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Entrepreneur is an individual who takes risk and starts something new.

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Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Who are THEY?? ifferent
Prospects in Bangladesh

Entrepreneur Vs. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Formation Factors Entrepreneurial Qualities and Traits

Entrepreneurial Prospects in Bangladesh

Steps to Start a New Business Major Challenges Confirming Entrepreneurship Organizations involved in Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) in Bangladesh Conclusion

Administrator He entrepreneur whobears leads an enterprise towards its vision thorough leadership, who risk ofperson the firm forstarts the sake of making a reasonable profit is Communicator Technician Person Creator An Organizer is a who an enterprise. Manager motivation is an entrepreneur. an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Vs. Entrepreneurship

The Communication way in which an entrepreneur leads his manpower, them for Technology risk bearing practice that done by an motivates entrepreneur is Administration Creation Entrepreneurship Process can be described asis a process of action an entrepreneur Organization Management the achievement of the firms goal is entrepreneurship. entrepreneurship. undertakes to establish his enterprise.

Entrepreneurial Formation Factors

Psychological Factor
Upbringing Locus of control Need for achievement Self-actualization Social status Reference group Family experience Place in family

Sociological Factors

Environment al factors

Money supply Economic health Critical mass Education Training System, Technology, Culture, etc

Entrepreneurial Qualities and Traits

Self confidence
Confidence, leadership, Independence, Commitment.

Innovative, Creative, resourceful, Initiative, Versatile.

People Oriented
Easy going, Flexible, Response to suggestion.

Task Oriented
Persistence, Perseverance, determined, hard working profit oriented.

Future Oriented
Foresight, perceptive, concern for improvement.

Risk Oriented
Challenging, Ability to take risks.

Again Ranked Ranked

Entrepreneurial Prospects in nd nd 132 132 Bangladesh

on Economic on starting Freedom a business. Score. Source:

Courtesy: The World Bank, June 2013.

Steps to Start a New Business

*Step: 6 Step: 1


Verify thefor uniqueness of the proposed company name on the website of the Registrar of Joint Register VAT Stock Companies and Firms *Takes place simultaneously with another procedure. Step: 7 2 Obtain a trade license Pay stamp duty at a designated bank Step: 3 Register at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms Step: 4 Make a company seal Step: 5 Obtain a Tax Identification Number

Then why still you [Bangladesh] are 132nd in the world?


Major Challenges Confirming Entrepreneurship

Lack of Sufficient Financial Support Poor infrastructure Lack of skilled workers Political unrest Absence of a favorable social/cultural environment Poor quality and standards

Still there is enough Inefficient marketing practices


Lack of entrepreneurship and management skills Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs


Organizations involved in Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) in Bangladesh

Non-government Government Credit Support Organizations Organizations
Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) Bangladesh Bank Equity and Entrepreneurship BSCIC has credit programme on Micro-Industries Development and Assistance Services (MIDAS) Fund (EEF) Bangladesh Rural Development Development of rural industries Board (BRDB)
Alleviation Through Income Generation Programme Poverty Software industry Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) Management Development Institute (BMDI) Bangladesh Self employment through small & cottage industries Food processing Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme Agro-based industry. Revitalization Rural Economy Through Development of rural industries Directorate ofOf Women Affairs (DWA)

Gono Shasthya Kendra (GK) etc.

Development of Youth Development (DYD) Bangladesh Manpower Training Bureau (BMTB)



If They Can

Guidance Information

Motivation Inspiration
Dr. Mohammad Yunus Founder, Grameen Bank

Nitin Kundu Founder, Otobi

Samson H Chowdhury Founder, Square Group

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed Founder, BRAC

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