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To become Indias leading internet marketplace for people to invest their funds in a simple, transparent and intelligent manner

Current Scenario
1.2 Billion 120 Million

18 Million

6 million

Number of Indians

Number of Indians on internet

Number of Active Investors

Number of Active Investors on internet

While there is a huge potential for online trading, there is currently no platform that lets the masses invest intelligently online.

Current Options
Rarely beats inflation Brand focus & Large Cap

Fixed Deposits

Mutual Funds

Expenditure + Low returns


Real Estate
High Capital

Value Investors
Era Infra Engg. Ltd from Rs 1 to Rs 135 in 10 years Unorganized and Unstructured No secure technology to share portfolio online

Phenomenal growth

Profit Sharing

Replicating investments manually Time Spent

Investor earns as customer makes profits

Why arent Indians investing in the stock market?

100 90

%age of Trading Volume Internet Trading Value (10,000 crores) Registered clients (Lakhs)

! Perceived lack of time, knowledge and skill ! Low risk appetite ! No measure to test credibility ! Lack of awareness leading to investing at wrong times and losing capital

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0
2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12


People want to invest, but they dont know where to begin. Niveshi is that starting point.

Niveshi Invest like the Experts

Our Partners with compelling backgrounds, strategies and track records Based on your vision and risk-tolerance, a portfolio just for you. With the click of a button, Invest and watch your money grow!

Star Investors

Customized Portfolio

Mirrors Investment

Niveshi Invest like the Experts

Build your investment profile and follow anyone on Niveshi Innovative, easy-to-use and intelligent platform Very Low transaction fees. No hidden costs. We share profits when you make it.

Social Trading

Smart Technology

Low Cost. High Returns.

A radical, profit-sharing approach

Investor I Investor II Investor III

40% of profits over 10%

25% of profits over 10%

20% of profits over 8%

Split with manager and Niveshi


Revenue Model
0.15% transaction Manager Online Stock broker Profit Share

We are trying to solve a complicated problem without letting people know how complicated it is

Tapping the Market

Refer your friends and family and reap the benefits monetarily ~ 30 invites per user

Three Fold Approach

Existing followers of our star managers ~ 5000

Users of our online Brokerage partners ~ 250,000

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising. ~ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Success Stories

! USA and UK ! Replicates managers trades ! Has replicated $100 mil in trades

! 8 Countries ! Social Trading ! 3.1 million users and $10 billion worth trades

! USA ! Social trading ! $50 billion of trades last year

! USA & Europe ! Follow anyone, replicate managers trades ! $500 billion trades in volume

Niveshi Version I (July 2013 Now)

Our Clients

Niveshi Version I

My Portfolio

Make an Investment

Projected Revenue - Niveshi

Particulars Customers Trading Frequency Trading Value per Txn Share in Brokerage Revenue Annual Profit Share In Millions (Rs) Y1 10,000 10 1,00,000 0.0015 1,50,00,000 1000 25 Y2 30,000 10 1,25,000 0.0015 5,62,50,000 1250 93.75 Y3 75,000 10 1,50,000 0.0015 16,87,50,000 1500 280 Y4 1,20,000 10 1,75,000 0.0015 31,50,00,000 1750 525 Y5 2,00,000 10 2,00,000 0.0015 60,00,00,000 2000 1000

Combining social trading, a minimum brokerage cost and profit sharing, we see a projected revenue of ~ 20 million dollars in five years.

Funding requirement

Infrastructure & Technology Costs $90,000

Employment Costs $160,000

Marketing Costs $100,000

General & Administrative Costs $50,000

= $400,000

We are sure that this project will generate more and more wealth, and we want to ride that wave; a wave of wealth. ~ Team Niveshi


Deepender Singla
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Electrical engineering, Thapar University, Patiala (alum)/ Young India Fellow Back-end developer, Robotics and RoR geek, finance enthusiast Work experience with MIT and Stanford startup SmarterWrite


Rachana Ramchand
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Computer Science, National Institute of Technology, Trichy (alum)/ Young India Fellow Front end developer, tech geek, finance enthusiast Work experience with Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad)


Prasanna Sankaranarayanan

CTO of Circle Inc, a silicon valley based startup with over 20 million users and 40 million dollar valuation #1 TopCoder in India



Pratyush Mittal
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CoFounder of & Chartered Accountant, coder and value investor