The Bishop and the Boys - Part Two

By Peter Levenda

One of the many separate tragedies accompanying the disastrous hurricane strike on New Orleans is the possible loss of some of the more important landmarks and archival material concerning the life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald in that city, including those of Guy Banister, ack !artin, "avid #errie, $lay %haw, &homas Beckham, im Garrison, and others' &he New Orleans episode is rife with conspiracy and coincidence, and provides an important, if somewhat neglected, clue to the secret history of our country' &he clue is to be found in the New Orleans office of private detective Guy Banister, for seventeen years an #B( %)$ *%pecial )gent in $harge+, who ran what seemed to be a clearing house for anti,$astro $ubans and a cover address for Lee Harvey Oswald' )s mentioned in the first part of this series &he Bishop and the Boys, Part One, there is a strange underworld milieu surrounding the activity of Oswald in that New Orleans period' &his is the mysterious world of the wandering bishops' )t one time, there were as many as four -bishops. functioning from Guy Banister/s $amp %treet office, and these included virtually all of his investigators, from "avid #errie and ack !artin to &homas Beckham and the lawyer &homas ude Baumler' Beckham was a bishop with the 0niversal Life $hurch, along with his friend #red Lee $risman *the man who was involved with the seminal 0#O event of the 12 th century, the !aury (sland affair+ and with 3aymond Broshears, yet another minister of the 0niversal Life $hurch and later with one of the Orthodo4 sects with lines to %tanley, and who became a well,known gay activist in %an #rancisco later on' *Broshears would claim, probably falsely, to have lived with "avid #errie in New Orleans5 however, it seems certain that he was at least an ac6uaintance of #errie'+ (n addition, #errie, !artin, Beckham, Broshears and Baumler all shared the same apostolic succession7 that of Bishop 8arl )nglin ames in $anada *about whom more later+ and of Bishop $arl %tanley of the )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch' *(n the interest of full disclosure, let the reader know that the author was also a minister of the 0niversal Life $hurch as a high school student in the Bron4 in 9:;;, as were maybe thousands of other people at the time, attracted by the ads in the back of maga<ines promising ordination and membership in the $hurch for a five dollar donation' Oddly enough, his minister/s card was stolen from the wallet in his gym locker one day by perpetrators unknown=+ $arl %tanley had an arrest record, a rap sheet, as long as your proverbial arm'Born in 3evere, !assachusetts on !ay 9>, 9:21, he was first arrested in in Los )ngeles on November 11, 9:1? for Grand &heft )uto' *)nother coinidence' %tanley was first arrested precisely >; years to the day before the @ennedy assassination'+ #ollowing that there were a number of other arrests for violating postal laws by sending obscene material through the mails, and then on !ay 11, 9:>: for assault and battery' He spent a total of 9A months in prison for various offences, as far as ( can determine'

On anuary 99, 9:A9, however, and for reasons known only to him, %tanley enlisted in the $anadian )rmy for the duration of Borld Bar &wo, being discharged on une 12, 9:AC and becoming a $anadian citi<en on )ugust C, 9:A;' He could not stay out of trouble in $anada, however, finding himself arrested once again this time in Ontario in 9:A?, receiving a si4 months/ suspended sentence for theft' &hen, in )pril of 9:C2, %tanley attempted to enter the 0nited %tates via !iami, #lorida and deportation proceedings began against him' He did not have a 0% passport or an immigrant/s visa' %ince he was a naturali<ed $anadian citi<en, even though he was born in the 0nited %tates, and lied about his citi<enship, the 0% government decided to deport him' "eportation procedures took a lot of time, but he was eventually deported on #ebruary 1D, 9:CA, only to re,enter *illegally+ in )pril of that year' However, he was married to an )merican citi<en and consideration was given to allowing him to remain in the 0nited %tates as the spouse of an )merican' His criminal record, however, was a problem' )ccording to an (N% letter dated October 1:, 9:;C, he had convictions for larceny, robbery, adultery, assault and battery, receiving stolen property, burglary, sending obscene letters through the mail, nonsupport of family and drunk and disorderly conduct' &he (N%, however, took pity on %tanley because of his age *he was ;> in 9:;C+ and they did not contemplate deporting him at that time' He would be dead in less than two years' #rom 9:;A to his death, he was a bishop of the newly,formed )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch, having been consecrated by Bishop 8arl )nglin ames of $anada among others' He, along with Bishops 3obert Eeigler, $olin Guthrie, and Homer 3oebke, formed the )O$$ in the "enver, $olorado area' ) photograph in the author/s possession shows the four men dressed in 3oman $atholic,style bishop/s regalia' )ccording to my informant, that was all they could afford at the time' (n the same year, Balter Propheta was in New Fork $ity forming the 8ast $oast version of the )O$$' (n 9:;?, Propheta was involved with ' 8dgar Hoover who evidently installed him as the -primate. of the )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch at a dinner in !anhattan' *&his tie between Propheta and the #B( was known to the author from Propheta/s own admission to him in 9:;D'+ Once installed, he advised the other bishops that they had to present their credentials to him to be approved as part of the new )O$$' Bhile the other bishops refused, %tanley eagerly raced to New Fork $ity' One wonders what credentials. this convicted felon offered to Propheta and the #B(, for a month later he was dead ''' a few weeks after the controversial death of his bishop, "avid #errie' #errie had been introduced to %tanley by ack !artin, an investigator with Guy Banister/s detective agency in New Orleans' !artin has been portrayed as a hopeless drunk in Oliver %tone/s film of the assassination, and has been given short,shrift in other studies of the New Orleans connection, !artin himself ratted out Banister, %tanley and #errie to the #B( after the assassination when it became clear that "istrict )ttorney im Garrison was investigating the case' Be should not take this all at face value, however, for !artin, even though he pretended to be investigating $arl %tanley, remained a bishop of the )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch for many years after the assassination and until the day he died, even participating in the consecration of &homas ude Baumler, a self,admitted fascist and attorney who also worked briefly as an investigator for Guy Banister and as a New Orleans politician in his own right, as late as 1974' !artin first attempted to have "avid #errie consecrated by another bishop on the 8ast $oast, but the bishopfelt that there was something -unholy. about #errie, and he declined' #errie then went on to %tanley where he was more successful' &his occurs in the three,year period before the @ennedy assassination'

&hen something strange happened' (mmediately after the assassination of President @ennedy in November of 9:;>, %tanley himself alerted authorities that he thought "avid #errie and ack !artin were involved' &his was what prompted the entire investigation into both #errie and the wandering bishops that became the cru4 *no Latin puns intended+ of the Garrison investigation' Bhy would %tanley have done thisG %pite is one possibility, for if !artin/s statements to the authorities are true, and that/s a big if, then %tanley had reason to go after !artin since !artin was investigating him' &he timeline is suggestive for several reasons' (n the first place, the )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch *at least, the version we are discussing+ had not yet been created' &hat would happen less than a year later' %tanley at the time was bishop of something called the Holy $atholic )postolic $hurch, as well as of the By<antine Primitive $atholic $hurch, Old $atholic $hurch in North )merica' *He was Hoined in both of these operations by one $yril &' Omarra, about whom the author can discover nothing so far'+ !artin claimed to have been investigating %tanley for several private clients during the period 9:C:,9:;;, and had ordination and consecration certificates from %tanley/s various churches dating from as early as 9:;2' Fet, !artin was an eager and active participant in the )merican Orthodo4 $atholic $hurch until his death, hardly the position of someone who held a dim view of the organi<ation' Bas his politicking against %tanley *and #errie+ of a piece with what Propheta was doing in New ForkG Or was there a deeper motive involved, an attempt to divert attention away from someone or somethingG &hat !artin and %tanley had a falling out in 9:;> is certain5 %tanley/s report to the #B( that year that !artin and #errie were involved in a conspiracy to assassinate the President is proof positive of bad blood between them' Bhat doesn/t make much sense is the fact that !artin was a close associate of the other bishops who, together with %tanley, formed the )O$$ in 9:;A, after %tanley dropped the dime on !artin and #errie' &he whole affair would begin to look like an inspired disinformation operation if it weren/t for the fact that the central characters are soI odd' $arl %tanley met with Propheta in New Fork $ity in early #ebruary, 9:;? according to information provided to the author by another bishop' "avid #errie died in his New Orleans apartment on #ebruary 11, 9:;?' #errie/s associate, 8ladio del Jalle *an anti,$astro $uban+ was murdered in a parking lot in !iami on the same day' &he following day, #eb 1>, 9:;?, $arl %tanley met with the #B( according to an #B( teletype dated !arch :, 9:;?' *Bas this on orders or advice by Bishop Propheta, the #B(, installed KPrimateKG+ )ccording to the available documentation, he used that opportunity to further slander "avid #errie and ack !artin' #errie, of course, had died Hust the day before' $lay %haw was arrested on !arch 9, 9:;?' $arl %tanley then died of an apparent heart attack on !arch D, 9:;? in Louisville, @entucky' #errie himself was a key witness in the Garrison case against %haw, and his death was a blow to the investigation and to the trial itself' But Garrison would never have known of #errie and his possible involvement in an assassination conspiracy had it not been for $arl %tanley who alerted the #B( concerning #errie and ack !artin/s alleged conspiracy in November of 9:;>' &hus, the other potential witness and whistle,blower, $arl %tanley, was also dead, fourteen days after #errie/s own demise' &hat left ack !artin, Bishop ohn $hrysostom !artin, as the only other living witness to the %tanleyL#errie ne4us' ack !artin was in the hospital the night of the assassination, having been pistol,whipped by his boss, Guy Banister, a man who had so many bishops working for him he might as well have been the Pope' *One wonders if !artin/s hospital admission and the police report of his beating by Banister was a last,minute attempt to establish an alibi, since we have #errie racing to an ice,skating rink in &e4as from New Orleans that same night in what may have been an attempt to establish his'+ Banister was an e4,#B( agent of many years e4perience, and one of the first %)$s to investigate the Best $oast 0#Os of 9:A?' &he bishops still living who knew !artin and who have been contacted by the author all

agree on one point7 that !artin was an e4cellent source for #B( files on potential candidates for the priesthood for years after the assassination' Leaving aside for the moment why wandering bishops need #B( files on potential priests, and why they would suspect the e4istence of those files in the first place, let us e4amine the ack !artin story in a little more detail since it seems we never really knew him at all' &o Be $ontinued

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