigo. damn. really smh permalink parent [ ]Toktogul 4 points 6 hours ago i played versus him in tokyo: got my ass handed to me. in 2 rounds, i hit him on ce haahah. i felt ashamed permalink

parent [ ]hobdodgeries 2 points 6 hours ago he is a fuckin lord. permalink parent [ ]furophile 2 points 2 hours ago Ain't got nothin on my home boy Woolie. permalink parent [ ]newtype2099 3 points 2 hours ago Dat training montage tho permalink parent [ ]furophile 2 points 2 hours ago Very glad anyone else knew who I was talking about. permalink parent [ ]newtype2099 1 point 2 hours ago I gotcha back. He may have had his ass kicked super hard, but he took it with a smile. Woolie is such a cool dude. Except when he steals pies, that fucker. permalink parent [ ]poeticpoet 2 points 1 hour ago dude ate 3 consecutive srk. It was great permalink parent [ ]vitorizzo -1 points 5 hours ago That's number 37?? I wonder how great number is. permalink parent [ ]AstroPhysician 6 points 4 hours ago number is pretty great

permalink parent [ ]cjackson_ 4 points 3 hours ago Without looking, The Beast, right? permalink parent [ ]Eihwaz 3 points 3 hours ago didnt even click it and knew what it was, so obvious o// permalink parent [ ]Recov3ry 8 points 8 hours ago common now who has not seen that permalink parent [ ]poptart2nd 20 points 7 hours ago one of today's 10,000. permalink parent [ ]I_will_fix_this 4 points 3 hours ago Me permalink parent [ ]mralbania 1 point 6 hours ago JUSTIN VS DAIGO!!!!!!!!!! permalink parent [ ]catailcataclysm 1 point 2 hours ago Holy shit, that was intense permalink parent [ ]BDSM_is_FUN 1 point 2 hours ago There's a reason I say things like "Daigo give me strength" permalink parent [ ]threelite 1 point 1 hour ago

So glad somebody posted this permalink parent [ ]Stonebender6 0 points 4 hours ago Came in here expecting to see this, was not disappointed. permalink parent [ ]alphajohnx 15 points 8 hours ago I have no idea what I'm looking at. permalink [ ]Eji1700 52 points 8 hours ago White akuma eats a hit and is at a sliver of life left. eads to chip damage, which in this case would kill him. of the super fireball, blocks the normal kick low(which then parries the final special move and punishes with a Blocking special moves l He parries all the hits doesn't deal chip), and kill combo.

Parries are done by pressing forward just as the move would hit, and you block b y holding back, so if you miss a parry you eat the hit and in this case die. So his input was basically mash the shit out of forward in a rhythm, down back, for ward, forward, and then combo. It's a pretty impressive display because it's not just one pattern, but really t he most impressive 3rd strike stuff involves red parries, which are much harder( going from blocking to parrying in some insanely small frame window). Edit- on rewatch it seems that normals do chip in 3rd strike, so he just had bar ely enough HP to survive one hit of chip when he blocked the low kick(I barely p layed 3s). permalink parent [ ]Xanthinx 14 points 8 hours ago More confused ! permalink parent [ ]alphajohnx 5 points 7 hours ago My reaction as well haha, at least he tried to explain thanks for that. permalink parent [ ]Eji1700 5 points 7 hours ago Yeah...3rd strike is complicated. Sorta for little gain, but whatever. Shit look s cool.

permalink parent [ ]flyingkwaj 3 points 7 hours ago Apparently is was just a great display of skill and that we can simply appreciat e. permalink parent [ ]mexicomiguel 1 point 6 hours ago Do you play third strike? Who's your main? permalink parent [ ]Eji1700 2 points 6 hours ago Very briefly casually, and I shot for ibuki(since I didn't expect to be playing at a level where tiers mattered too much). Just not my style/flow for a fighter, and my lack of time or ability to really get good enough to play in a more seri ous scene left me with more knowledge than skill. permalink parent [ ]Magicman10893 1 point 2 hours ago Basically, when you block moves you don't stop all of the damage, just most of i t. If the guy on the left would have merely blocked all of those attacks he woul d've lost due to the small amount of damage he would've taken. Instead, he parri ed each attack (essentially he blocked at the exact right time for each individu al attack) which prevents ALL damage, but is incredibly risky because if the tim ing is off by too much, he would take full damage. Then after parrying all of th ese attacks, he counters with his own combo and wins the round by a very small m argin. permalink parent [ ]shiftymojo 1 point 5 hours ago he lands bunch of blocks that are really hard to pull off alone then kill the gu y which looks fucking awesome permalink parent [ ]thaitea 1 point 3 hours ago well so this one dude did this thing, and the other guy did another thing, and t hen that happened. permalink parent [ ]Zetch88 1 point 2 hours ago

Blocks a bunch of hits with next to no life left, comes back to win the game. permalink parent [ ]mexicomiguel 7 points 6 hours ago White Akuma does one of the riskiest actions in Street fighter, he parries a mul ti-hit fireball. The reason it is so risky is because instead of blocking, you t ap directional forward and you "meet" the attack. Doing so negates all damage fr om the attack BUT if you miss the timing and "meet" the attack too early or too late you take full damage. It is even more impressive as White Akuma has but a sliver of health and any sol id hit would kill him. He keeps his composure as Black Akuma continues his relen tless assault, parries more of Black Akuma's attacks which open up a small windo w to counter and unleashes an uppercut from hell and follows up with a signature spinning kick, winning the match by the skin of his teeth. White Akuma's health bar is on the top right and Black Akuma's health bar is on the top left, if that helps. permalink parent [ ]NostalgicX[S] 11 points 6 hours ago When you only have a sliver of health left, you're not risking anything by going for the parry since you'd lose the round if you block (and take chip damage). permalink parent [ ]arbyq5000 6 points 4 hours ago doesn't make the parries any easier to land permalink parent [ ]jstarlee 1 point 1 hour ago In this case you risk eating a low move or a (kara)throw. Still impressive. permalink parent [ ]mexicomiguel -1 points 6 hours ago I would consider it a risk nonetheless. But that's just me. permalink parent [ ]impuritor 1 point 3 hours ago At that point it's literally your only option. permalink

parent [ ]epilis 2 points 4 hours ago* When the akuma on the left is sticking his hand up, he's "parrying" the attack. Think of it as the opposite of blocking. The deal is you can't hold forward to parry like when you hold back to block con tinually. You have to press forward EACH and EVERY single time around that momen t when you want to parry a hit. So in that gif, he parried 6 times: 3 against the super fireball and 3 helicopte r kick swipes. If he blocked that super fireball instead of parrying, it would've killed him si nce blocking super/special moves still takes damage. He had no lifebar left to b lock all that. I play way too much third strike. Edit: he had just enough life left to take chip damage from the last of that sup er fireball since it's 6 hits. Also, sorry if this still doesn't help explain things. permalink parent [ ]jstarlee 4 points 1 hour ago 3s on gaming...the fuck. permalink [ ]ReddTor[??] 4 points 6 hours ago They need to release this on fucking Steam already. I haven't really played it s ince at the arcades or on the Dreamcast. Probably the best 2D fighter ever creat ed! permalink [ ]ion8 4 points 3 hours ago permalink parent [ ]MilkManEX 1 point 1 hour ago Avast is throwing a fit about a trojan on that site. False positive? permalink parent [ ]vertigo90 1 point 38 minutes ago Yeah, I've downloaded it from there myself and it works great.

permalink parent [ ]MyNameIsOhm 1 point 5 hours ago I know it's no steam, but just in case you weren't aware there's an online versi on available for Xbox arcade, and I assume PSN as well. permalink parent [ ]jstarlee 1 point 1 hour ago GGPO. look into it. permalink parent [ ]OblivionGamer92 4 points 8 hours ago What's the game? permalink [ ]inspyre 10 points 8 hours ago Street Fighter 3: Third Strike permalink parent [ ]davemj 2 points 6 hours ago I thought the SON was an acronym at first. permalink [ ]HonoraryRussian 2 points 4 hours ago Syrio lives! permalink [ ]Xanthinx 6 points 8 hours ago KAAAAAMEEEEHAAAAAME- no. permalink [ ]takuyafire 2 points 3 hours ago Marn vs Joon had the best Street Fighter comeback story permalink [ ]Mothman91 1 point 8 hours ago Is this from a tournament or something? Would like to see this with audio if so. permalink

[ ]SkyL1N3eH 7 points 8 hours ago Here you go. I made the gif from this match-set a while back, the whole thing is full of pretty stellar play from two japanese 3s greats, def worth a front to b ack watch if you're familiar with the game. permalink parent [ ]chojiisdavid 2 points 3 hours ago Gif is In 5:05 permalink parent [ ]mhall812 1 point 6 hours ago Is the perry button the same as the block button? If so why not perry every time instead of just blocking? permalink [ ]BeyondElectricDreams 6 points 5 hours ago Parrying is better than blocking, but the inputs are opposite (hold back/tap for ward) and parrying requires immaculate timing permalink parent [ ]nochilinopity 5 points 4 hours ago If I'm holding back and you punch at me, I'll block it. If I'm holding forward a nd you punch at me I'll get hit. I have to tap forward at the exact moment when you punch me. When attacks come out in a fraction of a second, parrying becomes more about predicting attacks. If I'm holding back before you attack me, then yo u do, I'll block it fine, no reaction necessary. permalink parent [ ]ion8 2 points 3 hours ago You can hold block, but you only have 1/10 of a second to parry. permalink parent [ ]xtyson 1 point 1 hour ago 1/6 permalink parent [ ]poeticpoet 2 points 6 hours ago

it's not, you tap forward permalink parent [ ]Eihwaz 1 point 3 hours ago Nope, parrying in done by pressing forward (if the attack isnt "low") or down if its a low attack. You block by holding "back". Parry a pattern isnt that hard, but it still risky because if you try to parry a t the wrong time or the wrong "height" you'll end up eating lot of damage, becau se you can't parry and block at the same time. permalink parent [ ]msphere2 1 point 5 hours ago One of my favorite quotes from Game Of Thrones. permalink [ ]Intellectualificator 2 points 5 hours ago hodor. permalink parent [ ]msphere2 2 points 4 hours ago That one too. permalink parent [ ]dtrainescobar 0 points 4 hours ago* Whenever I do this in the killer instinct remake my whole body feels like I just actually won a real fight, adrenaline is going hard and I get so amped from it. I usually take a break after a match like that, kind of not only goin out on to p type mentality, but also just to calm my nerves heh. I dont get that feeling from many other games except like a huge comeback in NHL or something. permalink [ ]oppose_ 1 point 3 hours ago OHHHH SHIT permalink [ ]1percentof1 1 point 2 hours ago

Is the Yuki Otoko? permalink [ ]Sykesy1497 1 point 1 hour ago Is this third strike? permalink [ ]supersaiyanlink100 0 points 1 hour ago C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!! permalink [ ]rukawa11 1 point 45 minutes ago I'd say the most impressive part was that he knew to not parry and instead block the last hit of the super fireball in order to not get hit by the low kick permalink [ ]Nomizein 0 points 3 hours ago At least get a red parry to make it a worthwhile gif. permalink [ ]matsplat99 0 points 3 hours ago DAIGO IS THAT YOU!!?? permalink [ ]zerkeye 0 points 2 hours ago Come on, /r/gaming. This is obviously a bot. Nowhere near as impressive as Daigo 's parries in 04. permalink [+]Xanthinx comment score below threshold (5 children) [+]KillaKareBare comment score below threshold (0 children) [ ]Saint_Sin -1 points 6 hours ago I came here for Symphony Of The Night. ...I feel tricked. permalink [ ]Sharrakor -1 points 3 hours ago Stop advertising your business in your posts. permalink load more comments (4 replies)

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