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Experiment A-1(a) Diameter of small spherical body OBSERATIONS-: Length of smallest division on main scale S=1mm || 10VSD=9MSD|| 1V=9/10S

|| VC=1S-1V = 1S-(9/10)S=(1/10s) || S=1mm || VC=1/10*1mm=0.1mm=0.01cm|| FOR ZERO ERROR-: i)-----cm ii)-------cm iii)-------cm || mean zero error(e)=----cm|| mean zero correction(-e)=----cm||CALCULATION-: Mean corrected dia D=(D1+D2+D3)/3=---cm RESULT-:The diameter of given marble is----cm. Experiment A-1(b) Volume and Hieght All same-:except CALCULATIONS-: volume=(*d2)/4 || Result -: the volume of given calorimeter =----cm. Experiment no. A-2(a) Diameter of a given wire using screw guage. (same for thickness of sheet) OBSERVATION-: no.of complete rotation of circular scale y=--- || Distance moed by screw X-----mm || pitch(p)----(x/y)mm Total no.of division on circular scale N----- || Least count(p/N)---mm || ZERO ERROR CALC. SAME AS ABOVE|| Mean dia d0=(d1+d2+d3)/3=----mm || mean observed dia(d0)=-----mm|| Mean corrected dia =(d0+zero correction)||RESULT SAME Experiment no. B-2(a) To find the spr. Const. of a helical spring from load extension graph. Theory-: Spring constant of a spring is the restoring force per unit extension in spring. K=Restoring force(newton)/Ext.(mtrs) OBSERV-: Original length of the helical spring =----cm || least count of the vertical scale: || Distance b/w two long closest marks=---L0 cm ||no. of div b/w them=---(n) || least count LC=----(L0/n) ||Mass of hanger of slotted weights -----gm || Mass of each slotted weights----gm || CALC.-: choose 2 suitable pts. L and M wide apart on thr graph from point M drop perplr MN on x axis and from point L draw a dotted perlr to y axis meeting MN at point N || Slope=f/l=MN/LN || since spring factor K=f/l hence value of MN/LN=K=-----Kg wt/m=-----Nm1 . Experiment no.B-5(viscocity) Theory- According to strokes law when a sphere of radius r is allowed to fall freely in aliquid of viscocity , it aqquires a term. Velocity|| viscous Force= 6rv||according to archi..Principle the up. Buyount force = weight of the vol. of water displ. By sphere so, F=4/3r3g-4/3r3g. Hence 6rv=4/3r3(-)g||v=(2/9)r2/(-)g||by this find . ||| OBSERATION-: 1. Least count of screw guage---cm 2. Length of wide bore tube=---cm 3. Least count of stopwatch=-----sec 4. Temp of Glycerine----0C 5. Density og gyl.----gcm-3 6. Density of material of steel bal=----gcm-3 7. Least count od screw guage ----cm 9. Mean internal dia of wide bore tube=----cm || Distance b/w A and B =-----cm || B and C=----cm ||g=980cm/s2 || CALC. slope =BC/CA also, v/r2=(2/9)g(-)/=m=slope find ----poise EXPERIMENT no.(RESONANCE) Theory-: If l1 and l2 are the lengths of the air column for the first and the second position of resonance so, we get l1=x+/4 and l2 = x+ 3/4 where x is the end correction. Subtracting 1 from 2 we have l2l1=/2 or =2(l2-l1) or V= v where V and v are velocity and freq. of sound resp.|| OBS-: 1. Frequency of 1st tuning fork -480Hz 2. Freq of 2nd tuning fork 512Hz 3. Room temp in beginning ----0C 4. Room temp at end ---0C 5. Position of upper end A of the resonance tube r1=----cm|| CALC. 1. V1=2v1(l2-l1)=-------m/s 2. Similarly calc. V2 and vt=(v1+v2)/2 3. Mean room temp---(t1+t2)/2 4. Velocity of sound at 00C - v0=(vt-0.61t)=---m/s

ExperimentNo.(Viscocity) No.of obs 1 Dia(d1) 2.08 Dia(d2) 2.09 Mean diameter 4.16 Mean.Radius 2.08 R

L(dis b/w bands)

Timetaken from A->B

T.T from B->C

Mean Time



Experiment No.(Spring) No.of Obs Load suspended (W) Gm wt. 1 0 2 20 3 40 4 60 5 80 6 100 7 120 8 140 9 160 Experiment(Vernier calliper) Main scale(M) (cm) Load increasing(x cm) 0 0.5 104 2.4 3.3 4.2 5.1 5.7 7 Load Decreasing(y cm) 0.5 1.1 2.5 3. 3.9 4.6 5.5 6.1 7 Mean(x+y)/2=r Extension for load w L cm 0.5 0.6 1.1 0.6 0.6 0.4 0.4 0.4 0

R0=0.25 R1=0.8 R3=2.0 R4=2.7 R5=3.6 R6=4.4 5.3 5.9 7

Vernier Division(n)coincinding with Main.Scale

V.S.R(n)X(V.C) (cm)=y

Obsereved Dia (M+y)

1 2 3 Instead of y use x incase of depth and use h instead of D. Pitch Scale Reading(M) cm Circular scale div in line with main scale Diamter=M+n X (LC) Mean dia

1 2 3 Instead of dia use thickness. Freq of fork Resonance


No.of obs

Water is falling

Water is rising

Mean r2

Mean R2-r1


1 2



1 2



1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2.