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Issue #12 Febiuaiy 18, 2u14

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The Bieaking Fiee Seiies Pait 1:
Bieaking Fiee Fiom People
"0ne of the gieatest piisons that you can live in is the feai of
what othei people think!"
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Page 2 "Commanuing Youi
Page 4 "You Bave The Last Say"
Page S Sciiptuie Nemoiy
Page 6 Book, Song, anu }oke of
the Nonth
Page 7 Spoilei Aleit!!!

Nevei unueiestimate }esus, because Be will just piove
you wiong!
>(?" @ABC 2DE

A boy has a banuage ovei his wounu, but he continues to
pull the banuage back in oiuei to show eveiyone what
happeneu to his knee. Be woulu covei the wounu anu then
ieveal it, covei it anu ieveal it, until eventually it was
ieopeneu. The same thing happens to us when we ieheaise
anu ielive oui pain anu huit. The moie we holu on to what
happeneu, the moie we uelay oui healing. Let's stop
nuising, ieheaising, anu ieliving the huit! Let's foigive anu
LET IT u0! Remembei: Foigiveness is N0T a feeling, it's a
uecision! Also, foigiveness uoes N0T excuse theii behavioi.
Foigiveness pievents theii behavioi fiom uestioying Y00R
heait! Repeat aftei me: I CB00SE to foigive ANY0NE, foi
ANYTBINu, at ANYTINE anu to walk in L0vE! In }esus'
name, ANEN!

Issue #12
Febiuaiy 18, 2u14
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H$*0*I @JAB
The othei uay, my plan was to get up, spenu some time in the
Woiu, get ieauy, get some coffee, anu then hit the ioau. Insteau, I
woke up latei than planneu anu the spiiit of heaviness was on
me. 0n top of all that, my uog Nalloiy hau an acciuent. By the
time I got finisheu cleaning him (yes, he's a he anu no, I uiu not
name him. Ny mama uiu anu the acciuent up, all I hau
time to uo was to get ieauy anu hit the ioau. Fiienu, I
iecognizeu veiy quickly what type of uay it was. It was one of
those uays, you know, when someone sneezes one too many
times anu you'ie like, "No moie blessing foi you!" lol! I hau an
houi anu a half uiive aheau of me anu was just not feeling it. }ust
to show you the impoitance of commanuing youi moining no
mattei what uay it is.........I was actually on my way to chuich!
Well, about Su minutes into the uiive '( )*++",- ./ 0*12' 3/
4567*8 9$52 ): ;2256 ",- <7$ .<: ="3*> !>"56$ =$"+ came
on. This song is not new to me. Eveiy youth Sunuay, the youth
choii at my home chuich back in Augusta, ueoigia sings this, anu
usually because I heai it so often I just skip to the next song, but
this paiticulai moining I let it play.
Continue ieauing at www.newsoucanuseisj.weebly.comcommanuing-youi-

In the morning, O LORD, you
hear my voice; in the morning
I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation. Psalm

Satisfy us in the morning with
your unfailing love, that we
may sing for joy and be glad
all our days. Psalm 90:14

"uuaiu Youi Beait"
Pioveibs 4:2S
Youi heait is like feitile soil that will piouuce whatevei
is planteu in it. Like a gaiuen, if you plant the iight
seeus, you will ieap a uesiiable haivest. Likewise, you
have to make suie you uo not allow any "weeus" into
youi heait gaiuen. What aie you allowing into youi
heait on a uaily basis. Aie you looking at, listening to,
anu talking about woiluly things that pollute youi spiiit
anu piouuce bau fiuit. 0i aie you keeping youi eyes,
eais, anu mouth in line with uou's Woiu, piouucing the
fiuit of the Spiiit. Eveiything you uo flows fiom youi
heait, so keep it piotecteu fiom ungouly influences.
uuaiu youi heait!

Issue #12
Febiuaiy 18, 2u14
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K/"*?0+1 </"" </'F E"'96"
Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of
God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying
to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10 NIV
People pleasers.
They come in all different forms.
Some are worried about what people think of
them. Some are constantly killing themselves
over the fact that someone does not "seem" to
like them. Some wonder constantly, "What will
it 'look' like?" Some need everybody, everyday
to affirm, validate, or approve of them. Some
will compromise what they know to be right in
order to fit in. I know that this post is not for
everyone because there are people out there that
don't care what people think of them and that is
great! But, I am here to encourage those that do
and to help them break free. I've never been one
to compromise, but I have been the one who
worked so hard to be nice to EVERYONE
because I wanted EVERYONE to like me. even
if it meant my feelings getting hurt in the
process. But the older I get, the more I realize
that no matter how nice I am, some folks just
won't like me! And that's fine. Does it change
the fact that I'm saved? Nope. Does it mean that
I'm not nice? Nope. Does it mean that I'm not a
good person? Nope. Here's a GREAT question:
does life stop because someone doesn't like me?
I have three words for you: life goes on! Here's
another GREAT question: Does their opinion
change God's mind about me? Malachi 3:6 says,
"For I am the Lord, I change NOT." And last,
but certainly not least: Does it mean that I have
to not like them because they don't like me?
Absolutely NOT! Truth is: the people that hate
me the most are the people that God places on
my heart the most to pray for and show love to
them. Not to get them to like me, but to be
obedient to God. "Your love for one another
will prove to the world that you are my
disciples" (John 13:35 NLT). "Do not seek
revenge or bear a grudge against one of your
people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am
the Lord" (Leviticus 19:18). "This is my
commandment: Love each other in the same
way I have loved you" (John 15:12 NLT). Is it
easy all the time? Nope. Is it worth it? Yes,
because although I can't change people.....I CAN
BE FREE! Welcome to Part 1 of the Breaking
Free Series. Today, we're breaking free from
people (their approval, acceptance, what they
think, etc.,).
Why do we need to break free from people?
Because one of the greatest prisons that you can
live in is the fear of what other people think.

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One of the greatest
prisons that you can
live in is the fear of
what other people

Issue #12
Febiuaiy 18, 2u14
One question: Did you know that you had the last say? After
hearing a message taught by Pastor Mark Hankins I began a more in
depth study on one of my favorite men in the Bible....David and
found a similarity between his life and Christ's life. As we all know
David faced Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:42-51 and Jesus was tempted by
Satan in Matthew 4:3-11. In life, we all will face giants and be
tempted by Satan; speaking the Word of God releases God's power
to win in each conflict. One thing for sure is that it takes FAITH to
go where God wants you to go, and it takes FAITH to stay where
God wants you to stay. FAITH is not an accessory or an option; it is
an absolute necessity.

Winning the war of words is necessary to win the fight of faith. As
we all know David, a young boy who kept his fathers sheep and
Goliath, a giant who had been a warrior from his youth, were going
to go head to head in battle. We will see that the real battle was won
before David actually killed Goliath. "A war of words had to be won
before victory could be consummated."

"He looked David over and saw that he was no more than a boy,
glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him. He
said to David, Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?
And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. Come here, he
said, and Ill give your flesh to the birds and the wild animals!"
David said to the Philistine, You come against me with sword
and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the
Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have
defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and Ill
strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give
the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild
animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in
Israel. All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword
or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lords, and he
will give all of you into our hands. (1 Samuel 17: 42-47)

As Pastor Mark Hankins said, "Never run at your giant with
your mouth shut!" Before David ran at Goliath a war of words
went on. Goliath said.... David said....Goliath said....DAVID
SAID. You know the end of this story....David prevailed and
won the fight...but he first won the war of words....HE HAD
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;&'( M*5" .I"
>*$. L*N=

"Never run at your giant
with your mouth shut!"
Pastor Mark Hankins

"For verily I say unto you,
That whosoever shall say
unto this mountain, Be thou
removed, and be thou cast
into the sea; and shall not
doubt in his heart, but shall
believe that those things
which he saith shall come to
pass; he shall have
whatsoever he saith." Mark

Issue #12
Febiuaiy 18, 2u14
Bello Fiienus! I piay all is well with
each of you. Staiting on Naich 1, uou
has laiu it on my heait to stait a
sciiptuie memoiy challenge. I
paiticipateu in this last yeai via Living
Pioof Ninistiies (Beth Nooie) anu
ieally enjoyeu it. In life, we all will face
giants anu be tempteu by Satan;
speaking the Woiu of
uou ieleases uou's powei to win in
each conflict. Foi this challenge we'ie
using Ephesians 6:17 which says,
"..take the swoiu of the Spiiit, which
is the woiu of uou" as oui theme
sciiptuie. Faith is ieleaseu by
speaking fiienu, if we aie silent, we
lose by uefault. It's time that we win
the wai of woius so that we can win in
eveiy conflict. We uo this is by
believing anu walking in the fact that
uou has given us the ammunition,
powei, anu authoiity to uefeat Satan
anu eveiy giant that he puts in oui
way by using the swoiu of the Spiiit.
We'ie getting ieauy to use this
weapon anu walk in constant
victoiy! In oiuei to uo this, we must
KN0W the Woiu.

Foi moie uetails visit
sciiptuie-memoiy-challenge.html anu
sign up via email! You won't iegiet it!!!

Be blesseu!
Raven Symone }ackson

Issue #12 Febiuaiy 18, 2u14
Bappy valentine's Bay!!!

Singing: "You make me happy. You
make me whole. You take the pain
away; I'm so in love with You!
Everything about You is right, it
covers all my wrongs. Your life saved
my life! With You is where I belong. I
belong to You, Lord!"
Eveiyuay let's celebiate
love, each othei, anu most
impoitantly, Chiist! Be's the
gieatest love of all!!
Book of the Nonth:

"Winning in Tioubleu
Times: uou's Solutions
foi victoiy 0vei Life's
Toughest Challenges"

By: Pastoi Cieflo Bollai
Song of the Nonth:

"No uou Like }ehovah"
By: }uuy }acobs

Anyone that knows me
knows that I love the
Naitin Show! Whew! Lol!

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