Wednesday, January 07, 2009 The Devil’s in the Slide: Explanations of otive

I hope you can forgive my flakiness as of late, but the holidays were more inense than anticipated, and will eventually get into the swing of things in DC. I might be slow in turnaround for this and the next few months, and make fewer visits to your site, but rest assured that I am not gone, and will visit you all as soon as I can. But for now, back to our story..... !arious resear"hers have #iven their $est #uess over the years as to the true %otive $ehind the deaths of &ary 'in%an, Steve Earl (arent, Jay Se$rin#, Wo)i"ie"h *ry+o,s+i, -$i#ail *ol#er, Sharon Tate, .eno .a/ian"a, 0ose%ary .a/ian"a and Donald Shea1 %urders for ,hi"h )uries "onvi"ted 2harles anson and3or his 4follo,ers56 With all the infor%ation ,e have a$out the "ase, in "o%$ination ,ith so%e of the s"uttle$utt and spe"ulation, the stren#ths and ,ea+nesses of these explanations $e"o%e "lear5 7f "ourse, hearsay, supposition, and even fa"ts are often at odds ,ith a"tualities5 7ne "annot dra, %any definite "on"lusions, here5 /ut so%e of the spe"ulation #ains validity upon "loser inspe"tion, ,hile a lot of it si%ply strains our "redulity5 Even if ,e "annot dra, a "lear pi"ture of ,hat happened, ,e "an perhaps +no, %ore a$out ,hat didn’t, and perhaps see this "ase in a ne, li#ht5 Thus, ,e ,ill finish the 'elter S+elter series $y exa%inin# the various %otives #iven for the %urders, startin# ,ith the offi"ial one5 Hypothesis #1: Charles Manson, acting on a tip from the Beatles, brainwashed his followers into murdering nine people in order to ignite a cataclysmic race war that would ultimately result in him and his followers ruling the world. -r#u%ent for: 8o less than five )uries "a%e to this opinion, ,hi"h serves as our offi"ial story5 The pri%ary eviden"e for this version of events "onsists of ,itness testi%ony #iven $y 2harles Watson, .inda 9asa$ian and /ar$ara 'oyt5 :n later years, a nu%$er of other for%er slippies ;e5#5 2atherine Share, (atri"ia 9ren,in+el, .eslie !an 'outen, Susan -t+ins, (aul Wat+ins, et"5< have affir%ed that anson had unusual "ontrol over his flo"+, and thus %erely needed to order his people to +ill5 *or%er Strai#ht Satan and part=ti%e slippie Juan *lynn ,ould also provide infor%ation to .- prose"utors re#ardin# anson’s $elief in a "ata"lys%i" ra"e ,ar "alled 'elter S+elter, as ,ould %any of the afore%entioned slippies5 Sa%e sour"es ,ould also "onfir% anson’s $elief that the /eatles spo+e dire"tly to 2harlie throu#h their son# lyri"s, parti"ularly those on the re"ordin# "ollo>uially referred to as The White -l$u%5 .o#i" aside, the %ost vis"eral feelin#s "onfir%in# anson’s 0asputin=li+e hold over his follo,ers "onsisted of the slippies’ physi"al appearan"e and their "ondu"t durin# the trials5 -r%ed only ,ith a sharp pen"il, anson’s atta"+ on Jud#e 7lder "e%ented in perhaps everyone’s %ind the dan#er he posed to so"iety5 'is $arely "oherent, ra%$lin# diatri$es a#ainst %ainstrea% -%eri"an so"iety resonated ,ith ,hat older, perhaps %ore "onservative people sa, at the ti%e as a hippie assault on national values5 The

pran+s played durin# the trial ;e5#5, shavin# their s"alps, or "arvin# an ?@’ in their foreheads on the sa%e day< #ave the appearan"e of a #uru ,ho "ould "o%%uni"ate ,ith his follo,ers throu#h $arriers and %a+e the% do anythin# he ,illed5 -nd if that ,eren’t enou#h, )ust loo+ into those eyes and tell %e they’re not those of a deran#ed +iller5 Figure 1. Manson s most famous photo

-r#u%ent a#ainst: The only existin# eviden"e that anson ordered a $un"h of $rain,ashed follo,ers to +ill at his "o%%and $e"ause of so%e %is#uided spiritual $elief "o%es fro% ,itness testi%ony5 That ,ouldn’t $e so $ad in and of itself it ,eren’t for the fa"t that all of the ,itness testi%ony here is self= servin#, or li%ited in its s"ope5 /ar$ara 'oyt’s story see%s >uite "redi$le, for exa%ple5 : therefore have no reason to $elieve that she’s lyin# a$out anythin#5 /ut one has to realiAe that she ,as, $y her o,n ad%ission, on the periphery of the #roup $e"ause of her ne,ness5 'er "o%panions o$viously didn’t share everythin# ,ith her5 -nd truth $e told, it’s easy to interpolate fa"ts in hindsi#ht, espe"ially if you have an ani%osity to,ards the a""used5 -fter the slippies tried to %urder her, : ,ould expe"t 'oyt to have ani%osity to,ards the%5 7ther,ise the proponents of this idea have so%ethin# at sta+e5 !in"ent /u#liosi, Steven 9ay and others of the prose"ution tea% ris+ed their professional reputations $y offerin# this outra#eous %otive into eviden"e of a hi#hly pu$li"iAed trial5 9asa$ian, the state’s star ,itness, had a""o%panied the %urderers on $oth ni#hts as the driver5 :f ,e #ive 9asa$ian the $enefit of a hu#e dou$t and say that she didn’t realiAe ,hat ,ould transpire on that first ni#ht, then ,e have to ,onder ,hat she thou#ht ,ould o""ur on the se"ond "onse"utive ni#ht5 Bnless she’s a real dolt, 9asa$ian ,ould have had to expe"t $loody %urder5 :f she did, and drove the% to the %urder s"ene, then she’s #uilty of "onspira"y to "o%%it %urder, ,hi"h in 2alifornia ;at that ti%e, at least< "arried the exa"t sa%e penalty as first=de#ree %urder: death or life= i%prison%ent5 She es"aped this fate, ho,ever, $y turnin# state’s eviden"e and "onfir%in# the prose"ution’s "ase on the stand5 'ere, 9asa$ian has a very "lear %otivation to arti"ulate the offi"ial story: $reathin#Cprefera$ly air that’s not $ehind prison $ars5 9ren,in+el, van 'outen and -t+ins denied at the ti%e that they ,ere $rain,ashed ;of "ourse, if they ,ere, they’d $e the last to +no,<5 Det this s"enario $e"a%e %i#hty appealin# to the% $y the ti%e parole

hearin#s "a%e around5 7$viously, any hope the +illers %i#ht have of one day #ettin# out of prison rests upon their s"ape#oatin# of anson as the %aster %anipulator, the %an ,ho "oer"ed the% to "o%%it these "ri%es5 The person %ost responsi$le for the %urders, Watson, personally ad%inistered the "o%$at trainin# used on those ni#hts, and #ave all the orders on site5 'e said in his E97F auto$io#raphy, Will You Die for Me?, that anson had ordered the hits on Tate=.a/ian"a5 Det, ,e only have his ,ord for that5 -nd ,hen you loo+ at it at any len#th, Watson’s ,ord doesn’t see% ,orth %u"h5 -fter all, he effortlessly lied to /ernard 2ro,e, thus resultin# in a dru# $urn and shootin# ;not to %ention the re"+less endan#er%ent of his o,n #irlfriend<5 'e played si"+ to avoid extradition fro% Texas to 2alifornia5 Watson says that his reli#ious epiphany has "han#ed hi%, $ut as Doris Tate ;and presu%a$ly others< see%ed to insinuate, this ,as one %ore insin"erity piled hi#h upon others5 What @=Dell really thin+s of this explanation: The offi"ial story is no dou$t true as stated in %any re#ards5 :t su""in"tly and a""urately su%s up the ,ho, ,hat, ,here, and ,hen5 :t even #ives us %ost of the ho,5 anson un>uestiona$ly assaulted &ary 'in%an ,ith a s,ord, and later learned of his %urder, yet said nothin# to authorities5 This %a+es hi% #uilty of assault ,ith a deadly ,eapon, and of $ein# an a""essory after the fa"t5 :n Shorty Shea’s death, he’s %erely an a""essory, as far as ,hat : "an see5 0e#ardin# the Tate %urders, his +no,led#e of Watson’s plans %a+es hi% an a""essory $efore, durin# and after the fa"t ;he’s also aidin# and a$ettin# fu#itives fro% )usti"e<5 The .a/ian"a "ase, ho,ever, is totally different5 'ere, 2harlie too+ his %ost a"tive role5 Tyin# up .eno and 0ose%ary, ,hile assurin# the% of their safety==even thou#h he +ne, full ,ell that Watson and his pretties ,ould $ut"her the% to death==%ade anson a "onspirator in the .a/ian"a %urders5 /u#liosi duly ,on "onvi"tions on these "har#es, and anson serves a life senten"e in part $e"ause of the%5 The offi"ial version, ho,ever, doesn’t ade>uately explain the ,hy5 .et’s fa"e it5 The 'elter S+elter s"enario is lau#ha$ly farfet"hed fro% the #et=#o5 So in order to "onsider it seriously, ,e have to have so%ethin# %ore "o%pellin# than the state%ents of interested parties, espe"ially those ,ho too+ an a"tive role in the +illin#s5 Sin"e Watson is doin# all of the trainin#, and all of the orderin#, and is apparently an e>ual parti"ipant in the sexual initiation of the fe%ale %e%$ers, ,e have to ,onder ho, anson a"tually fits into this narrative5 Even the ,o%en ,ho parti"ipated in the +illin# said that anson didn’t order the% to +ill5 :nstead, he told the% to follo, Watson’s orders5 The a""usation that anson %aster%inded the +illin#s flies in the fa"e of the hard, prova$le reality that Watson planned ;throu#h trainin#< and exe"uted ;no pun intended< the Tate=.a/ian"a %urders5 That’s not to say that so%e of the ,eird stuff is false5 -fter all, anson "ould very ,ell have $elieved that the /eatles ,ere tal+in# to hi% in son#5 anson "ould have also $elieved that 'elter S+elter loo%ed in the near future5 8evertheless, it’s one thin# to say anson $elieved so%ethin#5 :t’s >uite another to say that he a"ted upon these $eliefs5 -s the prose"ution pointed out, anson didn’t a"t on his o,n $ehalf5 :nstead, /u#liosi and 9ay asserted that others a"ted on his $ehalf5 /ut it’s %ore li+ely that everyone a"ted on their o,n $ehalf5 'ell, even the prose"ution see%s to $elieve this5 -fter all, if they really a""epted their o,n pre%ise that anson had $rain,ashed his follo,ers, then Watson, 9ren,in+el, van 'outen and -t+ins ;and possi$ly &ro#an, /eausoleil and Davis< should have $een tried on lesser "har#es, sin"e they ,ere not "ulpa$le to the sa%e extent5 - $rain,ashed person "annot "ontrol her a"tions, $ut is rather, $y definition, "ontrolled $y others5

The Tate fa%ily has %aintained over the years that the +illers ,ere responsi$le for their a"tions5 -nd last year ;200F<, for%er=prose"utor 9ay, opposed the "o%passionate release of a ter%inally ill Susan -t+ins5 /u#liosi, on the other hand, had no pro$le% ,ith -t+ins’ early release, so perhaps he feels that her "ulpa$ility is less than anson’s5 ;-fter all, : dou$t /u#liosi ,ould ever $e o+ay ,ith hi% re"eivin# "o%passionate release5< /ut in the end, : $elieve that the +illers ,eren’t su$ordinate to anson, and that they #ot a tre%endous +i"+ out of %urder5 This #ives %e #rave dou$ts a$out the $rain,ash3'elter S+elter s"enario history has handed do,n to us5

Sour"e: http:33xdell5$lo#spot5"o%3200930E3devils=in=slide=explanations=of=%otive5ht%l

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