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Manson II and Abigail Folger

From Maury Terrys Ultimate Evil: Chapter XXIII In Deaths Valley: The climate was certainly favorable for Mentzer to have known Frykowski, Folger, and others in the circle, possibly including Evans !ut did he" #$e definitely knew %ibby Folger,# a &os Angeles contact said #I knew both of them then, and saw them together at lunch in a restaurant in 'ewport !each with a couple of other people not long before the murders # I found support for that account by locating a person who claimed he shared the Mentzer( Folger table that day #I was with them on that occasion,# said the source, who was an undercover operative for the F!I The source wasn)t an F!I agent, but was recruited by the !ureau in the late si*ties to infiltrate the anti(war and drug scenes in +alifornia #Folger knew Mentzer,# he said simply This was e*plosive information Mentzer allegedly knew one of the Tate victims and !erkowitz had said Manson II told the 'ew ,ork group that a real motive for the murders e*isted Mentzer apparently would have been in a position to have known that

From Chapter XXIV Murder Reigned in Southern California: !illy -oyle, who was close to Mama +ass, also knew .oy .adin suspect !ill Mentzer, said a &os Angeles source who was ac/uainted with both men #I was in the same room with them They were part of the same scene0 they know each other,# the informant reported 1o Mentzer not only knew one of the Tate victims2Folger2he also knew !illy -oyle, according to the source 3e were getting ever closer to Manson II and the hidden secrets of the +ielo -rive nightmare 456 7incent !ugliosi suspected Manson had contact with the 8rocess in 1an Francisco !ut the prosecution didn)t pursue that suspicion 1imilarly, the district attorney)s office said it sought but was unable to find a link between Manson and a +ielo -rive victim, which would have significantly altered the perception of the case !ut we learned that +harlie and Abigail Folger were friends for a time in 1an Francisco and that Manson hooked up with the 8rocess there as well 456 The Folger information comes from a reliable informant who knew both Folger and Manson The source said he had dinner one night in 1eptember 9:;< with Manson, Folger and two other individuals at a small seafood restaurant near %olden %ate 8ark, not far from the $aight =ne of the others at the table was an aspiring actor and stuntman named -onald >1horty? 1hea $e later headed south to &os Angeles and found work at the 1pahn movie ranch 1horty 1hea was murdered by the Family in the fallout from the Tate(&a !ianca slayings, allegedly because he knew too much

$e indeed did @nknown by the police and prosecution, 1hea had known Manson and Folger in 1an Francisco two years before the murders and actually went down to & A in Manson)s company, according to the source This revelation also seriously impacts the case Two people seated in that seafood restaurant that night in 9:;< were later murdered on the instructions of a third The source)s statement2which was supported by that of another +alifornia informant who said 1hea also knew !ill Mentzer)s associates2destroys $elter 1kelter as the only motive for the slayings and clearly demonstrates there were other factors involved The 'ew ,ork informants had hit the target again Ed 1anders had heard that Manson attended a fund(raising event in 1an Francisco that was chaired by Abigail Folger)s mother $e also knew that in 9:;< Manson met disciple Mary !runner at the @niversity of +alifornia, !erkeley, where !runner worked in the library and Folger at the university)s art museum And he had received information that Manson met Folger at Mama +ass)s home !ut 1anders wasn)t able to flesh out the Folger connection 3e were #%ibby had more money than she knew what to do with,# the source states #1he was into finding herself and new directions, and she was always investing in things, including a surfboard shop in Encinitas 4near 1an -iego6 And not long before the murders, about si* weeks, she got involved in putting up some cash for a small recording studio It)s possible that Terry Melcher, who knew Manson well, had a link into that studio # This was another twist0 Melcher wasn)t believed to have been associated with Folger, but the source says he might have been #That night in 1an Francisco, she loaned ten grand to a small theater,# the informant continues #And she had also given money to +harlie from time to time # !ut then she stopped #Manson turned against her when she refused to lay out any more bucks for him, and also because she wouldn)t come across for him se*ually +harlie wanted to make it with her, but she shot him down # 1o +harles Manson, who would soon orchestrate orgies and command se* at will from his young followers, was spurned by Abigail Folger Add another item to +harlie)s own list of reasons for willingness to oversee butchery on +ielo -rive #It made sense that 1hea was killed after that,# the contact says #$e knew both of them, and he could tie things together that nobody wanted tied # From another informant, it was learned that the A9B,BBB Folger agreed to advance that 9:;< night was to help out a 1an Francisco arts house known as the 1traight Theater, which was located on the corner of $aight 1treet and +ole 'ot coincidentally, Manson lived at ;C; +ole during this period, and the 8rocess was ensconced at 'o DB< on that block =n 1eptember E9, 9:;<, a rock group called the Magick 8owerhouse of =z >with the word #magic# deliberately spelled with Aleister +rowley)s k on the end? played the 1traight Theater to celebrate something occultish known as the #e/uino* of the gods,# 1eptember E9 being the first day of autumn &ead guitarist and sitar player for the 8owerhouse was none other than !obby !eausoleil, who became a Mansonite and participated in the 9:;: %ary $inman murder Manson, Folger, the 1traight Theater and !eausoleil0 the connections are fascinating !eausoleil was tightly woven to author and bizarre(film maker Fenneth Anger, who was into the biker mysti/ue and later conducted a magic ritual involving a satanic pentagram during an =ctober 9:;< march on the 8entagon Anger was in the process of filming an occult movie that autumn0 it was called Lucifer Rising. !eausoleil, twenty, played the part of &ucifer in the picture and his group was to perform the movie)s music, such as it was 1o, 1anders reported, Anger was present at the 1traight Theater that night to film the soiree

Following the path a step furtherG Anger, &1- guru Timothy &eary and others were involved in the formation of the $imalayan Academy, which a source described to me as #a new(age research foundation of altered states of consciousness # The academy was stocked with various types of e*pensive e/uipment, such as oscilloscopes and electronic measuring devices It was a mind(bending e*periment of the first kind 1ources say the academy was comprised of at least fifty members, plus another hundred or so hangers(on There was considerable wealth on the academy)s roster of sympathizers, and informants report that Abigail Folger contributed money here as well Folger had also attended sessions at Esalen, which was neither geographically nor philosophically far from the $imalayan Academy In fact, Folger may have been at Esalen on August E or C, 9:;:, Hust before Manson arrived there A phone call, probably made by Folger, was placed to Esalen from 9BBIB +ielo -rive on July CB, the 3ednesday before the weekend of August E(C If Folger went to Esalen, her reason may have been simply to attend a sensitivity seminar, or it may have been related to other matters connected to the oncoming murders $owever, no one has discovered if she even visited the facility at that time !ut she was not in &os Angeles 1anders reported that Frykowski entertained another young lady at +ielo -rive that Friday night, demonstrating that Abigail was away .egardless, the sources say that Folger put some capital into the $imalayan Academy2and that +harlie Manson was also connected to the society #Folger donated to the place, and it was there that Manson was first e*posed to the 8rocess,# an informant says #The academy was into all sorts of things and the 8rocess was invited to speak there That)s how it happened # The source didn)t know if Folger was associated with the cult !ut according to the informant, Manson joined the cult and later convened with the group in Mill 7alley and at a dwelling in 1an Anselmo occupied by a well(known personage aligned with the &1- scene !oth cities are in the !ay Area This scenario raised an inevitable /uestion &os Angeles sources earlier said that .oy .adinKManson II suspect !ill Mentzer fre/uently traveled to the 1an Francisco area, the 1tanford campus in 8alo Alto, and stipulated that he knew Abigail Folger #Mentzer knew Manson and all the cult people,# the other informant said Another crucial piece of the puzzle apparently was now in place And what about the relationship between Manson and the doomed 1horty 1hea" #They knew each other well enough in 1an Francisco to travel up to 1eattle together to visit a commune started there by !rother &ove Israel,# said the informant, who dined with them #They were tight long before the 1pahn ranch and the murders # Authorities had placed Manson in 1eattle, but they apparently didn)t know why he was there 2or whom he was with

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