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Day 1: Initial planning day you should have researched some ideas of what mousetrap cars are, how

w they work, and how you might want to build your own (for distance or for speed) !e"uirements: # paragraph e$plaining which type of mousetrap car (speed or distance) you plan to make and what you will have to accomplish to make the car function for distance or for speed # detailed and labelled diagram of your proposed car # list of re"uired materials and who is responsible for bringing them (chassis, wheels, decorations, other components etc ) %ptional: if you finish these tasks, use your e$tra time to start putting together materials and constructing the car or parts of it

Day &: 'onstruction (hase )sing your diagram, materials list, and materials begin construction of your mousetrap car *e sure to make it solid and follow the recommended guidelines and tips for making the car for speed or distance !e"uirements: +inish construction of your lever mechanism for driving your car +inish construction of your wheels and a$les #ttach wheels and a$les +inish construction of your chassis (make sure your lever mechanism is attached to the chassis) ,ave your drive string measured and cut attach it to the lever mechanism and to the rear a$le -rite a one paragraph recap of the construction process what did you find most challenging. ,ow did you overcome that challenge. -hat do you worry may go wrong. ,ow can you prepare for that failure. -hat seems to be working well. 'an you improve it.

%ptional: /est the mechanism lever and the driving a$le wind up the string and watch the car go0 %r not0 Day 1: /esting, race prep, decoration23pimpin4 the ride35 /oday is the day to finali6e your vehicle Do test runs, make any fi$es or redo4s that you have to and style your ride !e"uirements: /est /rial 7 Distance2 /ime 8otes and changes made 2 2 2 2 2 2 9ake your car pretty0 Its worth marks to have a sweet ride0

Day :2; !ace Day000 /ime to test out your awesome racing machine <peed trials will have data taken at ;, 1, 1 ; and & meters !ecord your best speed times on this sheet Distance trials will record 1 attempts and highlight their best trial <peed !esults !ace /rial 7 Distance (meters) ; 1 1; & Distance /ime

Distance !esults !ace /rial 7


!e"uirements: =raph your speed trial data and determine the speed of your car in m2s and km2h +ind the slope of your best fit line 'alculate the acceleration of you car in m2s2s (ick any city in the world and find the distance from !egina calculate how long it would take your car to get to that city in hours

9ouestrap 'ar 'oncept (lan (aragraph:

9ousetrap 'ar diagram and materials list:

'onstruction !ecap (aragraph:



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