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Latin American

Printmaking with Perspective!

Ellen Gessert Walled Lake Elementary School
Enduring Idea: Celebrating your favorite place,
while representing it through different perspectives.

Grade: 2
Unit: CelebrationsNational Hispanic Heritage Month

# Of Sessions: 3

Essential Question(s): What is your favorite place? Why? How do you see this place? How may others see your place? Production Benchmark(s): Students will:
ART.VA.I.2.3 Recognize and illustrate the elements of art to communicate personal experiences. ART.VA.IV.2.1 Compare symbols, trademarks, icons, emblems, and other visual motifs in various cultures.

Vocabulary: Printmaking Line Relief sculpture Perspective

Reflecting, Connecting, and Responding Students will: Connections- Learning about Hispanic celebration
month, students will connect their favorite place with that places culture, symbols, and location. They will connect this art making to the Hispanic culture. Criticism/Analysis- Does student depict their favorite place from different perspectives? Aesthetics: How well do students paint backgrounds, create printing plate, using line and relief carving.

Project Process:
1. Introduce Printmaking concept. MoMA interactive website, All the World story. Students complete brainstorming worksheet about their favorite place. Have students practice drawing into foam pieces with pens. Test out inking so they understand process. 2. Paint the backgrounds of the prints. Students will create two printing plates, so students will have to paint two pieces of background paper. Using Hispanic textiles as inspiration, students will follow a pattern of at least 4 colors and horizontal or vertical lines. Give time to dry. 3. Students will create their final plates. Draw their images on paper in the same size as plate, transfer to plate using tracing. Inking stations will be set up for students as they finish. A fourth class may be needed if some students didnt ink.

Interdisciplinary Connections: Students will be learning about National Hispanic celebration month. Visual Aids: MoMA Interactive Website with printmaking tutorial & Guatemalan serapes images for color inspiration. Materials: Tempera Cakes Paintbrushes Water, cups Foam Ballpoint Pens Black ink Ink Rollers White Drawing paper

Assessment Questions:
(Craftsmanship, Composition, Creativity, Completeness)

Did students represent place using two different perspectives? Did students create a pattern with paint as their paper background? Does this pattern somewhat resemble Hispanic culture? Is the print clear (not too little, too much ink)? Is background neat?