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10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. -Lao T u !ecoming more conscious is the "rogressi#e rea$i ation o% conscious mastery o#er your mind.

1. Truth & Truth raises your consciousness. 'a$sehood $owers it. 'irst( acce"t the truth. Whate#er you)re a%raid to *now $owers your consciousness. +econd$y( s"ea* the truth. ,% honesty is a cha$$enge %or you( it)s because you aren)t being honest enough with yourse$%. Lies you te$$ others are shadowed by $ies you te$$ yourse$%. The more you)re ab$e to acce"t and s"ea* the truth( the more conscious you become. Raise your consciousness by unco#ering and dum"ing a$$ traces o% %a$sehood %rom your $i%e. -$$ow this to be a gradua$ "rocess. -s your consciousness increases( genuine honesty wi$$ come more easi$y to you. Yes( there may be conse.uences when you switch %rom $ies and ha$%-truths to the %u$$ truth( but high$y conscious "eo"$e *now that crossing that bridge is we$$ worth the e%%ect. - short-term ad/ustment is nothing com"ared to the /oys o% $i#ing honest$y and o"en$y. ,t)s so much easier and $ess stress%u$ to be yourse$% and a$$ow others to do the same. 0ot e#eryone wi$$ a""reciate the rea$ you( es"ecia$$y i% they)#e grown accustomed to a %a$se #ersion( but that won)t matter once you acce"t and a""reciate yourse$%.

1. Courage & Courage raises your consciousness. Cowardice $owers it. Courage is the gate*ee"er between unconscious growth and conscious growth. -s $ong as you remain on the unconscious side( $i%e wi$$ *ee" throwing "rob$ems at you unti$ you ste" u" and ta*e charge. When you %ace your %ear( the %ear #anishes( and "rob$ems trans%orm into o""ortunities. !ut when you run %rom your "rob$ems( your %ear on$y grows. - "ower%u$ guiding "rinci"$e to ado"t is( Whate#er , %ear( , must %ace. The more %ears you %ace down( the more conscious you become. -s you master this $esson( e#entua$$y courage becomes $ess necessary. 2nce you de#e$o" the courage to %ace any %ear $i%e throws at you( you sto" attracting so many %ear-based e3"eriences into your $i%e. This is why courage is the di#iding $ine between unconscious growth and conscious growth. The mastery o% courage gi#es you the "ower to decide how you)$$ grow instead o% being a #ictim o% the whims o% %ate.

4. Com"assion & Com"assion raises your consciousness. Crue$ty $owers it. - great way to become more conscious is to search %or signs o% unconscious crue$ty and

disconnection in your $i%e. This can be #ery di%%icu$t to do since it a$so re.uires courage. We natura$$y resist %acing our own crue$ty( but it)s there /ust waiting to be unco#ered. Com"assion is the root o% unconditiona$ $o#e( a %ee$ing o% connectedness with e#erything that e3ists. 5o you %ee$ connected to yourse$%6 To others6 To anima$s6 To a$$ $i#ing things6 To e#erything that e3ists6 The more you de#e$o" this connection( the more conscious and aware you become.

7. 5esire & 5esire raises your consciousness. -"athy $owers it. When you get c$ear about what you want( such as by setting a goa$( you raise your consciousness. C$arity %ocuses your mind and gi#es you the "ower to thin* and act inte$$igent$y. You can %ee$ this e%%ect whene#er you thin* about something you de%inite$y want. 2n the other hand( when your desire is unc$ear( your consciousness is mudd$ed. Your thoughts $ac* %ocus and direction( and you mere$y s"in your whee$s. +tri#e to become more c$ear about what you tru$y desire most( and your consciousness wi$$ e3"and.

8. -ttention & -ttention raises your consciousness. 5istraction $owers it. ,m"ro#ing your abi$ity to concentrate wi$$ ma*e you more conscious. 9ic* u" a roc* and gi#e it your %u$$ and com"$ete attention( and notice what ha""ens. !ut a$$ow your mind to be ridd$ed with distractions( and your consciousness wi$$ sin*. - distracted mind is a "ower$ess mind. :editation is a great way to "ractice attention and concentration. +it .uiet$y( breathe dee"$y( and %ocus your mind as you do your best to tune out distracting thoughts. This is sim"$e to $earn( but it can ta*e a $i%etime to master.

wou$d you $i*e you( i% you met you

;. <now$edge & <now$edge raises your consciousness. ,gnorance $owers it. 'irst and %oremost( *now thyse$%. Thin* dee"$y about your $i%e( and *ee" a /ourna$ to record your thoughts. -s* .uestions to which you don)t *now the answer( and then search %or those answers. Loo* around you as we$$( and soa* u" *now$edge $i*e a s"onge. ,nteract with your en#ironment with a sense o% curiosity and wonder. +tudy it. Learn %rom it. =3"eriment with it. +tri#e to understand rea$ity( inc$uding your ro$e in it( as accurate$y as "ossib$e. The more accurate your be$ie%s about rea$ity are( the more conscious you become.

>. Reason & Reason raises your consciousness. ,rrationa$ity $owers it. Logic is a "ower%u$ too$ o% consciousness when used correct$y. ,t $ends structure and substance to thought. ?owe#er( the great cha$$enge o% $ogic is the a#oidance o% %a$se assum"tions. sing$e %a$se assum"tion can throw o%% a $i%etime o% otherwise $ogica$ conc$usions. +o cha$$enge a$$ o% your be$ie%s( and ne#er ha#e too much certainty about those that rest on c$ouds.

@. Conscious "eo"$e & Conscious "eo"$e raise your consciousness. Anconscious "eo"$e $ower it. +ee* out others you "ercei#e to be at a higher $e#e$ o% consciousness than you are. Ta$* to them( as* .uestions( and en/oy their "resence. -$$ow their ideas and awareness to in%ect you( and you)$$ %ind yourse$% e3"anding in a$$ directions. You)$$ become more honest( more courageous( more com"assionate( and so on. !ut s"end time with "eo"$e at a $ower $e#e$ o% consciousness( and you)$$ gradua$$y sin* to their $e#e$. Their thoughts wi$$ in%ect you as we$$( causing you to become more dishonest( more %ear%u$( more a"athetic( etc. +tri#e to %ind a ba$ance between s"ending time with those who raise your consciousness #s. s"ending time with those you can he$". Learn %rom those who are a $itt$e more conscious( and he$" those who are a $itt$e $ess conscious than you. ,n this manner you ser#e the highest good o% a$$( e3"anding consciousness e#erywhere.

What high$y conscious "eo"$e ta$* about B%rom the %i$m C:y 5inner With -ndre)D E. =nergy & =nergy raises your consciousness. 5isease $owers it. Ta*e care o% your "hysica$ body( %or it is your "rimary means o% interacting with the wor$d. =nergy gi#es you an ongoing %$ow o% #ita$ $i%e e3"eriences. !ut without energy you star#e your consciousness. =at with an awareness o% what you)re consuming. =3ercise with an awareness o% how you)re a%%ecting your body and mind. !e%ore "utting anything in your body( consider its e%%ect on your energy( not /ust in the short term but in the $ong term as we$$. -$ways as* yourse$%( Wi$$ this "roduce energy or disease6

10. ,ntention & The intention to raise your consciousness raises it. The intention to $ower your consciousness $owers it. Consciousness has the ca"acity to se$%-e3"and or se$%contract( /ust as you ha#e the ca"acity to grow or to commit suicide. ,n any gi#en moment( you ha#e the %reedom o% choice. !y genuine$y #oicing the intention Bor by o%%ering the "rayerD( , intend to become more conscious and aware( you wi$$ initiate the e3"ansion o% your consciousness. ?o$ding the intention to im"ro#e in any o% the "re#ious nine areas wi$$ yie$d a simi$ar e%%ect. -$ternati#e$y( you are "er%ect$y %ree to $ower your consciousness at any time. Whi$e it)s un$i*e$y you wou$d choose to do so direct$y( you

can achie#e the same e%%ect indirect$y by $owering your "er%ormance in any o% the "re#ious nine areas. !y choosing to $ie( to succumb to %ear( to commit acts o% crue$ty( to remain ignorant( and so on( you "ut out the intention to $ower your consciousness. -nd in so doing( you initiate a "rocess that wi$$ attract more %a$sehood( %ear( crue$ty( ignorance( etc. into your $i%e. by +te#e 9a#$ina =#ery thought you ho$d ser#es to either e3"and or contract your consciousness. There is no neutra$. +o choose wise$yF

=#ery thought you ho$d ser#es to either e3"and or contract your consciousness. There is no neutra$. +o choose wise$yF 2rigina$$y "osted onG +ocia$ Consciousness