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EMOOCs 2014: European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit on experiences and best practices in and around MOOCs

Panel: Accreditation policies, certifications and quality assurance in MOOCs Lausanne, 10 February 2014

Making the most of MOOCs: quality and credentials Stamenka Uvali-Trumbi Former UNESCO, Chief of Higher Education

The quality assurance and certification of MOOCs is a very topical question, especially at the receiving end in developing countries. Since learners are everywhere, these countries want to know which MOOCs would be of greatest value in their contexts. But, because MOOCs do not offer credit and do not lead to qualifications, traditional quality assurance frameworks are not interested in them and do not include them in their reviews as recent surveys have demonstrated in the US and in Europe. This presentation will focus on quality assurance and certification of MOOCs by placing them into the wider context of post-traditional providers of higher education. It will present emerging quality frameworks that could embrace MOOCs, such as the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) Quality Platform and the Academic Partnerships Online Guide to Post-traditional Online Learning, give examples of new awards such as Open Badges and EPortfolios that could document learning through MOOCs and will mention prospective standardsetting instruments such as the UNESCO global convention on the recognition of higher education qualifications around the world.