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Contact: +92 313 809 3396, +92 333 503 2281,, sunwpk1(skype)

Profile Summary
An innovative, self-motivated, proactive, experienced Team Lead having significant achievements in areas
of developing solutions and development of Business Intelligence solutions in OBIEE

Academic Qualifications
Master of Science, Computer Science
University of Peshawar

Grade A

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University of Peshawar

Grade B

DWH 11g

Oracle Database 11g Administer a Data warehouse

Mar 2012


Oracle BI 11g R1 Build Repositories Ed 1

Oracle BI 11g R1 Create Reports and Dashboards Ed 1

Dec 2011


Oracle BI Analytics Overview

Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3 Build Repositories Ed 1.1
Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3 Create Reports and Dashboards Ed 1

Sep 2010

Career Background
Software Engineer at PRAL (Sep, 07 - to date)
Internship at Askari Information System (Jul, 06 to Jun, 07)

Waseef Ul Wahab


Key Professional Achievements

Extensive development experience of DW Physical and Logical (Star) schemas with Kimball
methodology, implementation of Operational Data Stores (ODS), maintaining Meta Data Dictionaries
using OBIEE Administration Tool (4+years of system architecture design experience)
Development of Executive Dashboards, BI Reports and exploring complex scenarios through ad hoc
query system (4+years of BI development experience)
Hands on with Oracle Technologies of OBIEE Plus, BI Publisher, Developer Suite (6i through 10g),
Schema Builder, Query Builder, Crystal Report programming (5+years of experience with Oracle
reporting, and data handling)
Participated in Architectural designing, development and implementation of DW project for Federal
Board of Revenue (FBR) Pakistan, the national revenue service. The project provided multidimensional Revenue Data Analysis and KPIs to groups of FBR officials for improvement of taxation
policy and operational throughput. Project deliverables included Data Delivery Gateway - a
comprehensive set of Data Marts and BI Solution (including comparative analysis, KPI monitoring and
Predictive Analysis reports). The multi-dimensional analysis reports combined FBRs internal
information with external agencies data and produced grounds. The 360o view of revenue data also
facilitated expansion of tax base
Design, development and implementation of OBIEE based Management Information Dashboard, a
web-portal containing graphical representation of analytical reports for FBR senior management. The
portal facilitates national and regional revenue administration through KPI Monitoring and serves as
proactive warning system to highlight issues that require management decisions. This project has
streamlined revenue collection reporting, helped improve data quality and reduced revenue reporting
time from two weeks to one day
Hands on experience with complete development life cycle of Custom build Data warehouse, phased
implementation approach using Kimball methodology, confirmed fact & dimension in Oracle, C/C++
API, Java, HTML, MS Excel
Responsible for automation and maintenance of organizational processes, mentoring junior
developers, management of DWH schema, performing SQL tuning, creation of DB objects, and
snapshots to assist report team.

Waseef Ul Wahab


Experience Summary
Pakistan Revenue Automation Private Limited, Islamabad

Sep 2007 - to

FBRs National data warehouse is maintaining Taxpayers historical data from 1990 onward. The
main goal was to meet Revenue Targets and expansion of Tax base. Overnight availability of cleansed tax
transactional data into data warehouse is primary requirement. For this, ETLs are designed to
intelligently/automatically Extract data from all the legacy systems available, perform QC checks,
Transformed and load into data warehouse and to refresh data Cubes for BI Analysis, policy enforcement,
forecasting and (comparative/statistical) analysis, decision support and Composite Audit Report Creation

Role: BI Apps Developer

Project: Repository and Executive Dashboard Building

Feb 2011 - to date

Participated in development and implementation of DWH project for the Board of Revenue, national
revenue service. The project provides multi-dimensional Revenue Data Analysis and KPIs for policy
and operations improvement. Project deliverables include Data Dashboard - a comprehensive set
of Data Marts and BI reporting solution (including comparative analysis, KPI monitoring and
Predictive Analysis reports) using Star and Snowflake schemas.

Development of requisite Physical DW Schema, Business Model and Presentation Layers for
clients (using OBIEE Administrator), defining proactive alerts (using delivers BI Presentation
Server), maintenance of Data Dictionaries and information security administration through LDAP
(using OBIEE Administrator and Answers Web Application).

Creation of DW Repository with OBIEE Administration Tool (Repository builder), participated in

development of Metadata definition as well as Staging Area and Target data definitions

Participated in DW requirement analysis and design of architecture as well as corporate BI solution.

Role: Lead ETL Developer

Sep 2009 Feb


Project: FBRs Data Warehouse

Configuration and Installation of OBIEE, Oracle Discoverer, Application Server (10gR2) and DB

Prepared Automated Reporting System of Data Profiling to Inspection ETL data for maximum
effectiveness, virtually eliminating data delays, mismatching (row counts, grand totals values), last
loading dates, source last data dates etc

Extracted, Transformed, cleansed, and Loaded (ETL) Custom, Inland Revenue (Direct Taxes/Sales
Tax/Federal Excise) data from their legacy Oracle/ SQL Server/DB2 systems to Oracle & SQL
Servers using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Designing process flows, deploying and populating staging area objects defining and populating the
Enterprise Model Warehouse

Responsible for implementing complex transformations by making use of custom transformations

Design ETL objects mappings, using mapping operators, data transformations with ODI using
transformation operators and Data Quality improvement using custom PL/SQL scripts

Documentation of ETL mapping for source and data warehouse metadata

Integration of Third party data in Operational Data Stores (ODS), maintaining Meta Data
Dictionaries for FBRs data warehouse

Waseef Ul Wahab


Role: Software Developer

Sep 2007 Sep


Project: Nexus, Business Intelligence System

Provision of technical leadership to peer developers for design, analysis, design and development
of overall BI solution, logical and physical schema design and development of corporate Information
and Business Intelligence systems.

Participated in development of Data & Application metadata for Nexus BI

Posted Adjustment entries in Monthly progress & Daily progress Reports for Nexus BI

Created time dimensional (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly wise) summaries of available facts for
analysis and comparative reports used in day-to-day operations and management decisions

Participated in development of Risk-based Audit Selection Report Functionality

Participated in development of free fall drill down/drill up/drill thought feature for available confirmed
dimensions and developed Stop Light functionality

Automated manual processes by creating Oracle SQL scripts, PL/SQL cursors, packages,
procedures, functions, triggers, mutating table triggers, tables, indexes, views, and constraints.
These were used to check and correct data entry and automatically update data records to improve
the accuracy of data and the speed of the system.

Coordinated in development of Auto Dashboard, Dynamic Dashboard Management

Participated in developed Query Source Optimization features and performance tunings

Waseef Ul Wahab


Freelancer Projects
MyMasjid (Android application)

Oct-2013 to Date

using Android SDK java, Sql Lite, XML

It's a freeware app for android, providing features to Muslim of the world like prayer timings (according to
different muslaks, Calculation methods, Date, Latitude & Logitude), Qibla direction, Favourite Masjid
Also will be providing information about masjid event like Jummah Khutba details, user can ask questions
about them.Localized masjid, allowing interaction between Muslims and their local masjids. Has the
potential to be used/downloaded worldwide (millions of potential downloads). The app covers the most
essential areas of a day by day Muslim life. Masjids dont need to print timetables anymore (they still can
but with this app this will not be needed anymore). Masjids can use this app to make Major
Announcements directly to their local communities. Muslims can use app as a channel to communicate
with their local Masjids (feedbacks, questions, subscriptions to an event, volunteering, donation pledges,

GuiBuilder (Graphical Interface Builder)

Feb-2012 to Date

using Visual Studio C#, Sql Server, Crystal Report, Extjs 4, Ajax
It is complete website builder from relational database current only from Sql Server (in future with Oracle,
MySql). It creates a dictionary of the existing objects in database. Using that dictionary at Database level
it creates necessary procedure required for Insert, Update, Delete, Select, Multi-Sorting, Parameterized
search, paging and reporting from join queries. Using that dictionary at front-end it creates C# objects for
every objects (tables) with 3-tier (Presentation, Business and Logic, Data Access levels).
The GUI provide standard features like dynamic menu, multi-tab screen, columns reposition, multisorting, Excel and Html export, Search and paging for result data set. All the screen are can be assigned
privileges as required.

FleetCare (Fleet Management System)


Dec-2009 - Oct-

using Visual Studio C#, Sql Server, Crystal Report, Extjs 4, Ajax
It is an online website covering all aspects of Fleet (Cargo system). Track and maintain consignments of
good from clients, after clearing in customs transport them to destination. Keep track of vehicle, trailors,
business partners, clients dues, penalties, Salaries, Company Accounts. In short all aspect of cargo
I developed the project end to end from requirement to maintenance, front end and backend in 3-tier

Axiom (Property Management System)

to Jul-2009


using Visual Studio C#, Ajax, Sql Server, Crystal Report

It is develop for cover all aspects of Housing Scheme Property. First they purchase lands in bulks from
landlords. Payment to landlords are made in installments. Then Land ownership is transferred to
company. After that Land is converted into plots (5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanal) which are sold to
clients. Clients paid down payment and installments. Client also sold their plot to other clients and some
time return to company or company purchase from them. There are different plots rating according to
time. Software keep track of Defaulters who are not paying installment on time. There are differ reports
available to making the whole process smooth and online.
I developed the project end to end from requirement to maintenance, front end and backend in 3-tier

Waseef Ul Wahab


Waseef Ul Wahab