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Access keys are shortcuts to common functions accessed by typing a letter with either the Alt (PC) or Ctrl (Mac) key: PC Alt-F Alt-J Alt-N Alt-S Mac Ctrl-F Ctrl-J Ctrl-N Ctrl-S Function Search NewJournal NewTiddler SaveChanges

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<<toolbar closeTiddler>> Closes the current tiddler regardless of whether it is being edited <<toolbar deleteTiddler>> Deletes the current tiddler <<toolbar editTiddler>> Switches the current tiddler to the current edit view <<toolbar jump>> Offers a pop-up menu to jump directly to any of the currently open tiddlers <<toolbar permalink>> Changes the browser address bar to a permalink to the current tiddler <<toolbar references>> Offers a pop-up menu displaying the tiddlers that link to the current one <<toolbar saveTiddler>> Saves any pending edits to the current tiddler, and switches it to the default view

Useful resources
When editing a tiddler: Control+Enter or Control+Return Accepts your changes and switches out of editing mode (use Shift+Control+Enter or Shift+Control+Return to stop the date and time being updated for MinorChanges) Esc Abandons your changes and reverts the tiddler to its previous state In the search box: Esc Clears the search term Official TiddlyWiki website: TiddlyWiki development: TiddlyWiki themes: GTDTiddlyWiki: MonkeyGTD: TiddlySpot: TiddlySnip Firefox extension: TiddlyWiki FAQ: MonkeyPirateTiddlyWiki: TiddlyWiki tutorial for beginners: Community-based TiddlyWiki documentation: TiddlyWiki guides: TiddlyWiki Google group:

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Startup parameters
Example: open:title Opens the tiddler with the specified title start:safe Switches to safe mode search:text Performs a search for the specified text tag:text Displays tiddlers tagged with the specified tag newTiddler:title Opens a new tiddler with the specified title in edit mode newJournal:titleFormat Opens a new tiddler with the specified DateFormatString: #newJournal:"YYYY MMM DD"

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ToolbarMacro commands
<<toolbar cancelTiddler>> Abandons any pending edits to the current tiddler and switches it the default view <<toolbar closeOthers>> Closes all other open tiddlers except for any that are being edited

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