EXT: ON INTERSTATE TRYING TO HITCHHIKE. Mike answering the cell phone, talking to Mr. Costello. Mike hello.

This is mike. Mr. Costello this is me Costello. Mike don’t worry Costello homie, iam going to have your money by 9. Mr. Costello ok. Mike hangs up the phone. Craig Who was on that? Mike that fool Costello. Craig he asking about the money again. Mike yep, I asked him not to worry. Craig Not to worry ... u are the one supposed to be worried on how to repay him back.u know he is dangerous and shit. Mike that fool Costello can’t do anything to me. Don’t worry about it. Craig all I am saying is "be careful" . Craig Fuck it. Look there dude it is the “star wars club” it is still 3:00 clock, Kane won’t be at house until at least out. Mike can’t resist and wants to check it out. Mike Hey dude let us check out “star wars club". 4:00 clock / let us check it

INT. INSIDE STAR WARS FAN CLUB three guys(fanboy,sorority girl, mike) sitting and discussing the star wars vs. lord of the rings triology. While Craig just plays some videogame.

who is better: Princess Leia or arwen.fan boy shows posters of princess leia and arwen.

Gary the fan boy Arwen gave up eternal life for her man while Princess Leia played a little too hard to get and kissed her brother. I think the winner is arwen. Nicole the sorority girl Got to give Leia credit for having a hot bod. She's pretty, I guess. Though not with that other hairstyle: Those stupid, stupid buns. I hate that hairstyle. Liv Tyler's way hotter than Princess Leia. Her hair's better and she's an excellent horseback rider. I too think the winner is arwen. mike Uptight do-gooder senator with serious daddy issues versus all-natural forest babe with special river-rafting powers? I'll go make out with the hippie elf witch and y'all can go talk about trade issues or whatever with outer-space Nancy Pelosi. I love Arwen.

shows posters on yoda and gollum, who is better yoda or Gollum. fanboy: Gollum gets points for being psychotic and having the balls to walk around in nothing but a loincloth, but Yoda is the wisest and most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. I love Yoda. Nicole: Yoda sounds really stupid and he's a hunchback. He's all hairy, like with gross balding grey hairs. And he's a trickster. He's okay I guess. Gollum is so scary. His voice. And the way he moves around. And his eyes. Is he schizophrenic or something? Oh he's a hunchback too! Yoda's cuter, but Gollum is a more interesting character. Gollum wins 'cause he moves around cooler. I love Gollum. mike: They're both short green dudes who dress in rags and probably don't smell so good. Gollum's good with sushi and he's never going to make you do push-ups, but Yoda's far less obsessed with the bling-bling and probably knows how to make amazing crawfish gumbo, living on the Dagobah bayou and all. I love Yoda. r2d2 vs samwise shows posters on r2d2 and samwise , who is better r2d2 or samwise? Nicole: I don't like robots. R2D2 looks like a trash can. Does he fight people? He looks like a crappy fighter. Does he talk? I don't like the sound of him. That laser he pulled out of his head was cool. He doesn't do anything, he just cruises around. Sam's a trusty companion. He's risking his life for Frodo. I don't love his outfit though, and his hair's a little moppy. I love Sam. fanboy: R2D2 is the ultimate travel buddy. He helps destroy the Death Star, fixes the hyper-drive on the Millennium Falcon and plays a key role in rescuing Han Solo from Jabba's Palace. Sam did help Frodo destroy the ring, but the homoerotic overtones of their relationship made me kind of uncomfortable. I love R2D2. mike: Sam's a loyal friend and he's handy with the garden shears and campfire meals but dude was just no fun. R2 managed to crack people up by cussing in Commodore 64 fart sounds and plus he was chill enough to hold onto the lightsaber stash and serve drinks while the shit got heavy at Jabba's and everybody else was bugging out. I love R2D2. shows posters of darth vader vs saruman. Who is better? Fan boy: I mean, come on. It’s Darth Vader. There's no way Saruman is competing with the greatest villain of all time. I like Darth Vader. Nicole:

Darth Vader's not very scary. He's a loud breather. I guess he's supposed to be scary 'cause he's all in black, but his voice sounds so forced. Is he supposed to be a person or is he a robot too? Saruman's beard is better groomed than Gandalf's, that's for sure. His hair's a little girly though. I could see him being scary. It's in his eyes. All the white and everything. He looks all crazy. He's more powerful than Darth Vader. I like Saruman. Everybody thinks aged burn victim Saruman couldn't hosting a Hell's Mike: that Vader is some kind of bad-ass but he's really just another uptight middlewith asthma who's depressed because he has a bad relationship with his kids. care less about parenting skills, and he marked his turn to the dark side by Angel-style Orc-on-goblin orgy. I like Saruman.

Craig: iam going to have to disagree with mike and Nicole here. With all due respect, Darth Vader doesn't lose to anybody. shows posters of luke skywalker vs frodo.who is better? Nicole: Luke is really ugly. His face is so ugly, and what's up with that haircut? Oh, and he has a butt chin, huh? Those lightsabers are super lame. It's such a kid toy. Luke looks like a skinny Oompa Loompa. Frodo's way better. I just like Elijah Wood. I like Frodo. fan boy: Luke was a whiney bitch but Frodo was just a flat-out pussy. Luke destroyed the Death Star, defeated Darth Vader and made every kid on the planet want a lightsaber. Frodo did save Middle Earth, but in the end, he needed Sam to complete the journey. Winner: Luke. mike: These two hick nerds both get on my nerves with all their talk of wamp-rats and Shire lore, but I'll take the shoeless hillbilly who's freaked out because he's supposed to drop some jewelry into a volcano over the moody one-armed orphan who tried to fuck his sister. Winner: Frodo. Craig: Dude, are you crazy? Luke Skywalker is a cultural icon and there's no way a Hobbit will ever be cooler than a Jedi. shows posters of star war fans vs lotr fans who are better? Nicole: These Star Wars people are, like, psycho. How can they get this involved in a movie? It's like they know that it's sad that they're so obsessed, but they can't help liking it. Dude, I bet none of these guys have gotten laid in their entire lives. They're so socially awkward. I'm worried for these people. Where do they get these outfits? Is this a real wedding? That's pathetic. Who are these people! I do not understand this at all. Their whole life is based on this movie? How is that fun? These Lord of The Rings kids have issues. I guess they're creative. See, this is okay because they're acting it out like a play, they realize it's not real life. The Star Wars people, that's their life. Those people wear that shit to work! These kids are a little weird, but it's like make-believe where the Star Wars stuff is frightening. Star Wars people win 'cause they're bigger nerds. i like Star Wars fans. fanboy: Star Wars fans have always managed to take it to the next level. Lord of the Rings fans have never dared to camp out in front of theaters months in advance and Star Wars owns the ultimate nerd of all-time, "Star Wars Kid." i like Star Wars fans. mike: Lord of The Rings fans have it easy since specialty tailors have been catering to the Renaissance Faire/S&M crowd for ages, but they also have to read actual books in order to call themselves true fans. Star Wars heads win DIY points when it comes to crafting their own garb, however they're also prone to natter on all day about Joseph Campbell in order to disguise the fact that they're obsessed with an outer space Western for children. This desperate urge to legitimize their fantasies makes them much easier to ridicule, thus the Bantha Tracks subscribers take this round. i like Star Wars fans. Fanboy we still need to discuss r2d2 ,samwise etc but later. ext: outside the star wars house.

monica and her new boyfriend pass by in a car. Craig Is that monica? craig rushes out to see her. mike and new friend starwars kid(fanboy) follow. craig becomes violent ...angry wants to follow her. mike dude don’t go ape shit about her. Craig gets inside the starwars kid(fanboy) car. mike Let’s go, we need to meet Kane remember, she is not worth any more emotional time nor the energy than u have already spent. Craig Sorry guys ,sometimes I have this panic attacks.let's go. mike: thanx starwars kid for the ride. star wars kid : not a problem.

CRAIG and mike arrive at the friends house to borrow money. craig u one thing about kane.kane is cool but dont say anything about the bump

i got to tell

he got on his forehead. Mike Haha. Craig u don’t know a squat about him so just keep quiet. mike what about it? Criag well he went over to Afghanistan, man and he came back all wierded out and *beep*, he was smoking all the free poppy/opium he got. Mike they still grow that there. Craig

yes they do, no more regulations, afgahnisation is a free country . Craig whatever u do, don’t say nothing about bump on his face because he totally flips out if anyone mentions it. Mike I am not going to talk about his bumps bum. Fucking Austin powers shit. Craig u don’t know squat about him so don’t look at it either. MIKE bump. Bloody bump. Craig stop it. I sometimes find it ironical that he was such a bum when he was young, now he got a bump on his face. Mike Do u really think it is becoz of poppy/opium? Craig that poppins do weird things to anyone's face man.

Craig outside Kane apartment knocks Kane’s door. Kane: who is it? Craig it is me Craig man. Kane: crag is not here. Craig no iam Craig. INT: INSIDE THE APARTMENT Kane: come on in. It is open man. Craig hey Kane. Craig must have had party in here man. Kane hey want something to eat. There is some pizza. Craig no. this is my friend mike. Mike hey how are u doing.

Kane I am doing.I am doing what now. MIKE okay. CRAIG well we were stopping by to see if u could lend us some money. Kane: I will get u the money u need man.ur my cousin brother after all. Craig we are money man. I told u we could borrow money from him. Kane what are looking at man? Mike oh nothing. I wasn’t looking, didn’t notice. Craig yes he didn’t notice. Mike I wasn’t looking at his forehead. Mike it was nice to bump into u, I mean meet u. Kane what did u say? Mike nice to meet u bump. Kane (looking at Craig) u are going to see some ppl of mine and they don’t like strange dudes like u. mike (looking at the forehead) strange! Kane they don’t fuck around. U both are not going get any money from me .GET OUT OF HERE. Mike nice to bump into u bumpy.*beep* I said bump again. Craig Kane please don’t flake out now. EXT:Outside the kane’s apartment. Mike Bump dick bump dick bummmmpy bump bump dick. Craig gives mike a weird look. Mike: sorry dude,I had to let it out man.

EXT: AT BUS STOP COMPLEX, WAITING FOR the BUS. Craig let us take the bus and get back to our place. Such a fuking waste of time. Craig we were this close to getting the money from him.iam ticked off at u man. Mike: sorry dude, I had to let it out man. Mike That is a big ass bump. Craig Yeah, why do keeping saying Austin powers? Mike That bump reminded of this guy in Austin powers … mooley mooley mole. Craig Stop. Mike bumpy bump bump bumpy bump bump mooley mooley mole mole mooley bump . bumpy bump. Craig Stop. Mike mooley mooley mole. Craig Did u know he wanted to call cops and press charges? Mike But why would he call 911? Craig Dude he is crazy.

Mike Dude once I was in jail, I met few guys there. Craig What do u mean, u met. mike I mean there was this guy who was doing triple life. I am like how

does one do triple life in prison. Craig Yeah how does one do that? Mike May be like, if he dies and comes back he has got to go back to pentainary, the cops will be like fuck kindergarten get ur ass back into jail. mike then they have all this different groups in the jail like kkk etc they have one called Double muslims.u got to be careful with them becoz those double Muslims can’t wait to get to Allah. Mike there was one guy who was in jail for kidnap and rape four times. Craig I thought 3 times was the limit. Mike yeah, iasked him 3 times is the limit dude, how come u went for the fourth time .he said he couldn’t get the shit right the first three times. Craig laughs. Mike He said he will be eligible for parole in two years. Craig fuck, he is going to come back in two years. Craig I want to know when he is coming out. Who and where he is going to be with. If he tries to kidnap me and threatens to blow my face off. I will have my hands on his nuts so that there will be some evidence. Craig then the police will be like "Open Ur hands sir". This guy is going to easy to find. He is going to show up at the hospital sooner or later.

EXT. OUTSIDE MIKE'S APARTMENT-later in the day Costello comes by mike's house mike what’s up.

Mr Costello so u still have the weed.

Mike yes Mr Costello

good. Give it to me. I have some friends from Los Angeles who came over for the weekend. Me and my friends want to smoke and party over the weekend. Craig Man, I was just joking.i sold everything. Mr. Costello me and my friends thought we could score some weed from u. heck .Then give me back my money. Mike I don’t have the money either. You know what happened? u are going to laugh ur ass off .Craig lost his job and so we both went to casino last night. And u know how we do it. Mr. Costello I don’t know how u do it .I just want my money back. Mike I lost all the money u gave me playing blackjack at the casino yesterday. Mr. Costello What u mean u lost it, u gambled it all away. Mike Yep. Mr. Costello but u told me that u were buying and selling drugs, and that u are businessman now. mike yes that was the initial plan , before I could implement my business plan I ended up gambling all the money u gave me in the casino yesterday. Mr. Costello I don’t care if u were gambling or buying or selling drugs. I just want my money back. Mike Sure Mr. Costello I will be over weekend to get my money back.

Mr. Costello If I don’t get my money. I’m killing ' you AND him.

Mike You gonna kill me?

Mr. Costello Get the *beep* out of my face, man.

After talking to Costello, goes to Craig’s apartment and starts speaking with Craig again. Mike Man, I hate him. Craig what did he say? mike he said, he is going to kill us ,if we don’t return the money back to him. mike but don’t worry, Mr. Costello can’t do anything . Craig what 'us', even me. What the heck did u tell him. mike I just told him we went to the casino and lost all the money gambling. Craig u were the one who was gambling, I just accompanied u.*beep* man, I didn’t even gamble yesterday. He is going to kill me too. Mike Man, that fool with not do anything .he is on probation. Craig heck, he is going to kill us for sure. Craig I hate this day. First I lose my job, then my girl and then a mafia guy is threatening to kill me .what more is in store for me. heck, I hate this day.


Stephen listening to radio

RADIO ANNOUNCER This is the live feed of the gay parade. Not like a live feed but live feed of the parade. TWO GUYS ON RADIO we are catholic and gay. We represent the catholic gay community. do u know them? STEPHEN

CRAIG why the hell would I know them. STEPHEN because we are catholic and u are in entertainment business. I do know Hollywood is all gay. Fashion faggots. Stephen gets totally irritated because they kept talking about them it doesn’t bother Craig... it was gay pride, they were just being proud and gay but it bothers Stephen.

STEPHEN this is wrong, Catholics shouldn’t be gay. CRAIG we could use couple of homos in church/catholism right now.

Stephen Do you ever go to Church? Craig Only on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. Stephen (frustrated) You are such an A and P Catholic. Craig opens up Stephen’s locker, he takes out the gun and puts it into his pocket. EXT: APARTMENT PATIO MIKE and CRAIG are talking and ROBERT comes by. ROBERT: what's up? MIKE hey Robert. CRAIG: hey MIKE meet this is ROBERT, he stayed in Jamaica all his life man. he just moved from Jamaica last month. Craig He is such a mack with the chick’s dude. Craig Hey Robert, tell us all the hairy details. Craig We need to know about every score and every sore in Jamaica. ROBERT: ok, I got to tell u this guys, my dad thought punnani was a tropical fruit, once I was fucking sick in Jamaica. My dad was like oh son, I know u are sick what can I get u.Iam like oh dad I want punnani.My dad goes to the store and asks the lady for where is ur punnani.my son is at home sick, give me two punnanis and let me squeeze it and no seeds. MIKE CRAIG laugh. Robert goes to talk on his cell phone.

Mike Man, Mr. Costello is just playing. I am not worried about him. Craig that’s your problem. Nobody is kidding around here but u and Robert.

Mike you drive around the city all day. Craig Mr. Costello is not kidding. Did u think he is joking about his own money .and do u think he does not care about his money? He knows where we both live. You say u saw him beating up people right. Mike Yeah. Mike Look, man. I’m sorry I did this all. Iam going to man up to him. Craig hey look iam ur best friend right. I will help u out, no matter what kind of pickle u are in buddy. Another friend comes and takes them to a yard sale we can make money. Craig, ROBERT and MIKE go to a neighborhood yard sale. Some Chinese guy is selling his stuff off as he is moving to china. Robert I just got a call from my cousin .he said that we got to check out the awesome yard sale around the corner ,u can buy stuff and sell them on eBay and make money. Craig Ok it sounds like a good idea to make money. Mike Let’s go. EXT. NEIGHBOURHOOD YARDSALE

CRAIG (raising his hand) says: woo. And turns toward his friends say that could very well be his last name: woo. CRAIG: How much is that t shirt. Chinese guy: it is 35. CRAIG: can u give it to me for 30. Chinese guy: noooooooooooooo. CRAIG: alright, give me a deal. Chinese guy: u seem to be a nice guy, I will give best price. I will give for 34.70. CRAIG:

that is just 30 cents man. Chinese guy: U make 30 cents man here and u make another 30 cents buying another t shirt and u buy dr.pepper. CRAIG: is this guy becoming my money manager man. CRAIG: guys let's go. Chinese guy (saying stuff that is totally unrelated): before u walk out be a man. Do the right thing. CRAIg ignores him and walks off repeating himself be a man, do the right thing how is it connected to buying a t shirt. CRAIG turns around.

CRAIG: alright man give me ur name and phone number. Chinese guy: tap some bong, 234 458 3734. mike: tap some bong. Does that mean u wanna to get high. Robert: that is a wicked name .that is cooler than any American name. CRAIG takes the phone number and MIKE, ROBERT, CRAIG walk off mike: guys, he can be like a Chinese ninja ... with two chopsticks on his t shirt ... shooting Noodles of his wrist and catching bad guys with stale fortune cookies.

just a small Chinese kid throws a few fortune cookies at MIKE, CRAIG and it hits him...

MIKE picks it up and reads it "confusion says u are going to jail. Bad boy". and it reads the same on three fortune cookies.


Chris mom u got a letter for the Juilliard school. Chris cool. Chris open the letter and reads it,he is disappointed .he implodes on himself, sits in the corner of the room , shaking , almost shivering ,curling up in a ball, he takes a bicycle/car and rides off.

EXT: into side of the street....

Chris pulls into the side of street.

CHRIS gets out onto the grassy slope by the side of the road. He drops the bicycle.

Chris *beep* *beep* Craig has noticed Chris’s weird behavior while Chris was taking the bicycle and driving off, Craig follows Chris. CRAIG what happened. Chris doesn’t say a thing.

Near the bicycle there is letter lying, mike picks up the letter.

Mike reading the letter) puts the letter down. Tells a brief synopsis, of the letter to Craig..... Craig has been accepted for Julliard School but there is no guarantee on scholarship.

Craig realizes the money situation of Chris, Chris is a cousin brother of Craig.

CRAIG oh Jesus oh no. he was banking on that Scholarship, without the scholarship there is no way he can pay the college tuition. Oh god.

20 yards away Chris falls to his knees buries his hands and face in the grass. And shouts on top of his lungs. There is an out of control quality to his behavior that is scary and disturbing finally CHRIS rolls to a sitting position. His hands covering his face. He sits there crying. The others don’t know what to-do.

CHRIS buddy iam sorry.


Chris says nothing .he sighs. Craig lets go. iam not going. CHRIS

CRAIG Chris for better or worse. Iam Ur brother.

Chris stands up and screams at them. CHRIS u are not my brother.I hate u *beep* people. u are ALL losers. *beep* losers. Mike and Craig are starting to fill little guilt themselves. CHRIS just leave me. Please just leave me here. Craig and mike walk back leaving Chris there.

Craig: I got an idea. Craig What abt a five finger discount ? Mike U mean steal. Craig: Let us break and enter into Monica’s apartment and get the chain back. Mike OK Craig I already asked her politely but she said no so now iam going to do it my way. Mike: Ok but it is one of those ideas that can succeed or fail spectacularly. Craig: Meaning??? (As if he has no clue) Mike: We can end up in the jail for breaking into her apartment or successfully get the chain back .

EXT: GIRLFRIEND’S APARTMENT-DAY CRAIG and MIKE decide to do a break and enter and retrieve the chain and pay back Mr. Costello. EXT... Monica’s STREET - MORNING Craig drives in the early morning light. Craig’s car creeps around the corner. EXT. Monica’s HOUSE - MORNING Craig presses his ear against the front door. Nothing. Then he notices -A window a few feet away, just barely cracked open. Craig creeps over and jumps into the living room -A LIVING ROOM the is hideously MESSY. Mike notices a wallet. INT. Monica’s HOUSE - CONTINUOUS A furtive search of Monica’s wallet reveals NOTHING. Then mike notices a HIGH-PITCHED SOUND

wafting from an open door down a short HALLWAY. Craig feverishly begins foraging through the debris on the floor. Again nothing. Meanwhile the noise from the bedroom grows louder -- female MOANING in odd rhythmic unison with a MAN'S VOICE. IN THE HALLWAY -Craig gets on ALL FOURS and starts crawling, weaving his way through a trail of shoes and clothes. Nearing the open door, the sounds grow more distinct -Monica I'm a bad girl. INT. Monica’s BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS some sort of role playing is happening between Monica and her new boyfriend. In the corner a soundless TV shows a national geographic channel. Monica I'm a bad girl. Whoa! Craig notices the chain on top of the table. His HEART BEATING LOUDLY, he goes for it. He scrambles to his feet, dashes across the room, seizes the chain behind him he hears -MAN who the fuck was that? Monica (O.S.) He took his chain!

EXT. Monica’s HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Craig open the front door ,comes running out ,the big guy ( Monica bf ) wakes up puts on the thong ( that is the first thing he lays his hand on , he is not concerned on what he has put on ) followed swiftly by the man, who is of course STARK NAKED. Monica (O.S.) Get him!

INT. car- MORNING mike is reclined in the passenger seat with head phones and closing his eyes and humming to a song. THROUGH THE DRIVER'S WINDOW (which is totally all up) -Craig comes sprinting towards us, mere steps ahead of Monica’s boyfriend wearing a thong. Finding the car door locked, mike knocks loudly on the glass but mike can’t really hear (mike can’t hear shit) (as he has his headphones on). Craig Open up! Jesus! Open the goddamn door! Luckily the back door is open .mike gets thru the back door. And wakes Craig up by literally shaking him hard, and Craig turns on the ignition and gives it gas. In before -WHUMP! The guy is wearing a thong, He pounds on the roof before trying the door, now relocked. MAN you motherfuckers! I'll kill you! I’ll kill you motherfuckers! The guy tries to keep up but can't, running up against a driving car. Craig turns to look

OUT THE BACK WINDOW The guy recedes in the distance. Mike you did it! You fucking did it! EXT. OUTSIDE CRAIG'S APARTMENT after a while the MAN appears at craigs apartment. MAN U robbed my chain. CRAIG That is my chain, I fuking gave it to her. MAN I don't care, give my chain back. CRAIG Kane, you get the heck out of here,cockboy Craig You're just stalling because you're not quick enough to think of a comeback. MAN You think I'm not quick enough. Guy thinks I'm not quick enough. Well, I've got news for you. I am quick enough... ...cock boy! MAN now I will beat you like I did everyone here before. CRAIG I am not trying to fight you, man. MAN you are nothing but a little bitch.CRAIG shows up his gun that he has. MAN what are you going to do with that, besides make me mad? MIKE put the gun down, CRAIG. MAN Huh? MIKE this is all we needed. You win some, you lose some you live to fight another day. U are a real man without it dawg. CRAIG puts the gun down. MAN (Laughs) (the fight starts and Mr. Kane beats him up) that’s all you got? MIKE beat him, CRAIG! CRAIG! CRAIG! CRAIG! Aw, shit! MIKE Get up, CRAIG! Get up, CRAIG! Oh, shit! God!

God damn. Craig rises up after falling down for a considerable amount of time. Craig throws a huge brick at Mr. Kane. Craig beats up the big guy. Mike Ooh, that's what I'm talking about! That’s my dawg! CRAIG Now who is the punk lame ass?

Craig and mike return back to craig’s apartment


Stephen: Come here Craig (shouts at Craig) Craig: Yes dad Stephen: I might embarrass u sometimes but I would never want u to pick up a gun again Craig hands over the gun to his father Stephen faces brims with pride, as he is proud of his son as he should be... they return it to the store and get the money and pay Mr. Costello

EXT: NEAR THE SWIMMING POOL Craig gives Chris some money for his school, the both the brothers hung it Out. Gina knocks on Craig’s apartment, Gina comes inside. Gina how is ur back feeling? Blake: there is still little pain in the back what time do u get off from work Gina in a three hours or so 8:30 why? Blake I was just wondering Gina if maybe u are feeling better then,um, u could come over Blake iam feeling better already iam going to call u in three hours. Gina alright Blake 8:30 right?in three hours right?

Gina yes Gina hey no actually iam getting off at 7,in an hour and half. (laughs) Blake that's right Gina (vo) iam completely smitten with u.I don’t care if iam making an ass out of myself right u becoz I have made a ass out of myself million times.he is the totally boss. He is the right topping to my pizza.

Gina gives a shy smile....Gina has crush on me I think


Craig drives to the same gas station he stole the free gas but this time he pays for the gas and comes out reminiscing what a weekend it has been.