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Contest: Find the best bottom half for this picture. permalink [ ]also_pm_ME_your_tits 8 points 6 hours ago ?_? permalink parent [ ]SleepyCommuter 6 points 29 minutes ago To me, this image is a brilliant mirror of an old one. permalink parent [ ]lucidviolet 3 points 4 hours ago 0:16 - Honey, I'm Strong permalink [ ]agent_waffles 1 point 3 hours ago Nicole Scherzinger permalink parent [ ]DyslexicSpeedread 1 point 7 minutes ago Im glad u can read. permalink parent [ ]peacebuster 2 points 1 hour ago Yo quiero Taco Bell. permalink [ ]sebastianpdx 1 point 3 hours ago Better check your stash, think you're dog's been stealing your shit. permalink [ ]alisha_d 1 point 3 hours ago Said this in Rob Dyrdek's voice off that one episode of Ridiculousness...had a g ood giggle. permalink [ ]delusr 1 point 2 hours ago

@ a [6] permalink [ ]betterpc 1 point 2 hours ago Dude... Dude... Srsly... permalink [ ]OhBlackWater 1 point 2 hours ago Wow, such in[10]se permalink [ ]echtav 1 point 2 hours ago Yep, reposted it permalink [ ]MrSquiggles27 1 point 1 hour ago He found the secret stash permalink [ ]mucoviscidosis 1 point 1 hour ago "I made another funny!" permalink [ ]cyphill123 1 point 12 minutes ago Is that a rat terrier? permalink [ ]billnyeisjustok 0 points 5 hours ago Shopped? Look at the edges of the TV where the ad of the girl ends permalink [ ]mrbull3tproof 1 point 5 minutes ago d.119607 not sure... permalink parent [ ]way_fairer -2 points 8 hours ago I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. permalink Master Splinter

[ ]Iamnotateenagethug 0 points 6 hours ago "Why are you wearing that stupid dog suit?" "Why are you wearing that stupid human suit? " permalink [ ]flypelicanfly 0 points 5 hours ago Can anyone tell me what kind of dog this is? permalink [ ]flypelicanfly 0 points 5 hours ago Can anyone tell me what kind of dog this is? permalink [ ]Neceros 0 points 4 hours ago Haha this makes me want to get a cool ass dog so we can get baked together. permalink [+]BlunderBass comment score below threshold (0 children) about blog about team source code advertise jobs help wiki FAQ reddiquette rules contact us tools mobile firefox extension chrome extension buttons widget <3 reddit gold store redditgifts radio reddit Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy . 2014 reddit inc. All rights reserved.

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