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Vote Sara Lloyd-Knibbs #1 Democracy & Campaigns Officer 2014/15

Hello Coventry Students!

What follows is a comprehensive manifesto but I realise it is very long, so feel I have summarised my experience and intentions on this first page: With three years experience on Student Council and involvement in all departments of CUSU, I am your most experienced candidate for this role. Last year I was presented the award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Leadership by NUS President Toni Pearce, after using my various elected positions to interact with diverse student groups and enact real change on campus. I have run many campaigns and fundraised for a wide variety of causes, including taking a team of volunteers to Reading Festival to raise several hundred pounds for CUSU itself. If elected, I want to go even further for my fellow students. I am passionate about youth engagement, empowerment and employability, and think that those who say students dont care about anything obviously havent spoken to many students! I want to bring together the talented students I see all over campus doing great things (i.e. Sport & Society committees, Reps, Volunteers), give them recognition and the support they need to take the issues close to their hearts on to a bigger platform. Together, we are over 20,000 people. And together, we cant be ignored. I also want to demystify the democratic process. Did you know that every student has the right to come to Student Council meetings and question their elected officers or submit a motion for a change they want on campus (which if passed is policy for three years)? Too many dont know this, and that needs changing! If you like what you read, then please support me, and if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch, youre views are important to me. If you have another candidate you are already supporting, please consider me as your second choice. I hope my experience and policies speak for the themselves. Warm Regards,


Vote Sara
Experience & Achievements

L-R: RaG in Hush, RaG in Square One, Student Charity Event, Visiting Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Democracy 3 consecutive years on Student Council (Womens Officer & Social Experience Officer); 2 consecutive years as NUS Delegate; 1 year as Student Trustee; Secured 100 Bursary for Student Councillors; Helped organise attendance of the NUS #DEMO2012 Demo in London; Attended various NUS Events, i.e. Womens Conference, Sister Activist. Campaigns Currently: Team v, sustainability, healthy relationships Previously: Involved in the planning/running of numerous CUSU events, including:
o Varsity, Summer Ball, Refreshers Week, International Civic Reception, Faculty Reps Conference, Black History Month, SHAG Week, One World Week, UK Disability History Month, Your Ideas, Reps Christmas Party, LGBT+ History Month, ACS Afro-Bacchanal;

Recruited and led teams of up to 50 student volunteers on multiple projects;

RaG (Raising and Giving) Involved in RaG since 2011; Instrumental in tripling the size of the RAG & Campaigns Team in 2012/13; Extensive fundraising experience, various charities including :
o Acorns Childrens Hospice, Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Barnardos, Oxfam, HoverAid, Refugee Hope;

Took a team of student/alumni volunteers to Reading Festival to raise funds for RaG;

Misc. Relevant Experience Halls President, Deputy Faculty Chair, Source TV Management Team; Awards WINNER Outstanding Contribution to Student Leadership 2012/13; RUNNER-UP 2nd year Student of the Year 2012/13; RUNNER-UP Most Active Council Member 2011/12; Sara would be great as Democracy & Campaigns Officer as she has valuable experience endeavouring to promote, publicise and manage events and campaigns at Coventry University. She is inclusive, compassionate and non-judgmental which has been demonstrated to myself through her involvement and representation of the LGBT+ society and her ability to treat me as a person despite mental health issues. I have previously worked alongside her on campaigns and she isnt afraid to put the hard work in, give up her spare time and ensure the particular message gets across. To her credit she keeps going until the job is done. As a result of her voluntary and educational experience she has a wide range of skills to utilise and an excellent understanding of how the University functions. Anonymous Coventry Student

Vote Sara
Policies Democracy & Engagement (Part I)

L-R: With fellow election candidates in 2012 elections, Your Ideas Event, Elections Campaigning Sara would make a great Democracy Sabb because shes a passionate individual who cares about the students , regardless of race, ethnicity or gender she will fight for you cause. Her drive determination and desire makes her the Number 1 pick for this role. VOTE SARA - Joseph Lagawo, Student

Widening Participation Most-Mentioned Issue: Lack of Fresher Engagement Many students fail to engage (i.e. become reps, join societies or contribute to Source) in their first year creating a lack of new talent coming through for graduating students to hand over to. Get Involved Earlier Scheme get students/officers from ALL CUSU departments (Sports & Societies, Reps, Council etc.) to contribute towards a booklet a video promoting the benefits of getting involved in CUSU, especially early on in your student career. (Booklet to be distributed in Freshers, and video to be shown in induction lectures). Centralised Opportunity System Look into a creation of a online platform (perhaps similar to where all unpaid opportunities on campus can be uploaded in a searchable format. (Be they vacancies on student council, in a societys committee, Source, Senior Reps, or volunteering etc.). A CUSU Opportunities weekly email can then be circulated; like the current V&E department one, but with something for everyone, showcasing the breath of CUSUs activities. Create varied, innovate forums for students to engage in discussion about issues that matter to them, to ensure policy and campaigns are informed by the wider student population not just a select few. (I am running a trial debate about engagement, in the Alan Berry, 1-4pm on Wednesday 19th Feb feel free to come along!) Issue: Student Groups Missing almost Entirely from Council/CUSU Work with all stakeholders, but especially Representation & Welfare Officer and relevant Councillors, to proactively seek out those groups on campus who are less engaged with CUSU, and consult with them on how we can fulfil their needs and appeal to their wants. For example, Chinese students are the biggest nationality on campus after Home students (according to the International Office), yet are extremely under-represented on Council; and there is a similar lack of engagement with portfolio groups such as Students with Caring Responsibilities and Part-Time Students. It is vital that all students feel represented and supported by CUSU, however niche their issues. Coventrys Diversity is one of its greatest assets, but all students I have spoken to would like to see more integration, especially in social activities. Issue: Minimal London Campus Engagement (i.e. no London Campus Chair candidates!) Visit campus ensure Sabbatical Officers (And potentially Student Councillors) are visiting London campus in person on a regular basis to properly engage with those students including potentially working on-site there some days; Actively recruit candidates to stand for the Campus Chair in Autumn 2014 by-election; Begin a formal consultation process with London Campus students and societies about what can be done to involve them in CUSU;

Vote Sara
Policies Democracy & Engagement (Part II)

L-R: NUS National Conference, Receiving Award from NUS Pres., #DEMO2012 London, CUSU Awards 2011 Sara would make a great democracy & campaigns Sabb because she has always been so passionate about helping students and has already volunteered so many hours of her time to this cause, bringing many success stories! She is passionate and motivated to really make a difference to student's experiences at Co ventry. - Imogen Reeves, Democracy & Finance Officer 2012/13

Transparency & Accountability Issue: Limited Involvement in Council + Low Officer Accountability Plan key democratic event dates (Elections, Annual General Meeting, Student Council) in advance so they can be publicised from Freshers onwards (i.e. included on the CUSU wall planners); Make Student Council a Public affair (as I have suggested before), by moving it from the meeting rooms to lecture theatres, and actively advertising it to students to come along, engage in debate, and hold their elected officer accountable. Encourage all Sports & Societies to send at least one member to represent them at each Council meeting, and find a suitable way to reward those that do (also apply this to Source) Student Council Issue: Many Student Councillors are not engaged Meet with all Student Councillors on a 1-2-1 both before and after summer (then on a regular basis throughout the year) to establish their priorities and motivations. Subsequently focus on Councillors personal development (CIPD), i.e. finding budget for funding training, tailoring their experience of student leadership towards their goals; Run a social event for Student Councillors and invite Warwick Student Councillors to attend so that both parties can network and inspire each other; Overhaul bursary scheme, ensuring the KPIs (key performance indicators are relevant and beneficial to the Union) i.e. Councillors must second at least one motion proposed by a noncouncillor student, driving them to seek out students and shape policy; NUS (National Union of Students) Issue: Lack of involvement with the National Student Movement Contact NUS over summer and make efforts to secure at least one visit from an elected officer from each of the liberation groups (connected with campus events were possible, and actively promoted); Remain abreast of nationwide campaigns, task councillors (esp. liberation) to attend events to find our more where relevant and feasible, and report back to Council regularly; Commit to running at least one NUS campaign on campus (besides the annual ones such as Black History Month), subject to the project being approved by Council.

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Policies Campaigns & RaG

L-R: SHAG Week Campaigning, Sustainability Campaigning (Team v 2013/14), Black History Month planning with ACS, Healthy Relationship Campaigning (Team v 2013/14)

Campaigns - General Issue: Lack of central campaigns, Minimal impact

Actively seek and encourage relevant, student-led campaigns - great recent suggestions from current students to me range from tackling hazing and sudden cardiac death to living wage on campus and support for students with caring responsibilities. Ensure that we have a United Union, where we pull together to have a louder voice. In other words make sure that multiple officers and departments get behind each campaign for example Course Reps helping get petition signatures. Let students know that we are here first and foremost to stand up for them, even against the University when necessary, that this is integral to our entire organisation, and not a responsibility we will shy away from.

I am endorsing Sara Lloyd -Knibbs for Democracy and Campaigns officer, because she is passionate, experienced in all aspects of putting together and running campaigns, has extensive knowledge in public relations and understands and demonstrates significant competence in relation to the democratic element of the remit. Vote Sara #1 Democracy and Campaigns officer Kirstie Logan, HIPSOC

Campaigns - Liberation & Portfolio Groups Issue: Issues affecting specific student groups receive little awareness
Capitalise on my existing links with groups and individuals such as the current Disabled Students Councillor, the LGBT+ Society and the ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) to ensure that we focus our campaigning efforts where they are most needed whilst also seeking out students that are not engaged but may appreciate the support of the Liberation Councillors and other support services. Use annual events (such as LGBT+ History Month, International Womens Day etc.) not only as an opportunity to celebrate diversity, but also as a platform to campaign on issues affecting students that selfidentify as within those groups. Increase Intersectionality that is promote to students that they are able to self-identify in multiple ways, and that the different liberation groups can work together.

Sara is a proactive person with years of experience in the Student Council and in CUSU activities. she was a great member of the RaG & Campaign team, always trying to help CUSU increasing awareness of important topics Matteo Ciampani, Campaigns Officer 2012/13

RaG (Raising and Giving) Issue: Lack of organisation and support, leading to poor results
Work with the National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA), with whom I have links, to develop a three year strategic plan for RaG using their expertise (3 years to match the duration of CUSU policy). Display the current RaG total on home page to improve awareness. Employ Staff Member to deal with RaG earlier this year, research showed that having a dedicated RAG staff member is associated with 11x higher fundraising total than not having a staff member. They raise more than 20x their salary (ROI = 2034%). (Aldermann, 2014) (Average RAG income with dedicated staff member for RAG = 380,418.79) All fundraising held on or advertised on campus to be approved by the RaG staff member (or other appropriate parties who must be trained to do so). This will ensure activities are screened for appropriateness, and properly supported. All funds raised to be reported to the RaG team afterwards for accountability reasons, and so the figure can be added to the total.

Sara would make a great Democracy & Campaigns Sabb because she cares about other peoples interests that are not linked to her own issues, she is a part of the student body even during a placement year. - Rachel Jackson, RaG

Vote Sara
Endorsements & Recommendations

L-R: With students volunteers running a live music event for Source, Representing my department in Dubai, In Yorkshire with Mountaineering Society

Student Group Endorsements

Student Individual Recommendations

I would highly recommend Sara as Democracy Sabb because she has the interests of ALL students within the university at heart. She is committed, enthusiastic and approachable. Sara has a wide breath of knowledge about democratic policy and how to effectively implement new policy. She is also the fairest person I know! Kirsty Woolaston, Students with Caring Responsibilites Councillor 2013/14 Sara would make a great democracy sabb because she very passionate about all she does: whether it's her interest in music or campaigning. - Ebony Brown, Former President, Anime & Manga Society Invigorating, thoughtful, vivid and enterprising individual - Sid Bharnager Having known Sara throughout my time at Coventry University and as an executive member of CUSU, I know she has the commitment, drive and passion to not only do what is expected of her in this role, but also to excel. Joshua Homes, E&C Faculty Chair 2012/13 She is a dedicated and competent student ready for the next step inn Student Representation. She has had much experience in successful events which have already had a great impact on the university. Such background already proves that she is the candidate for this role. - Shelley Peters, Former President, Sound & Audio Society Other Candidates Im really pleased to see both the quantity and quality of election candidates this year, which I think is a credit to the current Democracy & Campaigns Officer. In the interests of transparency, I am officially endorsing Harry Cook #1 Representation & Welfare Officer 2014/15.

Contact Me - - #WeCanDoIt

L-R: Filming with Source TV, Supporting Coventry in Varsity, Meeting the Major of Coventry at the International Civic Repception with the Democracy & Finance Officer, Stewarding Freshers Bar Crawl, On the Catwalk at Afro-Bacchnal