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Despite the reality of the campaign against Buddhists, in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, and the intolerance, hatred and violence inflicted upon the Buddhists, there are people who believe the false, deceptive and manipulative propaganda that egregiously - and falsely - accuses the Buddhists again and again.

A look at some recent events shows the struggle that the Buddhists, in several countries, are in - and it is not their choice to be in this conflict. The Buddhists have no trouble getting along and living harmoniously with other peoples and other faiths, except for Muslims (not all, but an overwhelmingly large number). You cant just live and let live with people and an ideology that is trying to kill, destroy and eliminate you. Being tolerant does not mean tolerating the intolerant.


Gunmen on motorcycles zoomed towards a car with 2 distinguished Rakhine Buddhists leaders in it, spraying bullets which hit the car, blasted through windows, but with great luck, did not hit the terrified people inside the card. This was in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia, where Rakhine Nationalities Development Party chairman, Dr Aye Maung, and Arakan League for Democracy party chairman, Aye Thor Aung, where visiting and meeting with the Rakhine and Burmese Buddhists who were living in, or stuck in Malaysia - under the ever increasing intolerance, violence, and fatal acts of Malay and Bengali (Rohingya) Muslims. The gunmen escaped on their motorcycles, but were heard to shout the words shoot, shoot, and get away now in the same Chittagong dialect the Bengali (Rohingya) Muslims use. There is no doubt that this was an outright assassination attempt. Preceding it there were many messages on Facebook and other social sites with messages and comments giving details of where they should be speaking and staying, and imploring Muslims to kill them - as a duty under Islam, and as a gift to Allah.

The gunmen have not been caught yet, and dont expect Malaysia to be of great help.

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Ko Aung Gyi, a Rakhine Buddhist who is a member of the 88 generation student group, was brutally tortured and murdered in Malaysia on February 4, 2014. Ko Aung Gyi was assassinated shortly after a meeting with a visiting delegation of Rakhine leaders in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur. A former student leader from Arakan, he become a political activist, until he became a refugee, and has lived in Malaysia with family members for many years. According to his wife, Ma Su Su Myint, someone had called her husband and arranged a quick meeting. This was common, as Ko Aung Gyi was a car dealer. His mutilated body was found the next day.

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In 2013, there were over a dozen Burmese or Rakhine Buddhists savagely tortured and killed by Bengali Muslims (Rohingya) or Malay Muslims. There have been no Malaysians hunted down and killed like this in Burma.


On January 13, 2014, a Rakhine Buddhist farmer, was brutally killed by a group of Bengali Muslims while he was on his mountain farm. The incident took place in the morning hours when the Buddhist victim, 40-year-old U Kyaw Thein, of Pauktaw township, was watching for thieves, who had been stealing crops and tools.

On that day, U Kyaw Thein went alone to his mountain farm after hearing that some Bengali Muslim villagers from a nearby village, had been sneaking onto his farm and taking quantities of fruits, vegetables, and also tools.

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When U Kyaw Thein did not return home, as expected, for lunch, his relatives went to the farm to check on him, but instead found his lifeless body hacked and mutilated by swords.

Read interviews with Rakhine people after the 2012 eruption of violence:!


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A seven-year-old Buddhist girl was sexually assaulted by the 65-year-old owner of the house where the girl lived with her mother, father, and 2 sisters in Mandalay. The parents, U Thein Soe and Daw Thin Thin Nwe, were renting the home in Nyaung-gwe quarter, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, in Mandalay, that was owned by a Muslim man named U Aung Khin, age 65. The assault took place on January 12, 2014. U Aung Khin knew the parents and sisters were out, but at 3:30 in the afternoon, unexpectedly to him, Daw Thin Thin Nwe came back and caught U Aung Khin in the act of sexually assaulting her seven-year-old daughter.

! The mother of the victim alerted police, and U Aung Khin was quickly found and arrested. !

This was one of many - of too many - far too many - rapes and assaults of Buddhist women by Muslim men. Nearly every Burmese or Rakhine women will know of cases that have occurred to them, a relative, or someone they know. The rising number of brutal rapes of Buddhist girls sets off increasingly boiling tensions as the abuses, intolerance, violence, and supremacy of the Muslims drives the Buddhists to the point of taking action to stop the violent abuses. It was rapes, gang rapes, rape-murders, and rapes of very young girls which triggered the explosions of recent violence in Kyaung Gone, Thandwe, Kantbalu, and others. And it was brutal assaults and murders of Buddhist monks and/or innocent civilians which caused the eruption of violence in Meiktila, Lashio, Okkan, and other places earlier in 2013.

Many detailed rape accounts:!

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Bengali-Muslim Child-Rapist Caught in Shan State, Burma

A wicked child rapist - Hla Shwe (Mahmud Billah) - a 58 year-old Bengali Muslim was caught and arrested for raping, repeatedly, at least 4 young Shan Buddhist girls, ages 9 - 11.

The brutal assaults occurred in Tha-byay-gone Village, Pinlong Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State, Burma (Myanmar).

The village of 150 homes was entirely Buddhists except for the one Bengali-Muslim home of Hla Shwe and his wife Than Than Aye, whom he forced to convert from Buddhist to Muslim. He started a butchery business about 10 years ago in the village, and later became the Four young victims, ages 11, 10, 9, 9 richest man in the village - not for his hard work, but because he went to the big towns of Taunggyi and Pinlong to pray in their mosques and he received substantial money from the Imams so that he can have influence and power over the infidel Buddhists of the village. The mosques are supported by the Saudi Islamist missionary organization Al Rabita (Muslim World League) which has an agenda - as stated in their charter - to sponsor mosque building and proselytizing efforts to spread Islam and eventually replace the overwhelmingly majority Buddhism.

Read about the OIC and the Muslim World League here:

Mosque in Taunggyi

With the money he had (but not earned) he made more by lending money to the poorest of the village and taking advantage of the simple Buddhist villagers. And, he had another abusive agenda - to have the young girls to suit his perversity.

Other victims, 10-year-old Thidar Moe, 9 year-old Zin Mar Aye, 9 year-old Ei Ei Htway were raped many times, often after being given a drug-laced drink. But, his Shan wife found out what was happening and people in the village heard the loud arguments coming from their home and reported the rapes - furiously - to the authorities.

One young victim was 11 year-old Thandar Phyo Wai. As she recounted, he grabbed her from behind one day when she was alone in her house and brutally raped her. He then threatened to cut her throat from ear to ear, like he does daily to the goats and cattle at his village butchery, if she told anyone.


Hla Shwe tried to flee but angry locals at nearby caught up with him at a nearby bridge and he was handed over to the police of Pinlong. However, the Pinlong police were notoriously corrupt and they were, once again, corrupted by another Bengali-Muslim - a close cousin of Hla Shwe - who owns the biggest teashop in Pinlong.

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The police - after receiving large bribes, reduced the charges greatly to only one rape of only one girl, and were most likely going to find a way for Hla Shwe to be able to quietly get out and get away. But, the towns angry Buddhists heard about that and nearly burnt down the police station and the mosque and were ready to rid the town of Muslims. However, the towns authorities known as Ah-myo-zount (Protectors of Race, Religion, and Culture) intervened timely and managed to calm down the furious Buddhists.

The Pinlong Ah-myo-zount also reported the case directly to Ashin Wirathu in Mandalay they have been actively working to follow and monitor this case. Now under scrutiny, the Pinlong police must charge Hla Shwe to the full extent of the law for the many multiple rapes of helpless Buddhist girls as young as 9 years-old, who may have life-long scars, both mentally and physically from the heinous crimes of Hla Shwe (Mahmud Billah).

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Young victim and her father


Four people; a 68-year-old Buddhist monk; a Buddhist woman, Somchai Khunkhliang and her 13-year-old son, Thitiwat; and another Buddhist woman, Chamnian Phuttharit, were killed and six others injured in another attack by Muslims in southern Thailand violenceplagued south on February 13, 2014.

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Four armed Muslim gunmen opened fire at a group of villagers as they were giving offerings to the Buddhist monk in Mae Lan district in Pattani province.

Six other people, including a police officer in a squad assigned to protect the monk, were wounded. (Thai police or army troops have to guard Buddhists monks at their temples and monasteries, and accompany them when they go anywhere because the Muslims will especially target the monks).

! The 4 gunmen fled on two motorcycles, and escaped capture. !


In a second attack also on Feburary 13, a 29 year old Buddhist woman, Sayamol Sae Lim, employed at a local bank, was killed by a barrage of bullets, as she was riding her motorbike on her way home. After killing her, the assailants poured petrol over her body and set it on fire. They left a note at the scene addressed to the head of the army, in which they stated: this is not the last body to as we avenge the death of the three brothers. And the letter also declared, We will keep killing you as long as you are still on our land.

Muslims said that both attacks were motivated by the violent murder February 3rd, of three young Muslim brothers.



The three Muslim brothers (ages 6, 9 and 11) from the neighboring province of Narathiwat, were shot February 3rd, in an ambush, in front of their home, as they returned from evening prayers at the mosque. Their father and mother walking with them were wounded but survived. Thai police investigators noted that the father, Mr Jehmu, was out on bail AWAITING TRIAL FOR MURDER. He is charged with shooting to death Mayi Duere, an assistant to the village chief of the Muslim village of Sai Thong. THE MURDERED MAN IS ALSO MUSLIM. Thai police investigators say that the deadly attack on the family was a Muslim on Muslim revenge attack, but was quickly blamed on Buddhists, which then so easily becomes rumor, and that rumor becomes fact to the Muslims. The first act of retaliation for the death of the 3 brothers came on February 10th, when the 28 year old Buddhist wife of a policeman was killed in the main market of the town, and then set on fire in front of a terrified crowd. A note was left at the scene stating that this was revenge for the recent deaths of the 3 Muslim brothers (that were NOT killed by Buddhists). Little information has come from the terrified crowd that witnessed the gruesome killing and burning. Locals are in great fear of retribution if they are suspected of helping police identify the killers. That was followed by the 5 Buddhists killed on Feb 13, as described above. That was followed by the 5 Buddhists killed on Feb 13, as described above.

! The 2nd time in 3 weeks a Buddhist monk has been shot dead by Muslims !
On January 24th, a Buddhist monk and a paramilitary ranger were killed, and another ranger wounded by a bomb explosion in Panare district of Pattani.

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A team of rangers was escorting monks collecting alms when a home-made roadside bomb was detonated. An elderly monk, Phra Yarn Promnukul, age 86, and Ranger Sakchai Jiamram were killed in the bomb blast. In a second attack on the same day, a 64-year-old Buddhist man was killed in a drive-by shooting in the Khok Pho district. The victim, Suphap Kaewjaeng, was on the road when a gunman on another motorcycle fired at him with a handgun. Mr Suphap was executed with a bullet to the head and crashed and died on the spot.

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In just this three week period the following terrorists acts happened as well in southern Thailand - and these are only the ones I know about:
Jan 27th in Narathiwat: A 7-year-old girl is among three Buddhist civilians machine-gunned to death by Muslims. Jan 29th in Narathiwat: Two Buddhist civilians were killed in two different attacks on a group of teachers, one a bombing and one a shooting attack.

! Jan 30, in Pattani: Two Buddhists were killed while guarding a group of Buddhist teachers. ! Feb 6 in Narathiwat: Muslim terrorists shoot a Buddhist rubber tapper to death. ! Feb 6 in Yala: A Buddhist man, 45, is blown into pieces in front of his home by Muslims. ! Feb 8 in Pattani: Islamic gunmen target a group of police officers, killing two. !
And then the Feb 10th, and the Feb 13th described in detail above.

Read more about Thailand here:

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On February 15, 2014, an indigenous Chakma Buddhist woman named Sabita Chakma, age 30, was murdered after being gang raped by a group of Bengals in Khgagrahari district. Like any other day before, Sabita went out near the Chengi River to collect fodder for their cattle in the morning. Her neighbors saw her in the meadow while she was collecting grass sometime before 12:00 noon. Sabitas neighbors and her husband went back home for a lunch break. Sabitas husband became worried when she didn't come back home even after lunchtime. He, along with some villagers started searching for her and tragically the villagers found the naked, dead body of Sabita Chakma in a field. Some Bengali laborers were loading a truck with sand near that field at the time when the victim was last seen alive. The villagers alleged that these Bengali laborers killed Sabita Chakma after raping her, one after another, because Sabitas clothing and belongings were found near the truck. After killing her, the culprits dragged the dead body roughly 10/12 yards away from the spot. There were clear marks of grease and oil on the dead body, and that could only come from the only truck in the area and the only men using the truck. However, as is typical in Bangladesh, the police have not arrested anyone, and there will not be any justice. And, this kind of abuse of the Buddhists goes on and on in Bangladesh.

Bengali Rapes an 11 year old Epileptic Girl

On September 11, 2013, an 11 year-old indigenous Chakma Buddhist girl was raped by a Bengali Muslim settler named Mohammad Johir in Rangipara, Rangamati district. The victim has been suffering from epileptic seizures since childhood. Her parents took her to get better treatment from a supposed expert on epilepsy related diseases named Mohammad Johir. On that day, Mohammad Johir took the girl into the nearby banana garden where he claimed he would use magical therapies and spiritual healing to ward off evil spirits from her body. Instead, Mohammad Jahir raped the Buddhist girl there. The girl told her mother, after coming back home, that she was forcibly raped by Mohammad Johir. When the news became public, authorities tried to minimize the problem by pressuring the victims parents and the indigenous Buddhists not to push. He has still not been arrested. More about Bangladesh:

by Rick Heizman, San Francisco, February 2014 See more papers at: See photos and videos of the conflict in Arakan here: