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Project A: New Product / Brand Launch (Product / Category Study - for a product / service / e-brand/ Experiential Product) Group

p Assignment (Submission date: 25th Feb; 2014)

Submission Guidelines: Note: Soft copy of presentation maximum 30 slides by each group to be submitted to SR. SR to submit all presentation copies by email or CD on the same day This is a group assignment and not more than 6 students should be there in a group. Same category cannot be presented by 2 or more groups (prepare a Google sheet and who ever will be selecting a particular category first they will be allocated that category, no repetition for product category will be allowed) Study the market structure for that product category Indian companies/ foreign companies, unorganized sector, private labels, etc. Study the pricing strategies followed by the different companies for that particular product category (select top 3 / 4 companies + unorganized sector if applicable). Study the various schemes of the companies regarding discounts, sales promotions etc. Do a small survey through a questionnaire to assess the response of the customers and dealers to the various pricing strategies being offered by the companies (importance of pricing in the consumer buying decision process). While doing the survey, find the Gap or an opportunity for introducing New Product in the category. Develop a new category/product/e-brand/service for the marketer of your own choice. It can be introduction of a new product line or a brand extension. Follow the New Product Development Process for guidance.

If possible speak to the marketing executive/s (conduct an interview with specific sets of questions) in the company and find out their views regarding the importance of pricing strategies, impact of pricing strategies on consumer behavior, impact of various campaign, impact of distribution and how it affects the brand perception of the customer.
Conduct a market survey on the acceptability of the brand to be launched. Basis the survey results & the Gap; submit your New Product Launch plan including marketing strategies, (STP and 4Ps / 7Ps, product distribution, retailing wherever applicable) & advertising strategies.

Describe how you will create awareness and generate demand for the same. Develop campaign/video for launching new product; buzz marketing, print media, etc.

Presentation of the study by every group 20 mins + 5 mins of Q & A. Every member of the group is supposed to present.

Project B: Written assignment: (Soft copy submission -11th March, 2014) Submission to be done to respective SR one day before, so that SR submits to faculty on the final date
Brand Track Indian Brand

Pricing & Positioning of Product / Service Individual Assignment Select a Product or Service of your choice. Same product cannot be chosen by more than one student. Analyze the Pricing & Positioning of the product vis--vis its (minimum 2 or maximum 5) competitors. This assignment requires students to Select any popular Indian Brand - e.g.: Bingo Chips, Ayur Herbal Shampoos, Liberty Shoes, Parle G, Times of India, Shoppers Stop, Spinach, Jumbo Vada Pav, Biba etc. Students can also select e-brands like, Flipcart, ICICI Direct, etc. or any services sector like Find out who is the target group of customer/s for the Indian brand that you have selected. Study the product, branding, pricing, retailing, distribution, advertising strategies for the brand that you have selected. Suggest on how the brand should plan its future strategies.

Written Assignment Criteria: The student representative should collect the word documents in a CD with group name as the file name and submit by 2 pm. The submission should be in MS Word, Times New Roman, Font sizes for titles14 bold, sub titles-12 bold, text -12, justified, with line spacing 1.5. Late Submission will be accepted with 50% reduction of grades. Submission which is more than a day late will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Criteria for grading the presentations: 1) Presence of all the group members is mandatory. 2) Formal dressing of all participants. 3) Adherence to Time: Time limit maximum 18 mins. (+ 2 min extra for video in Project A). 4) Flow of presentation, design of slides, color scheme etc. 5) Data collection via primary & secondary sources. 6) STP & various Ps 7) Tools / Concepts used: SWOT, BCG, Ansoff, Portals Model, Value chain, PLC, Product levels, Pricing Strategies, Product Strategies, Place / Distribution Strategies, Promotion Strategies etc.

8) Content & quality of content in presentation slides. 9) Video / Role play etc. 10) Innovation / Creativity