Tackling the FB Generation in the Classrooms

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, MS, MPhil, PhD (Ed. Mgmt)

Walls and Friend Requests have come across more popular than HELLO or Hi ! in the schools today. The need for today towards the teachin se ment has dwelled with intelli ence and !T friendly requisites "y all. #uality Education is reflected "y the involvement of the #uality !nfrastructure at the learnin ma&ority of the mushroomin arena which otherwise is not of any use and $hildren shops around the country more li%e any other service Friendly. The parents are requested to ma%e their choices today for admission in industry with the option to have a round around the 'chool( the classes and even they are told to leave their wards in the class as a trial run for them to decide of taste. $omputers( software( $)s and 'mart Toys ou ht to "e considered as a supplement to the other( more concrete learnin activities li%e completin pu**les( "uildin with Le o and "loc%s( readin "oo%s( creatin art pro&ects and playin on the play round+,( is o"vious "y our o"servations and research( out of the present day scenario. On very rounds of improvement plannin characteri*ed "y technolo y and the paradi m shift with education "ein ena"led instructions( colla"orative learnin (

multidisciplinary pro"lem-solvin

and promotin

critical thin%in


e-learning, a

household name for the students today offers a wide variety of !$T ena"led classroom solutions for learnin the 'mart Way ! !t allows a user-friendly option for the learner to "e inte rated in what is desired and acquired to his or her requirements class and level wise. .o wonder you tell a child to write an essay as homewor%( he/she is "ound to download the content to present "efore you the ne0t day( ma%in you "affle to the interest of the many others lyin in the queue. The parents often thin% this as a menace out of the challen in wor% wisdom they possess in order to earn their daily livin . Their frames are not yet over with more demands for the $)-1urner and 'canner for more computin and smart-study as they call it. The only option availa"le to the poor parents of the !T a e is to ponder over for solace and to accept novel ways to convince their future enerations in re ards to motivations and uided involvement.

The Requirement
The march from We" 2.3 to 4.3 and now to 5.3 offers requisite of each and every student of today to "e !T ena"led "y chal% and the cheese. The TE6$HER' need to harness the requirements to the "est of their a"ilities and interest further. They need to "e dependent on some '76RT teachin options availa"le to them in the classroom to ma%e the learnin scenario interestin to the %ids. E-learnin vi*. )E'T!.6T!O. '8$$E'' is one such solution for the Teachers. This offers a visionary methodolo y to educate each and every child of the country with speciali*ation in the art of scala"ility involvin people( processes and technolo y. The focus applicates towards "uildin the innovative capa"ilities and performance at the institutional level periodically. The scenario today e0amines the requirement of a classroom equipped with L$) pro&ector and facility for computer mediated instructions of the type will aid the teacher in developin a quality teachin learnin environment. 'pecifically such classroom must have9

a. 6 pro&ection or display device which can pro&ect a sufficiently lar e ima e to "e viewed "y every student in the classroom without causin eyestrain. ". 6n electronic interactive white "oard system c. $omputer with 8:' 'ystem d. Education content li"rary mapped to $1'E curriculum/ 'tate 1oard $urriculum coverin all ma&or su"&ects across all rades. e. Electronic Response system for each student to ena"le real time assessment. f. Resource person to help teachers on a day to day "asis to use the di ital classroom systems.

They ou ht to ta%e a "alanced approach to policies and practices for children;s use of the !nternet. One must at the same time initiate conversations with teachers( administrators( and parents( rather than set and implement rules that may "e perceived as too ri id. One must ta%e note that all sta%eholders have a chance to contri"ute to the decision-ma%in process. There is no dou"t in the fact that a computer and a reat software can "e fun and e0citin learnin tools( and can even provide practice of preacademic and academic s%ills.

.o wonder( we have )!<!T6LL= OR!E.TE) $L6''ROO7' now in every school "ut does that solve the purpose> ! dou"t to my e0perience. !t is the mindset of the teachers( the educators which needs to "e functioned well. The Teacher ou ht to "e a TR6!.ER/ LE6R.ER/ 6LL RO8.)ER( with his/ her presence in the $=1ER ':6$E mandatory. .o lon er havin an E76!L !) and an e0pertise of 7' OFF!$E "ut more and more+ vi*+.havin a WE1'!TE( 1LO<( Wi?i( and more( apart from "ein 'O$!6LL= .ETWOR?E) 4@0A. 6lso we need to remem"er that Teachers become enamored

with YouTube, TED, and WatchKnowLearn or for sure any Ready Recknoner Web Content of interest with Quality and Cream

1ut at the same time it is indispensa"ly true to %eep in mind( however( that computer software cannot teach a child the concepts that he/she is not developmentally ready for. $omputers should always "e considered as a supplement to other( more concrete

learnin activities li%e completin pu**les( "uildin with Le o and "loc%s( readin "oo%s( creatin art pro&ects and playin on the play round. !t is universally true %eepin the data"ase analysis in view out of the day.

The Scenario Today
Today the child is a '76RT vi*. 'ystematic( 7eticulous( 6ctive( Realistic and Tactful to involve himself in the learnin process within the classroom only when with the condition that he is ive somethin to %now what he did not %now earlier. !t is at ma&ority of the time that he is told the same thin s what has "een already shared with him "y their parents/ friends or at the online tutorial option throu h the various search en ines( primarily( the <OO<LE. We encapsulate the very nature of learnin "ut with a little intelli ence otherwise they come up to us Bpro"a"ly if not( will with the march of time and tideC( ! quote( D'ir/ 7adam( !t is already in the "oo%. :lease tell us somethin new,. )o we have a reply to them> Earious researchers and scholars have defined the need of #uality Education "ut no one has ever desired the need of DWe, the teachers today to "e interestin and D!nformed, with the march of time or else we would "e the only D8n-interested, thin B!dentityC in the class( if we are not enrichin and of any interest to the children to ma%e them for et their Face"oo% WallsF and the '7' which otherwise ma%e their mind fertile of interest. Let us "e so true to the teachersF point of view with an immediate requirement for "ein a .ET!GE.( the $iti*en of the .ET with more of &ust havin an Email !) and %nowin how to access the !nternet otherwise. The followin are the add on requirements for all the teachers to "e DOf )emand as :er the Requirements of the 42 st $entury students otherwise,( vi*. a. Have a We"site. ". Have at least 433 lin%s on the !nternet D6"out the Teacher,.

c. 'hare we"sites with the children. d. E0plore learnin throu h 4@/A availa"ility. e. 1e a Facilitator "y wal% not only "y the tal%. f. 6ctivate self and open to LE6R.!.< rather than TE6$H!.<. . Respect the ?nowled e of 'tudents whatever they %now already. h. $ritici*e in :R!E6TE and :R6!'E in :81L!$. i. E0plore the "est the first time Every time. 6"ove all( the requirement is the .etwor%ed Teacher has to "e9 'ocially .etwor%ed 7ust have 1lo s 7ust possess a we"site 7ust have pu"lished documents 7ust possess <OO<LE Lin%s 7ust share youtu"e videos He must share the sites as notes online. We the educators must applicate learnin as a module rather than a classroom "ased theory or standards.

'harin "y doin must "e the nature of teachers uplifted with their ultimate usa e of :E. )R!EE'/ TH871 )R!EE' towards ma%in the education a learnin "y teachin . Let them share the techniques. .O Wonder if ! comment on havin a new voca"ulary as9 Say for !am"le: #and$idth: #log: #logger: #luetooth: #road#and: #ro$ser: %s common&&and many more to follo$&'  This would certainly enerate fun in learnin with mountin interest of children in the classroom oration and teachin sessions. The ultimate is to ma%e them

LE6R. not &ust sit and pass the time and depend on their machines and laptops "ac% home for the needful response to their assi nments. !t is indeed a proven fact that TodayFs world is a full of technolo y. !n each and every field( we find new technolo y.  For education( chal% and "oard is not enou h for the teachin system. What is required is a '7!LE( an opportunity to the students to $RE6TE( !.EOLEE and EH:LORE throu h !$T( the novel ways of understandin the su"&ect further.  Teacher( the Educator should use technolo y. !t will ma%e the teachin / learnin process easy( interestin and result oriented.

The use of technolo y not only ma%es the entire process of learnin reputation of "ein a la



more impactful as well. The education sector has( unfortunately( always held a ard as far as technolo y adoption oes. There has to "e a mindset towards the Thin% Tan% and decision ma%in must ta%e place. ! do recall the circular .o. IA( dt. 32.3J.4323 "y the $entral 1oard of 'econdary Education( to all the heads of institutions affiliated to the "oard( which says that the 42 st century is characteri*ed with the emer ence of %nowled e "ased society wherein !nformation and $ommunication Technolo y plays a pivotal role. The conver ence of $omputer( communication and content technolo ies( "ein %nown as !$T( have attracted attention of academia( "usiness( overnment and communities to use it for innovatin profita"le propositions. !$T has permeated in every wal% of life affectin launchin satellites( mana in "usiness across the the fields such as social lo"e and also ena"lin

networ%in . =ear "y year it is "ecomin simpler to use devices such as des%top palm top( i:od( i:ad etc. The truth of the matter is that( 'tudents are closer to the Technolo y than
we are( especially the Hand Held )evices or the 8"iquitous resources( their comprehension of these resources is e0ponentially( which you will discover only as you et close to them.

Let us all e0plore the fun with learnin and vice-versa as to develop the taste of learnin and involvement as the only means to avoid D)istractions in the classroom, in particular. The 42st $entury Learner is a '76RT learner more as a Trainer and Tactful at art to finish 'tron . What is required is another $$E9 $reative $umulative Evaluation of the Teachers ! ! With the utility se ments availa"le to the trio( the teachers( parents and students in the form of .e0t Education products( there is a certain "elief of low cost information and communication technolo y tools are empowerin the way of chan e. 6s a result new s%ills and innovative a"ilities are required of students and wor%ers in their learnin ( livelihood and life. 6s a matter of fact( for a meanin ful and purposeful education( there is an ur ent need for the schools to function as a learnin hu" for the entire community and to "e equipped with all the facilities as per the need of the community. 'imilarly( the community has to e0tend their cooperation to the schools for the holistic development of the child. Hence( there is an ur ent need to not only cooperate "ut to colla"orate "etween all sta%e holders of the society. The school ma%es the society and the country there "y. The .ational :olicy on !$T in 'chool Education "y 7HR) <ovt. of !ndia( states( DThe !$T policy in 'chool Education aims at preparin youth to participate creatively in the esta"lishment( sustenance and rowth of a %nowled e society leadin to all around social economic development of the nation and lo"al competitiveness,. Here is the solution( a must for all schools to practice #uality Education with a flare of interest eneratin learnin environment in the classrooms.

)r. )heera& 7ehrotra B.ational 6wardeeC Eice :resident B6cademics K 6uditsC( .EHT Education !ndia :vt Ltd( Hydera"ad. dheera&mLne0teducation.in

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