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UCP 3 Functional Specification: 212113395.


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Low Evaporator Temperature Protection Unit Off

Special Chilled Water Pump control to reduce the risk of evaporator freeze damage while the unit is in any kind of Stop mode or in a state in which the Evaporator Water Pump would be otherwise off and the condenser is exposed to low ambient temperatures air cooled chillers ! or cold condenser water " glycol solution temperatures water cooled chillers! below the freeze point of the water " glycol solution in the evaporator water loop#

Explanatory Comments
Similar to $ow $eaving Water %emperature Protection when the unit is off& this protection can start and run the Evaporator Water Pump assuming the customer is using the Evaporator Water Pump output! if the conditions inside the evaporator are such that a freeze up is eminent# 'n the (%)C and (%*+ chillers& sensing the $eaving Water temperature alone is not ade,uate to detect this condition# -reeze up can happen in the middle of the long evaporator tubes and the water temperature sensor locations are isolated from the effects& if no water is flowing# %he protection is based on both the amount of li,uid refrigerant present in the shells as well as the saturated temperature of the evaporator relative to the freeze protection setting for the evaporator water side which should be set based on the percentage of anti.freeze used in the customer/s water loop!# %he chiller/s 0'1 documentation provides the necessary information for 2 antifreeze and suggested $eaving Water %emperature Cutout settings for a given Chilled Water %emperature setpoint#

Customer Benefit
Provides for diagnostics alarms and automatic re.energization of the evaporator water pump relay in the condition of low evaporator temperatures approaching the cutout set point user ad3ustable& to be based on the water"glycol solution in the evaporator tubes!

While the Chiller is either off no circuits or compressors running!& in the Stop mode& or in any kind of run or start inhibit mode& and if either of the Evaporator Saturated temperatures as derived from the evaporator or suction pressure transducer s! fall below the water temp cutout setting while the respective evap li,uid level was greater than 4#56 inches for 78 degree - seconds& then the controls will call out a diagnostic $ow Evaporator %emp9 :nit 'ff; see below! and energize the Evap Water pump (elay# %his <override; will continue until diagnostic auto resets& and then return to normal evap pump control# )utomatic reset occurs when either the evap temp rises = - 1#1C! above the cutout setting for 78 minutes or the li,uid level falls below 4#56 inches for 78 minutes#

(%)C9 %he control does not re,uire the temperature to remain = - above the $W%CS to clear in = minutes& but only remain above the $W%CS once it has risen to =- above# >everthelss the pump will remain on for 78 minutes after water temp gets =- above the $W%CS as long as it doesn/t fall below the $W%CS afterwards# Since the current implementation of flow loss or flow overdue diagnostics are not active in the Chiller Stop mode& we needed to create a new diagnostic to annunciate the failure to establish or maintain flow during the time that the pump is commanded on due to the <low evap temp . unit off; occurance& or any other time the pump is supposed to be running but the chiller is in the Stop mode#