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A Master's Stroke, Strokes of Life as seen by Five Different Artists

A collection of artworks of five distinguished artists broadly centered on their individual perceptions of life, at Sublime Galleria.

Bangalore, India, February 19th, 2014 -- Single digit temperatures may not be much fun, but an art approach can bring much warmth to the life !ome February and the art aficionados of "engaluru are going to be treated with an art e#hibition that seeks to celebrate the numerous hues of life in all their comple#ities

$resenting % well&established Artists under one roof this February' (allery Arte)uest, a fledgling corporate venture in art from Mumbai and Sublime (alleria, the only destination for e#clusive Art pieces in "engaluru, will host 'A Master's Stroke', a collection of paintings of five distinguished artistes on a wide range of themes broadly centered on their individual perceptions of life and its vicissitudes at Sublime (allery

Aelay La#man portrays the spiritual robustness of the *elangana villagers, his own people and their tenacious resistance against the relentless incursion of modernity in their brittle lives that they neither appreciate nor stand to benefit from *he statues+ue figures of these men and women, contorted within their own setting, seems to convey Aelay's acute dismay at the steady marginali,ation of the values and sentiments cherished by these simple folk

Amit was born in -ooghly !hinsurah ./est "engal0 in 1234 5ven as a child his first love was art 6t was the primary ob7ective of his life *he scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural "engal inspired him to take the brush at a very tender age Amit speaks of his style as 89a new semi& realistic techni+ue of te#turing with the realistic play of light and shade 8 Amit carefully blends the two forms of ancient 6ndian art and individuali,es his innovative style 6n a nut shell, his paintings let the viewer re&e#amine the threshold between illusion and reality, between waking and dreaming

:achana has many solo shows to her credit and has participated in art camps in 6ndia and abroad -er imagery is often treated with a strong 'photo&realistic' rendering; appear cheerful, uncomplicated and purely painted with adroit sense and contemplation -aving been reluctant to irony, despondency, ingenuity; her paintings evoke 7oy of the present moment that she lives in -er works are the visual palette for speaking to the world about the unspeakable *he ability

to communicate through the visual senses has been around since the beginning of human kind and will continue as long as our species e#ists

:amesh (or7ala's dense drawings on canvas are full of colors, figures and stories, mainly from 6ndian mythology, such as -anuman, Shiva and <ishnu A modern take on the famed =alamkari tradition, his signature style of blending te#ts with images lends his canvas an enchanting visual appeal

* <aikuntam, born in =arimnagar District of Andhra $radesh in 12>?, he completed his Diploma in $ainting from the !ollege of Fine Arts and Architecture, -yderabad in 123@ -e received a fellowship from Andhra $radesh Lalit =ala Academy to study painting and print making at the M S Aniversity at "aroda from 1231 to 123? <aikuntam is specifically known for his very vibrant paintings of seductive ideal '*elangana /oman', ornately dressed and magnificently distorted with flow of lines <aikuntam employs te#tile prototypes and 7ewellery embellishments to give life to his two dimensional imageries

5ach of these five artistes has developed their uni+ue language of e#pressions and thematic preferences Bonetheless, between them, they bring out the protean faces of life on their canvas in ways that often appear e#aggerated or grotes+ue but never lacking in empathy

About Sublime Galleria: Sublime (alleria, located on the Cth Floor Sky "ridge of A" !ity, is 6ndia's first Sky (allery, founded by Ms A,ma 6rfan D Director, !orporate !ommunications, $restige (roup =nown for its encouragement and support of the fine arts and the performing arts, Sublime holds e#hibitions showcasing the talents of not only famous artists but also of up&and&coming artists

Strongly believing in the need to these artists, A,ma 6rfan founded Sublime (alleria to help provide a platform for them to e#hibit their work She believes that fine art is an integral part of our rich culture and we should strive to keep these art forms vibrant and accessible to society

Sublime (alleria has promoted the works of several artists across categories -ere's a complete list of the artists that have earlier showcased their works at the gallery & Aditi "abel, Alok Atsav, Amina Sha,i, Amit Sharma, Anoop - , Aparna (anesh, Ashish $armar, ! $ " $rasad, Devanshi .*ina0 Agarwal, Dnyati /agh, 5lena :enee $ereira, Farah Ahmed, ( $rakash Bayak, -arsha Eagasia, Eayanth " -ubli, Eoseph !airns, =alabhakesari, =arthik $oo7appa, Mano7 M

Masand, Milind Bayak, $allon Daruwala, $radeep =umar D M , $ragya Eain, $ramod =umar Mohanty, $riyanka (upta Agarwal, :a7u *erdal, :amesh *erdal, :uchika = ! , :una "iswas, :upesh $atrick, Seshu =iran ( S , Shraddha :athi, Shukla !howdhury, Simran = S Lamba, Sonu Mulchandani, Soraya *aher Merchant, Sripad =ulkarni, Sudeep Mukher7ee, Su7ata Sah Se7ekan, Suman $urushotham, Swati $asari, *hota *harrani and <i7it $illai


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