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How many websites are there in the world?

2012 Numbers 634 million websites (December 2012) Email 2.2 billion Number of email users worldwide. 144 billion Total email traffic per day worldwide.

Number of active gmail users: 425M Googles ad revenue per user $29.95:

how does web crawling work? Read abt POP and IMAP

Home improvement retailer Lowes spent a whopping $59.1 million on Google pay-perclick [PPC] advertising in 2011, the most of any other single source, followed by $55.2 million from online retail behemoth Amazon and $50.3 million from Lowes largest rival, Home Depot, according to search marketing software provider WordStream.
Google doesnt make as much money from mobile search - From last quarter: Were also seeing a huge positive revenue impact from Mobile, which has grown 2.5x in the last 12 months to a run rate of over $2.5 billion. 2012: Last week, he crowed triumphantly that Google+ had hit 90 million users with 60% engaging daily. Again, the problem is that Larry didnt define his terms. If Im forced to sign up for + as part of registering for Gmail, YouTube or search, should that count as a registration? And if I then do a search or check my Gmail, should I be counted as engaging with +? Its laughable. Traffic to google alternatives??? To be sure, Google crushes the competition in search. For the U.S. market in December, Google has 67.3 percent of the market with 12.3 billion searches a month, followed by Microsoft sites (18.2 percent), Yahoo (10.8 percent) and Ask (2.5 percent), according to comScore.

Photos on the internet:

As for Facebook proper, they get 208,300 photos uploaded every minute. Facebook has always been a bit vague about exactly how many photos they get over a period of time, but they've gone on record to say that it's over six billion photos per month. It's likely even more than that now. For scale, Yahoo!'s Flickr service has gotten about eight billion photos during its whole run.

Google mobile revenue:

How can google now make money?

Wearable devices activity tracker, medical, google glass, sports etc$149-android-wearables-platform/ Benefits / future Promote sports/fitness related products, fitness centers etc Learn more abt health of the user / extremely useful data for pharma companies, insurance companies, hospitals/doctors Health/Fitness tracking other apps - Provide an ecosystem thru google play Android powered Smart home/kitchen solutions/smart tv: Calorie /diet tracking/measuring products. Smart home smart refrigerator Possibility of promoting / recommending CPG companies. CPG companies are not spending as much on online advertisements. Smart kitchen solutions can provide

Opportunities 1) Growth in video, image advertising revenue, engaging more users 2) Android powered devices track the activity of the user closely, improvement in relevancy of ads, location info available, unique opportunity to capitalize on health and smart home/kitchen , great source of adv revenues CPG, Pharma, Insurance or lifestyle, restaurant, travel related companies 3) Strengthen enterprise products consumerization of IT, cloud apps, virtual desktop Challenges for google: 1) Moving towards mobile ARPU reduction due to small screen, usage of google now / IVR search 2) Supreme court turning down net neutrality law affect the usage/speed at which content is delivered, discrimination of the data cost a lot 3) Competition in social media space, search engine space(Microsoft is embedding its search engine and maps in windows, tables and phone) less info available about user behavior, lowered search 4) NSA snoops the data, EC antitrust law

Search engine market share Country-wise breakup

Internet users


World Regions Africa Asia Europe Middle East North America Latin America / Caribbean Oceania / Australia WORLD TOTAL Population ( 2012 Est.) 1,073,380,925 3,922,066,987 820,918,446 223,608,203 348,280,154 593,688,638 35,903,569 7,017,846,922 Internet Users Dec. 31, 2000 4,514,400 114,304,000 105,096,093 3,284,800 108,096,800 18,068,919 7,620,480 360,985,492 Internet Users Latest Data 167,335,676 1,076,681,059 518,512,109 90,000,455 273,785,413 254,915,745 24,287,919 2,405,518,376 Penetration (% Population) Growth 20002012 Users % of Table 7.0 % 44.8 % 21.5 % 3.7 % 11.4 % 10.6 % 1.0 % 100.0 %

15.6 % 3,606.7 % 27.5 % 63.2 % 841.9 % 393.4 %

40.2 % 2,639.9 % 78.6 % 153.3 %

42.9 % 1,310.8 % 67.6 % 34.3 % 218.7 % 566.4 %