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1. Make sure all data in re-homing design from Engineering team 2. Make sure channel team already update the new CGI in their system 3. Make sure transmission team already defined the I and !I" from rehoming design in router and M#$% side &. Create and load Iu' script in target (%C arameter that will )e changed in Iu) *cript+ Iu) link I" and ()s I" Ip,ccess-ost ool naming 'ased on (%C information .running command+ get IpAccessHostPool in target (%C/ remoteCpIp,ddress1 I Iu) Iu) userla)el

0. "oing health check all %ode and (%C that will )e re-homed 1. Make C! )ackup for all %ode and (%C that will )e re-homed 2. 'ackup old data in source (%C with simulation mode us+ <file name> rdel <Iub> usu! <file name> 3. "efine %ew CGI in M** side


Re-homing execution .! In "ode# $ide

1. $ake out Ip*ync(ef from syncrefference

get !% acl !% acc !% remo&e$'ncRefResource answer ' select the #"%+ Ip*ystem415Ip,ccess-ostEt415Ip*ync(ef41 and for the ne6t process select #"%+Ip*ystem415Ip,ccess-ostEt415Ip*ync(ef42 2. Create 7ile for undo script (+ <)ile "ame> 3. #ock Ip*ync(ef and Ip,ccess-ostEt lst IpAccessHost*t get the pro6y num)er of M8 bl <prox' number!> <prox' number > <prox' number+> &. "elete Ip$'ncRef lst Ip$'ncRef get the pro6y num)er of M8 del <prox' number!> <prox' number > 0. "elete Iu) link lpr iub get the pro6y num)er of M8 related to Iu) del <prox' number!> <prox' number > <prox' number+> <prox' number,> "elete the pro6y num)er from bottom to up e6cept for this M8 $-.anagement/!0Repertoire/R#$1AI(# 1. "elete *C$ lst sctp get the pro6y num)er of M8 related to Iu) del <prox' number!> <prox' number > delete the pro6y num)er from up to bottom 2. "elete Ip,ccess-ostEt lst IpAccessHost*t get the pro6y num)er of M8 del <prox' number> 3. "elete Ip Interface for Iu) get ipin get the pro6y num)er of M8

del <prox' number> Make sure only delete ip interface for Iub .not for 2A./ 9. Close file for undo script and con:ert to ;.mo uu! <file name> 1<.Edit the undo script arameters that will )e change+ "efault router for Ip Interfaces 1 .defaultRouter%3 change with !I :alue in design Gateway Iu). !lan I" .&id Integer/ IpAccessHost*t 4IP Address Iu#3 Iub 5 rbsId Ip$'ncRef ! and Ip$'ncRef get IpAccessHost*t .in target (%C/ looking for Ip,ccess-ost E$ for Iu) ser:ices .usually there are 2 in e:ery su)rack5 slot & and slot 205 use slot & for Ip$'ncRef ! and slot 20 for Ip$'ncRef / 67 iublin7 .in target (%C/ get Ip,ccess-ostEt. get the data from target (%C

"#8 - 9he &alue of nthreshold parameter must be less than mbuffer heartbeatInter&al Integer !%

11.#oad the undo edit script trun <file name> 12.,dd Ip$'ncRef ! and Ip$'ncRef acl !% acc !% add$'ncRefResource answer ' select the #"%+ Ip*ystem415Ip,ccess-ostEt415Ip*ync(ef415 priority 1 and for the ne6t process select #"%+Ip*ystem415Ip,ccess-ostEt415Ip*ync(ef425 priority 2 as *ync(eference

13.,dd %ew !lan I" in !lan mem)ership

1&.Check the status for IpAccessHost*t and Ip$'ncRef lst IpAccessHost*t $he status must )e enabled 10.Make a )ackup C! for new configuration c&ms <c& name> <creator> <comment> c&rbset <c& name> 11.(estart %ode ' .if needed/


.o&ing (trancell use R9R 9ools 4Refer to .2P using R9R 9ools3

II.+ In R": $ide

1. Check %ode ' status in target (%C l7 <Iub lin7> $he status must )e enabled lst .<utrancell> $he status must )e enabled 2. "elete Iu) link and =tran cells data in old (%C

II., In .$$ $ide

1. "elete the old CGI and define the new one 2. Make sure the new CGI already define in all M** if the (%C use M** pool

III. Health :hec7 Post Re-homing

1. Check channel resources and traffic in %ode ' side Make sure radio resources can )e occupied . get radio0 st ch/ 2. Check Iu) link and =tran cell in (%C side Make sure all M8 related to Iu) and =tran cell is enabled 4l7 <iub lin7>3 3. Check alarm in %ode ' and target (%C side Make sure there is not alarm related re-homing process . alt/ &. Check new CGI in M** side Make sure all new CGI has )een defined in M** side