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Transcript of Mae Brussells broadcast from KLRB, Carmel, California on August 4, 19 !" In the morning of July 20, 1878, a press conference was held at the scene of the ordination of Larry Lester, the Black minister admitted to the ormon priesthood two years ago! "he su#$ect of the conference was % ormon &hurch Infiltration of 'o(ernment )gencies *uspected of *e+uestering ,ranium -re -utside the ,nited *tates!% "his press conference was held #y the Latter .ay *aints /reedom /oundation in connection with the de(elopment of elody ountain 0anch, Inc! 1 an intended #oy2s (ocational training school to #e located at &ornelius, -regon, in 1348! &harles )! Bean #ecame in(ol(ed in the ac+uisition of certain surplus go(ernment property! "his led to the dismantling of some #uildings for resale at the tri5city area in 6ashington! .uring *eptem#er of 1348, (olunteer men were working to assist in guaranteeing the supply of iron ore alleged to #e needed in the connection of nuclear cooling processes at 7anford! 89ote: /red &risman applied for work through the )tomic ;nergy &ommission at this power plant shortly after the aury Island incident in 13<7!= )s a result of these efforts se(eral samples of the ore indicated that hard rock uranium ore was located in 6ashington state and yellow uranium in ,tah! "hrough su#se+uent arrangements, the interests of 20 (olunteers who had contri#uted to the 9ational )ssociation of ;(angelicals1which #ecame in(ol(ed in #acking the elody ountain 0anch pro$ect, later called >acific ?outh Institute1were e@changed for stock in the ?ellow &at ,ranium &o!, a ,tah5#ased corp!, which later changed its name to "rans >acific ;nterprises in 1347! *imultaneously, Lyndon B! Johnson 8then a *enator= #ecame in(ol(ed in the uranium disco(ery through one J! J! c&oy, a fund5raiser who had affiliations with Johnson! Johnson was also a mem#er of the "eamsters "rust /und &ommittee at Lu##ock, "e@as, that was utiliAed to mo(e money to the num#er one endea(ors of the )ssociation of ;(angelicals, made of B0,000 )merican churches! "he Internal 0e(enue *er(ice e(entually #ecame in(ol(ed #ecause some of the C<,000,000 intended for use #y the >acific ?outh Institute was #acked #y the ;(angelicals! ) #ond of ten percent 810D= was deposited against claims, which might arise from the non5ta@5e@empt status of the corporation! "his #ond, deposited with the Justice .epartment, was made up of C20,000, some parcels of land held #y indi(idual owners and su#se+uently was funded #y the "eamsters2 /und! "eamster funding of many other pro$ects was guaranteed #y the anticipated proceeds from the uranium production! "he "reasury .epartment and the *ecurities ;@change &ommission were to monitor the acti(ities of all concerned! 0alph 'rand+uist, an -regon I0* director

recommended to r! Bean that he file a 'o(ernment %&on(eniencey% Bankruptcy to secure and preser(e for future )mericans the file which was de(eloped concerning the uranium! "his occurred in late 1348 after the disco(ery! "he file was lost and is not now part of the #ankruptcy files! ) su#se+uent file was de(eloped #y r! Bean, and it also was stolen laterE It #egan to appear that the &I) was in(ol(ed, for in 13F0, some 14 months #efore the Bay of >igs In(asion, the re+uest was made that r! Bean, who had the authority, sign off on F0 moth#all Li#erty *hips stored at a &alifornia port, ostensi#ly for use in the Bay of >igs! Later these ships were used to transport the mined uranium to )ustralia for refining although it was descri#ed as manure and fertiliAer! *ince (irtually all the ore shipped was mined in ,tah under the eyes of the ormon &hurch, which controls e(erything that goes on in that state, it may #e safely stated that the &hurch was in(ol(ed directly or indirectly in the affair! It is of no small moment that the L.* church is infiltrated the &I) and the /BI, and that the special interests of the church ha(e #een handled #y those church mem#ers who had the agencies of go(ernment to assist them in the conspiracy! It is also interesting to note that the ,tah &orporation is also the largest mining and refining organiAation in )ustralia! "his corporation, affiliated with the ormon church, was the alleged destination of the shipped uranium! "he o#$ecti(e of the ormon conspiracy was to transport the ore #eyond the control of the federal go(ernment! "he a(owed purpose of the church in its secret political con+uest council of fifty, was to o#tain nuclear capa#ility for future use when it would attempt to o#tain world con+uest and single world go(ernment! It appears as though president Lyndon Johnson assisted the ormon &hurch in this conspiracy #y promoting such pro$ects as %)toms for >eace,% %/ood for >eace,% and %6ater for >eace!% By e@ecuti(e order, Johnson ordered the mo(ement into an international treaty of one million tons of the mined uranium, which was su#se+uently shipped to )ustralia! "his order issued in 13FF was (iolated, in that during three years 813FF, 13F7 and 13F8= all ten million tons of the ore were shipped off to )ustralia a#oard those ships registered to Lady Bird Johnson! It is a well5known fact to researchers at the L.* /reedom /oundation, that Lyndon Johnson had placed in the limousine, two pillows on the floor upon which the *ecret *er(ice agents could push him at the moment >resident Gennedy was to #e shot in 13FB! It is also known that the pathologist who conducted the pathology on Gennedy has denounced the official pathology report as not #eing his report, which indicated that se(eral shots penetrated the president2s head from different angles! "he 6arren &ommission, appointed #y Johnson, has #een accused of whitewashing the entire episode!

It is also of no small significance that Lady Bird Johnson ac+uired numerous /&& licenses #eyond normal regulations during this period of time, and further that the chairman of the /&& has always #een a ormon since its inception! "he nuclear capa#ility of Israel has resulted from this conspiracy, which pro(ided for the high $acking of 200 tons of ore in 13F8! "he rumor was widespread in the knowledgea#le circles of *alt Lake &ity that the ormon &hurch had arranged to assist Israel in #ringing off )rmageddon! ,pon hearing of the ore shipments, Lyndon Johnson made a hurried four5day world trip after which he a#andoned plans to run for reelection! 7is death shortly after retiring appears to #e part of the co(er5up of the conspiracy along with numerous others in(ol(ed! "wenty notes for 1!4 million dollars each are acknowledged to #e in a *wiss #ank to repay the (alue of part of the one million tons of ore authoriAed for shipment! r! Bean and an associate, r! 0o#ert J! 6right, ha(e filed suit in a federal court in -regon seeking to make the "reasury .epartment responsi#le and accounta#le for the loss to themsel(es and the 9ational )ssociation of ;(angelicals! Lyndon Johnson was the head of 9)*), and 6erner (on Braun, the 9aAi war criminal, was #rought to this country! "he atomic #om# and nuclear capa#ilities were mo(ed with the assistance of Lyndon Johnson and the ormon &hurch! ullen )ssociates in 6ashington, .!&!, a pu#lic relations firm, had #een a non5 ormon account for the "a#ernacle tours o(erseas, yet all ormons gi(e their #usiness to other ormons! But the L.* used this 6ashington firm, ullin )ssociates, which carried the Latter .ay *aints "a#ernacle around the world55a good method of disseminating agents from the tours! "he L.* also funded the /ree &u#a &ommittee 8which again is ormon= and the ships for the Bay of >igs! "he L.* funded r! 0iley of 0iley &offee &o!, where Lee 7ar(ey -swald worked! ;! 7oward 7unt was the (ice president of ullen )ssociates! Lyndon Johnson, atomic weaponry and the 9aAi5 ormon5&I), had o#(ious connections! )ustralia had one5fifth of the world2s non5&ommunist uranium, making it a ma$or supplier! "he ore was shipped from the ,* to )ustralia and from there to other nations! "his is thanks to the ormons! "his all started ha(ing steam in 1347, a (ery important year! "hat2s when )dmiral Byrd died! 7is documents and the truth of his (isits to the )ntarctic in 13<F, were ne(er pu#lished! "hat was the year of the International 'eophysical ?ear! "his was the year that &andy Jones was put into her mind control e@periments, without her e(en knowing it for so many years! It was the year that Lyndon Johnson made great strides for the ormon cause! *atellites, launched #y 9)*), were organiAing the earth for the industrialists who use the uranium!

>lease note that some parts of the a#o(e information was taken from a press conference #y attorney .oug 6allace! #$peration Bern%ard# Information a#out %-peration Bernhard,% is contained in a June 2, 1378 Inquiry Magazine article #y "ad Hule! It claims the reason 0ichard 7elms was not prosecuted #y Jimmy &arter was that although 7elms had committed per$ury in the I"" case, his trial would ha(e re(ealed the &I) connections to the large #anks of the world! 7arry "ruman was instrumental in calling off the in(estigations of 9aAi money in *wiss #ank accounts! -peration Bernhard, the pro$ect to counterfeit millions of )merica, British, and 'erman currency $ust prior to the end of 66I could (ery well #e the main supplier of the founding of the Bilder#ergers in 134<! r! "ruman was not e@actly an innocent #ystander! "ruman did not inform the 9ational *ecurity &ouncil or stop the in(estigation of the flow of 9aAi money! "his I9aAi moneyJ was one of the things 0ichard 7elms was in immediate control of #ecause he was instrumental in the sources of &I) money! &i'on(s recruitment" In the Memoirs of Richard Nixon, on page BB, 9i@on discusses his running for &ongress in 13FF! 7e tells a#out his letter from 7ermann >erry, the manager of a Bank of )merica in 6hittier! %.ear .ick, .o you want to run on a 0epu#lican ticketK )ir mail me your reply! 7! L! >erry!% "he date 13FF is important #ecause 9i@on was then taken to see r! >erry and then was taken to the #ungalow of 7oward 7ughes! )nd they decided, yes, this is our man! 9i@on had already written to the law offices of )llen .ulles, asking to #e in intelligence work! 6hen 9i@on was in the 9a(y, he had written to the /BI asking to #e in the /BI! "he fact that 9i@on didn2t get a response from them doesn2t mean that he wasn2t hired! 7is answer came in the form of >erry and 7oward 7ughes, who contacted him, and he was #rought to &alifornia to run against Jerry Lorhees! In the #ook %Wanted, the Search for the Nazis" , this same r! >erry was instrumental in #ringing war criminals to the ,nited *ates, such as the 9aAi 9icholi olo@i, who was #rought to 9i@on2s office! olo@i, of -dessa, then went down to )rgentina! 9i@on2s first (isit to the 6hite 7ouse in 13<7, was a meeting with "ruman who discussed helping restore ;urope and especially 'erman industry! 'erman

industry included I!'! /ar#en and munitions makers! "his class of %13<F513<7% was (ery important1 it included r! *mathers from /lorida, 'erald /ord from ichigan, and 9i@on from &alifornia! "hese men elected in 13<F, worked along with the 9aAi war criminals and the -**5&I) officials to form the 9ational *ecurity &ouncil! "hen foreigners like Gissinger and BreAinski came in and ran our country! It2s no longer run #y )mericans! "his group looked at the glo#e and smacked their lips and decided how it would #e di(ided! "he importance of #ringing the 'erman space scientists to this country 8written up (ery carefully in the #ook Operation aperc!ip=, is that the satellites tell you where the oil is or the minerals, water, oil, (egetation and population are! "hen, from this (antage point, you can displace people from where the oil is or from where the minerals you want are located! &ontrol is either #ought or o#tained #y force! "he war was o(er in ay 13<4, and in )ugust 13<4, the ,nited *tates dropped the )5#om#s made #y 7itler and -ppenheimer 8a %#asket of pineapples%= on Japan to keep 0ussia from going into those oil fields of )sia any further! 0ussia had already gone west and the ,nited *tates wanted to stop her from going east! )itlers A*bombs+ 7itler2s )5#om#sK *ome producer has the 9ational )rchi(e documents that pro(e that the #om#s the ,nited *tates dropped were 7itler2s #om#s! "here are tape recordings of r! -ppenheimer speaking a#out those #om#s as 7itler2s which were used to end the war! -ppenheimer speaks of getting those satellite scientists o(er here +uickly and getting those satellites launched so that monitoring can #egin! ) suggested #ook is the S"iss #an$ %onnection #y Leslie 6alker! "his e@pose is a#out the 9aAi money in the *wiss #anks! Anti #terrorism# and go,ernment sur,eillance" "he following is information supplied #y Jim 7orowitA, of Los )ngeles, who works with ark Lane and .on /reed! "hey apparently suppressed information on se(eral issues at conspiracy conferences! Jim 7orowitA has a newsletter, Lol! <, 9o! F, a#out ;(elle ?ounger! ?ounger2s %-rganiAed &rime &ollector *chool 8he ad(ertises himself as a %spy cAar%= is actually an anti5terrorist 0ed school! -ur country is no longer chasing communists! 6e2re doing trade with 0ussia and &hina! "hey are looking for %terrorists,% and they will #ecome the e@cuse to open our mail and #reak into newspaper offices, keep people under sur(eillance and do anything they want under the co(er of %terrorism!% )nacapa *ciences, Inc! is a mystery firm hired for politically and paramilitary5moti(ated campaigns to get dissidents! In Haire, it is 'eneral otors which is sending in troops! >ri(ate

corporations work with the .epartment of .efense and the &I) so we don2t ha(e to declare war, and the /BI doesn2t ha(e to half its underground work! r! /BI 6e#ster sent 80 informers to monitor the terrorists2 work! "hen the pri(ate corporations get money from the go(ernment, and the /BI can look at you and say, %6e only ha(e 80 agents on this su#$ect!% But )nacapa, whose co(er is organiAed crime, is setting up national, as in %'estapo%1national training schools! "hey will work with local police officers! 7itler worked with Interpol! 7itler had the #est police system! It was not only national, #ut included Lienna, >oland, 7ungary and 0omania, and then it #ecame international! *wat teams are formed under all this and they want more swat teams for ur#an counter5insurgencies and for the militariAation of the police forces, with head+uarters to #e in Los )ngeles, &alifornia! .aryl 'ates, chief of the Los )ngeles >olice .epartment was under the influence of ;d .a(is! In *an /rancisco, &harles 'ains is the &hief of >olice! 'ains ran the /BI counter5intelligence program in -akland against the Black >anthers, #efore he was made &hief of >olice in *an /rancisco! -akland is the third police center in )merica! )nacapa is linked with the &I)! It shares with them, their anti5terrorist money! )nacapa2s pro$ect director is Jack Ginney of )ir /orce Intelligence, who is also a top secret 9ational *ecurity )gency e@ecuti(e! )nacapa is also tied to officers of 9ay Intelligence, the .efense Intelligence )gency, and has reciprocal relations with the &I)! ;(elle ?ounger2s influence reaches through the -rganiAed &rime &ollectors *chool! "he unemployed, especially #lack persons who are unemployed, &hicanos who are unemployed1there are no $o#s from them! *tealing to get foodK "hose who are forced to #ecome criminals1these are your %terrorists!% "here2s going to #e unemployment, riots, food5riots and so on in this country! "here are no %terrorists!% "here2s going to #e self5defense! "hat2s the reason the >anthers started! ?ounger works with the -rganiAed &rime &ollectors *chool and )nacapa, and also with a group in 6ashington .!&! called the %>sychological )ssessment )ssociates 8>))=! >)) is a deep co(er &I)2s proprietary that worked with #eha(ior modification5like e@periments! ?ou get a .onald .e/reeAe working in Laca(ille prison in &alifornia! .e/reeAe was working under the .efense .epartment2s mind control program esta#lished #y 6est#rook of the &I)! 6est#rook formed the *ym#ionese Li#eration )rmy 8*L)= which #ecame the e@cuse to #urn those people55*L) mem#ers caught in the #urning house in Los )ngeles, on prime time "L! "he #urning of these si@ *L) mem#ers #ecame the inaugural of the swat teams2 #urning of %terrorists!% Boy, its2 really great that they sa(ed us in time from those terrorists, which, had they #een merely arrested, would ha(e re+uired utiliAing the courts to hear their cases! ,nited *ates prosecuting attorney Browning, who prosecuted the >atty 7earst case, still hasn2t

prosecuted ;mily 6illiam 7arris 8four years now= for kidnapping >atty 7earst! Browning is running for )ttorney 'eneral of &alifornia while ;(elle ?ounger runs for 'o(ernor! Browing and ?ounger ha(e links to the mind control programs! -ne of ?ounger2s liaisons in 6ashington, the firm >sychological )ssessment )ssociates, works under co(er with a John 'ettinger! J!6! 'ettinger is an agent who works under the co(er of the 7uman ;cology /und, known to #e a &I) conduit! "hree years ago, a man went to ;ngland and told me to get out of the country at that time! 7e told me a#out the radio towers used in *an /rancisco1that is the use of ;L/ 8e@tremely low fre+uency= wa(es as mood setters for the stimulation of depression or suicides or epileptic fits to name only a few! ;L/ was used to perform mind control on whole cities to #reak meditations and su#due the population! 7e told me that an ecology and energy crisis would #e the e@cuse to eliminate FB million )mericans according to a 0and study! 7uman ecology means to clean up the earthE &harles Lind#ergh was into ecology, and was mo(ing into 'ermany the day 7itler in(aded >oland! Lind#ergh thought may#e it would #e #ad for the )merican image, so he $ust stayed o(er in ;ngland! ;cology means 8according to the &I), etc!=, as 7itler said, %By losing 66II we get the mongreliAation of races and we lose years, eons of time,% #ecause then #lack 'I2s went into 'erman and married white 'erman women, etc! 7itler2s idea of ecology was the %pure white )ryan race!% "he 9aAis will work with the )ra#s and the )sians to a degree until they ha(e control, and then will utiliAe sterili5 Aation! )n e@ample of this type of steriliAation was the )merican Indian misfortune! )nother e@ample was the mass programs of germs and genocide, conducted #y white people in *outh )frica1which was an e@periment after 66II regarding a handful of whites handling a #unch of #lacks! It works! >eople may o#$ect to *te(e Bilko #eing killed! BB other men were killed in those *outh )frican prisons last year! "here will #e no leaders, a parasol will remain! It2s a test case! )nd it works! )nd there2s no reason why these people can2t continue their genocide policy and that is the reason for the 7uman ;cology /und! )ll this is from Jim 7orowitA2s newsletter on ;(elle ?ounger2s spy network in Los )ngeles 8rather, some of it is!= Arm-, &a,- .omestic /ntelligence" Life agaAine2s article, arch 2F, 1371 8look it up in the li#rary= is a#out )rmy, 9a(y and .omestic intelligence! .uring this time, there were hundreds of articles a#out the go(ernments2 domestic spying! *am ;r(in2s committee caught on that )rmy and 9a(y Intelligence, the /BI, &I), 9*), etc were engaged in domestic spying! "he /e#ruary, arch and )pril newspapers will contain a great deal of information! )t first the )rmy said they were sur(eiling only 7,000 people, then it

was 1<,000! "hen it was 2 million people1one fourth of the ,!*! population was under )rmy sur(eillance in 1371! "his &ife Magazine article a#out *an ;r(in2s in(estigations contains a page that descri#es the reason for military sur(eillance of any ,!*! citiAen: >ersons under sur(eillance: )nyone who:

6ent to the funeral of artin Luther Ging and was in the presence of 6hitney ?oung! ?oung was a #lack ci(il rights leader who died swimming o(er in )frica 8from an underwater gunK=! It was recently claimed that ?oung died from a %discrepancy of diagnosis!% ,nder the Ging )lfred plan all #lack leaders were and ha(e #een effecti(ely eliminated! >ersons who changed their $o#s or residences four times in the last ten years! In other words, if you sat on a porch in "ennessee, Iowa, or Gansas or your apartment in new ?ork and weren2t curious and didn2t lea(e the office then you were not a su#(ersi(e! ?ou were considered a su#(ersi(e if you wanted to see what was going on in this world, if you resisted the draft, dropped out, crossed state lines to find out how they do it in other sates, or met with organiAations in other states! >eople getting it togetherE >eople who +uestioned and dropped out, changed $o#s and residence were to #e under sur(eillance! /our times in ten yearsE >eople who changed their hair in the past two years or had side#urns! )ny person who o#$ected in pu#lic to 0ichard 9i@on2s statement that anson was guilty e(en though the trial was not o(er! 86hy should they worry a#out &harles ansonK 6as it #ecause "06 took the .efense .epartment and &I) contract to fund anson2s #iAarre e@perimentK= -r if you talked with an anti5war radical in the 1370s!

"he a#o(e information is useful to see what was happening around us #ack then, #ut it also fits into what is happening right now! "he future #ecomes, unfortunately easy to pro$ect, considering that (ery little has changed e@cept that )mericans are less aware now than in the 13F0s or early 1370s! eanwhile human ecology programs are the order of the day! In many respects our present times are no different those of 'ermany in 13B8, e@cept that the techni+ues to do us in are much more refined and awesome! In the early 1320s, $ust as in the 13F0s, there was an attempt to educate the pu#lic a#out what was going to happen! In the #ook '(%%)S*, the Men Who #etrayed +rance #y )ndre *imone 813<0=, a story is told a#out 200 people in /rance who, long #efore 66II, in the 1320s, decided they would go along with this naAification of the world #ecause the important thing was to stop what they feared1communism! "o these people, communism meant ruling out the church2s e@cuse for e@istence! It meant ruling out the royalty that 7itler wanted dot put

#ack into power! It meant ruling out the promise to put royal families #ack into power! It meant #reaking up the feudal land holdings of a handful of people! 0egarding Haire, you can read a#out how I"", -BIL, etc! ha(e di(ided up the land and #ooty, which is why we2re in a war! It2s no longer important what it means to send people to die or to kill those #lack people or whoe(er! )mericans ha(e the in(estments for the plutonium and copper, etc, so we go there to get it and keep it! Just as /rance was gi(en away, this country is #eing gi(en away and it2s #een going on since the 0ussian re(olution when 7itler, the British and the Italians put /ranco into power! "hen they pushed to collect and sa(e their holdings, tightened their hold, put a satellite up to tell us where the goods are and then went in there and fought for it! >eople are no longer important! "hat was the importance of the mo(ie Net"or$, where the "L personality is told that he2s no longer important and that nations are no longer important! -nly corporations are important! .ow &hemical, I"", *tandard, )"", o#il, 'eneral otors, etc! "hey don2t think of countries or #oundaries, and ha(e long since stopped thinking a#out that and #eing concerned! "hose who can ask, still ask the +uestion, %.o I think people in this country are capa#le of genocideK% -ne can only say, take the time to ponder who perpetrates and prospers from the 20 million deaths per year from cancers and diseases, from chemicals in the food and water, from star(ation, from steriliAations, from microwa(e pollution, etc!, etc!, much of which can #e traced to purposeful malice! "his is the reason there are no pu#lications for in(estigate reporting left in )merica! "his year, four or fi(e such pu#lications were #ought out #y 0ockefeller or went out of #usiness, and it was not from a lack of things to report of the need to #e informed! Source:,4,78mormon.htm