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Ethanol Plant Complete Modules and separate equipment for sale. The plant is a corn dry mill fermenta on plant capacity 55 million gallons per year (55 MGY). Produced 52 MGY + 1200 TPD DDGS. Vogelbusch design, built in 1995 and was in opera on un l Feb 2013. Plant was maintained very well and was shut down properly. Stainless steel. Includes Regenera ve Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), 2 horizontal dryers, Evap system, Secondary Evap System, DDGS, Fermenta on system, Dis lla on system, Mash Prep, piping, pumps, heat exchangers, conveyors,chillerandmore. Note:Thisisplantandequipmentsale.RealEstateisnotincluded;reloca onisnecessary.


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RotaryDryers TWOdirectredICMModel40136Lgasredrotary dryersystemsdesignedfordryingDis llersDriedGrains andSolubles(DDGS).Designedforcon nuousandreli ableopera on.Therearetwocompletelyseparatesys tems.Includesburner,stack,2controlpanels,andall MCCs.

Fermenta on Fermenta onsystemforethanoldrymixpro cess.Includestanks,pumps,heatexchangers,pipes, MCC's.

DDGS DDGSsystemforethanoldrymixprocess.Includes tanks,pumps,heatexchangers,pipes,MCC's.

Dis lla on Dis lla oncolumnsandsystemsmashcolumn, rec ca oncolumn,dehydra oncolumn,solvent recovery,sidestripper,reboiler,alltanks,separa tors,andvessels.Includesinstrumenta on,piping, allMCCs.

Regenera veThermalOxidizer(RTO) Regenera veThermalOxidizer(RTO)builtbyCECOin 2006.Designedfor83,070scfmhas5chamberswitha crosssec onarea/chamberof136.5sq .Systemis oeredcompletewithcontrols,MCC's,VFDs,gastrain &controls,ssstack,allduc ng&fans.

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EvaporatorSystem Twostagerecirculatedfallinglmmechanicalva porrecompressionevaporator.Designedtocon centratecentrifugedthins llage.Evaprateat 107,000lb/hr.Allevapcomponentsare304 ss.Includesvessels,separatorsheatexchangers, 2000HPcompressor(ACcompressormodel D24JR),interconnec ngpipes&ducts,instrumen ta on,controls,MCCs.

Chiller MashPrep Chiller1600ton.Freonwithpumpandglycolwa Completemashprepareafordrymillcornethanol terrecircula onpackage. process.Includestanks,mashcookers,3centrifuge decanters(2Flo wegand1Alfalaval),allcontrols,all MCCs,piping,pumps,heatexchangers. SpareParts StainlessSteelTanks Over$1.3millioninsparepartsforethanolplant Stainlesssteeltanksimmediatelyavailable.Allare 304stainlessusedinanethanolplant.Thereare53 availableimmediately. tanksinallforatotalcapacityof5,245,000gal lons.31ofthesetanksareunder13 diameter.The othertankscanbecut,removed,andreinstalled.

Terms: All equipment is sold As Is Where Is, Subject to prior sale and availability. All quotes are in US Dollars unless specifically noted otherwise. Description of the equipment - especially those relating to capacity, size, or condition - are stated as clearly as possible for information to the buyer or observer. The descriptions and representations cannot be taken as accurate. The buyer has the sole responsibility to determine size, capacity, capability, suitability, condition, or any other attribute pertaining to the piece of equipment represented or purchased. The assets are sold "As Is", "Where Is" and "with all faults" and except as explicitly stated in the Contract for Purchase. All warranties, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, quality, and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby expressly excluded. Seller makes no representations or warranties as to design, condition, capacity, performance, or any other aspect of the asset.

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