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Splitting the Arrow
[ P i c k d a t h e

We’re not done yet There’s a another barometer The question came to me Did you share the most important barometer?

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I gave you all the others God said no ven i! you touched on it

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d a

t h e

"ou have to ma#e it so crystal clear

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IF OUR responsibility is only one thing and that’s believing And God said i! you thin# you only have one battle that’s o#$ I gave you that last night I told you it’s a battle because I wanted to you to see the

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d a

t h e

[Type the document title] contrast in the atmosphere o! the war!are% o! spiritual war!are [ P i c k d a t h e &ut there will be some that even that one thing is all they have to !ocus on% which is their !aith There will be some that will !eel li#e they don’t want to battle$ .

[Type the document title] even though they #now that it’s 'ust one &ut what i! I don’t want to call it a battle? (ust one 'oy!ul requirement Its’ )* to call it that [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] )ne 'oy!ul requirement% blend it with 'oy!ul The pronoun 'oy!ul +et that pronoun proceed% whatever you want to call it ven 'oy!ul battle What? [ P i c k d a t h e .

ymoron [ P i c k d a t h e (oy!ul and battle don’t go together &ut above the line they go per!ectly together Why? I have a question .[Type the document title] ).

[Type the document title] &ecause what’s the best thing that can come out o! battle? The ultimate What is that? What is the connection with battle? [ P i c k d a t h e .

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"ou should have no problem with battle and this is Why?

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d a

t h e

&ecause only with the true battle can you e,perience the 'oy o! true victory"ou will never e,perience true victory unless you’ve

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e,perienced true battleGod says I am the way% the truth% and the li!eAnd in .e is /001 pure victory2allelu'ah3 So use the battle

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d a

t h e

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It’s in your best interest .y permission is given to use something else

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

4all it whatever you want )ne 'oy!ul !ocus I as# o! you

[Type the document title] That’s my permissive will &ut my per!ect will is call it what it truly is [ P i c k d a t h e When you call it what it truly is That’s when it can truly be power!ul .

perience the !ullness .[Type the document title] 5ace it head on !rom what it truly is [ P i c k d a t h e Then your 6victory7 will have a little sugar on it too "our seemingly 6victorious place7 will be side stepped 'ust a little bit "ou won’t e.

[Type the document title] "ou won’t e.perience the /001 !ullness o! 'oy o! that victory &ut i! you meet it head on /001 +i#e the world% call a spade a spade 4all it li#e it is [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] In psychology they say i! you can name it% you can tame it And the world says call it li#e you see it8-9) [ P i c k d a t h e &ecause human eyes can only see so much God says call it li#e I see it .

actly where the bulls:eye is to !ace it There’s a bull eyes with a circle within a circle Do you want your aim somewhat on the target? .[Type the document title] 4ome above the line [ P i c k d a t h e And you #now e.

[Type the document title] )n the outer rings o! the target )r do you want it squarely% per!ectly% dead center The only one that is solid is the center There is space between the lines [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] In the heart o! it [ P i c k d a t h e The per!ect center is solid Do you want to be on solid ground? )r do you want to hit between the lines? .

[Type the document title] Do you want your blessings to be e.traordinary? [ P i c k d a t h e Do you want to hit the target right in the middle o! the circle where it’s solid? &ecause i! your dart is landing anywhere else .

perience are blessings to a degree &ecause you’re willing to settle !or less than /001 And there comes somewhat a 6satis!action7 that you become )* with [ P i c k d a t h e .[Type the document title] What you will e.

[Type the document title] Wow I 'ust hit the outer board That’s close to the rings [ P i c k d a t h e I’m 'ust happy to hit the board &e!ore I wasn’t coming anywhere near the target board .

[Type the document title] .y ultimate wish with !or you my child% says [ P i c k d a t h e .y darts have never reached up there near the board I’m happy to be on the board That’s a ploy o! the enemy Satan says 'ust be happy to be on the board .

act center you can’t get .[Type the document title] God% is /001 in the center o! the solid mar# on the target board [ P i c k d a t h e And even then it gets better 9o way% don’t #id me &ecause i! we measure the e.

carnal things to ma#e my point .[Type the document title] better than dead center Is there anything better than dead center? [ P i c k d a t h e God what are you saying% hold up God says I can still use earthly.

[Type the document title] 2ere’s a story% a movie seen in theaters [ P i c k d a t h e Written by carnal man or woman <obin 2ood I! we’re /001 per!ect right in the center o! the dot in the target .

[Type the document title] Is our wor# !inished because our !aith is /001 strong? [ P i c k d a t h e Is our wor# !inished? Wait% you said the ultimate was to believe /001 and my arrow hit the center o! the target Is your wor# !inished? 9o .

[Type the document title] Why God% why? [ P i c k d a t h e &ecause li#e in <obin 2ood when everybody was re'oicing that the competitor hit it squarely in the middle 9ot that the competitor was evil .

cellent shot .[Type the document title] I’m not ma#ing an analogy o! Satan as the competitor [ P i c k d a t h e The other competitor at the time The way God is telling me the story That was an e.

[Type the document title] <ight squarely in the middle That pleases God [ P i c k d a t h e veryone would seem to be happy with that ven the angels are saying that is the highest% the ultimate .

[Type the document title] So that should be enough [ P i c k d a t h e "ou should be done "ou’re victorious 9o God says% you’re not done And this is why .

[Type the document title] .y other children are not truly saved% yet that have on the righteous clothes that are all dec#ed up &ut what more can I do? I shot the arrow and hit it square in the middle [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] They even measured it and it is per!ectly in the middle by one millionth o! an inch% they could not even detect that it wasn’t e.actly in the middle Shoot again% God says &ut I can’t get any better [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] I reply [ P i c k d a t h e Shoot again I guided the arrow be!ore that went squarely in the middle o! the target Shoot again &ut God I’m so happy with the !irst arrow .

[Type the document title] Shoot again [ P i c k d a t h e The second arrow splits the !irst God says that’s what I’m tal#ing about Splits the arrow squarely in the middle That gets inside that per!ectly aimed spot .

[Type the document title] That’s e.traordinary [ P i c k d a t h e That’s supernatural &y splitting the arrow already in the center "ou’re not 'ust done with you MY OTHER Children On This Earth Need To Be Split .

[Type the document title] I! you’re willing to be my vessel .e through you [ P i c k d a t h e 9o complication here There’s no theology school you need to attend !irst 9o !our years o! seminary .

[Type the document title] 9o theological institutions [ P i c k d a t h e 9o% I’m willing% use me +ord That’s when I split the arrow And thus many lives are saved .

[Type the document title] IN THIS li!e on earth% but more importantly% eternal li!e% They re Saved In Both By Splitting The rro! Splitting the arrow =uestion !rom God> this is the most important question [ P i c k d a t h e .

ost important question !rom God [ P i c k d a t h e RE Yo" #illing To $ive Up Everything For Me? .plain it .[Type the document title] 2ow do you #now what is the most important question? It’s what God is !lowing on through I can’t e.

[Type the document title] verything? [ P i c k d a t h e verything? =uestion came to me !irst a !ew minutes ago outside It came so clearly God said% 4hris% will you give up everything? .

[Type the document title] When that question is as#ed we are quic# to say% yes +ord% I will give you my everything God says% don’t answer to quic#ly Thin# about it <eally% truly% thin# about it [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] Don’t answer this in haste% please don’t God as#s another question [ P i c k d a t h e Do you #now what I’m as#ing? 9o% you don’t &ut .

[Type the document title] I #now what it means to give you everything 9o% you don’t "ou have an in#ling% you have an idea [ P i c k d a t h e &ut when it really gets down to it% you have no idea what that question means .

[Type the document title] "ou don’t [ P i c k d a t h e And to ma#e it !air% this is God saying% I’m going to ma#e it !air "ou can’t have any idea "ou’re not capable o! truly #nowing what that question means 4hris .

[Type the document title] Are you willing to give up 4ubby 4hris and the 4ub 4lub? &ut God% you gave me that Wait% wait "ou gave that to me and that’s mine [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] That’s my tic#et to your miraculous blessings [ P i c k d a t h e 4ubby 4hris is going to help so many people Those blessings are waiting !or me% that’s 4ubby 4hris veryone I tal#ed to tells me 4ubby 4hris .

[Type the document title] is a winner% that’s genius% wow [ P i c k d a t h e And they’re saying 4hris you see how that could change the world I #now you’re not doing it !or the money &ut it’s going to ma#e so much money .

[Type the document title] This thing is so good% so encompassing good God right now I got everyone wor#ing on this pro'ect [ P i c k d a t h e It’s all stemming around the 4ubby 4hris that you gave to me .

[Type the document title] "ou gave me how the characters should loo# [ P i c k d a t h e It i! is ta#en !rom me and you see it out there ma#ing millions upon millions and God you don’t get any o! the credit And when the credit rolls there are other names on there and .

ample on an earthly level There were those that have everything !or their !amilies% !or their livelihood% tied up into the stoc# mar#et And when it crashed a !ew years bac#% .[Type the document title] your name is not there [ P i c k d a t h e Another e.

[Type the document title] nothing li#e that had ever happened% you heard the stories% they too# their own lives [ P i c k d a t h e &ecause what they had was the center o! their li!e They had put everything in that center .

[Type the document title] They had !amilies to ta#e care o! [ P i c k d a t h e There’s nothing wrong with a nest egg +oo# at my !amily$ I’m doing this !or my !amily They put everything there and it was ta#en away .

[Type the document title] And they thought they had nothing else to live !or [ P i c k d a t h e The believed the lie o! the enemy It’s all gone 2ow can you go home and !ace your !amily .

[Type the document title] This is the end !or you [ P i c k d a t h e The lie o! the devil% 'ust #ill yoursel! They did it% they too# their lives Such a sad story 4hris you have everything tied in to 4ubby 4hris .

[Type the document title] I! it’s ta#en away what’s the !irst thing you will do? [ P i c k d a t h e Get on the phone with the attorneys? Are you going to go to them to act? C N They Fi% The &roble'? .

e In Yo" -ord.[Type the document title] OR #ill Yo" $et On Yo"r (nees To $od and Say) *I Re+oi. Will you do that? =uestion !or all believers !rom God Will you give up your child? [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] Gone [ P i c k d a t h e Will you give up your child? Gone "our husband? Gone And everything you ever wor#ed !or? .

[Type the document title] very penny ta#en away? [ P i c k d a t h e What will be your !irst response? And your second% and your third% and your !ourth Don’t answer right now% pause yoursel! .

[Type the document title] ?aint a picture [ P i c k d a t h e +oo# at the picture and one by one delete one child% delete the second child% gone% delete the wi!e% the husband% the car% the house% and one by one% delete everything ?lease don’t answer right now .

[Type the document title] Don’t answer right now [ P i c k d a t h e It would be un!air !or .e to have you to answer right now What am I as#ing? What am I saying? Ta#e out a pen and paper .

[Type the document title]

<ight now
[ P i c k d a t h e

<eally right now And draw a line down the middle and on the le!t side write down everything important to you The most meaning!ul things to you right now in your li!e

[Type the document title]

&e honest% I’m not going to 'udge you

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

I! the savings account you have built up is on the le!t side% that’s o# Don’t try to hide it The enemy doesn’t want you to put that over there

[Type the document title]

God #nows the heart
[ P i c k d a t h e

?ut the car% it’s o# The easy things to put over there .y husband% my wi!e% my children ?ut their names over there

y support group% very important to me% that’s over there .[Type the document title] .y bible )#% I hear you 9o problems [ P i c k d a t h e .y relationship with God .

y abilities that people tell me I’m good at [ P i c k d a t h e "ou gave them to me% don’t ta#e those away Those are meaning!ul to me )n this le!t side the most meaning!ul things o! li!e .[Type the document title] .

[Type the document title] Go on down the line [ P i c k d a t h e I’m now as#ing !or the top three &rainstorm put them all down 9ow go to the right side Thin# about it% don’t be hasty .

[Type the document title] 9ow number the le!t side in order o! importance [ P i c k d a t h e God says% do you see where I’m going? "ou already #now where I’m headed And I still don’t want you to answer now .

[Type the document title] Will you give them all up? [ P i c k d a t h e 9ow i! I compelled you to answer right now% that would really be un!air &ecause you would quic#ly answer% 6yes7 &ut you don’t understand what I’m as#ing you .

[Type the document title] Two thousand years ago ?eter didn’t understand ?eter didn’t understand the question [ P i c k d a t h e 2e answered in haste and said +ord% though everyone else% though the heavens !all% I will never deny "ou% in my heart I truly .

[Type the document title] believe this 2e said that in haste% that’s why I@m as#ing you not to answer right now With ?eter I wasn’t 6!air7 [ P i c k d a t h e With ?eter that wasn’t a 6!air7 question at the time .

[Type the document title] What I was hoping was that ?eter would have stopped and thought about it ?eter didn’t #now what I was as#ing 9ot once% not twice% but thrice )! course you can stumble one time +ord I denied you% [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] I’m so sorry [ P i c k d a t h e Twice is understandable I did it twice% but that@s not essence o! me "ou #now what I would do !or you +ord Three times ?eter% three times .

Yo" $ive The' ll Up nd #hen They re $one) Still $lori/y My Na'e) Still Re+oi.e In My $lory? .[Type the document title] So I as# you again this most important question [ P i c k d a t h e This is the question #I-.

y name !rom everything you have within you /001 and really mean it And really mean it? TH T Is The Most I'portant Baro'eter That I Mentioned #hile go The battle barometer [ P i c k d a t h e .[Type the document title] Truly praise .

[Type the document title] "ou needed that [ P i c k d a t h e I won’t leave you out there with that alone I’ve given you a barometer 5ruits o! the Spirit 5ruits o! the Spirit? What are they? .

[Type the document title] We can all say them together +ove% 'oy% peace% long su!!ering [ P i c k d a t h e Against which there is no law "ou can go to the word now +oo# them up in your bible .

[Type the document title] It’s no mystery [ P i c k d a t h e "ou will need to #now when you’re starting to slide above the line When you start to slide towards below the line I’ll let you #now .

y actions will demonstrate the glory o! God TH T My .[Type the document title] When you as#ed !or something blended with !aith [ P i c k d a t h e S( For $od To Ta0e Control 1223 .tions #ill 4e'onstrate .

[Type the document title] The Fr"its O/ The Spirit [ P i c k d a t h e And the barometer is that i! at any point throughout that day% this is !or every day !or the rest o! your li!e% i! you !ind yoursel! in contrary !eelings% actions% or thoughts to the !ruits o! the Spirit in any tas#% situation% or .

[Type the document title] conversation% then you’re below the line [ P i c k d a t h e &eing that it is your !ree will choice where you want to be on that pole &elow the line it’s your !ree will choice$ above the line it is the 5ather’s !ree will choice .

[Type the document title] The 2oly Spirit prays to the 5ather !or you The 2oly Spirit sees the enemy coming in to blind side you [ P i c k d a t h e "ou don’t have the presence o! mind to #now you have slidden below the line .

[Type the document title] "ou don’t even realiAe you’ve slidden down the line "ou’re so busy and you’ve !allen below the line [ P i c k d a t h e "ou’re not aware o! it I! you we’re aware o! it% you would as# God to ta#e you bac# .

[Type the document title] above the line and help you [ P i c k d a t h e &ecause you didn’t #now it% you didn’t as# !or it "ou have prayed and believed in !aith blended prayer that the 2oly Spirit will !orever and always be the watch dog that’s watching where I am .

[Type the document title] on the pole$ watching very care!ully !or any movement% any slippage [ P i c k d a t h e The 2oly Spirit% the watch dog is watching 9ow is the time I need to pray !or mysel! 9ow is the time I’m slipping 'ust a little bit .

[Type the document title] I see the enemy coming as I am slipping [ P i c k d a t h e The enemy is timing his attac# with my slipping The enemy sees the slippage 2e’s telling his !orces there’s a per!ect timing !or this attac# .

[Type the document title] 2old up% he’s slipping and he doesn’t #now it% he doesn’t even realiAe it And that phone call today !rom that person who did him wrong and !ound out he’s getting more wronged [ P i c k d a t h e 2e’s trying to clear his name .

[Type the document title] 2e’s spending his energy and time to clear his name [ P i c k d a t h e Saying this is a lie% this is !alse I would never do a thing li#e that That is the truth% he would never do that .

[Type the document title] 2e’s spending his time and energy calling attorneys [ P i c k d a t h e &ecause this is how he’s supposed to do it 2e’s !orgotten those battles are already won 2e’s slipping because he’s !eeling overwhelmed- .

[Type the document title] 2e’s got a dead line[ P i c k d a t h e And his mother is deathly ill2e’s running to the hospital wondering why she is in so much pain and dying2e’s praying on the way to the hospital- .

[Type the document title] 2e’s praying% God you handle thisI’m going to do my part- [ P i c k d a t h e &-OY o! the enemy> $od Helps Those #ho Help The'selvesThat’s a brilliant statement !rom the enemy- .

t There Is bsol"tely Nothing That Yo" Can 4o bo"t ItHO# O/ten #e Fall In To The Mind Set [ P i c k d a t h e .he'e For The Ene'y To Ma0e Yo" Thin0 There5s So'ething Yo" Can 4o #HEN In Fa.[Type the document title] #H T Brilliant S.

[Type the document title] O/ I Have To 4o So'ething- [ P i c k d a t h e Isn’t there anything that I can do? 9opeT2 < ’S Nothing Yo" Can 4o #hen Everything Is lready In $od5s Hands6 2ow many millions believe that and they are in a snare- .

[Type the document title] They’re caught in the snare with 'ust that one statement aloneSO Chris Is 4oing Everything2e’s praying% so he #nows he’s on the right trac#2e’s calling the doctors$ he’s tal#ing to the nurses- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] Why is my mother in so much pain? [ P i c k d a t h e Isn’t there something you can give !or the pain? Are you incompetent? I! this was you mother dying here- .

[Type the document title] "ou’re 'ust getting your pay chec#- [ P i c k d a t h e "ou don’t want to be sued so you’re 'ust doing the bare minimum9ow 4hris is slipping2e’s below the line- .

[Type the document title] 2e’s at his wea#est point- [ P i c k d a t h e At his most powerless point his shield o! !aith is on the ground% it’s too heavy to hold up2is helmet o! salvation is rolling down the street- .

[Type the document title]

The enemy says now is the time-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

Satan gives the battle cryWe’re going to catch him in the midsection% !orce him to his #nees% and !inish him o!!There’s nothing 4hris can do-

[Type the document title]

4hris is at his wea#est pointThe enemy hordes are laughing-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

4hris is bleeding to death4hris is mortally wounded-

[Type the document title]

4hris can’t even cry out to God-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

4hris has nothing le!t4hris has only one breath le!t(ust as the !orces o! dar#ness are closing in to ta#e his last breath$ as they close in to snu!! out that last

[Type the document title] breath% a bright light shines !rom heaven- [ P i c k d a t h e The enemy loo#s upAnd the !orce o! that light clears out the enemy(esus helps 4hris(esus ta#es 4hris in 2is arms and wraps .

[Type the document title] 2is arms around 4hris and says I love you% you are .ine% this will never happen to you again "ou will live with .e !orever and ever"ou will never be blindsided again"ou will never be bro#en down again- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] I give you li!e% abundant% and over!lowingI’ve opened your eyesI didn’t destroy the enemy- [ P i c k d a t h e &ut the ne.t time you will see the enemy coming !rom a distance- .

[Type the document title] And you will de!eat him every time- [ P i c k d a t h e The 2oly Spirit is your watch dog now+oo#3 The enemy thin#s he is creeping up on you2e’s hiding behind something- .

posed as clear as day- [ P i c k d a t h e The 2oly Spirit taps 4hris on the shoulder and says since we see this coming+et’s praise the 5ather !or what 2e’s already doneWatch how the enemy !alls and .[Type the document title] &ut he’s e.

[Type the document title] stumbles be!ore he even gets to you- [ P i c k d a t h e The enemy’s approach is e.posed% he can’t hide anymoreWow that’s power!ulI want that- .

[Type the document title]

I want to stay above the line-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

I want the watch dog% the 2oly SpiritSo I’m never blindsided again"ou can have it right now-

[Type the document title]

What’s the one thing you have to do? &elieveAs# believingThat the same as prayer with !aithThat is one thing-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

[Type the document title]

=uestion> i! you could only have one thing% one spiritual thing% what’s the most important thing? 4hris% you said !aith blended prayer-

[ P i c k

d a

t h e

This is God’s wind !lowing through 4hris% the vessel-

a"se $od Has Made Me #orthyach o! you reading this% you are worthy% right now- [ P i c k d a t h e .[Type the document title] Which at some time be!ore% I didn’t thin# I could be worthy enough to be a vessel !or God to !low through meI M #orthy Be.

[Type the document title] YOU re $od5s #orthy Servant- [ P i c k d a t h e That is what you are% believe it- .

They will say I want that- .[Type the document title] -[ P i c k d a t h e Yo" Have To 4o Is Believe It nd $od #ill Flo! Thro"gh Yo"- "ou are a worthy servant% now% today?eople will be amaAed.

[Type the document title] I want what you have[ P i c k d a t h e &etween prayer and !aith% which one is more important? Wait% don’t go there% you can’t really say one is more important than the other% can you? )h yes- .

[Type the document title] F ITH Is More I'portant Than &rayer- [ P i c k d a t h e I! you had to choose one% choose !aith over prayerWait% I don’t understand3 .plain please- .

[Type the document title] Second question> Which would you rather have i! you could only have one without the other% i! there was only one without the other? Tric# question? Thin# so? [ P i c k d a t h e THERE5S Se.ret Is Inside The 7"estion .

[Type the document title] nd There5s lso Se.ret Inside The ns!er- [ P i c k d a t h e We already #now% God has revealed that prayer by itsel! can be 'ust the words with no belie! in what is being prayed !or?rayer is a very good thing$ it’s .

[Type the document title] communication with God&ut praying without believing? A person in a huge auditorium where everyone can hear% that’s a prayer- [ P i c k d a t h e They’re !ormally reciting a prayer% and it sounds good$ it has .

[Type the document title] all the right spiritual words and terms- [ P i c k d a t h e BUT 4oes That &erson Believe Every #ord Co'ing O"t O/ His Mo"th? Don’t get me wrong2al! o! what he prayed% let’s say he doesn’t believe hal! o! what he prayed !or% .

[Type the document title] but it sure sounds good- [ P i c k d a t h e Is it possible the words o! the prayer can have the !orm o! godliness but without the power? Don’t be messing with prayer now 4hris?rayer is good- .

[Type the document title] It’s !rom God[ P i c k d a t h e +adies and gentlemen% 4hris will o!!er prayer !or usWe are honored to have 4hris here?lease bow your heads- .

[Type the document title] )ratorical prayer presentation with all the right words is what we call prayer- [ P i c k d a t h e ven i! the person praying doesn’t believe everything he’s praying% God can still use that prayer&ecause there are those out there in the .

[Type the document title] audience who believe- [ P i c k d a t h e There’s a bum sitting by the gate and he hears that prayer through the spea#ersTHIS wretched bum on the street Believes Every #ord% and cries out% God please save me- .

[Type the document title] So prayer is a wonder!ul thing- [ P i c k d a t h e &R YER Is $reat ThingThis is the secret within the answer and this is the secret itsel!TRUE Faith Is "to'ati. .

[Type the document title] Co''"nion #ith $od- [ P i c k d a t h e True spiritual !aith% not belie! as de!ined in the dictionary% but true belie! in God% and everything about 2imTH T Belie/ Has n Internal Me.hanis' O/ Co''"nion #ith $od- .

[Type the document title] That belie! has you already believing in the spiritual realm above the line [ P i c k d a t h e #HEN Yo"5re bove The -ine Yo" re In 4ire.t Co''"nion #ith The Father5aith% you’ve got it all inside o! !aith% the best o! both worlds% you’ve got .

[Type the document title] communion and prayer with power&elieving and !aith are one and the sameI #now this is some deep stu!!- [ P i c k d a t h e I wouldn’t dare attempt to go there o! mysel!- .

[Type the document title] "ou thin# 4hris is going to mess with that area? [ P i c k d a t h e There is no way$ 4hris is not touching any o! those areasI’m not touching any o! that by mysel!I’d be too scared to by mysel!- .

[Type the document title] This is the thing% I’m too scared to go there mysel!I guess that’s our barometerIs it God spea#ing? [ P i c k d a t h e There’s the barometer right there- .

[Type the document title] +ine it up with the !ruits o! the Spirit- [ P i c k d a t h e See how your day is going every dayI! you !ind yoursel! rac#ing your brains% you’re slipping down below the lineThe 2oly Spirit will tap you on the shoulder and tell you I .

[Type the document title] will raise you bac# up above the lineI’m 'ust letting you #now so you can be mind!ul o! what’s happening to youI’m 'ust letting you #now that I’m watching out !or you- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] "ou’re not going to slip down on my watch% ever- [ P i c k d a t h e The eyes o! the 2oly Spirit sees and catches everything coming towards you% whether it be carnal or it be spiritual things% 2e sees them all as they are- .

[Type the document title] God has chosen me to be a pure connected vessel !or the out !lowing o! 2is Glory and Grace and .a'estyGod is 8And leave it at thatGod who in heaven will split those dots li#e an arrow splits [ P i c k d a t h e .

tory Can Be .h #e (no! Nothing bo"t- .[Type the document title] another arrow% and 2e will !ill in those dots with 2is Glory and ?ower% and Divinity [ P i c k d a t h e $O4 Splits The rro! In The Center To Sho! Us That Even $reater 8i.hieved O/ #hi.

[Type the document title] &ut 2e #nows because 2e is God- [ P i c k d a t h e God splits the arrowTH T Splitting Reveals So'ethingGod split the day into day and night2e split humanity in man and woman- .

[Type the document title] 2e split the atom into positive and negativeIT5S The Splitting That Reveals The Tr"e Nat"re Hidden #ithinA secret split is a secret opened and revealedThere is nothing that God can’t split- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] E CH Ti'e $od Splits So'ething He Is Revealing So'ething Ne!When you start to worry that’s the barometer telling you stay up there above the lineI’m so happy !or what we’ve been given- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] God could have given this a year ago% three years ago% ten years ago% why now? Why give it now? God is up to something big- [ P i c k d a t h e And the timing is nowThe time is now- .

[Type the document title] A harvest is coming[ P i c k d a t h e What that means% I don’t #now !or sure)ne thing I do #now is that God has a harvest that’s coming2e has other things 2e is wor#ing on- .

[Type the document title] 2e’s sending 2is words through others$ those who are willing to be vesselsIt’s o# i! someone says noGod says o#% no problemI have many children that are willing- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] I was 'ust chec#ing to see i! you were willingThat’s )*% I’m not going to cast you aside2e didn’t cast .oses aside when he said 6no7 to God$ when he told God you got the wrong guy- [ P i c k d a t h e .

y speech is slow[ P i c k d a t h e And I have not been !avored in the area o! public spea#ingI am not spea#erAs a matter o! !act% I have a stammering tongue and who’s going to listen to me$ they’ll thin# I’m a !ool- .[Type the document title] .

[Type the document title] I don’t have that gi!t God"ou didn’t give it to me- [ P i c k d a t h e "ou could have given it to me !irst and then as# me to go and then I can realiAe the gi!t when I start tal#ingThen I’ll go- .

traordinary acts o! God and deeds that he did through .oses- [ P i c k d a t h e .oses% can you imagine the miracles% the supernatural wor#ings% e.[Type the document title] God didn’t do that$ he 'ust said I want you to goGreatness that God wor#ed through .

[Type the document title] "et% how it all happened$ it didn’t happen in God’s per!ect will because .oses #ept re!using to go spea# because .oses said I’m not a man o! wordsI have a de!iciency&ut God #new his heart% li#e 2e #nows each o! our heart- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] 2e #new .oses had a willing heart% but .e to the *ing o! the land"ou will go be!ore all the rulers and spea# to them- [ P i c k d a t h e .oses without the !aith that God wanted him to have% the type o! !aith God wanted .oses to have is that you will be a power!ul vessel be!ore .

[Type the document title] ven though I’m not a man o! words but I believe that "ou God will give me everything I need to go be!ore the rulers o! the worldsI’m sure everyone in ?haraoh’s courts had such pro!essional spea#ing s#ills- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] They were the #ing’s advisors and the governors o! the regions o! the land come to listen to the plan- [ P i c k d a t h e So .oses overloo#ed one thingWhen God as#ed him to go% he pictured himsel! going up .

[Type the document title] be!ore ?haraoh !eeling insigni!icant- [ P i c k d a t h e .oses !elt !eeling o! outright shame% intimidation% and !earMOSES -e/t O"t The bsol"te &o!er That $od Has$O4 Co"ld Have Instantly Made Hi' .

oses didn’t want to be in that position o! being ridiculed when .[Type the document title] The Best Spea0er In The #orld- [ P i c k d a t h e God allowed 2is permissive will% o#$ I’ll send Aaron with you&ut there’s one thing that stood out.

oses you actually have the gall to .[Type the document title] he came be!ore the #ing- [ P i c k d a t h e "ou called an audience o! the #ing’s court and you can’t get the words out? What should we do with this !ool? .

[Type the document title] disrespect the #ing with your speech? [ P i c k d a t h e "ou #new you couldn’t spea# well"ou can’t come be!ore the #ing li#e that"ou don’t waste the #ing’s time li#e that$ something very bad could happen to you .

[Type the document title] !or disrespecting the #ing- [ P i c k d a t h e Don’t waste the #ing’s timeWhen you can !ind someone who can tal# !or you come bac#$ or worse we’ll send you to prison so you don’t do that again- .

oses’ head5irst I’ll get beaten and thrown into the dungeon)h God% not me% please- [ P i c k d a t h e I BE-IE8E it was very possible that God is thin#ing> Moses Yo" .[Type the document title] I believe all #inds o! thought were going through .

[Type the document title] 9"st 4on5t (no! #hat I Co"ld Have 4one I/ Yo" Had Tr"sted Me First #ith Yo"r InabilitiesI #now you can’t spea#- [ P i c k d a t h e I #now you don’t have the abilities- .

oses- [ P i c k d a t h e .[Type the document title] 4ON5T Yo" Thin0 I (no! That lready? IF YOU Had The Faith To Tr"ly Believe In Me nd My &o!er Yo" Co"ld Have Been The $reatest Spea0er The #orld Has Ever (no!n&ut you missed that .

osesI still have a plan that I will carry out !or my people- .oses- [ P i c k d a t h e All right% but I still love you .[Type the document title] So that was my per!ect will)#% my permissive will% o#% Aaron you tal# !or .

[Type the document title] So children o! God% where are you right now in your li!e? [ P i c k d a t h e What de!iciencies do you have? #H T re So'e Things In Yo"r -i/e That Yo" re sha'ed O/? .

cuse why you can’t do what I’m as#ing you to do !or my people? .[Type the document title] #H T In Yo"r -i/e Right No! re Yo" Fear/"l O/? I’m not that good in this or that- [ P i c k d a t h e )nce you hear these words% read these words% will you have an e.

[Type the document title] I want you to spread the news- [ P i c k d a t h e There will be those o! you that read these words that will do great and mighty things !or the #ingdom o! GodAnd it has nothing to do with your spea#ing abilities% or your musical abilities% or .

[Type the document title] who you #now% where you are% where you lay you head every night% that has nothing to do with it$O4 Has Repeatedly Sho!n That He 4oes His Most &o!er/"l #or0 Thro"gh Those #ho re The -east -i0ely To Feel That They [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] Have So'ething To O//erI want to tal# to a special group9ow listen very care!ully those who are reading these words and receiving them and you !eel ashamed o! where you lay your head% you !eel ashamed o! [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] your current situation% you truly !eel in your heart and soul that you have nothing must at all to o!!er anyone&ecause you !eel I can’t even help mysel! right nowThis is a special group I’m addressing- [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] "ou #now who you are- [ P i c k d a t h e YOU re Feeling The Most Un!orthy Right No!S T N5S -ies Have Been Constantly Telling Yo" That Yo" Have To $et Right First- .

a'entThat’s a lie?aul was in 'ail many% many times% and God .[Type the document title] TH T5S -ie) $od Tells Yo" To Co'e s Yo" re- [ P i c k d a t h e S T N Says 4on5t Even Thin0 O/ Sharing The $ood Ne!s Be.a"se O/ Yo"r &redi.

[Type the document title] wor#ed mightily with him behind closed doors% that souls were savedI’m not 'ust tal#ing about those that may be behind barsI’m not 'ust tal#ing about 'ailTHERE are physical bars made o! iron and [ P i c k d a t h e .

[Type the document title] Then There re Spirit"al BarsTHERE re E'otional Bars5ollow me now- [ P i c k d a t h e THERE are those that I’m tal#ing to now that are not behind physical bars% but They re I'prisoned) Behind .

[Type the document title] E'otional Bars% and The Bars re (eeping The' Fro' -i/e Itsel/- [ P i c k d a t h e .

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