10th Grade Extra Practice Exercises I. Underline the preposition and prepositional phrases in each sentence.

Draw an arrow to the word it modifies. Classify them as adjectival phrases (ADJ) or adverbial phrases (ADV).

1. After the movie the group of teenagers went to McDonalds for a burger.

2. Without sugar the blueberries were too sour for the dinner guests. 3. Over the river and through the woods to grandfather’s house we go.

4. Despite his fear of water Jack saved the drowning puppy.

5. Janet took her lunch with her to the seminar.

6. For breakfast she likes bananas with strawberries.

7. The police searched throughout the apartment complex for the escaped criminal.

8. By noon Jimmy decided a nap on the hammock would be nice.

9. Geese live in flocks while cattle live among herds.

10. Around the world music brings together people of all nationalities.

11. Away from home for the first time Mary wrote numerous letters to her family.

12. Mud squished beneath her feet as Ann walked through the woods during a rainstorm.

13. The sculptures above the entrance were designed by a nineteenth century artist.

14. Inside the auditorium a group of dancers were practicing.

II. Circle the participle or participle phrase in each sentence. Underline the noun or pronoun it modifies.

1. Having been on the road for four days, the Todds were exhausted. 2. That hymn, sung by many generations of churchgoers, is my favorite. 3. Climbing slowly, we approached the top of the hill. 4. Surprised by my question, Mrs. Osmond blushed. 5. Phil, worn out by his long trip, slept for twelve hours. 6. Watching me closely, the dog came toward me. 7. Staring out the window at the rain, Bob became more and more impatient. 8. Having been hurt in the first game, Al sat on the bench for the rest of the season. 9. The plates, brought from Denmark by my grandmother, are on display in the dining room. 10. The cookies, baked this morning, were all gone by five o'clock. 11. Having come out in the cool night air, Mr. Troy looked up at the sky. 12. The children, waiting for the play to begin, grew bored.

III. Underline the gerund or gerund phrase in each sentence. 1. Cooking can be very expensive. 2. Andy got in trouble for running. 3. Mom will teach a class in sewing. 4. My friends love swimming. 5. Your sister’s singing is her best talent.

6. Alexander enjoys fishing. 7. Jane’s best track event is sprinting. 8. Skiing is my father’s favorite winter sport. 9. I get relaxation from my painting. 10. Clint’s hobby was jogging. 11. I love walking on the beach. 12. Returning to the car was a good idea when it rained.

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