Procurement - Checklist

Use this list to help you plan your procurement activities and develop your project Procurement Information File

General 1 2 3 4 5 Official project title(s) Client Reference(s) Web details Start and end dates Total amount
Titles used by ministry, schools, suppliers, consultants etc. Loan reference, ministry file reference etc… URL details, policy, author, publication procedures etc List both program and project(s) start and end dates Amount allocated to procurement (currency?) Goods - Equipment, machines, books, off-the-shelf software, works etc. Consultants - Training, curricula development, bespoke software development etc. Others

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Sources of funds Use of funds Exclusions

List all sources and amounts, including local Main purpose of the loans/grants/pledges etc. Restrictions on use of funds Expenditure - Items/systems/areas excluded Bidders - Ineligible countries, organisations etc. Client - Excluded beneficiaries in client’s organisation Other

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Regulations Tax status Bank details Payment instruments Audit Local Preference Brand names

Under which regulations will goods and services be procured? What is the tax position of the project, importation, VAT etc. (Confirm funds available for taxes!) Client bank details, authorities, limits etc. LOC details etc. Who is responsible for drafting/issuing? What are the financial audit requirements? Who will audit, what documentation is required etc. Is there an incentive for local goods and services? How will it be applied? Regulations and exceptions on the use of brand and trade names in equipment lists and specifications (Note that “Windows NT” etc. are trade names and require justification) Ensure contract protects copyright material Procedure for on-site acceptance of goods and training. Authorities and responsibilities, level of acceptance etc. (draw-up written procedure) What about broken/missing items

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Copyright Acceptance



Procurement Checklist – Peter Stout 2001


media. media Other 22 Completion and payment procedure Tender approval 23 E. frequency and typical stability. advertising period. security clearances.Ceiling.Applicable areas. ceilings. Estimate of cost of goods plus delivery. ceilings. bidding period. receptacle type Details of project sites with potential altitude problems. conferences. How long will it take? Physical Conditions 24 25 26 27 Electricity Altitude Civil works Access Single and 3 phase power in country. advertising period.Ceiling. NCB . number of quotes etc. Standard documents should be developed if not already available Local shopping .Ceiling.Applicable areas. ICB . advertising periods.g. workshop.Ceiling. languages etc.) E. Other 21 Methods – consultants Details of the various procurement methods to be applied to consultant services Direct . individual/company. regulations. media Quality/Cost Based . media. currency How will the tender be broken down into lots? (Optimise for maximum supplier interest and economy of scale. bidding period etc. planned relocations. CIF. Quality Based .g. advice etc. number of CVs required etc. ex-works etc. voltage.19 20 Quality control. individual/company. installation etc. what documents will be sent to whom? (How will we stop payment if necessary!) Procedure for review and approval of tender and contract documents. how will we agree that goods are delivered. size and weight restrictions at site etc. FOB. technical staff etc. Are site drawings available/required. say 500m and above Details of any civil works required in the project Access problems due to seasonal weather restrictions. advertising periods. training completed etc. who is responsible? 28 29 Health & Safety Drawings/surveys Tender/contract For each tender planned… What criteria are used for qualification? (Double-check that you have the latest information!) What are the requirements concerning local representation of bidders (office. Don’t 30 31 32 33 34 Bidder qualification Local representation Types of contract Budget cost Packets/lots Procurement Checklist – Peter Stout 2001 2 . QA Methods – Goods: How will the quality/suitability of goods and systems be ensured/verified/rectified? Details of the various procurement methods to be applied to goods. as required in contract. Details of health and safety policy.

e. casing should reflect physical. method of payment. Don’t force suppliers to buy from each other!) Amount of bid bond required (remember. participants etc. bid deadline etc? Date. rather than administrative. Date. location. (draw-up a written procedure) When will evaluation take place. exchange rates. site or single user licence? How will lists and specifications be checked/approved? Who is responsible? Who should be consulted? Source of item budget prices. site but accommodate local responsibilities and authorities. place. technical libraries etc Pre. factors. criteria. training. Dates of tender issue. use of funds received Timing of notice(s) and media to be used Pre-bid conference details if required. time. duration estimate etc.g. updates etc. who is responsible. Requirements/availability of equipment/systems drawings. equipment registration. don’t use a percentage!) Currency of bids. ex-works + delivery. client. and post delivery inspection requirements. certification methodology etc.35 36 37 Bid bond Currency Pricing/contracting breakdown Payment terms Performance bond Document costs Advertising Conference Timing Bid opening Evaluation for maximum supplier interest and economy of scale. bonds. Who is responsible. supplier or other? What are the ownership and risk implications? Packing and casing rules. (refer to written procedure) Information required from successful bidder prior to award (information it would be unreasonable to ask of all bidders at the time of bidding) Are lists available? Are they current? Who will develop and approve the equipment lists? When will they be ready? Are specifications available? Are they current? Who will draft/write specifications? Have requirements for software been expressed in the most efficient manner. CIF + local transportation + separate installation and training contract? Payment terms to be included in contract (should be justified!) Amount of performance bond required Price of bidding documents. Local transportation. participants etc. Freight forwarding company details 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 Post award information 47 48 49 Equipment lists Specifications Software 50 51 52 53 Approval Budget prices Drawings Services 54 55 56 Inspection Logistics management Casing and packing 57 Freight Procurement Checklist – Peter Stout 2001 3 . guarantees etc. country. maintenance. E. installation. Are they required as part of the bid? Incidental services to be included in contract(s).g. time. How will the bids be priced? E. Who will manage logistics.g.

pricing in bid. registration with suppliers 69 70 71 72 73 Registration Technical manuals Spare parts Consumables Warranty Procurement Checklist – Peter Stout 2001 4 . details of local contractor Draw-up site distribution matrix. Customs clearance agent details Confirm that all client liabilities are in place Insurance cover required from supplier. responsibilities Quantities required. and application training). Documentation? Refer to installation schedule Ditto Special training needs. Documentation? Responsibility for unpacking (check against insurance risk). electronic copies. Incentives for longer periods? Manufactures’ extended warranties. Who decides. radioactive and other hazards expected in cargo.58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 Hazards Customs Taxes etc. Minimum warranty period required. on-site. overseas etc. Insurance Local delivery Delivery points Unloading Unpacking Installation Commissioning Training Chemical. technical libraries etc Spare parts requirements. Local sources for further supplies. Will training be evaluated in the bid? Goods registration requirements. subcontractors and client. Provide contact point at each site. Relevant regulations to apply. Certification (Distinguish between operator. costs etc. accepts? Supplier stocks and price lists? Local availability? Initial supply of consumables required. Responsibilities. Details of risk transfer points. Documentation? Responsibility for installation (check against insurance risk). Responsibility for unloading (check against insurance risk). national seminars.

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