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e Science Li!rar" Acade$ic%related #rade & 'pen Access Su!)ect Li!rarian

Postholder reports to: *ead o Science and Medicine Li!raries +currentl" Alena Pta,% Dancha,Jo! Su$$ar" As part of the information and advice strand of the Universitys Open Access (OA) project, the purpose of this post is to coordinate Bodleian Libraries activity relatin to OA, and play a !ey role in understandin and promotin the options, processes, costs, developments and implications" Actin as a central library contact for #ubject Librarians and the academic community see!in help on policies, funder re$uirements, publishin routes and processes%

&ollaboratin 'ith the User (ducation &oordinator, O)ford *esearch Archive (O*A), *esearch #ervices, and divisional administrators and research facilitators, on help and trainin for the University, to provide clear communication about Open Access publishin % Leadin on bibliometrics trainin , and advice on citation analysis tools, in relation to OA and other areas of scholarly communication such as research impact%

*ours +,- full.time (/ days per 'ee!), fi)ed.term until 01 2arch 3,14% 5o include 6uty Officer duties at the *adcliffe #cience Library includin evenin s to 1,pm and #aturdays in vacation% .e" responsi!ilities A/ Coordination and liaison *esponsible for co.ordination of OA support provided by the Bodleian Libraries Coordination of advice and information activities o 7ithin the Bodleian Libraries, collaborate 'ith #ubject Librarians, the User (ducation &oordinator, O*A and the A8& team to coordinate OA help and trainin o 7ithin the University, 'or! 'ith *esearch #ervices and 6ivisional research support staff to develop our OA advocacy, uidance and support services%

January 2014

Depart$ental 0 college liaison Liaise 'ith administrators, academic and research staff and students over information provision and support for Open Access Polic" &ontribute to the development of University policy and strate y for OA support throu h membership of the Open Access 8roject 9roup and relevant library committees E1ternal liaison (stablish and maintain lin!s 'ith individuals and or anisations concerned 'ith the dissemination and impact of research and the 'ider OA movement%

B/ Deli2er" o training and support ser2ices Responsible for delivery and development of help and training on OA Lead the tea$ deli2ering 'A training and en3uir" help to provide coordinated trainin , online uidance and OA information support throu h a variety of communication channels En3uiries Oversee the OA email en$uiry service and Live chat% Author support Advise researchers on the options available to meet the policy re$uirements of research funders, and provide practical help in interpretin and navi atin information Training 6evelop OA trainin and events across all disciplines, includin eneral 7:#(* information sessions and subject.based sessions; and by attendance at department<faculty research committees and other departmental or colle e forums% 8lan and implement the on oin pro ramme of OA tal!s and other events on 'ider issues% #uides 8repare uides and other relevant documentation, includin those on the Open Access O)ford (OAO) 'eb site, and subject specific OA information in online Lib9uides Ad2ocac" :n conjunction 'ith *esearch #ervices, promote a'areness of Open Access policies and developments 'ithin O)ford and internationally, by devisin appropriate publicity, displays, current a'areness services, e)hibitions, 'eb presence, conference participation etc% Research Support &ontribute to the Libraries activities in #cholarly &ommunications, Open Access, &opyri ht and *esearch data mana ement by assemblin information, ensurin its continuous accuracy and ac$uirin s!ills to become an e)pert in relevant areas% C/ Bi!lio$etrics and research i$pact Responsible for bibliometrics initiatives Lead on bibliometrics activities by providin e)pertise on citation analysis and conductin bibliometrics reports to support the evaluation of research% 2aintain and develop and in.depth !no'led e of this area, providin advice and trainin on the use of a ran e of traditional and emer in publication metrics such as citation and altmetrics (and ne' open 'ays of measurin usa e and individual<institutional impact)% D/ 'ther duties 6uty Officer slots at the *adcliffe #cience Library (inc% evenin s, and vacation #aturdays)% 8articipate in a re ular #taff Appraisal = underta!e any necessary trainin % &omply 'ith health and safety re ulations% &omply 'ith the policies and procedures set out in the >andboo! for Academic.related staff, and 'ith duly notified Bodleian Libraries policies% Underta!e such other comparable duties as may be assi ned by line mana er from time to time commensurate 'ith the rade of the job%

Re3uire$ents or the Post4Selection Criteria Essential: A first de ree A professional $ualification in librarianship or information science

January 2014

Academic library e)perience appropriate to carryin out the duties of the post (incl% handlin en$uiries, providin academic support, deliverin trainin , producin uides)% ?amiliarity 'ith relevant biblio raphic = bibliometric databases and other sources and tools% ()cellent 'ritten and oral communication s!ills and presentation s!ills% Understandin of the scholarly communications process, publishin and Open Access policy

Desirable: ()perience of initiatin and mana in service developments 9ood :&5 and or anisational s!ills and a customer.focused approach%

January 2014