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The Nagas

Warhammer armys:

The Nagas

by W/Lileath


The nagas army

The inhabitants of the seas only appeared recently during the last great war against chaos, and many country still see them as a myth. Howe er the naga e!ist and few sur i ed to say it. "n the name of their #ueen $%shara, they sweep aside all their enemies, for none can stand against them. The naga ha e an army composed of arious races. &urlocs sla es are used as staging troops and cannon fodder, with artillery support from mighty dragon turtles. Naga males ser e as shoc' troops( they deploy as infantry in close formations wielding scimitars, tridents and nets while females stand bac' hurling spells at the enemy. &ales may ha e command o er small numbers of troops but females will always be in o erall command of any Naga force. roads for the naga forces. Naga men, stronger and tougher than women, act as front line soldiers and as bodyguards. They are adept at using the terrain to their ad antage, and their lac' of ranged weaponry )it0s not ery useful under water* ma'es then canny about sight lines and flan'ing maneu ers. Naga myrmidons are strong melee combatants and willingly come to grips with the enemy. Naga royal guard, as their name implies, ser e as protection for important indi iduals.

Naga women ta'e the field as spellcasters, usually magi drawing from the most ancient arcane legacy in the world. Some few are priestesses of the tides. Naga women act as both a source of support magic for their allies and as offensi e magic punishers. Naga leaders tend to be women adept at both strategie and The naga ha e a powerful military, though magic 1 naga sea witches are some of the they ha e yet to truly ma'e their presence felt most powerful champions the race has to offer. in the world. So far, their efforts are limited to Naga sirens are more common but still deadly, certain select engagements )such as against the using their magic to incapacitate foes so the high elf during the last great war against naga myrmidons can sweep in and finish them chaos* and arious e!ploratory missions along off. the old world+s coasts and other remo ed $s far as anyone 'nows, the only real naga locales. ,umors say that the naga are armies that currently e!ist are beneath the preparing for a ma-or in asion of the land( wa es, in Na%-atar. 2ther, smaller groups are they are now building their forces, securing scattered across the world, where they strategic locations, claiming important items in estigate items and places of importance to and information, and probing the defenses of the naga0s mysterious purposes. These forces the High el es, the li%ardmen+s, the empire, usually ha e a single leader 1 a powerful and their numerous other ri als. Whispers say spellcaster )female* or warrior )male* 1 a that $%shara see's to regain her position as do%en or so naga myrmidons, and a few naga .ueen of the land. sirens. They may ha e some murlocs sla es to Naga society is ancient and cunning, and their warriors are the same way. $ll naga en-oy using their a.uatic natures against their foes, particularly against generals who ha e not fought naga. $ naga commander attempts to maneu er her forces to meet the enemy on a battlefield with ri ers, la'es, marshes or similar features( such bodies of water are no impediment to naga, but ser e as barriers for land/based forces as well as hiding spots and ser e as e!pendable troops and do the dirty wor', and some groups include a couple of snap dragons, or couatl, depending on the nature of the mission. "n addition to these groups, naga e!plorers tra el out from the coasts and from naga bases, gathering information for their .ueen.

What is in this boo' 3

The boo' brea's down into the following sections.

History of the nagas

This describes the origins of the nagas, and dwel es into the mysterious and esoteric history.

4ollecting a nagish army

This section shows you how to begin collecting and painting your own army. "t features the nagish glyph and colour schemes of the nagas to aid you when deciding how to paint your own army. 5ou will also find a host of 6 superbly 7 painted models from the 6 W team 7 to inspire your own modelling creations. $ realm underseas here you can read about the recent history of the nagas after the time of the first encounter with land wal'ers, e!amine the detailed timeline of this mysterious realm. The army of the seas Here you will find all taht you need to ta'e your nagas army onto the battlefild. "n this section, you will find the rules for mystical and powerful magic items as well of the secrects of the potent magics practiced in Na%-atar. $t the end of this olume are details on some of the migthy heroes of the nagas: "llidan the traitor, Lady ash- the .ueen+s ser ant and of course #ueen+s $%shara.

History of the nagas

empire, destroying hordes of 2rcs, ;aemons and other creatures of 4haos in great battles. Trade flourished between the two realms and 9el/Shanaar and Snorri Whitebeard, High <ing of the ;war es, signed a treaty of eternal friendship between =l es and ;war es. $ golden age had began, city were rebuilt or built all o er the 'ingdoms, and were crimped with -ewelerie and gold. 2ne those city was >in $%shari

Naga are sinister, ophidian humanoids that dwell beneath the ocean. Theirs is an ancient and mystical culture, for fi e thousand years ago they were $surs..... .

The Sundering

Se eral thousands years ago, the nagas were The city of >in/$%shari not what they are now. $ctualy they were and graceful el es of 8lthuan, most of them li ed in the old realm of nagaryth and tiranoc. $t The Highborn that time, they shared the same destinny has the others el es, they where by the side of $emarion during the great war against chaos, >in/$%shari )?The @lory of $%shara? * figth for the sal ation of the world and won. was the most la ish city of Nagaryth A,BBB Howe er the country lead in ruin and withour years ago, built on the ban's of a magical la'e a ruler. $emarion dead, 9el/Shanaar was chosen by called the well of eternity. The pre ious name the 4ouncil of :rinces o er the more ob ious of the city is un'nown, but, after her ascension to the throne, it was renamed after their successor, :rince &ale'ith, the son of $enarion, due to their inclination for a more belo ed &istress $%shara. Within its highest peaceful ruler. "n spite of great support from spires, could be found some of the most his homeland and from who would become the powerful wi%ard of all Nagaryth who called nagas, &ale'ith did not contest the ascension themsel es the Highborne. They where a and 9el/Shanaar was crowned 'ing. "nitially magical sect who set themsel es to plumbing the mysteries of the Well. ;ue to the power of 9el/Shanaar+s reign was peaceful and prosperous: &ale'ith made contact with the the well most of the people of the city where gifted with magical power altougth some dwar es and together established many settlements in the lands that would become the where limited, it made >in/$%shari a powerful city.

&alD'ith. 2 er time, the e er/more rec'less use of "t was to much for the people of magic by the Highborne and their .ueen led to Nagaryth could handle and 4i il war gripped their slow corruption and addiction to the 8lthuan. "mri', the prince of 4aledor, was power it granted. 9ut it also made them thin' chosen and crowned to oppose &ale'ith. He they where half gods, perfect been, it is gathered an army of pure el es, and upon his naturally that the highborn felt in the trap of coronation too' the name 4aledor the Cirst. the prince of chaos and -oined the cult that The force of all Nagaryth were was spreading in naggaryth under the mobili%ed and so were the people of >in/ super ison of &orathi, the mother of their $%shari. &ale'ith recently healed by the prince. They saw in the cult and in chaos combined power of &orathi and Hote', led is perfection, were eager to learn more about it force against those of 4aledor but after se eral and most of all were willing to 'now how bring ictorius battle, the dar' el es as they where it to them. now called started to lose against the asur led $s the seed of the ci al war was by 4aledor. growing fast between the el es, &ale'ith $t that time, the .ueen was returned to 8lthuan and was horrify by what approached by her most trusted ad isor, he found. He led a series of great purges 4ounselor Ea ius, who approached her with against the cults across 8lthuan, but it did an idea of using the power of the Well of little sa e push the realm towards ci il war. =ternity to cleanse the world, of those traitor Cinally, &ale'ith declared 9el/Shanaar to be a by bringing to this world the legions of the follower of the cults. 9el/Shanaar couardly prince of chaos. $%shara was seduced by this 'illed himself before this claim could be idea, bringing more perfect been li'e them ratified. &ale'ith demanded the crown pass to upon the world. $nd the will of $%shara was him, so that he could sa e 8lthuan from this respected, a portal was made out of the well new enemi but the council was still s'eptical and brought thousands of demons to the about the threat, so &ale'ith to pro e his right world. The first forces were placed under the to be 'ing pass through the sacred Clame of command of $%shara to be her personnal body $suryan, but was horrifically burned, by the guard as a gift from her god, the rest of them enchantement saphery mage had place to 'ill

where sent to the front and -oined the other wic'edness and malice that had always hidden demon forces from the other citys. 9ut e en within her core. with all those fresh troop the ;ar' el es where None 'nows who where those oices, loosing the battle against their traitor apart from $%shara herself. Tale spea's about brothers. of creatures olders then the dragons or maybe So &ale'ith decided on a final gamble: some chaos gods, but their is no way to be sure. unra el the Forte! of 8lthuan, a great swirling The only things that is sure is that this pact mass that pre ented the return of the full force sealed the destinny of all those who were of 4haos. This would ma'e their ictory drawned by the sundering. certain and gi e them the power of chaos. The morning after the disaster, the el es $%shara gathered all his Highborn to particate wo'e up underwater, not dead and capable of to the dar' ritual of &alD'ith, 9ut as the dar' breathing as if they were on land. $t first they ritual began, the mages of "sle of the ;ead praised the gods for ha ing spared there li es inter ened, wea ing powerful counter spells. but soon they find out that the price for their The highborn and the other wi%ard in sur i al had a price. 4ursed they started to &ale'ith side bra ely figth the power the change. Since then they ha e further been caledor+s mage inprisonned in the orte! but twisted by the residual cascading energies of finally lost the battle and the resulting was a the sundering. They too' on new shapes, new titanic magical bac'lash. The earth was powers and became the hateful, serpentine sha'ing all around the highborns, many of naga. Some 'ept most of their old boby only them were changed into roc' in the first ha ing one big fish tails where they used to second of it, the city was crumbling and the ha e legs and with fins all o er their body, but s'y was only thunder. 9ut $%shara wasn+t others changed so badly that none could says gi ing up, when the other sorceress of they used to be $surys. &alD'ith where trying to sa e their don-on by creating what we now 'now as the 9lac' $rchs, $%shara and her Highborn were still trying to brea' the orte! to bring the perfection upon the world. 9ut wasn+t brea'ing at all and $%shara was only brougth bac' to reality by a thousand feet tsunami who submerge >in/$%shari and most of Nagaryth and tiranoc beneath the @reat 2cean.

The gifted
When the blac' waters poured into the palace, she created a magical shield that would protect her and the remaining Highborne from Hatred grew from the depth of their drowning. "t was at that time that a oice in souls against those who were spared and her head whispered of an escape: ?There is a finally against all the land wal'ers. =ager for way...there is a will become more re enge they turn to $%shara to guide them, as than you e er were...more than you e er it was her who sa ed them from death, she were...we can help...we can help...5ou will be wasn+t responsible for their curse the land more than you ha e e er been...and when the wal'er were, she is $%shara the belo ed, she time comes, for what we grant will always acts for the good of her people and she ser e us well...? Her spell collapsed but as the will lead them to ictory and re enge. They set Water filled her lungs she did not drown. She about building a new life for themsel es on the instead e!panded with hate and rage, ocean depths, within the abyssal sea trench becoming a massi e monstrosity, reflecting the beneath the dar' waters of the great sea they

5ou can find many tales on seapeoples Cor A,BBB years, these el es of the abyss in all the ta ern of marienburg. How they dwelt in a dar' and powerful empire. :agodas sur i ed the wrath of G feets tall seamens, armed with a Hfeets tall triden, or how they and balconies line the deep trenches, where charmed by the song of a siren. 9ut glimmering lights pic'ing out the shapes of cities in the cold blac'. Sinuous figures drift those are only drun' tales and can+t realy be and twist along the passageways, their el en ta'ed seriously. origins difficult to discern. The real first encounter of the nagas on a battlefield, is during the last great war against chaos. High el es chronicles tal' about an encounter with sna'eli'e mosnter on the The war against the sea giants coast of some nagaryth city ruins. "t was said that they where most li'ely loo'ing for 2nly few years after the sundering, the something. nagas had already build a large part of their Since then many repport can be found new city. "t was greatly due to the murlocs who on s'irmish with sna'eli'e creatures around saw in them half gods, harbinders of the 6 one the world. 9ut they always bisappear after the in the deeps 7 . $lthougth murlocs ensla ed figth. Those S'irmish attac' are usually their sel es to the naga by their own will, it unclear, what are their goals, are they testing wasn+t the case for the turtles dragons, the the defences3 2r loo'ing for artefacs3 ma'rura, or the snap dragons. $nyways s'irmish attac's are not realy The nagas were e!pending their considered, e!cept maybe by the high el es, underwater empire at an incredible rate. $nd who are mostly trouble by the rare names of soon they encounterd the sea giants. The seas nagas in the reports. giants were the gardians of the seas, created by the ancient to 'eep the peace under the oceans. $t first the sea giants where troubled by the The Surannar e ent presence of nagas on their land and too' council to discuss about it. They finally after "n the year IAIG of the imperial more them a year agreed that they shouldn+t calendar, the eternal queen revenge a high el es be her and so they had to be destroyed. $nd so galley patroled in the north west coast of the war was declared between the sea giant 8lthuan and found out, some mysterious and the nagas, a war that still hasn+t end. archipelago, that wasn+t on any map. The captain of the the eternal queen revenge, $t first the nagas were supprised by this wars and were easly defeated into battle CJanor, landed is mens on the coast of one of but the magical s'ill of the sea el es was too the island, the egetation was e!oti.ue, -ungle li'e but in the same time you could see some powerful for the sea giant to handle, ha ing only a limited comprehension of it, and soon coral and algae as if you where underwater. the minor ictorys of the seas giant changed =ager to 'now more about this strange into a real bloodbath. 2n e ery battlefield the landCJanor and is man push forward in sea giants lost were unbelie able, the sea giant the-ungle and found out some ruins, in some way familiar. They entered what it seen to be a were reduced to less them a thousand. $nd only could continu the figth against the nagas temple and find out some high el es glyphs. They were no more doubt. This was ancient with s'irmish attac's. nagaryth ruin, CJanor presumed it was the With the defeat of the sea giants the ancient city of Surannar, that he once saw. nagas supremacy on the seas was assured. $nd They had to go bac' to there galley and report a golden age -ust started for the nagas to the phoeni! 'ing. 9ut it was too late some, strange bipedal creature ambush them from The first encounter with nagas the bassin of the temple, throwing -a elin to suprised high el es. They were too much of

built their new city, Na%-atar.

bipedal creature flee. "t was their chance to get them for the litle troop, they retreat in the bac' the the galley. Some of CJanor mens sanctuary closed the door and barricaded it. where poisonned by the -a elin of the little When they fanally loo' at something else then creature, too wea' they where left behind for the door they where ama%ed to see a statue of the sa'e of the others. some high el es 6 modified 7 , they were They run bac' to the coast where they haded sna'e tails and tridens. "t was more left the galley, the rest of the mens where li'ely the wor' of the a.uatic creature they figthing more of those sna'e li'e monster and -ust saw, but why would they do such things3 where about the ta'e off. Somehow CJanor $fter a while the creature stop trying to and is mens found a way in the galley and fleed push there way in, a complete silence followed, the Sna'emens who suprise CJanor by not bro'e only by a loud sna'e noise followed by poursuing them. Howe er the reason wasn+t some word in a strange language, answerd far away, something li'e a mermaid was byone of the creature. "t was li'e the creature standing in front of them on a migthy roc'. feared him or maybe worship him, the el es She yelled at the high el es and said 6 :itiful couldn+t tell. 9ut a few second after land wal'er, who are you to enter .ueen+s thecreature answerd the oice, something -ust $%shara domain, you must be punished for smashed the door away in -ust one blow of a H follishness, for are we the nagas7 and then she feets triden. The el es still da%ed by the power started to cast some spell the water was of the attac', began to see the form of their boiling, mo ing, agitating, each of the ennemi, He was about G feet tall, big arms, no mermaid word changed the current and finally legs but something li'e a sna'e body with she changed the sea into some'ind of orte! dorsal fin and handing a massif triden. The that draw the galley into the sea+s depth. monster charge and easly smashed =lwJ who Three days later an other galley found was too scared to mo e, CJanor grab is CJanor incoscious, deri ing and the sea. $nd magical sword and -umped on the creature, told all about the surannar e ent to the wounding his shoulder. CJanor dodge the captain. triden and this time 'ill him by stabing him in Wee's later the 'ing was informed, the bac' K times before he finally fell down to and the council was troubled by the name of the floor. CJanor was e!hausted, but seeing $%shara the wicth, and those sna'eli'e mens their master die in front of them made the that call themsel es the nagas.

The inhabitants of the seas

racial. $dditionally, &.=.H.T.$. )&ages for $n nagish army is composed of se eral races the =thical and Humane Treatment of and monster, not only nagas, each of them has $nimals* representati e <ing &rgl/&rgl )an a personnal history, and are only bind together -ade mage disguise into a murloc* disco ered, by the steel hands of the nagas. after he had learned their language, that the Winterfin tribe of murlocs in the Nordland are as intelligent as any of old The murlocs world+s more ?ci ili%ed? races. The murloc is a bipedal, &urlocs tend to dwell in amply/ amphibious humanoid race residing along populated coastal settlements, and it is unusual coastlines, la'eshores, and ri erbeds. &urlocs to find indi iduals wandering too far from possess bulbous bodies, large mouths lined their compatriots. &urlocs organi%e into small with rows of sharp fangs, and slime/coated tribes and larger clans. The clans can muster s'in. "ndi iduals range in coloration from their tribes into a fighting force when needed tur.uoise to dar'ish grey, while their heights for in asion. ,arely, clans may -oin each other ary from K/L/I feet to M feet. ;epending on to form larger forces. the ariety, murlocs may lean towards a closer resemblance to frogs or to fish. Though murlocs are relati ely new to the old world, it is increasingly belie ed that &urloc faith is strange. Some accounts report they are actually a ery ancient race. Se eral that religion plays a dominant role in their accounts and clues seem to substantiate this. "nsociety, though they do not re ere a single, fact, it is now belie ed that murlocs )or, more common deity )to our 'nowledge, at least*. appropriately, their ancestors* may e en pre/ Their religion is then polytheistic, animistic, date ancients. 2f course these ancient murlocs and e en a bit shamanistic. They ha e rituals li ed in the oceans+ depths and therefore were in ol ing communication with the sea and its powers, and they worship the water and the ne er 'nown to the world+s early land/ powerful entities within it. &urloc beliefs dwelling races. "n the last few years, the ile naga ha e begun incorporate powerful creatures that li e reemerging from their watery abodes, causing around them, and their pantheons are dynamic, changing to include new creatures historians to speculate that their migration they encounter. They may add or remo e may ha e triggered the murlocs+ slow creatures to their worship structure to reflect encroachment onto land. recent e ents. $ tribe may enerate a whale )or These creatures ha e been mo ing in/ may e en raise its status to whale/god* until a land steadily from their oceanic dwelling giant sea serpent dri es it away, at which point places and inhabiting more areas of 9retonnia their beliefs change to center on the sea and the holy empireof signar. This mo e in/ serpent as the chief ob-ect of their land has resulted in them adapting to fresh/ re erence. $nother tribe may worship a naga water la'es and ri ers. Their supposed sea witch until she is 'illed by shar's, at which intelligence has been debated. Some argue point she is replaced by the shar's. $ nearby that, since their guttural language is creature that e!emplifies murloc alues 1 impossibly difficult to decipher, they ha e such as a strong shar' or a .uic' fish 1 limited intelligence. Howe er, their use of weaponry and uncanny fighting abilities imply becomes a li ing symbol of the murloc faith. $s the animals die or mo e on, the murloc a rather sinister intellect.


faith mutates to find new symbolism in their Languages surroundings. $ll this maybe e!ample why &urlocs spea' a dialect of Nerglish and murlocs so easly follow nagas into war. Some are 'nown to re ere the ;eep &other, a usually no other languages. representation of the ocean. $ll things in the water are her children. Though murlocs ha e RwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwlRwwa not been obser ed to unite behind a single deity, some rumors claim that all murlocs re ere an entity called ?the 2ne in the ;eeps?. -a Murloc named cookie on the nordland coastHowe er, it is unclear whether this is also a representation of the ocean or if it is e en an Tactics entity at all, but one thing+s sure, it seens that nagas also worship a similar god or entity. &urlocs are pac' fighters, preferring to swarm opposing forces with o erwhelming numbers. When pressed, the pac' brea's and Fillages murlocs run bac' to the safety of water, often &urloc illages consist of a collection of rough lea ing their allies behind. Some warriors iew mud/and/twig huts strewn about without murloc tactics as cowardly. &ore e!perienced pattern. These illages typically ha e no fire, warriors 'now better. no clear wal'ways, and no fortifications. The huts are crude and plain, and the settlement is Those who pursue the murlocs to the water are crushed without mercy. ;espite their otherwise featureless e!cept for the shallow monstrous appearances and wea' bodies, basin often found behind the shaman+s hut. &ost huts stand on stilts to protect them from murlocs are cunning foes with sharp senses and sharper refle!es. Naturally, murlocs are the tides and flooding. incredible warriors underwater. $ll too often, "n sharp contrast to their primiti e e!teriors, when a murloc group retreats to water, it0s to the interior walls of most murloc huts are oftendraw enemy forces into the numerous hidden elaborately decorated. Some depict branching murlocs waiting claws. 8nderwater, murlocs coral while others contain mosaics of shell and use their a.uatic s'ills and numbers to stone and yet others possess surprisingly decimate enemy forces. delicate tapestries of shaded seaweed. The huts are usually open to the air, with small wooden When engaging in battle underwater, murlocs pillars to hold the roof. &urlocs sleep in the attac' from all directions, using their numbers water or on wo en mats of seaweed, tied firmly and amphibious bodies well. Li'e a swarm of enough to maintain their shape but still loose piranhas, murlocs dart out of the swarm and attac' .uic'ly, then retreat bac' into the enough to loo' li'e small rectangular nets. Hoo's of coral hold weapons and other items safety of the swarm. = en tri ial wounds are considered great hits, as the more the swarm on the walls or pillars. attac's, the wea'er the enemy becomes. Curthermore, the swarm does not allow the $rtisans ictim to escape. The strongest combatants can die of drowning or blood loss when engaging in &urlocs rarely wor' in metal and almost underwater combat with a murloc army. ne er touch fire. They are e!pert car ers, howe er, and can wor' stone, shell, coral, or 2n land, murlocs are not nearly as dangerous. wood into fabulous shapes and ama%ing scenes ;espite their agility, most murlocs are slow and designs. 2ne such e!ample is a lifeli'e and clumsy on land, ill/e.uipped for the rigors piranha car ed from a short piece of coral. of dry worlds. &urloc forces rarely mo e far Shaman staffs are also wor's of art, car ed to inland )e!cept to find large bodies of water*, hold bone and shell chips as well as teeth, preferring to stay near the safety of water. flippers, and claws of arious sea creatures not When forced to battle on land, murlocs employ seen by most land dwellers. similar hit and run tactics, attempting to wea'en the foe before going for the 'ill.

oceans. They li e underwater but rise regularly to patrol their coastlines. $ncient &agics and wise, sea giants nonetheless display a chaotic nature as unpredictable as the sea 2n rare e ents, a murloc can be gifted itself. Still, ad enturers who tread carefully with some magic power. He is them considered and spea' con incingly may find a sea giant as blessed by the gods and become the tribe willing to trade information or secure safe Shaman. "s tas' is closer to those of a priest passage in e!change for treasure or 'nowledge. then what we usually e!pect from a wi%ard. Sea giants sometimes build underground The duty of a Shaman is to sea' the signs send settlements of coral and stone, though they by their gods, as a conse.uence of they will rarely put much effort into such constructions. react. He also the bridge that as the tribe with $s guardians of the wa es, they prefer to be their gods by them it+s by him that the tribes able to pic' up and lea e at a moment0s notice send their prayers and .uestions. When they to chase rumours of defilers. ha e to communicat with the nagas for Sea giants are tas'ed to 'eep the oceans e!ample they will always send their shaman, because it is more a spiritual .uestion than a clean and safe. They seldom ma'e their way to the surface world, instead preferring the political one. The most powerful Shaman of isolation of the ocean bottom. They en-oy the the murlocs maybe granted the pri ilege to learn some basic magics from the sea witches, worship of murlocs, but are the constant enemy of the naga. 2f late, sea giants ha e and are then send to Na%-atar. Some come ta'en to hunting out these corrupters, which bac' and lead their tribe into battle on the has brought the sea giants closer and closer to nagas sides. the surface world. They stand around LN feet tall and weigh about LB,BBB pounds. Nomadic When faced with the products of a technologically superior culture, the Blacksilt creatures, sea giants do not maintain lairs li'e displayed none of the curiosity characteristic of others of their 'ind. "nstead, they drag their belongings and wealth along with them in huge emerging cultures in humanoid species. sac's crafted from the sails of sun'en ships. - Clopper Wizbang, !plorers" #eagueabout Their watery home does not allow them to the a tribe of murlocs. 'eep many goods, so they fa our metals that will sur i e the ocean depths.


The sea giant

Sea giants are not refined in their tactics. "f on land, they will simply rush their The ancients created the sea giants to target and try to stomp it out of e!istence. $t dredge the oceans and to ser e as guardians of sea, they will use their club or command of coastlines and oceans, and the fierce giants act water to destroy their opponents. 2nce as protectors of the waters e en now. They engaged in combat, they will fight to the death 'eep a wary eye on ships and upon those who in their anger. Sea giants can hurl boulders, ma'e their li ing on the ocean, such as but they prefer close combat. $ sea giant fisherfol'. While not e il creatures, sea giants begins combat with a slam attac' against the care nothing for the laws of land dwellers or nearest opponent( if surrounded, he chooses the li es of the small beings that trespass in the the target who seems the largest or strongest. wa es. They tolerate no opposition 1 on the He then switches to his hea y pic' and attac's rare occasion when a sea giant issues a the ne!t/nearest opponent. He uses his arms warning, he does so only once. Sea giants and feats to their fullest degrees, hoping to 'ill rarely interact with other races sa e to dri e an enemy outright and then 4lea e into the off trespassers or punish those who befoul the ne!t( he generally positions himself near

multiple foes, if possible, so that he can use an'hor to sweep away many foes at once.

&a'rura spea' Nerglish, and in fact they may ha e in ented the language.

Cew remain, and those that do may attac' you They are most commonly found on the if you encounter them. coastlines of Lustria, the southlands ,cathay, and $rabia. Some can also be found in the waters surrounding Sartosa "sle in Tilea and Caith around the sun'en Temple of 4hupayotl in Lustria. The term ?ma'rura? denotes the entire race.They all sport two strong pincers used solely for combat, as well as si! small tentacles close to the head that can be used for finer manipulation. They wal' on four small legs that e!tend out from under a flat, flippered "n the sea giant culture @olganneth the tail. &a'rura are amphibious and dwell Thunderer is the son of $man+Thul and =onar. e.ually well on land or under water, although The giant &ale $esir Titanis platinum/s'innedthey prefer shallow, tropical seas. &a'rura and his weapon is a massi e horn he holds on fight by grappling an opponent with one his hand. Lightning flows constantly off his pincer and holding it in place while the other eyes. He was the ancient who modeled the pincer tears it apart. &a'rura defend their s'ies and seas of the world and all the li ing territory aggressi ely, and they attac' murlocs creatures of the sea thousands years ago. and naga on sight. Cather creator of the Sea @iants. &a'rura are hardy creatures with "n the sea giants imaginary @olganneth e!ceptionally powerful pincers but they are ta'es -oy in his creations and supports clumsy, their primiti e society allows for little the :antheon+s mission to bring order to chaos. intellectual stimulation, and their strange He has a massi e laugh, which he uses often, mindset unner es others. and a fine sense of humor. He is a diligent, energetic titan who ta'es great -oy in all he Society does. 5et, within, he lo es the fury of nature. He engages combat by blowing his massi e Fi'ing/li'e horn weapon 'nown asShargahn. &a'rura society is matriarchal. &ale The horn+s sound can shatter mountains, but ma'rura mate only once and then molt into he prefers not to use it often as his duty is to se!less drones )although they are still referred create, not to destroy. "f possible, he swoops to as OheP for all practical purposes*. &a'rura abo e and around any conflict, directing appear scattered and tribal, but in reality they Shargahn+s massi e storms and creatures. He ha e a large capital city, &a'0aru, in the =ye, is the embodiment of thunderstorms and close to the naga capital of Na%-atar. lightning, storms and winds. When angered, he &a'rura are primiti e, 'nowing little is truly frightening. of ad anced magic, craftsmanship, or technology. They use tools only to build their crude underwater dwellings and shellfish traps, or to brea' apart giant clams )their The ma'rura fa orite food*. &a'rura decorate their hard carapaces with tribal mar'ings and colors, but otherwise disdain clothing, armor, and other The ma'rura are a race of trappings of ci ili%ation. humanoid lobsters )or more li'ely crayfish* Sea giants enerate @olganneth and hold small ceremonies se eral times a year in his honor. These ceremonies in ol e the crafting and sounding of musical horns and the feeding of small fish. from the capital city of &a'+aru that li e primarily in the sea, but are capable of sur i ing on land for short periods of time. Their carapaces come in many colors, including shades of red, blue, and blac'. &a'rura, regardless of gender, are typically LI

feet long and weigh ABB pounds. 9oth appear creatures from birth in special farms. identical to non/ma'rura obser ers unless a female is carrying a clutch of eggs on her torso. Cemales typically bear se eral hundred We lost many men today,.....may signar have eggs at a time, maintaining them for se eral pity upon there souls.......well now lets eat this months until they hatch, but less than one fifth gorgeous Makrura meat shall we? of these sur i e to maturity. Captain von Huberdal , a!ter hunting makruras &a'rura ha e little or no access to in "ustria. ad anced technologies, met alwor'ing, or arcane magic. The ast ma-ority of heroic ma'rura are barbarians. Scouts, warriors, and The &ur+gul healers other than shaman are uncommon, while wi%ard and tin'ers are irtually un'nown. &a'rura are gregarious by nature &ur+gul are humanoids who ha e thic', and fiercely protecti e of their fellow ma'rura warty s'in, webbed e!tremities ending in and their communities. 2ccasionally, though, a claws, and bulbous eyes that ha e a feral wanderer sets out on his own, dri en by a gleam. $ row of needle/sharp teeth po'e from desire to e!plore and see new things. their frog/li'e mouths and spines co er their bac's. Some belie e that these creatures were once murlocs, but were cursed and twisted by $ prime .uality meat the magical power used in the sundering. The mur+gul delight in capturing both humans and murlocs 1 torturing and then eating their &a'rura suffer from the e!treme ictims. They infest the sea, clambering disad antage of being tasty to many aboard essels and slaying e eryone onboard. carni orous races, a fact appreciated all too These beings form small groups often, well by their enemies on both land and sea. While land dwellers sometimes hunt them for but not always, related. Such gangs steal from one another, and mur+gul will try to raid nests food, a ma'rura0s most hated enemies are murlocs and naga )but especially the latter*. of ri als for eggs to eat. &ur+gul organi%e in a &urlocs consider ma'rura a snac' to be eaten rather spontaneous way, primarily to raid murlocs or lands wal'ers. "f these raids go raw, while naga maintain a wide ariety of ma'rura recipes and sometimes raise the poor poorly, the mur+gul may ery well turn on one

another. &ur+gul wander and many do not on a single target, hoping to neutrali%e one e en ha e a fi!ed territory( lairs are threat before turning their attention to other temporary affairs used to hold prisoners or for combatants. mating. They only 'eep e.uipment they can either use or carry easily, though a temporary The couatl lair may ha e treasures from past ictims. These sa age creatures fear only one race: the naga of Na%-atar. ;espite their own icious Cound in the southlans and in nature, mur+gul are superstitious and fear the the island, couatl are large flying beasts with magical power of the naga. serpentine )and bird/li'e* features used by the naga for aerial support. &ur+gul will press any ad antage, though they begin with nets to subdue ictims. ;istantly related to wind serpents, who They swarm o er their enemies, tearing them can be found in cathay, couatl are rare to pieces and feeding right on the battlefield. creatures of great strength. 4ouatl are &ore powerful enemies are lured into the distinguished from their smaller cousins by water where the mur+gul ha e a greater their immense si%e )nearly twice the length of a ad antage. &ur+gul .uietly tear at the bottom normal wind serpent* and the brilliant display of ships and brea' rudders before attac'ing. of bright yellow and green plumage across &ur+gul are able to breathe in both air and their heads and bac's in two long rows. Their water en ironments but are only shorter, feathered tails ser e to further partially amphibious, as they are much more distinguish them from wind serpents. Lastly, comfortable in, and adapted to, underwater their wings are much greater and bear more life. feathers.

The sea elementals

4ouatl nest in trees and crags dotting the coasts of $%eroth, and use their claws and poisonned spit to hunt down litle pray.

,ecently, naga ha e returned to the Sea elementals are elemental creatures , surface of the world and domesticated couatl. The naga breed these tamed couatl in order to created by the nagas with the some of the optimi%e the lethality of their enom and train magicly charge water resulting from the them to be fiercely loyal to their naga masters. sundering. Naga train them in Shrine of $%shara, a $ sea elemental is a muscular humanoid dar' don-on in the center of Na%-atar. "t is not formed from glimmering blue/green water( polished brass bracers encircle its hefty arms 'nown how a race that li es underwater can tame a flying creature, which implies that the and two glowing blue eyes shine from a couatl can swim. "t seems couatl are also featureless head. "ts torso trails off into a capable of li ing, or at least remaining estigial whirlpool. underwater, for e!tended periods of time, a Sea elementals possess strong arms, feature crucial to their employment by the .uic' refle!es, and hearty constitutions. naga. =nemies fear them, for sea elementals possess de astating slam attac's, numbing blows, and the capacity to form powerful whirlpools. They The dragon turtle are by nature secreti e and many ha e ne er seen daylight and dwell near ocean wrec's and forgotten cities. $ dragon turtle is an enormous, red/ Tactics s'inned, blac'shelled ariety of sea turtle. "t Sea elementals rely on their orte! as a has a primal and fearsome appearance. Though s.uat, it stands LB feet high. primary attac' and then switch to melee Some naga captured and trained a few combat as appropriate. They focus their blows

dragon turtles to augment their soldiers, but are tall and slender, with fine scales co ering this tactic is not widespread. Though some their angular features thought turtles were slow and unimpressi e, this creature pro es that thought wrong.

Se!ual dimorphism

Naga males and females ha e different features( in their transformation, males lost Naga are sinister, ophidian humanoids some of their intelligence but increased in si%e that dwell beneath the ocean. Theirs is an and strength. Their faces now appear almost ancient and mystical culture, for fi e thousand draconic with little resemblance to their =l en years ago they were $surs. heritage. Cemales 'ept more of their =l en features and their intelligence. Naga female faces are fair, e en beautiful. &ost females $ppearance ha e four arms. Naga culture is comple!. $ clear Naga only marginally resemble the delineation e!ists between the se!es. &ale naga noble race they once were. Their proud asurs are larger and more muscular, reminiscent of isages are warped and twisted. The naga are dragons. Naga men ser e as soldiers and part elf, part serpent, and some ha e e ol ed guardians. Cemale naga are more slender, with bi%arre oceanic mutations. The sundering+s smaller scales and finer, more human/seeming residual energies are unpredictable, and their faces. Naga women are natural spellcasters mutati e power manifests in different ways. "n and rely on magic and poison to defeat their all naga, many of these mutations are simply enemies. Naga men are more numerous, but as cosmetic, soft spines running down their naga consider their women to be magically and bac's, or e!tra fins adorning their arms, for intellectually superior, their society is instance. matriarchal. Women occupy most positions of Some naga, though, also possess mutations that ha e a more substantial effect. "n this way, the race has de eloped an array of genetic ariations and defenses, such as in' -ets, tentacles, ra%or fins, enomous fangs, hardened barnacle carapaces and spined fists. leadership, and all naga pay homage to their .ueen, $%shara. Naga society is female dominated( they are considered the intellectual superiors and possess the greater magical power. &ales can rise to prominence and e en lead communities, but there is a limit to what they can achie e.

The Naga

Naga men are bestial and considered less intelligent than females, but are remar'ably strong and tough, able to 4ulture withstand a great deal of bodily in-ury. Naga women more resemble the el es from whom they came, their faces fair, e en beautiful. This society unearthly splendor is ruined by their monstrous deformities 1 they often ha e multiple limbs )four to si! arms*. Naga While males greatly outnumber a erage M L/I feet tall, and naga men are much females, the females are considered the bul'ier than women. intellectual superiors, more refined and Naga are now serpent/li'e humanoids. possessing great magical power. &en can rise to prominence and e en lead communities, but The men are thic'ly built, with humanoid there is a limit to what they are permitted to torsos merging into a serpent hind section. achie e. The ci ili%ation of the naga has Their scales are large and thic', and their e!tensi e codes, laws, and ceremonies. heads are reminiscent of dragons, showing little sign of their el en ancestry. The women Cactions, some millennia old, wor'

continuously in bids for power. They see' the blessings of their .ueen, one familiar to history: #ueen $%shara li es still, in the ast city of Na%-atar at the bottom of a deep ocean trench. She has embraced the power of the naga, grown in si%e, and possesses many tentacles bedec'ed in -ewels and items of power. She plots her re enge on the land wal'ers, biding her time until the growing might of the naga can be brought to bear.

Naga ha e finely wor'ed robes that function as leather armor. They hunt large prey with tridents and scimitars. They are Naga society is ancient and cunning, e!perienced in formation fighting, particularly and their warriors are the same way. $ll naga in dealings with murlocs and mur0gul. $ en-oy using their a.uatic natures against their warband will deploy male infantry to engage foes, particularly against generals who ha e at moderate range with tridents, while the not fought naga. $ naga commander attempts females cast spells. The men are willing to to maneu er her forces to meet the enemy on a sacrifice themsel es if ordered. Leaders will battlefield with ri ers, la'es, marshes or a oid hea y losses, but are otherwise open to similar features( such bodies of water are no small ris's. impediment to naga, but ser e as barriers for land/based forces as well as hiding spots and roads for the naga forces. Naga men, stronger and tougher than women, act as front line soldiers and as bodyguards. They are adept at using the Naga typically spea' their own terrain to their ad antage, and their lac' of language, Na%-a. Cor arious reasons, ranged weaponry )it0s not ery useful under indi idual Naga learn to spea' with the creatures with which they interact. Some also water* ma'es then canny about sight lines and flan'ing maneu ers. Naga myrmidons are learn the language of their heritage, or may strong melee combatants and willingly come to e en remember it. grips with the enemy. Naga royal guard, as their name implies, ser e as protection for 4ombat important indi iduals. Naga women ta'e the field as spellcasters, usually magi drawing from the The naga ha e an army composed of most ancient arcane legacy in the world. Some arious races. &urlocs are used as staging few are priestesses of the tides. Naga women troops and cannon fodder, with artillery act as both a source of support magic for their support from mighty dragon turtles. allies and as offensi e ranged punishers. Naga Naga males ser e as shoc' troops( they leaders tend to be women adept at both deploy as infantry in close formations wielding weaponry and magic, naga sea witches are scimitars, tridents and nets while females some of the most powerful champions the race stand bac' hurling spells at the enemy. &ales has to offer. Naga sirens are more common but may ha e command o er small numbers of still deadly, using their magic to incapacitate troops but females will always be in o erall foes so the naga myrmidons can sweep in and command of any Naga force. finish them off. The naga ha e a powerful military, $s far as anyone 'nows, the only real though they ha e yet to truly ma'e their naga armies that currently e!ist are beneath presence felt in the world. So far, their efforts the wa es, in Na%-atar. 2ther, smaller groups are limited to certain select engagements )such are scattered across the world, where they

as against the high el es during "llidan0s attempt on the dragon island* and arious e!ploratory missions along the old world+s coasts and other remo ed locales. ,umors say that the naga are preparing for a ma-or in asion of the land( they are now building their forces, securing strategic locations, claiming important items and information, and probing the defenses of the high el es, the =mpire, and their numerous other ri als. Whispers say that $%shara see's to regain her position as .ueen of the land.


in estigate items and places of importance to the naga0s mysterious purposes. These forces usually ha e a single leader, a powerful spellcaster )female* or warrior )male*, a do%en or so naga myrmidons, and a few naga sirens. They may ha e some murclos to ser e as e!pendable troops and do the dirty wor', and some groups include a couple of snap dragons, couatl, or dragon turtle as support, depending on the nature of the mission. "n addition to these groups, naga e!plorers tra el out from the coasts and from naga bases, gathering information for their .ueen.

Lady Vashj
Fash- was born in the city of >in/ they struc' a pact to aid each other against $%shari, the great city of the highborns, their high elf enemies. Fash- and her people sometime before the @reat sundering. She was were .uic' to -oin him, and their first act of a talented spellcaster and a unchallenged loyalty was to facilitate "llidan+s escape archer. She rose through the ran's to from 8lthuan, and bring him to the ancient become #ueen $%shara+s chief handmaiden. city of Surannar where they searched for a She was described as ?.uite beautiful, with powerful demon artefact that was sealed in the e!otic, feline eyes? although she was still not as ruin of the $surian temple. With it, they cast beautiful as $%shara herself. Fash- was upon the north of the world a powerful spell fanatically loyal to $%shara and followed her that slowed the horde of chaos and banned mistress into the deep ocean. Fash- became one many deamons during the last great wars of the serpentine naga. against chaos. The nagas weren+t willing to help the chaos anymore and he was now a ri al Ci e thousand years later, #ueen to their con.uest of the world. $%shara finally decided to ma'e the naga+s e!istence 'nown, she sent Lady Fash- to $fter this first sucess lady Fash- and establish contact with the surface dwellers. "llidan build a new realm in the southlands Lady Fash- met the demon/cursed "llidan. He where they plot against the land wal'er for the was the only highborn left on the surface, and golry of $%shara.

& FashM

4S G

9S A




" M

$ K

4d H

:oints: LBMpts =.uipment: The bow of the depth, magical balde and arrows of %in/$%shari, ligth armor, additionnal hand weapon The bow of the depth )count as a stic' of the lost sun* #his bow is made o! misterious material,it seens that he he made o! hal! wood and hal! coral. When $ash% !ired with this bow she shoot at an incredible rate and can easly black out the sun by hersel!. The bow allows Fash- to fire with a shortbow with strengh A and multiple shot )K* &agical blade and arrows of >in/$%shari $ash% was a highborn and a talented spellcaster, but with time she !ocused on the handling o! the bow, but still use her power to enchant her weapons. #he power o! one o! her arrow can easly bane any magical creature or wound a dragon. $ll Fash- attac's as the magic and poisonned special rule. SpDcial rules: 4old blood, $.uatic

#ueen $%shara
#ueen $%shara was the belo ed ruler of the highborns fi e thousand years ago, and is the current ruler of the monstrous naga. $%shara as becomes the greatest mortal mage e er to li e througth thousands years of study and the power she gained from her curse. "n fact she may no longer be mortal. tentacles bedec'ed in -ewels and items of power. She plots her re enge on the treacherous high =l es, biding her time until the growing might of the naga can be brought to bear. Li ing under the sea, she has become .ueen of the naga.

"n her new form, $%shara stands o er twenty feet in height and mo es her scale =ntrancingly beautiful and belo ed by co ered body on fi e slithering, octopus/li'e her people, $%shara began a descent into tentacles. Cour arms now e!tend from the madness when she was corrupted by the dar' torso, with two hands holding -a elins of dar' prince of chaos and is cult. &adness who led polished wood and gold/leafed tips. Li'e the .ueen and is the followers to the situation her Sea Witches, $%shara+s head is crowned by they are now. writhing serpents. ;espite her monstrosity, her face still possesses the same el en beauty she = en if she should ha e died of the always had. sundering she sur i ed and for the thousands The naga ser e $%shara without of years since, #ueen $%shara li es still, in the ast city of Na%-atar at the bottom of a deep .uestion. &ost naga li e in Na%-atar, their ocean trench. She has embraced the power of capital city. This city is built into a massi e the naga, grown in si%e, and possesses many abyssal sea trench in the ocean floor, and houses $%shara0s imperial

& Azshara G

4S I

9S K




" I

$ L

4d Q

<nowledge of the centurys & shara as more them !ive thousands years and was already a power!ul mage even be!ore the sundering, she as per!ected the di!!erent lores o! magics like none be!ore her did. $%shara can choose one domain of magic in the rule boo' and 'now all the spells. The will of $%shara &s & shara cast her spells the wind o! magic are naturaly draw to her. $%shara can throw one more dice for each of her spells, this e!tra dices can gi e a miscast or a irrestible force. @odess & shara is no mortal, and all attempt to kill her would be vain. $%shara can+t be wound by non magic blows. Souless 't is said that a shara as no more soul, and that the chaos as no more hold on her. $%shara can re/roll her miscast table roll, but has to satnd to the second roll.

Sea gold -ewelerie & shara wear several o! those %ewelerie, and is capable to use the power within it to set aside the uncontrollable wind o! chaos. When $%shara roll a miscast, on a IR the miscast dosn+t affect her but any wi%ard in her line of sight, howe er on a L $%shara is still affected by the miscast. 9lac' pearl #here are some arte!ac in the depth o! the ocean that should never be !ound. When your opponent roll for the first time on the miscast table you can choose to ma'e him reoll the dice, but them you ha e to choose the second roll. $%shara, empress of Na%-atar, progenitor of the serpentine naga. #he naga serve & shara without (uestion, and would never !ail in their mission when she is on the battle!ield $%shara will always be your general and your 9S9. $%shara+s aura & shara)s aura is so power!ul that she can easily stop a canon ball. $%shara as a GR ward sa e. :ower stone & shara can easiliy concantrate the winds o! magic in a stone to be use on the battle!ield. RI power dice for casting a spell. The 'ra'en *o creature on the world can resist the will o! & shara !or long and even this mythic monster, is now devoted to her.