Tuesday, October 21, 2008 The Devil’s In the Slide: An Offer They Didn’t efuse !

harles "anson’s ties to the "afia be#an $ith his transfer fro% the federal refor%atory in &etersbur#, 'A to the one located in !hillicothe, O( in )anuary of 1*+2, At the tender a#e of nineteen, he beca%e associated $ith le#endary -e$ .or/ %obster 0ran/ !ostello, a fello$ in%ate, "anson re#arded the Don of All Dons $ith nothin# less than fa$nin# ad%iration, As !harlie $rote in his autobio#ra1hy: 2hen I $as at !hillicothe I %et 0ran/ !ostello, 2hen I $al/ed do$n the halls $ith hi% or sat at the table for %eals, I 1robably e31erienced the sa%e sensation an honest /id $ould #et out of bein# $ith )oe Di"a##io or "ic/ey "antle: ad%iration borderin# on $orshi1, To %e, if !ostello did so%ethin# ri#ht or $ron#, that $as the $ay it $as su11osed to be, 4ater, $hen servin# ti%e at "c-eil Island !orrection Institute, "anson ca%e across another "afioso, fa%ed #unslin#er 0ran/ie !arbo, for%erly of "urder Incor1orated, and, li/e !ostello, a -e$ .or/ !ity5 based #an#ster, Sources vary as to ho$ close !arbo and "anson actually $ere, "anson has ad%itted to /no$in# hi%, but little else, Realist 6ditor &aul 7rassner see%s to hint at a closer connection, 2hatever their relationshi1, they really did /no$ each other, "oreover, they had a co%%on ene%y, So%e have s1eculated that as a fa$nin# devotee of t$o violent, hi#h 1rofile thu#s, "anson %i#ht have ta/en u1 one of his old %entors’ hit contracts, In his 1*88 boo/, The Ultimate Evil, 9ournalist "aury Terry %ade %ention of "anson’s ties to the "afia, as did 7rassner briefly in a 1*8: essay titled ;The ise of Sirhan Sirhan in the Scientolo#y (ierarchy,< These references infer that the %otive behind the Tate54a=ianca %urders lay not in cataclys%ic race $ar, but rather in La Cosa Nostra’s e3ertion of its silent 1o$er, Of course, if all seven victi%s died as a result of a "afia hit, one $ould then have to $onder $hat in the $orld Tate et al did to incur their $rath, Since the %ob is under$orld, $hat $ould Sharon Tate and o%an &olans/i have to do $ith such thin#s, es1ecially if, as 1ublic fi#ures, their lives $ere so, u%, over$orld> 6d Sanders noted that at the ti%e of his death, 2o9iciech 0ry/o$s/i $as in the %iddle of a ;ten5day "DA? e31eri%ent, "ethylendio3ya%1heta%ine @"DAA is a hallucino#enic dru# $ith no condoned thera1eutic usa#es, In addition to a tri1 sli#htly %ello$er than acid, it has so%e 1ro1erties that a11ro3i%ate ecstasy, a che%ically si%ilar dru# $hich also affects %ood and social understandin#Bhence "DA’s nic/na%e, Cthe love dru#,’ In The Shadow over Santa Susana, Ada% Dori#htly fills in so%e of the #a1s of this 1articular hy1othesis, A11arently, 0ry/o$s/i had %et !anadian do1e5s%u##ler and #an#ster =illy Doyle throu#h !ass 6lliot, Doyle, /no$in# that 0ry/o$s/i had hel1ed )ay Sebrin#’s (olly$ood dru# business @so%e referred to the hair5stylist as ;The !andy%an to the Stars?A, a11roached the youn# &ole $ith a far %ore lucrative idea, (e offered 2o9iciech an e3clusive "DA distributorshi1 that $ould cover all of 4os An#eles and the nearby area, They 1lanned to s%u##le the dru# in fro% !anada As an early desi#ner dru#, "DA could have had interestin# conseEuences on the dru# scene, and the nor%al 1layers in it, After all, it offered hi#h5end co%1etition to 4SD, heroin and other recreational 1oisons, -aturally, one of those co%1etitors $ould have been the "ob, (y1othetically s1ea/in#, re#ardless of $hether or not this story is true, I $ould hardly e31ect the 4A

Syndicate to stand idly by, $hile a s%all, forei#n o1eration over $hich they had no control snorted u1 their 1rofits $ith a rival dru# that they didn’t /no$ ho$ to %a/e, I $ould e31ect the "ob to ta/e control of that o1erationB1erha1s throu#h 1eaceful %eans, 1erha1s by violenceBor shut it do$n, Thus, this as1ect of the story sounds 1lausible, If 0ry/o$s/i $ere the sole /in#1in in the 4A area, and he left hi%self un1rotected, then his death $ouldn’t be that sur1risin#, "oreover, since he had in#ested "DA, and since the only 1lausible source $ould have been Doyle, then $e have sli#ht @albeit unconvincin# in and of itselfA evidence that 0ry/o$s/i intended to ste1 u1 his dru# s%u##lin# o1eration via the !anadian connection, The connections bet$een 4eno 4a=ianca and the "afia $ere far %ore inti%ate and better docu%ented, In their initial investi#ation, 4A 1olice i%%ediately loo/ed into this an#le, The co1s noted in their official re1ort that 4eno had sat on the =oard of Directors of (olly$ood -ational =an/, a financial institution that they had lon# re#arded as a "afia front, 0urther%ore, 4a=ianca had a serious #a%blin# 1roble%, and o$ed the afore%entioned "anson associate 0ran/ !arbo over F:0,000 in 1*G* %oney at the ti%e of his death, The investi#ation also turned u1 another interestin# tidbit: the Date$ay "ar/et !or1oration, founded by his father and o$ned by hi% until his recent sale, $as %issin# F200,000, It’s Euite 1ossible that 4eno e%beHHled the %oney to 1ay off !arbo and other creditors, In a 1**1 e1isode of the tabloid ne$s sho$ Hard Copy, "anson ad%itted to /no$in# about 4a=ianca’s "afia connections $hen confir%in# that he in fact as/ed 4eno for his ;little blac/ boo/,? .ears earlier, "anson told 7rassner, ;The blac/ boo/ $as $hat !IA and %ob %ar/et 1layers had, (olly$ood &ar/ Irace trac/J and nu%bers rac/ets to %ove in the #overnor’s office le#ally,? "anson $ound u1 leavin# the 4a=ianca household $ithout the little blac/ boo/, 4eno’s first $ife, Alice 4a=ianca, $ould find it a fe$ days later $hen cleanin# u1 the bloody %ess left behind by !harles 2atson and co%1any, She dutifully turned it over to a S#t, 0ran/ &atchett of the 4A&D, Alice also heard nei#hborhood ru%ors alle#in# that so%eone fittin# "anson’s descri1tion had loud ar#u%ents $ith 4eno in (arold True’s front yard, ne3t door, In this version of the Tate54a=ianca %urders, there $ere t$o intended victi%s, $ith everyone else 1ortrayed as conde%ned la%bs alon# for the #ory ride,* =ut there are a nu%ber of 1roble%s $ith this scenario, 0irst off, one $ould have to i%a#ine a uniEuely $eird situation that $ould 1ro%1t the "afia to dis%iss an ar%y of 1rofessional and e31erienced /illers for a #rou1 of a%ateurs $ho had yet to taste blood, If the %ob really $anted 4a=ianca and 0ry/o$s/i, then it $ould %a/e %ore sense to have a 1ro do it, After all, /illin# so%eone is %ore difficult than %ost 1eo1le i%a#ine, and the %urders at 100+0 !ielo de%onstrate this in s1ades, Des1ite inflictin# nu%erous #unshot and stab $ounds, and even a dise%bo$elin#, three of their victi%s /e1t #ettin# u1,** And su11osin# that the "afia did #ive the% a contract for the Tate %urders, $hy $ould they #ive the% a second 9ob the follo$in# ni#ht if they had so thorou#hly botched the first one> In addition to %a/in# a %ess out of the first cri%e scene, they left fin#er1rints, eye#lasses, and all sorts of other evidence behind, And because of their ne$ness to the hit biH, ho$ %uch could the "afia de1end on their silence if cau#ht> 0urther%ore, this hy1othesis %a/es the rationale for the (in%an slayin# all the %ore tenuous, They alle#edly too/ the contract in order to raise %oney for =obby =eausoleil’s defense, 2hile "anson %i#ht have had "afia contacts, the others did not, "oreover, one $ould have to $onder $hy "anson $ould ris/ so %uch @%ind you, he’s out on 1aroleA to 1lay both %atch%a/er and %urder 1rofessor $hen %ost li/ely he couldn’t care less $hat ha11ened to (in%an or =eausoleil, After all, he %ana#ed to #et &atricia 7ren$in/el, Susan At/ins and 4eslie van (outen to ta/e full credit for the Tate54a=ianca %urders, (e could have easily done the sa%e $ith the (in%an slayin#, es1ecially in li#ht of his %ini%al involve%ent

$ith it, ecently, another theory alon# the sa%e lines has cro11ed u1, one that %aintains that the /illin#s $ere 1art of an or#aniHed cri%e o1eration, but not one involvin# the "afia, In this other version, so%e %e%bers of the ;fa%ily? $anted to for% their o$n little cri%e syndicate, one that cast "anson not in the role of #odfather, but rather consigliere,

*In so%e versions of the story, the /illers $ere sur1rised to see Sharon Tate in the house, for they $ere deliberately tryin# to s1are her @Tate had in fact cancelled a visit at the last %inute, and $ould not have been in the house at the ti%e of the %urders had she /e1t her a11oint%entA, **There’s evidence that Tate too also #ot u1 after receivin# %ortal in9uries, but I’ll #et into that later,

Source: htt1:KK3dell,blo#s1ot,co%K2008K10Kdevils5in5slide5offer5they5didnt5refuse,ht%l

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