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c/o Object Design & Media Box A3914 Chicago, Illinois 60690-3914

First published as an E-book in USA in 2013 by: Song of Apollo Publishing c/o Object Design & Media P.O. Box A3914 Chicago, Illinois 60690 Copyright 2013 Lee Barry. All rights reserved.

I have seldom used Untitled as a title and this is a perfect opportunity--in a book of titles. I have been a collector of titles ever since I started composing in the early 1980s. They are ubiquitous if one pays attention to them, emanating from things one is reading or in overheard phrases on TV or the radio. Titles can exert a big influence on how ideas grow and develop from a conceptual basis--other times they are added to complete an idea, or to add one where a central idea was needed. Sometimes artists want to avoid suggesting anything specific and use untitled or something generic like abstract painting, as Gerhard Richter has frequently done. (If something is to remain pristinely abstract, one wouldnt want to introduce or suggest possible meanings.) Titles have different effects depending on the medium: art and sometimes photography do not require titles but I have always added them. Music always needs a title in all genres except classical, where Symphony No. 3 in C Minor is sufficient, with each movement named for its tempo marking, as more of a formal category rather than a title per se. At the end of the book is a complete list of Titles used in the book, with links to some of the content at the accompanying website:

Ab Ex X Photograph (2004)

Accidental Ab Ex Photograph (2012)

Achtung Painting (2009)

Achtung Photograph (2012)

Aerial Dining Photograph (2012)

After I Forget Aha African Dust (Music 2011) Air Shapes All Kinds of Time All Means All All of the Above

Allonge Digital Art

Along Time Alux (Duende) (Music 2013) Americanista (Music 2009) Amnesia (Music 1999) And So

Angle Parking Photograph (2012)

The Anodyne (Music 2005) Another One Tomorrow Approach to Ganymede (Music 1999) Arrival Survival The Arrow of Abaris (Music 1994) Artificial Memes Art of Spiritual Combat As Far As The Eye Cant See Audio Tattoo Audeo Vidio

Augmented Octave Work on Paper (2014)

Autocerebroscope Photograph (2004)

Autodiadactical Teradactyls Available Heart Axia The Axis of Eva The Axis of Levi

Baby Boom Echo Baby Obey Back To Egypt Bad Perfume (Music 1984) Band Width Barely Born B.B.Coming Bassosterone The Barking Python Bazuko Beauty of the Former Been There Done Again Be Good Back Begin the Ending

Beginnings Middles & Endings Graphic Arts (2007)

Behalved Be One Blackboard Room Blackenacea The Black Sky and the White Night Blank Inside Blessings Daily Counting Blue Air Blues Cool

Blue Zoom Photograph (2006)

Black Frost (Series) Photographs (2008)

Blue Sunset (Music 2005) Boundaries of Living and Performing Brain Change Brain Thing Brain Traffic (Music 1984) Brain Tuck Broken Beam Building A Life (Music 2008)

Burning Moxa Photograph (2002)

Cadillac Child Cant Believe You Believe

Carcasses Photograph (2012)

Careen Casino Feet China Doll Silence Chindogu Chinese Tequila Circumferential Lines Chocolate Blue Chop Socky

Cliche Cycle Photograph (2013)

Clockwork Shadows Photograph (2013)

Code Indigo Painting (2008)

Collidoscope Photograph (2005)

Colors of Perception Photograph (2005)

Common Faces Completely Unfinished Complexity Brake

Concrete Bed Photograph (2005)

Cor Ten Blue Digital Art (2012)

Cosmetic Edit Cosmic Ghosts Cosmo Picasso Crying On The Inside Kind Cupid Killed Me

Dabbawallah (Music 1996) Damaged Clock Damnation Winds

Dark Deco Photograph (2011)

Dark Park Photograph (2004) Dark Park Music (2006) Data Exhaust

Days Until Photograph (2011)

Dead Shrine Death By A Thousand Clicks

Death of Music Photograph (2008)

Declination Photograph (2011)

Degrees of Cool Photograph (2004)

Dencity Photograph (2013)

Denuded Umbrella Photograph (2012)

The Discontinuity of All Previous Beginnings The Distance of Emily (Music 2011) DNA Slush

Downbeats Photograph (2013)

Dremes Driven By The Will Dromomania (Music 2010) Drones Alone Drone Shadow

Drop Shadow Photograph (2013) Dune

Easy Gods Echosystem (Music 2011)

Edgecation Photograph (2005)

Edges of Reaching Eke (Music 2012) Eldritch Trees Elechronica Electronic Whispers Emotional Camera Emotional Dimensions of Blue Emotional Targets

Empty Planes Photograph (2013)

Enceledan Snow Encomia

Enlightened Photograph (2012)

Entanglement Photograph (2012)

E-Scape Photograph (2012) Esolang Ever After Everywhere You Go Exjazzperation

Eyes Into the Sole Photograph (2012)

Fahrenheit Photograph (2004)

Far East Desires Painting (2009)

Family Noise Filmigenic Flowers On The Moon

Fluorescent Web Photograph (2012)

Forelocked Tulip Photograph (2013)

Forever and Everywhere Fractal Islands That Never Were (Music 2007) Frame 313 (Music 2006) Frame Dragging Frieze Frame Fundamental Click Funk is Folk Futility Knife Future in Plastic Future You Funeral Tyre

Glitch Brush

Green Architecture Photograph (2013) Green Gabardine Growing Up Old

Gulity Bystanders Photograph (2005)

Hat Invasion Photograph (2012)

Headz Photograph (2010)

High & Low Photograph (2013)

How Can Just One Man How So

Huh? Painting (2008)

Hundreds of Arbitrary Decisions Made By Design Painting (2009)

Huzu Work on Paper (2011) Huzu (Music 2011)

If I Were Me If/Then

Illusory Borders of Subjective Contour Photograph (2004)

Imagery Fallout Photograph (2004)

Imaginary Colors Imagine A Nation Imitation Man (Music 2006) Importance Overflow Indigidigitality Influence Mine Information Itch In My Camera In My Own Worlds Inner Horizon Inner Pieces Inner Shock

In The Center of the Bridge Photograph (2010)

In The First Place In Psynch Inspiration Mines Instillation (Music 2005) Insula (Short Story 2013)

Interregnum I Work on Paper (2013)

Interregnum II Work on Paper (2013)

Ironic Blue (Music 2012) Is Is Is/Was

Jamais Vu June Parka

Junk on TV Photograph (2013)

Kata Tataki Kelly Kurves King Victor Zulu King

Land Escape Photograph (2008) Land of No Languification Learning Unlearning Left Hanging Lets Go Dreaming Letters Unsent Life Clouds Light Box Listen to the Land Living on Maybes

Look Into the Big Black Tulip Photograph (2004)

Lost In The Circuitry (Music 2006) Love Gasoline (Music 2010) Low Approach Luminant Baptismal

Martian Suburbia Me as a Friend

Martian Vapor Trails Photograph (2013)

Mast Minimalism Photograph (2013)

Meme Nest Mercurys Moon The Mesh Were In Methane Rain Mistaken Faith Mixroscope Mona Lisas Ambulance

Neone (Character in short story Reset)

Noondreams Photograph (2013)

Noondreams (Music 1995) No One Will No Return From Extinction (Music 1992)

Not Like Before Photograph (2013)

Obsequious Work on Paper (2009)

OI Photograph (2012)

Omens On One Side (Music 2008)

One Rope, One Chain Photograph (2004)

Orange Rhyme Photograph (2005)

Parking Mondrian Photograph (2007) A Place No One Knows (Music 2010)

Plowden Bridge Photograph (2007)

Quadrant 5 Qualia Quux

Raise it to the Ground Rchetype Read Location Red Cent Redound Rebound Resound Rememory Residua Reverse Pollack (Music 2007) Reverse Polaroid Revolushine Rhythm Language Rigamarole Rings Hollow Rodins Drawer Rote Mezmerization Run The Risk

Saccade Sacred Steel Salient Film Saturnine (Music 2010) SciFi Deck Scene Machine Scrambled Air Scream Crash Boom Secret Asian Man Self-Squared Fractal Dragon Sense and Avoid Science of Political Comedy Screaming Down The Aisle Season of Greed Secondary Dominance Shades of Remembering (Music 2013) Shadow Burn Shadow Flicker Shadow Mondrian

Shadow Stack Photograph (2010) Shante (Music 2004)

Ship of Theseus Painting (2010)

Sidewalk Dekooning Photograph (2013)

Sidewalk Expressionism Photograph (2011)

Sidewalk Star Photograph (2010)

Sidewalk Suture Photograph (2012)

Signal Sent (Music 2011) Silence the Silence Silent Laughter Silica Sister Silver Nylons Simple Similitude Sing in My Choir Skin In The Game Skip Intro

Sky Blue Nails Photograph (2013)

Sleep Variations Sleepless Over Dreams Smaglama Amalgams Smoking Bed Smooth Retsina Somebody to Somebody Some Odd Reason Soul of the Decider Sorta Me Kinda You Sound Prism Space Errors Sparkline (Music 2014) Spiritual Pride Parade Spit Test

Spot On Photograph (2006)

Spychodrama (Music 2010) Squeegee Kid Stained Glass Saints Star On Your Own Steely Don Stigmata Still Thinking (Music 2005) Still Works Straight Jacket of Perception Strategicallly Breathing Stratified By Wind (Music 2010) Stray Voltage The Streets of Intergalactic Space Strings Strung Style Cowboys Stylects (Essay 2002) Subsun Suicidal Planet Sum of Me

Sunset Scrim Photograph (2012)

Surviving Steel Sussed (Music 2010) Susurrus Swipe Out

Symmetry Breaking Work on Paper (2013)

Thats The Thing This Constant Beginning Thought Trains (Music 2011)

Three Views of a Skyscraper Photograph (2008)

Torrance Test Photograph (2005)

Tube Tableau Photograph Collage (2010)

The Underlying Knowledge of Shapes Photographs (2005)

Versa Photograph (2013)

Vintage Smoking (Music 2010)

Virtual Graffiti Photograph (2008)

When Comes a Time (Music 1994) Who Am I To Care? Wild Black Yonder Window Silk

Window Treatments Work on Paper (2012)

Wrong Yaw Photograph (2010)

Z-Axis Photograph (2013)