Return of the Bishops

By Peter Levenda

"Everything about Tommy Baumler was dark." -- Timothy Wyllie

Greetings, boys and girls. ou may remember my long series o! arti"les #or a series o! long arti"les, mejor dicho$ "on"erning %ew &rleans, Lee 'arvey &swald, and a veritable a(ostoli" su""ession o! wandering bisho(s who o(erated out o! Guy Banister)s o!!i"e in the Big Easy. ou may re"all su"h names as *avid +errie, ,a"k -artin, .arl /tanley ... and Thomas ,ude Baumler. Well, you)ll never believe it, but Tommy Baumler)s name "ame u( again in the most bi0arre (la"e o! all these bi0arre (la"es. He was the lawyer who incorporated the Process Church of the Final Judgment . Take a breath. +or those o! you who need some ba"kground on Tommy Baumler, here is an e1"er(t !rom my series o! arti"les (osted here on the wandering bisho(s #more may be !ound in volume one o! Sinister Forces$2 -,a"k -artin remained a bisho( with the 3meri"an &rthodo1 .atholi" .hur"h to the end o! his days, even going so !ar as to bring in another Banister asso"iate, the "or(ulent attorney and una(ologeti" ra"ist Thomas ,ude Baumler, to the &rthodo1 !old, "onse"rating Baumler a bisho( in 3ugust o! 4567, nearly eleven years a!ter the 8ennedy assassination and seven years a!ter the beginning o! the Garrison investigation and the deaths o! both /tanley and +errie. +rom (ersonal "orres(onden"e with an individual involved with this a!!air, 9 learned that Baumler had already been ordained a (riest by /tanley years be!ore: in other words, (rior to /tanley;s death in -ar"h, 45<6. Baumler;s status in %ew &rleans so"iety was assured: he "ame !rom an old !amily and was asso"iated with one o! the !amous -ardi Gras ="rewes>. 9n addition, a""ording to my in!ormant, Baumler was also a -ason and belonged to the same lodge ? the Etoile Polair Lodge o! the +ren"h Grand &rient ? as -a!ia don .arlos -ar"ello, the man !or whom *avid +errie was working on the day o! the assassination. -y in!ormant goes on to insist that -artin "ould be relied u(on to !urnish +B9 !iles on =!uture a((li"ants !or 'oly &rders>, a strange "a(ability !or a ho(eless drunk. 9t is widely rumored that -artin had a sour"e at +B9 head@uarters in %ew &rleans who (rovided him these !iles, but he also made it known that he was an investigator !or the *istri"t 3ttorney;s o!!i"e ? something o! whi"h the *3 was (resumably not aware. et he had an in"ome o! some kind, !or he was known to travel e1tensively throughout the Anited /tates !or years on one errand or another involving the bisho(s, a true =wanderer>. What was Baumler;s interest in .arl /tanley and the 3meri"an &rthodo1 .atholi" .hur"hB Why was it attra"tive to be"ome "onse"rated the Bisho( o! Baton Couge-%ew &rleans in this minus"ule, obs"ure "hur"h as late as 4567B /oon a!ter his "onse"ration, he went on to "onse"rate another bisho(, this time William +ran"is +orbes, in &"tober o! 4567. 9t was Baumler, a!ter all, who told ,. Gary /haw in 45D4 that Lee 'arvey &swald worked !or Guy Banister. 'e even told ,im Garrison investigator 'arold Weisberg in 45<5 that he (ersonally met the elusive &swald himsel!.

-%ow, in a book entitled Love Sex Fear Death !he "nside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, #+eral 'ouse, EFF5$ !ormer Pro"ess member Timothy Wyllie goes into some detail about the !ounding o! the movement and mu"h o! the day-to-day events in the lives o! its members. 9t is a !as"inating tale !or those who are interested, and "ontains over 4FF (ages o! art, arti"les, and other disjecta mem#ra o! that notorious grou(. 9t is on (age 67, however, that he dro(s the name Tommy Baumler and des"ribes the man (er!e"tly. There "an be no doubt. 9n 45<6 -- while a (riest o! the 3meri"an &rthodo1 .atholi" .hur"h, a +reemason, a hy(notist, a ra"ist -- and as the ,im Garrison investigation into his !riends *avid +errie and ,a"k -artin !or their alleged role in the 8ennedy assassination was heating u(, Tommy Baumler was hanging out with the Pro"ess and even going so !ar as to suggest a name !or their grou(2 The .hur"h o! .hrist and /atan. Wyllie says they had to talk him out o! it, and !inally settle on the name The .hur"h o! the +inal ,udgment. Ceaders may remember the hysteria surrounding the Pro"ess !rom its earliest days. There were a""usations that it was a mind-"ontrol "ult, that they were devil-worshi(ers, that they were involved with ritual murder, et" et". The !a"t that they were involved to a degree with .harles -anson didn)t hel(: the !a"t that .harlie on"e !amously (ro"laimed that he was Cobert -oore #the "o-!ounder o! the Pro"ess$ didn)t hel( mu"h either, or the interview with .harlie that a((eared in the Pro"ess maga0ine. The !a"t that issues o! said maga0ine bore su"h themes as *eath and +ear was (robably another "lue to the already (aranoid. But then throw in the /on o! /am "onne"tion #made !amous by -aury Terry, but to be !air was also bruited about by *avid Berkowit0 himsel! long a!ter his senten"ing, and "orroborated by sel!des"ribed !ormer members o! the Pro"ess$ and you have a truly sinister !antasy. The Pro"ess and .harles -anson: the Pro"ess and the /on o! /am "ult. &kay, that will do. Then toss in the "dark" Tommy Baumler and the 8ennedy assassination "ons(ira"y and you are dee( inside Sinister Forces territory. Pleasant dreamsG

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