NAME: Catherin Perdomo ENC 1101 PROF.

Carlos Gonzalez

The importance of being free

There are many people that are always seeking to get out of a cage in which, they feel captivity. Their purpose is to find freedom politically, economically, or just simply for a better quality of life. That is why during the last decade a large number of immigrants have crossed the border of the United States of America to pursue their dream, “The American Dream”, which had always been based on the idea that each person no matter who he or she can become successful in life by his or her hard work. In December of 1999, I decided to move to Miami looking for success, freedom and being able to control my own destiny. Even if it means sacrificing my family, friends, I was determined to take the risk. Since the beginning I had to fight with many barriers which were obstacles in my way to achieve my dream that kept me inside my cage far from my freedom. To begin with, I had to learn a new language, English. It was a complex and long processes because not only it was a new idiom, but also with it was a new culture in which I did not feel a hundred percent comfortable due to my different costume. Being

bilingual is an advantage that give me access to a new information, as a result a better opportunities of employment and cultural enrichment. Now I have a more extensive vision of the word.

Moreover, another big obstacle that I had for many years was the issue with my immigration status. As many immigrants in this moment around the USA, I lost my status after three years of being here. As a result, I had to change many things such as my work, and left the school because I did not have authorization for that. After a long wait of 4 years, finally I could fix my legal status and became a permanent resident. For me to overcome this obstacle made me feel that I was closer to achieve my goal and that all my sacrifice had been worth while. Many doors began to open for me so much like in the labor thing as in the education.

Another difficulty to reach my dream was of adapting me to the American system, which according to what I have learned is based on be practice and simple both on the labor thing and on the daily life, and when everyone desires something in life, and everyone, somehow, strives to get it. This was my way of adapting to the changes, becoming an open mind person, more practical ready to fight for my

for my freedom, and better of life. I also noticed that when you make an effort, the compensation comes. Finally, I can say that I obtained my dreams of being free, because I have reached my goals that from a beginning I proposed. I improved my quality of life; I have the control of my own destiny and the most important thing I am reaching a level of higher education which I always wish.