Nathan Cunningham nominated for Juno

Chris Clegg for South Peace News A Sucker Creek musician continues to reap the rewards of his hard work and immense talent. On Feb. 5, Nathan Cunningham, 35, was nominated for Aboriginal Album of the ear, which acknowledges all traditional Aboriginal music, b! the Canadian Academ! of "ecording Arts and Sciences. #he nomination is better known as the $uno Awards % the highest honour a Canadian can achie&e for their work. Cunningham, a singer, is a descendant of the 'oodland Cree, ()tis countr!. *e is influenced b! countr! classics, rock, soul and hip hop. *is distincti&e sound is a mainsta! on the Aboriginal radio wa&es. "oad "enditions is his latest album. Also nominated are ()tis artist Amanda "heaume, Cree+O,ibwa! singer -esiree -orion, singer.songwriter /eorge 0each, and (etis woman 1ne2 $asper. $uno 'eek is at 'innipeg (arch 34.35. 0ast !ear, Cunningham won two awards at the Aboriginal 6eople7s Choice (usic Awards in the 8est Countr! Album and (ale 9ntertainer of the ear categories. :1 was reall! surprised b! the second one,; said a modest Cunningham after the awards. :#he acceptance speech was all a blur. 1t still hasn7t reall! sunk in.; Cunningham works as a trucker in the <alle!&iew.Fo= Creek area. *is parents are 6hilip and $anie Calliou, who ha&e been incredibl! supporti&e of his music career. :#he! influenced me b! pla!ing the legends, like /eorge $ones,; he said. :1 started out cop!ing his sound, until 1 de&eloped m! own.; Cunningham recentl! signed a deal with New 0eaf 9ntertainment, based in #oronto. Cunningham notes that the e=posure from winning awards will gi&e him a greater &ariet! of shows and &enues to pla! in the future. :Awards won7t book shows, but the! do open a lot of doors.;

And to be nominated for a prestigious $uno Award is another feather in his cap.

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