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Miss Rebecca says,
1 4 1 5 N . S t e p h e n s o n H w y. , Roy a l O a k , M I 4 8 0 6 7 2 4 8 - 5 4 7 - 1 6 0 0

Wishing you peace, joy, love in 13

The entire staff of Great Lakes Child Development Center extends our warmest thanks and gratitude to all of our wonderful families. Thank you for all of the home made treats, tasty goodies, presents and gift cards. We very much appreciate your generosity! We are looking forward to a GREAT year in 2013! And thank you for bringing your children to GLCDC. Its our families who make this such a great center.

Send warm outerwear for outdoor play

Check local news

for snow day

Please send appropriate outdoor wear for your child every day. Winter coat, snow pants, boots, hat and mittens are needed for each child. And please label everything to avoid mix-ups. You can pack your childs outer wear in a tote bag and leave it on a coat hook for the week. This makes it easy to take everything home for the weekend.


Also, please check your childs hallway cubby box for a On mornings if the change of clothes. Make sure the extra clothes still fit your child, and weather is very bad are appropriate for the season. There are still some shorts, sandals heavy snowfall, icy con- and sunscreen in the cubbies! ditions and/or belowfreezing temperatures please check local TV and radio news stations for school closings. GLCDC will be closed if Royal Oak Public Schools are closed.

Year-end statements will be ready by Jan. 31 and available from Patty and Rebecca in the GLCDC office.

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Miss Rebecca says, Remember to bring hats and mittens every day!

Mistakes are not bad; make some today!

Someone wise once said, The biggest mistake a person can make is being afraid to make mistakes. Its okay to make mistakes. Dont avoid doing something just because youre afraid you might do it wrong.

Please watch where you walk in wet shoes

Our classrooms have This is a good lesson for our children as well Learning and trying colorful, decorative carpets for and doing new things will naturally result in doing things wrong. And Morning Gathering Time and thats okay! play time. Please avoid walking Every mistake is a learning opportunity. If you are too afraid to on these carpets, especially on make mistakes, youll be too afraid to learn anything new. wet and snowy days.

Janua ry b ir t hd ays
Eli H. Keira L. Alex W. Delia U. Edithe V. Ellory F. Dexter S. Anna D. 1 / 4 / 11 1 / 6 / 09 1 / 7 / 10 1 / 10 / 08 1 / 10 / 10 1 / 11 / 11 1 / 16 / 12 1 / 24 / 09 Aubrey L. 1 / 28 / 08 Anthony M. Bella S. Miss Joan Miss Clarissa Miss Bonnie Miss Katie T. 1 / 29 / 10 1 / 29 / 09 1/3 1 / 15 1 / 25 1 / 31 Kendall F. 1 / 5 / 09

The babies and toddlers, as well as the older students, crawl on these rugs at playtime and we want to keep them clean and dry for them.

Andrew L. 1 / 10 / 07

Oops! We missed two birthdays:

Woodie K. 1 / 16 / 10

Abigail deM. Miss Benni

12 / 7 / 09 12 / 27

Think about staying at GLCDC for Kindergarten

We are considering offering Kindergarten here at Great Lakes Child Development Center. If your child is in Pre-K this year, let us know if you would like to keep your child at GLCDC for Kindergarten. The class would be taught by one of our Pre-K teachers, Miss Benni. She is a fully-certified primary teacher who taught Kindergarten at St. Dennis School. Please let Miss Benni or Miss Kristie know if you have an interest in Kindergarten.

January 2013
Mon Tue Wed Thu

Fri Sat

1 Orange

2 Circle (smiles) 9 Red (strawberry) Square

3 Snow fox

7 P is for penguin 16 BOOTS

10 Polar bear


14 Q is for queen 17 SLEDS

15 Yellow (banana)

16 Rectangle

17 Wolverine


21 R is for rabbit 18 MITTENS

22 Brown (chocolate chips) 29 19 SNOWPANTS Green

23 Oval

24 Seal


28 S is for sun

30 Triangle

31 FEBRUARY Groundhog

January 2013
Mon Tue Wed

Early Preschool
Thu Fri Sat


3 Shape / color hunt Count with me

Happy New Year from Early Preschool at GLCDC!!!

7 Up / Down Inside / Outside 8

Alphabet game

OPPOSITES Letter: P Number: 16 Color: RED Shape: CIRCLE


9 Over / Under Big / Little

10 Obstacle Course


Letter: Q Number: 17 Color: BROWN Shape: OVAL THE ARTIC Letter: R Number: 18

14 Hey Diddle Diddle Itsy-Bitsy Spider

15 Humpty Dumpty

16 Jack Be Nimble

17 Mary Had a Little Lamb







Shape: SQUARE MUSIC Letter: S Number: 19 Color: BLUE


28 Make paper towel roll microphone

29 Make shakers Make coffee can drums


31 FEBRUARY Make Kleenex box guitars ROCK OUT!!!

January 2013
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

Fri Sat

THEME: Review into the new year!

7 8

Review letters

Review numbers

Review colors & shapes

10 11

THEME: Shapes Letter: P p Number: 5 THEME: Mix Colors Letter: Q q Number: 6 THEME: Winter Fun Letter: R r Number: 7 THEME: Healthy Eating Letter: S s Number: 8

Color letter P for our Phonics Book


Cut shapes and match


What shapes built this ?


Whats your favorite shape?


My P p Book

Color letter Q for our Phonics Book


Primary colors

Secondary colors

Color mixing to make more colors


My Q q Book

How snow is made


Snow man

Learn about winter


Lacing mittens

My R r Book
Your business tag line here.


Yummy tummies Foods = Healthy bodies that are bad

Our healthy plate

Healthy foods we enjoy


for us

My S s Book

January 2013
Sun Mon Tue Wed

Thu Fri Sat

2 THEME: Epiphany
(On the 12th day after Christmas the 3 kings, also called the 3 wise men, visit the stable where Jesus was born.)

3 They followed a star ... 10 Nifty 9s 17 Sledding, Skating, Snowy sports 24 Eleven Using objects to count, sort and match 31 We are almost to 100 days of school! FEBRUARY Can we count all the way to 100? Make snowmen Snowy day fun ... They walked very far ...

Welcome Back! Three Wise Men visit Jesus 8 SHOW & TELL Letter D 15 SHOW & TELL Letter U 22 SHOW & TELL Letter V 29 SHOW & TELL Letter L What is a dozen? 9 Mr. D is a dazzling dancer 16 Mittens (counting to 10) 23 Miss V wears a vegetable vest count all of her veggies 30

7 THEME: Winter Fun Letter: D d Number: 9 Snowflakes How are they made? 14 THEME: Winter Fun Letter: U u Number: 10 THEME: Number concepts
(sorting, matching, etc.)



Mr. U and his Unusual Umbrella 21 Using objects to count, sort and match 28


Letter: V v, # 11 THEME: Counting (100 days of school) Letter: L l Number: 12

Miss L has the longest laugh!