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Urban Urban Policy Policy and and Inter-city Inter-city Cooperation Cooperation for for Low-Carbon Low-Carbon Green

Green Growth Growth

Kazuhide Kazuhide Umemoto Umemoto Vice Vice Mayor, Mayor, City City of of Kitakyushu Kitakyushu

City of Kitakyushu

City Profile
Population: 1 million Area: 488 km2 Industrial City with International Trade Rich Nature with Biodiversity
OECD Green Cities Programme Kitakyushu, Japan Paris, France Chicago, USA Stockholm, Sweden




South East Asia

Larus saundersi Migratory: ChinaJapan Limulina Largest number in Japan

Hiraodai Karst Plateau with Biodiversity

Sone Tidal Flat

City of Kitakyushu

City of Kitakyushus Low-Carbon Green Growth Policy

Future Future

Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone

Green Innovation and Asian Economic Strategy Growing together with Asia by spreading Asias dynamics to the world

Future Eco-city of Kitakyushu

Comprehensive approaches (for the environment, welfare, recovery and business)

Eco-Model City
Low-Carbon Society, A Green Frontier Plan

International Environmental Cooperation and Business

Present Present Asias commitment to low-carbon green growth and promotion of city industry

Smart Community (Energy-oriented social system)

Investing in green infrastructure and CO2 reduction

Creating a Recycling Society (Eco-Town)

Promotion of green industry and comprehensive reduction of CO2

Past Past

Coexistence of environment and economic growth in overcoming pollution Green production, Local partnership
City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Experience Environmental Experience, Technology and Know-how

Overcoming Severe Environmental Pollution





The general environmental atmosphere measurement station (average) -sulfur dioxide -nitrogen dioxide - Atmospheric particulate matter - photochemical oxidant

City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Experience

Compatibility of Environmental Improvement and Economic Growth

Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution (mg-SO3/100cm2/day) (mg-SO3/100/day)

1968 1968
1969 1970

Achieving economic development together with environmental improvement

1963 1962 1964 1966 1965 1961

1967 1972 1971 1973

1974 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980




25 30

0 0 5 10 15
Economic Development


Economic Development (Value of Shipments: (Value of Shipments: 100Billiom Yen) 100 billion Yen)
Source: World Bank, MEIP Report, 1993
City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Plan

The Action Plan of Kitakyushu Eco-Model City

Target:AccumulativeSocietywithprosperitybygenerations LowCarbonSocietybasedonindustrialinfrastructure TheElderlyandChildrenFriendlySociety InternationalEnvironmentalCooperationforAsiasSustainableDevelopment
Citizen awareness and a sense of community on the environment

Building a Low-Carbon Society

Creating New Values & Culture Asias Growth & Exchange

Solving Climate Change

Increasing the Citys Dynamics

CO2 Reduction Target (2050) of Kitakyushu: 50%,

Asia region: 150%

Economic growth rate (by 2050): 40%

Policy Action and a 5-year strategy Advanced City Economic Development Human Development
Sustaining Prosperous Lives
Strengthening Partnership in Asia

City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Policy (Civic Life)

Waste Reduction and Resource Recycling

Household Waste CansBottles

Changes in Household Waste Volume

Amoount of Waste(g/per per capita/yr)
800 750 700 650 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 748 703 701 698 706 705 706 704 696 609 536 522 506

PET Bottles

Plastic Containers







2003 Year







General Waste (g/yr/per capita)

Recycling Ratio(%) 35.0 30.0
30.0 23.1 18.9 13.1 14.6 15.2 15.8 15.0 15.8 30.6 30.4



25.0 20.0 15.0

12.1 12.3

Adopted a new recycling system (2006) Purpose of Recycling: 1/5 of cost

10.0 5.0 0.0

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003







Household General Waste Recycling Ratio

City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Policy (City)

Kitakyushu Smart Community

Hydrogen (by-products)
Natural Gas Co-generation

Power Grid IT Grid

PV Generation Large Storage Batteries Wind Power Generation 15,000kw (Virtual 1)

Hydrogen Network

Fuel Cell

Smart Building

Smart Community Center

Public Bicycle Station

Smart School Hydrogen Station

Period: From 2010 to 2014 Investment: Approx. 15B Yen CO2 Reduction: 50% Renewable Energy: 10%

Smart Housing, Smart Hospital

Smart Data Center Smart Meter (Installed safety assurance function for the elderly)

Dynamic Pricing: 15 Yen ~ 150 Yen/kwhDay

City of Kitakyushu

Green Growth Policy (IndustryEconomy)

Growing Trend of Businesses Going Green

Ratio going green (%)












15,000 businesses surveyed in the city of Kitakyushu (2012) Responses collected from 1,824 businesses Providing green products and services Green management, etc.
City of Kitakyushu


70 60 50 40 30 20 10

Green Growth Policy (IndustryEconomy)

Eco Premium (Green Products Green Services)

Neorest Hybrid Toilet. RH Series

A Rental Apartment with PV Power generation system
(Awarded 2005New Energy Grand Prize in Awards for Economy and Industry)

4.8L per flush Power and Waste Saving Toilet

Takagi Automatic Sprinkler

with moisture sensor for saving water supply

Technologyandproductsthatreduceenvironmentalimpactsinthe city(throughresourcesaving,energysaving, easymaintenance,reuse,etc.)are designatedasEcoPremiums,whicharepromotingenvironmentalactivities throughoutindustrybyexpansionandintegrationofthesystem. Sales increased by certification system boosted sales, rather than evaluation on the environmental performance E.g.)CompanyAs energysaving CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) lighting : Increased from 50M Yen to 2B Yen per annum.
City of Kitakyushu


Green Growth Policy (IndustryEconomy)

Kitakyushu Eco-Town
Environmental business to build a resource recycling society

Practical Research Area

Comprehensive Eco-Industrial Complex Recycle Complex

Overview: Research Facilities 15, Industrial Facilities - 27 Outcome: Environmental preservation and Economic development Environment: CO2 Reduction 0.38M ton/yr, Resource SavingEnergy Saving Economy: Investment - About 66B Yen
(Local Government : National Government : Private sector=1:2:7)

Employees: About 1,340 (including part-time workers) Visitors: 1M (from 1998 to Dec. 2011)
City of Kitakyushu


Asias Green Growth and Inter-city Cooperation

International Environmental Cooperation: For Green Growth in Asian Countries
19802010 Cumulative Total

6,207 from 138 countries, Asia: 4,163 from 43 countries

Yearly Cumulative Total Environmental Cooperation Network of Asian Cities

Researchers from overseas KITA)

JapanInternationalCooperation(JICA)KyushuInternationalCentre KitakyushuInternationalTechnocooperativeAssociation(KITA)

Inter-city Environmental Cooperation Network

InstituteforGlobalEnvironmentalStrategies(IGES)KitakyushuUrban CentreKitakyushuForumonAsianWomen(KFAW) KitakyushuEnvironmentalManagementAssociation


KyushuRecycleandEnvironmentalIndustryPlaza(KRIP). KitakyushuAsianCenterforLowCarbonSociety

Joint Activities by 10 Cities from Japan China Korea Coastal Clean-up Project City of Kitakyushu


Asias Green Growth and Inter-city Cooperation Outcome of Environmental Cooperation in Asia: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

22 65,000 25% 10 hours 0.2 kgf/ 26,881 72% 48

Significant Improvement in Phnom Penh NumberofPersonnel /1,000personsperwatertap

Maximum Water Supply per day

4 235,000 90% 24 hours 2.5 kgf/ 147,000 8% 99.9%
Average level of Kitakyushu Direct supply is possible up to the 3rd floor

/day Water Supply Ratio in District

Operation Time
Average Water Pressure Number of Households
Ratio of Non-Revenue Water (water leaks)

Ratio of Water Bill Payment

Phnom Penh is now supplying its citizens with drinking water 24 hours a day.
City of Kitakyushu


Towards Green Growth

OECD Green City Program (Model City)

Green Growth Urban green growth means fostering economic growth and development through urban
activities that reduce impacts of wealth on environmental externalities, natural resources and eco-systems. Making the traditional urban economy green and expanding green cities to boost growth, job creation and attractiveness of cities, leading to effective urban policies to respond to climate change. These are the results of interaction among economic efficiency, process and environmental goals at the urban level.

Kitakyushu, Japan Paris, France Chicago, the United States Stockholm, Sweden
City of Kitakyushu


Towards Green Growth

Kitakyushu: The Future Eco-City

K i t a k y u s h u pu r s u e s t h e

En v i r o n men t a l Fu t u r e (C i t i z e n s )
Response to Super-Aged Society

C i t y f o c u s e d on h uman s

Adesirablecityofthefuture(2050) Environment The City Using Energy Wisely The City Preserving Nature The City Recycling Resources

The city where people live healthy lives

The city where families share wisdom and energy The city where parents take care of children

Recovery Support International Environmental Project

The city prepared for natural disasters The city exchanging the talented and technologies



Creating a city where people shine through, and a prosperous, peaceful and energetic city ~ Using the citys experience in overcoming pollution and its constant innovation ~

Strengths of Kitakyushu
Collaborations among businesses, public and private sector and universities

Talents in Technology (Innovation)

Networking with Asian countries (via international cooperation)

Experiences in responding to an aging society

City of Kitakyushu


Toward Green Growth

Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone

Seven Major Sectors of National New Growth Strategy
Life Innovation
Leading Nation in Science TechnologyTelecommunication Employment Human Resources





Strengths of Kitakyushu(Local Resources)

Having a technology know-how brand as a top runner on the environment Close Network with Asian Countries

Partnership among Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Fukuoka City

Asset of Kitakyushu Collaboration among businesses, private and public sector and universities, under strong leadership promoting growth with environmental improvements

Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone


Absorbing Asia s energy, Going toward the world beyond Asia and Growing together with Asia
Achieving additional revenue of about 5T Yen by 2010 (About 10% of nation s target of 50T Yen
City of Kitakyushu


Promoting Green Business by Asian Center for Low Carbon Society

Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society

Utilizing Inter-city Network Based on Green Technology and International Cooperation

Promoting Low Carbon Society in Asia with Green Technology of Kitakyushu and Japan as a part of Green Business

KITA --KITA Environmental - Environmental Cooperation Cooperation Center Center

Kitakyushu Kitakyushu

IGES IGES Kitakyushu Kitakyushu UrbanCentre Centre Urban

Hiroshi Komiyama
(Former President of University of Tokyo)

Nurturing Nurturing Specialists Specialists Assistance Assistance for for technology technology exports exports
Survey Survey Research Research Information Information distribution distribution

Global Leading Expert on Environment Issues

City of Kitakyushu


Promoting Green Business by Asian Center for Low Carbon Society

Commercialization (Customized Package) of technology and know-how on urban environmental infrastructure with public-private collaboration, led by Asian Center for Low Carbon Society

A hub for exporting urban environmental infrastructure Building a Green City (An environmentally-friendly city)
Knowledge structuring via public-private collaboration

System Government

Water and sewage Treatment Technology

Urban environmental Infrastructure package

Financial Institution

Asian Center for Low Carbon Society


Smart Community
Pollution Control Technology Private (CP) Enterprise

Exporting Overseas (Elements of Package)

An example of a model city of Kitakyushu

City management center
Cloud Computing )

Power, water, resources, pollution, traffic information of infrastructure exporting countries

Optimal Management


Relevant research institution, including universities and government

Power plant Waste treatment Recycling facilities Sewage treatment

Traffic Information Electricity heatgas water wasteresources Pollution information(air,water)

Ensuring a hub for urban environmental infrastructure to accelerate attracting talented people and knowledge from home and abroad

Wind power Mansion EV PHV PV


An essential domestic hub for exporting urban environmental infrastructure targeting Asia


City of Kitakyushu


Promoting Green Business by Asian Center for Low Carbon Society

Exporting a water and sewage system package, Smart Community (Local energy)to Asian countries Development of a package of water and sewage technology and know-how
Experience and Know-how of Technology Cooperation Medals received from Cambodia

Demonstration of Smart Community, Development of a package of technology and know-how

Building New Energy System, including Japans first Dynamic Pricing (Consumers are allowed to participate )
Natural Gas Co-generation
By-product Hydrogen

Power Grid

Wind Power Generation

( Virtual)

Hydrogen Network

Smart Building

internet Network
CEMS CEMS (( )) Wind Power Plant 0.15M KW

Improvement of non-revenue water from 72% to 8% (Cambodia)

Marketing and Sales utilizing an international hub

Public Bicycle Station Next generation SS Smart School

(Water Plaza in Kitakyushu)

Smart Housing
PV Generation

Data Center

Main body of Public-Private Collaboration

(Kitakyushu Oversea Water Business Association) Kitakyushu

National Government Scholars (University Professors)

Development of New Products CEMS, HEMS, BEMS (Energy Management System) Smart Meter Large scale battery system Commercialization of Smart Community Local Energy Management System Package with Dynamic Pricing and Large scale battery

111 Private Enterprises

Public Private Partnership

Institutions (JICA,, JBIC , etc.)

MOU with Hai Phong, Vietnam

Demonstration of new business with Smart Grid Technology

City of Kitakyushu


City of Kitakyushu