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Republic of the Philippines ) City of Manila ) S.S. COMPLAINT-AFFIDAVIT I, Cynthia B. Itutud, Filipino, of legal age, married to anilo M.

Itutud, and a resident of !"#$ %usebio Street, Pandacan, Manila, state under oath that& !. I am filing a formal complaint against Mr. Bonifacio %. Bellido' (. I am a bona fide member of the Sambahayan )enants and *ome +,ners -ssociation, Inc. .S-)*+M%-), and a former officer of the same corporation' /. Pursuant to the re0uirement of the *ousing and 1and 2se Regulatory Board for an annual audit of financial statements, Bellido ,as hired by Mr. 3orman -legre, incumbent president of the corporation at the time of audit' 4. Pre5iously, during my term as President of the S-)*+M%-, I ,as put under a spot audit, also conducted by Bellido. )his ,as ,hen I learned that he ,as not only a certified public accountant, but that he ,as an auditor for the Commission on -udit .C+-)' ". +n 6une 7, (8!/, I found out an audit had already been made ,ithout notice to the members of S-)*+M%- and ,ithout a meeting called for such purpose, in clear 5iolation of our By91a,s. Further, signed as auditor ,as Bellido, ,ho ,as still an auditor for the C+-' 7. I had pre5iously sought the ad5ice of C+- as regards the 5alidity of Bellido:s audit of a pri5ate corporation during my term. C+- replied that an auditor of their office cannot also be an auditor of a pri5ate corporation. )hus, upon finding out that he once again performed the same function ,ith respect to S-)*+M%-, I consulted C+- again and had the same response. In 5ie, of the foregoing, I am e;ecuting this affida5it to support the filing of an administrati5e case against Mr. Bonifacio %. Bellido. I ha5e attached copies of the follo,ing as e5idence&

!. 1etter to -tty. on )amayo, *12RB official, signed by S-)*+M%- officers& Remedios Rodrigue<, )reasurer, and noted by 3orman -legre, president. ocument sho,s that Bellido ,as hired by S-)*+M%- and that he has performed the ser5ice .-nne; -)' (. Report made and signed by Bellido on S-)*+M%-:s financial status dated !" -pril (8!/ .-nne; B)' I humbly re0uest that the follo,ing reliefs be granted& !. -n in5estigation of the actions of Bellido ,ith respect to S-)*+M%- be conducted' (. Proper penalties be meted out if Bellido is found in 5iolation of the Rules of the Commission on -udit' /. )he C+- issue a denial of the 5alidity of audit made by Bellido ,ith respect to S-)*+M%-' 4. C+- grants any other e0uitable and =ust reliefs In ,itness, I am signing this complaint9affida5it on !! 6une (8!/ at the City of Manila.

Cynthia B. Itutud Affiant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in the City of Manila. I hereby certify that I ha5e personally e;amined the affiant and I am satisfied that she fully understood and 5oluntarily e;ecuted this complaint9affida5it.

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